Season 5 Episode 17

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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 13, 2008 on CBS

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  • A Palmer-centered episode, where all but one character proved they are a great bunch of people...

    I liked this episode a lot. It had it all, the scary and dangerous moments, the humorist moments, the great interaction between the actors, the "oh no" and "yes" moments. Everything I like about NCIS was right there. Abby was back to her normal, loving self and even received a Gibbs-kiss for it. McGee was acting mature, showing he has developed as a character. Ziva was herself again (fortunately) and Gibbs and Ducky were great. The scenes between Gibbs and Palmer were just the way I want to see them every week. The only one out of character here was Tony. I really didn't like his smart-ass way in this episode. Nagging McGee and Palmer, not really contributing anything to the case. No I was really disappointed about him. Maybe the writer of this episode doesn't like him very much. As for Leon, I just want Tom Morrow back. And last but not least, Jimmy. I liked him a lot. His struggle with himself (I'm no good) and the way he finally overcame his fears and just drove into the bad guy's car.... great. Made me laugh out loud!