Season 8 Episode 14

A Man Walks Into a Bar...

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2011 on CBS

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  • The cast so far is still together. They seem to be a well oiled machine that just keeps on turning out stronger episodes one more powerful then the next. This episode speaks volumes to me. It kinda makes me wonder how much longer this show will march on.

    It took me maybe ten to twenty minutes to figure out who Dr. Rachel Cranston is related to and looked like. Its really amazing how the team was on a case and we saw many good memories from the past and some sad ones aswell. Its hard moving on without a cast member who was part of a really great team. Moving along to the future when Ziva arrived she was nothing like Kate Todd. I think its taken a good long time for Ziva to fit into the team. In the back of my head I am left wondering how much longer the show will go on. It was good flashing back to the past and the cast coming to grips with what happened with Kate. I think the only way now is for the show to move on and go forward. When the time does finally come to say goodbye I expect some big suprises at the end. And maybe alittle mystery to. One can wonder and only wait and see what happens.
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