Season 1 Episode 22

A Weak Link

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 18, 2004 on CBS

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  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell

    This is -- overall - a great first season episode. Certainly recommended and worth watching. My own real gripe with this particular episode is that it never really asserts if the "weak link" argument is valid or not. The dead man was unable to reconcile his sexual identity with his faith or his military service.

    Was the episode trying to argue that dead man's homosexuality was the "weakness" or was it his inability to reconcile being gay and in a relationship with being Christian and in the military?

    I would hope that the writers were not trying to reinforce anti-gay stereotypes and prejudices, but I can also appreciate the complications involved; i.e. the deceased man was married (so he was committed adultery) and, at the time, their was a ban on gay and bisexuals serving "openly" in the armed forces (so he could be kicked out of the military and even got in prison).

    The dead man's boyfriend (who has to remain in the closet) is depicted in an fairly accurate way and does not seem as troubled at reconciling his sexual identity with his faith or his military service.
  • McAbby to the max!

    I started to watch this show, and continue to watch this show because of the Abby and McGee dynamic. They have such an amazing chemistry on screen, and this episode is a prime example of that!

    They are so cute together in every episode, but this storyline was especially adorable. As sweet as it may be, it does shed some light on why the two don't remain an item through the seasons (even though I don't understand why Abby would ever want to leave his side when he mutually loves and respects her!!!)

    Still, for all McAbby fans, this is a great installment and wonderful keepsake for those of us who miss the good ol' days when they were together.

    p.s. I also love that they were adorable together without PDA. It just shows their true affection for each other!
  • Unexpected answer

    I think this case proved that there always do not have to be very big mystery behind every accident they investigate. They knew it was murder but noone expected that kind of answer, specially as it was in front of their eyes the whole time.

    So.. the story starts with quite interesting camera view - a good thing to try. And I loved how they soon found themselves in big secret thing and they were first pushed of but soon realized - if there is something jeopardising their big secret mission, they need the help. And the way the finally got the answer.. by that stunt with Kate.. that was great way to figure it out.
  • Very interesting case and an unexpected answer.

    The first thing everyone noted at the scene was that it was an ugly way to die. Then you find out he was secretly gay his wife confronted him and he was religious which equals suicide. Suicide is a sin but he still did it which makes me wonder if the violence of the death was a sort of punishment for himself. It speaks to how much pain he was in that he would kill himself like that.

    Kate's usual flaw resurfaces again – she immediately dismisses the priest as a suspect because he's a priest.

    Adam Baldwin and Julie Benz. Both from 'Angel', though I'm a fan of both actors from before that.
  • A good episode, but I deduct a few points for predictability.

    This episode of NCIS was the investigation of the death of a marine during a training operation. The marine had a low quality D-Link.

    I liked having the NCIS team work under a low time limit, because this created suspense and anxiety for me. I thought the concept to the episode was decent and the storyline was pretty interesting, but it felt a little bit too predictable at the end.

    I recommend watching this episode because it is very enjoyable. Not the best episode from the season, but I still liked it. It is another great instalment, and it was a pretty good episode.

    Great work, NCIS!
  • Yet another great episode !

    During a practice run at night a piece of equipment fails and a man falls to his death and so the NCIS team are called in. The victim is the team leader. It all seems like an accident but when further investigating is done, it is discovered that his equipment had been tampered with. When the prints from his kit are run, it turns out to be his wife's. So the team go and question her, although she claims that she has touched everything of his and then we learn that he was sleeping in the den. As the team go over the evidence from the case, they only have a few hours to discover how it happened, before the Lieutenants team are called on their mission. Kate is made to test out the equipment and she then notices that the d link used in his death is lighter than a real one and asks Gibbs how come he didn't know that the fake one was used as he was an experienced climber. It is then discovered that he himself had the d link that caused his death. When McGee and Abby track down his other email account, they discover that the Lieutenant was seeing another person, a man. From his wife we learn that she knew about his affair and that she had seen him working on his d link, which led to his death.
  • A marine falls to his death while repelling down a cliff.

    I recognized P.O Porcaro (Matt Battaglia) in the unit- he played a SEAL in a JAG episode. Mrs. Johnson (Julie Benz)- played on Buffy, Angel, and in the movie "Long Shot." Last but not least, I recognized Doug Savant played Father Larry Clannon- he usually plays a bad guy in the movies I have seen him in.

    My first suspects were the wife and the priest.

    There are some men who are not comfortable with their sexuality. If a marine confessed he was gay I believe he would be hazzed for the rest of his military career. It is terrible that Lt. Johnson felt he had to commit suicide.

    You know it is usually men who can not make a commitment, but this time it was Abby.
  • Prediticable yet good!

    When a Navy Seal is going through a training exercise
    He gets killed. But of course, leave it to NCIS
    To uncover the real clues learning that his death wasn't an
    Accident but rather a murder. This is predictable but yet I love the show nonetheless. This and the great acting led
    By Mark Harmon, saves the episode a whole lot!
  • When is murder not murder?

    It seems like some people are not the most level headed kind, like a man commiting suicide when people inevitably think it's murder and put at risk a mission that is supposedly vital.

    That aside it was a very interesting episode, showing relationships- Abby and McGee trying to sort through personal stuff as well as hack into an e-mail site, the lengths people will go to to hide their sexuality, how Priests might be when their not conducting sermons. How Tony does occasionally have a decent idea.

    The suicide, having a D-link snap was a clever idea seeing as how parachutes can fail, people have rappeling accidents. It seems like such a strange time to kill yourself as well, right before an important mission without leaving some kind of tell tale clue.

    The wifes distraughtness and desire to hide her husbands gay affair is a sad tale carefully played out. The priest role as a friend and shoulder was also realistic with the bound of confession extending beyond the grave.

    The truth though won out which is always good to see.
  • Good episode, not as funny as they usually are but still good.

    Gibbs & his team investigate the death of a SEAL during a training excercise.

    At first it looks like it may have been an accident, but then they suspect murder. The problem is that they were training for a top secret missson at the time of his death and most of the information is classified. Now Gibbs & his team have 38 hours to find out exactly waht happened before the misson is cancelled. With less than an hour left for the mission to start the team find out the truth & waht exactly happened to the SEAL.

    Abby & McGee have a little misunderstanding, when McGee tells Abby that he really likes her when they are out on a date, so when they are forced to work together & try to hack into the servers there's some tension between them for a while until they start talking about their relationship.