Season 9 Episode 13

A Desperate Man

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2012 on CBS

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  • No more CIRay

    Tonight's episode was focused on Ziva. For one, she was proposed to by a murder :-( That's sad. So I guess that's the last time we'll be seeing CIRay in the show. And I hope it will be the start of Tony and Ziva's relationship and not just friendship. It's more fun seeing these two flirt around with each other haha

    And second, she was the one who solved the mystery -- well I guess it was because CIRay was the suspect.

    Nice episode. Gibbs continues to be a father to all of them. So sweet of him when he asked Ziva what he can do for her after being disappointed again by CIRay.

  • A Desperate Man

    Love is in the air and so is murder.

    Love in many manifestations permeates this episode: the non-rigid story arc of Jimmy's upcoming marriage and his musings about the grimness of "till death do us part" actually provides one of the episode's lighter moments. Ducky the lifelong bachelor -- chimes in with fatherly advice to Jimmy about looking beyond the grimness to the importance of being fully present in one's marriage. Juxtaposed skillfully against scenes of the bereft husband's raging grief over his murdered wife, Jimmy's romance and other team members' romantic relationships, past and present, are thrown into vivid relief. The undulating story arc of Tony's affaires de coeur is juxtaposed against McGee's lighter relationship with "the game girl," a serious truth emerging in Tony's jesting hug as he reminds McGee that people need human contact; one almost itches to say, "Look who's talking," except that the camera work and Weatherly's sensitive portrayal during that scene make it clear that Tony is abundantly aware of the irony. And the viewer is aware of Tony's loss of Jeanne, not mentioned aloud.

    Similarly, Tony's jesting acknowledges irony while it masks considerable depth of emotion (and wisdom) as he draws out the reluctant Ziva, torn by memories of her father's always having something more important to do than spending time with his daughter; she perceives in "C.I.Ray" the appearance of a similar near-fanaticism and fears committing herself to Ray for that reason. When the grief-crazed husband, a homicide detective, accuses Gibbs of not understanding what it feels like to lose the one you love, all Gibbs has to say, quietly, is "You're wrong" for the entire story of Shannon and Kelly to erupt into viewers' minds. Another kind of love compassion -- emerges when Tony, knowing how cops think, volunteers to meet with the grief-crazed widower. After a pleasant scene in which Ray dramatically proposes to Ziva, the familial love of her co-workers lightens the dreary work of finding a killer.

    [SPOILER ALERT] Ziva's agonizing realization of a hideous truth about Ray evokes yet more love in the face of her heartbreak, fatherly this time: Gibbs' gentle hand on the back of her neck as he asks, "What can I do?" and she answers, "Just drive." Once the murderer has been apprehended, the now sober and calmer homicide detective drops by NCIS to thank the team and at first mistakes Tony and Ziva for a couple; when they correct him, he immediately affirms the importance of true and dependable friends, since "you never know when you might need someone to hang on to," and the elevator door closes on two people who face painful reconstruction of their lives and one example of a truly staunch friend.

    Skillfully interweaving numerous types and intensities of love and affection, this episode weaves both character-driven choices and a tough-to-solve case to produce a sadly satisfying experience: one story arc closed, sadly and definitively, but perhaps another beginning, as Tony and Ziva move on in closer companionship?

  • One of the few good episodes this season!

    Loved this episode, especially when Ziva hit Ray (I think many fans have been wanting this for a while). This was the only episode I have been willing to pay for (season 9 in general was so bad I just couldn't bring myself to buy the DVD set-I've bought every season from 3 onward but won't buy this one or 11(which so far is actually WORSE than season 9)). Loved how Gibbs and Tony helped Ziva deal with Ray's betrayal.
  • Best episode of season 9

    I loved this episode. I never liked Ray and could never understand Ziva taking him back so quickly last season (poor writing IMO). But I could understand that she wanted to settle down and have a family. Loved the punch when she realized he lied to her again! Thought the bit at the end was a bit corny, but loved the episode overall.
  • Finally NCIS hits a home run! Finally an episode which left me 100% satisfied (and more)!

    Well I am not the biggest Tiva fan in the world, but I absolutely loved this storyline today. The episode was close to perfection, and that is something I have been unable to say to NCIS for quite a while.

    I am really impressed with the case. It was really well done. Adding Ziva's side storyline to that made this a very memorable and highly enjoyable episode of NCIS.

    Full mrks. No critcisms for me! I am truly impressed! Finally!

    Now I just hope NCIS can tmaintain this quality!

    Also - has anyone noticed Tim's voice sounds different these days, or is it just me, lol!
  • Fantastic and Magnificent

    In my opinion it is the best episode of the the last two seasons. It is extra ordinarily well acted and written drama with an exciting ending. I just cannot imagine a better episode. Ziva hes shown a superb acting tallent from emotional to very tough to emotionally friendly and the building up of the climax was superb. The laser analysis of Abby was very precise scientifically as well as entertaing and Gibbs as usual was superb and cool.Thank you all Authors actors directors and crew for creating a classis and getting rid of Eay Cruz.
  • Perfection

    Perfect. Perfect, perfect and even more perfect is a pretty good description of this episode. As a huge Tiva-fan, I could not be happier about this. CIRay is finally gone. Finally!

    I always thought he was such an ass, and I never understood why Ziva chose to stay with him.

    Anyway, now there's nothing in the way of Tiva! I just hope that the writers realize that Tiva has to happen, and not just the tension between the characters.
  • It's time for the writers to.......

    Figure out how they can satisfy Gibbs and the Tiva fans. If it's worked in BONES just like it did in CSI:New York,then surely it'll work on NCIS.

    Trouble is they've (the writers) got to do a Tony & Ziva relationship,yes it has to be done with alot of sincerity,tact and thoughtfulness Re: Ziva's father for instance.......!!!! Also so long as it has no overall effect on the rating of the show and it's success now and for the future.....!!!

    Plus maybe,just maybe Gibbs could/should find love and so do McGee and Abby.......


    ETC,ETC,ETC.....But 1 can

    Just food for thought.........!!!!! Or wishful thinking on my part.........!!!!!!
  • Tony and Ziva!

    Like the last episode, this one focuses abit more on Tony and Ziva. Loved the bit and the end when the detective asked how long they had being together. Wish the producers/writers would hurry up and get them together!

    As seen in BONES not every show where two of the main characters get together is a total disaster!

    Rayyy needs to go away!!! TIVA <3