Season 6 Episode 2

Agent Afloat

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2008 on CBS

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  • Very unique and memorable episode!

    This was an intensely brilliant episode, in my opinion, as it was quite unique and this sort of episode has not been attempted since Season 1, really.

    The storyline was amazing and immaculate, and thre were no flaws, in my opinion. The case was interesting, and alot of different aspects were combined in solving it.

    The ending was also great, when DiNozzo returns and is reinstated into Gibbs' team. That was swweet, particularly with aby!

    Overall, a very enjoyable episode. The storyline was flawless, it was quite funny (although not the funniest) and it was full of some great moments. Keep it up, NCIS, and I'm loving this, right about now!
  • DiNozzo is aboard the USS Seahawk for several months when a navy lieutenant is suspected of jumping off ship. The investigation reunites DiNozzo with Gibbs and Ziva. Finding the wife of the lieutenant dead raises suspicion about the man afloat.

    Every question enjoys a good answer and the question here is will DiNozzo return to the team. Watching episodes up until this point it would seem the director Vance had no intension of bringing DiNozzo back. This episode is well written, but nothing that really throws the viewer off like some of the other episodes. Episodes like this with security breaches really makes you wonder just how secure our navy and other military departments are these days. Overall I would say definately not a bad way to bring the final team member back to the starting lineup and nothing short of my expectations of an episode of NCIS.
  • A supposed suicide brings Gibbs and Ziva to the USS Ronald Reagan in which Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo is an agent afloat.

    I loved this episode. I was so glad to see Dinozzo again! I think that this episode really showed that when Dinozzo is on his own, he is a terrific leader. He really turns into a mini-Gibbs and is the authority on the USS Ronald Reagan. I thought that the scene where Ziva finds her pictures on the wall was hilarious but also reveals Dinozzo's deeper feelings for her. Gibbs likes that Dinozzo is doing well but also wants him back on the team very badly. I was also very glad at the end of the episode when Dinozzo was surrounded by his co-workers and telling his of his tales at see and he lets Gibbs know that he is back on Team Gibbs, effective immediately.
  • Finally the team are all back together

    In this episode of NCIS, the following happens. NCIS are called in when a Lieutenant on Tony's ship, appears to have jumped overboard. Ziva and McGee go round to inform the wife, but get no answer. They look through the window and see her dead on the floor. Three days after the victim boarding the ship, his credit card was used. Since the body has not been found, they have to investigate the possibility that the Lieutenant is still alive. When Tony investigates further we learn that the Lieutenant was dead before the ship sailed. The killer posed as him to make it look as though he jumped overboard.
    The killer is still on the ship. Gibbs & Ziva head out to meet Tony, to help with the investigation. They all then head back to the ship. They soon discover that the person who is impersonating the Lieutenant, did so in order to keep, a drugs deal going, which the Lieutenant was in on. His wife was killed when she found out what was going on. Tony is taken back to NCIS, and finally the team is back together.
  • The gang's all here! :)

    The whole gang is back together again to solve another crime. This time though its on the same ship Dinozzo was aboard! You know what that means..... Tony is back baby!!!! I was very excited when I heard about the coming of this episode! I think many people (including me) knew that this episode would bring Tony back to NCIS! It was just meant to be! I knew it would be sooner or later that we would have Tony back! This episode had many great scenes but one of my favorites had to be when ZIva and Tony were in Tony's cabin and she sees the picture of her in the bikini and she freaks out! Tony's expression was priceless!! :D
    Overall, this was a great episode from one plain and simple reason: TONY WAS BACK! :)
  • The return of Dinozzo

    Tony is returned to his team, much to everyone's delight.

    McGee seems to have an unspoken connection with Vance. This could either be good or very bad. I think this connection may come into play further on in the season.

    McGee is rusty at the crime scene. I wonder how rusty he could be. He was in cyber crimes for about four months, and a field agent for about 6 years. I would think it would be more like riding a bike his returning to team Gibbs.

    Interesting dynamics between both McGee and Abby and Tony and Ziva. I liked when Abby came down to the basement to yell at him, and it ends up in them working together perfectly. I'm glad to see their chemistry isn't rusty.

    Looks like Ziva may have gotten into a relationship in Israel. Looks like their will be bumps ahead for that relationship.
  • The gang is back together!

    Finally the game is back together. And nobody is glad for them to be back together than the fans. You knew that they couldn't separate at all. Not even for one second, much less two episodes. As Tony is stuck on a flee, investigating a murder. But his heart is more with Gibbs and Company. Glad to see the comic relief back. Because no Tony would mean no NCIS. He is the perfect comic foil to Gibbs straight man routine. Abby is now her usual self. The first episode, she was "in mourning" over the lost of her friends. Gibbs shows that he makes promises that he does intend to keep.
  • The Gang's back together again.

    The case as a whole wasn't really interesting. What really made the episode for me was the efforts in getting the team back together. The reunion of of Tony with Ziva and Gibbs. The months apart have definitely taken it's toll. On everyone. I also think everyone's got stories and secrets about the time apart that they aren't sharing, just yet. The case was interesting but I'm not sure how believable it would be, with security being so tight do to our current culture. I'm really enjoying the dance Gibbs and Vance have got going. It's been interesting to watch who'll trip up first. Vance gave in in regards to Tony. But I think it's a temporary retreat and not a surrender.
  • A very interesting and somewhat reveal (and at the same time question causing) episode. Some great character growth here.

    Where to start? I guess I'll start with Gibbs and his fight to get his team back together. I couldn't understand why Vance wouldn't bring Tony back with the team. Yes he can be a hard-ass but I've gotten the impression in these two episodes that despite the tension he'll because he is on Gibbs' side. There was a reason that Ziva and McGee were split up from the team, but as Gibbs mentioned, no reason to send Tony away. Someone mentioned a theory that Vance could be the good guy in this situation sending Tony afloat to help him get pass his guilt over Jenny's death (that possibly the paper Vance shredded was Tony's resignation). It's an interesting possibility, that I have to say is great character growth (and continuation of last season's drama, they haven't just forgotten about it). I can't wait to see where it goes though.

    One thing I really like about Vance (that Jenny lacked) is he exudes authority. He is so much more "director-like", something I think we lost with Jenny around. I think he'll be a great source for internal tension this season. As much as we "want" a happy family, deep down we crave problems and heartache-because honestly, that's what storytelling is about. It's always a question of : How can I cause more problems for my characters? I'm so happy that they haven't forgotten Jenny's death and the personal aftermath of it. I was so happy that they brought up the issue of Tony still dealing with it. I liked Tony in this episode-really liked! And he usually tends to be the one character that drives me up a wall, so that's saying a lot. He still had his goofiness, but it was tempered with a more serious and calmer side. Now if the writers could keep this balance! I'd be a happy person. That's one problem I've always had with Tony is he's so immature. I just wanted him to grow up a little. I hope he keeps this new maturity and doesn't completely revert back to the old Tony.

    I thought the Tony-Ziva interaction in this episode was perfect, in fact I got more than I thought we'd get. It didn't bother me that Tony and Ziva didn't communicate the past four months. A couple reasons-one it was clear that they've been on each other's mind (from the images Tony has of Ziva on his tack board, to Ziva's chat with McGee in the beginning to many other moments in the episode. I prefer the slow dance. I'm probably one of the few that doesn't want to see them get together, I'd rather they always be in the "almost" stage-working toward getting together. There's more tension in the "middle" zone. Ziva is happy to be "home" (DC). Last week's episode proved that, so it really makes me wonder what Ziva left behind. She didn't seem particularly happy there so what in the world did her comments to Tony about "following orders" mean? I can't even begin to speculate-okay I can, in too many ways, which is the problem. I guess on this one I'm just going to have to sit back and wait and see where it goes. I'm not a particularly patient person, so this might just drive me nutty trying to figure out what's going on! So much has happen in the past two episodes. There are so many stories/moments that have been presented and leave us wondering about what will happen. I'm sure the season will answer them all, and I can't wait! One interesting aspect of this episode is I found I didn't care about the case. I was more interesting in all of our characters interacting after four months away. Not that the case wasn't interesting enough-it was, but what I focused on was how the team interacted with each other after their separation.
  • Very good episode, but I would really, really, really, really like it more if...

    ...they could just stop making Gibbs save the Earth all the time. Tony has been through a lot, having to face the guilt for Jenny's death all alone for 4 months. I think he deserved to be the guy this time.
    Except for that, and for the fact that they basically told us who was the bad guy at the beginning of the episode, it was a very good one!
    Great to see Tony working again, he runs in a so sexy way! The storyline was nice, a little bit confusing if u don't pay A LOT OF attention and if your first language is not English and u're so excited about the epi that u can't wait for subtitles (that's me!), but still nice.
    Tony's face when he saw Gibbs and Ziva in Columbia too, he looked so happy!
    I wanted to stab Vance in the heart when he said he doesn't wan Tony to get back! No matter what he says, it's a punishment! i don't if it's for Jenny's death, but it is a punishment!
    And in the end, when he was told he was coming home! Just like a kid on Christmas morning! Abby was so cute at the end too, when she came on her p.j.s to hug Tony! she talks really fast, but still funny (when u get it! haha)
    I do recommend this one, just don't expect THAT episode. It IS a good episode, just not the best.
  • Good episode but why oh why oh why do they...

    .. make it so obvious who the "baddy" is going to be?

    As soon as we entered the teeny tiny sick bay and you caught a glance of Francis's friend from Malcolm in the Middle shuffling around in the background minding his own business you knew exactly ~"who done it".

    Apart from that, it was a good episode.

    The relationship between the new Director, Gibbs and the team is developing much better than I had feared and should be interesting.

    I am so happy happy to see the old team back together that I am willing to forgive the Francis's friend obviousness, as the how and why still had to be figured out after all.

    So far so good :D
  • A sailor appears to have commited suicide on the USS Seahawk, the ship Agent DiNozzo is still stationed on, Gibbs and the team are called into help when the Suicide is linked to another crime.

    This episode shows that season 6 it set to be a fantastic one! I was really worried about how they would finally get Tony back on the team, but as per usual there was nothing to worry about as the show produced the much expected and loved plot twists that make NCIS the standout crime procedural show!

    And the progression of Tony'scharacteris really great to see! He's still a bit of a goof ball and the bulk of the comic relief on the show, but with the death of the previous director his character has really started to grow in more directions and i hope that continues throughout the series!
  • The best show on TV.

    This episode is exactly one of the reasons why I watch this show, there is always a twist and it is completly misleading. This episode proves it, they kept you guessing all the way through the episode. And as always it leaves many questions that you want to know about unanswered which makes you want to watch it even more next week. it proves that crime shows can still be a big hit. I can't wait for next week's episode and the rest of the season! I think that if the first two episodes are any indication of the season ahead we are all in for a treat.
  • The previews for this ep didn't do it justice, this ep was one of the best eps i've seen, it seemed like there was a twist at every corner!!

    One of the reasons why I watch this show, is it never seems like it is. This episode proves it, they kept you guessing all the way through the episode, and used Tony more than I thought they would. It was very cleverly plotted, written, and the acting was absolutely great!! No wonder this series is regularly in the top 20/10, it proves that scripted shows can still be a big hit!!! I can't wait for next week's episode!! I believe this season will give us more mystery and more defining shows, that will separate itself from other crime/drama shows like the CSI's, don't get me wrong I like the CSI's but this one is proving it can go above and beyond.
  • good episode

    Poor Tony! It's funny watching him on the ship - all alone away from his friends. This is another solid character episode. Everyone wants Tony back, even McGee. Abby is determined on getting him back while Gibbs will not allow the director any other option than bring Tony back. I'm really like the director/Gibbs interactions. They're both interesting characters and even more interesting together. It was nice seeing the team back together. The case in this episode was interesting, but not that great. A navy person got on the ship but wasn't who he said he was. He was apparently a drug transporter. Anyways, great character episode with an ok story.
  • "You didn't choose one, did you?" "I choose DiNozzo."

    I love Tony the best, so a DiNozzo-centered episode is a dream come true to me. There were so many great parts in this episode: Ziva and McGee staring at Tony's empty desk and then having an awkward conversation about their drinks, Gibbs staring at Tony's empty desk, Ziva running into Gibbs in her excitement to talk to Tony in MTAC, Tony's big smile when he sees Gibbs and Ziva, the pictures of Ziva and Abby on Tony's wall, the chemistry between Tony and Ziva, funny!Tony AND serious!Tony, the reunion at the end... This episode is definitely one of the best of the series. Season 6 so far has been stellar, and by the looks of things it's just going to keep getting better.

    Now, bring on the TIVA!
  • Nice tan...

    So Gibbs' team is finaly complete again.
    It could have been one of those episodes built as a pretext to bring Tony home, but it's way more than that.
    The Team works with a great synergy, each of the team members with their own skills (even though they may be a little "dusty") to solve the case. How could not they succeed?
    This season keeps getteing better and better; now even a blind person could sense that there's something serious going on between Tony and Ziva; they can't just go on with stares and allusions forever.
    And now that Tony is back, there's more than a chance that one of them will make a move sooner than later.
  • A ship (boat, ship...), an exotic place, a smiling Gibbs, a hand shake between him and Tony, a bunch of hints between Tony and Ziva, a geeky McGee, an Abby-like Abby, a reliable Ducky and a stern but good Vance, I need no more!

    This is exactly why I watch NCIS. Everybody fell nicely back into his or her place. But they all have grown. McGee looked very confident to wards Vance, the thing between Tony and Ziva is getting some where, or no where but is definitely deepening. Gibbs was very clear about how badly he wanted Tony back and really showed his respect for Tony by shaking his end at the end. Abby was her usual cheerful self, and Ducky was just the same. Vance was maybe the only one out of character, but then again, do we already know about his character at all? The case was solid, not getting too much attention which was just right, because to me the case is always secondary to the leading characters. This season looks very promising!
  • A crime happens in the midst of trying to get Tony back

    What a great show! We fans are all so sad that the team was not whole yet. I waited for this week for Tony to come home.

    DiNozzo is on the USS Seahawk, basically as the lone cop. He hates it there.

    Someone ends up dead. Another body shows up in DC. The plot thickens. The old team gets involved. Gibbs and Ziva fly to meet Tony in Venezuela as they try to unravel the mystery of yet another body. McGee is at home, being the computer whiz that he is, trying to uncover information. Heroics ensue and the bad guy gets caught in the end.

    And yes, there is a happy ending.
  • Yea so we didn't have too much of anyone character although I sorely missed....

    Ducky in this episode. First of all, bravo to the writers who have once again thread great writing with wonderful chemistry. Abby is as bubbly as always as she keeps up her vigil waiting for Tony to come back. Question at the end of the episode, did Abby come from her house to see Tony? I could've sworn she had on her PJ's! Either way it was cool to see that Abby is really a part of the team which is why I think I missed Ducky so much.

    McGee is McGee, geeky as always rather funny as he tried to undo his predecessor's IT genius. I did like how Abby came down to scold him about going backwards and then helped him solve the case.

    Ziva is missing Tony just as much as Abby which is humorous to view, TIVA shippers will be happy. She is a good actress so it was funny to see her speaking beautiful spanish even though its not supposed to be her 'mother' tongue.

    Tony is comic relief, and he misses his core just as strongly as Abby does and shines as he tries to show Gibbs how well he has been doing on his own....I absolutely love the Tabby relationship they have created (brother/sister work great together). Tony is back home as he should be.

    Gibbs is lovable as always sticking to his guns, he wants his team back 'all' of them including Dinozzo as we finally get to see him ask the question of Vance that we all wanted to know, 'Why did Tony get transferred?'. The writers have been doing an excellent job filling in the answers to all of the questions that arose after the season premiere.

    By the end of the episode, we have our core team back together (luv it) and we still have a question in the back of our heads about Vance...We might be getting Gibb's feelings but something's not right with him..... and we want to know what.

    Next week looks interesting as Gibbs loyalty is pushed to the point by a friend, bring on the Next episode of NCIS.