Season 11 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2013 on CBS

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  • Great!

    I really loved this one! it went by so fast!! It was a new plot and kept me watching and wanting more!!
  • Alibi

    A lot of potential given this premise, but the episode seemed to drag on at times. Still probably a little stronger than recent episodes, but not particularly noteworthy in any way.
  • Ducky!

    We had the Hitchcockian references throughout - wasn't the diner car that appeared at least twice also once part of a train? But did no-one pick up on the Oscar Wilde reference from Ducky - "A Handbag?" from "The Importance of Being Earnest?"

    Sorry I'm late posting this; in the UK, this episode was only shown last week...

    It's all I can do to stop reading the spoilers for the upcoming episodes....

  • Excelent

    I Love NCIs...
  • Intriging

    When I started watching the episode it looks like a routine one, but quickly it became a lot more complicated and intertwined. It was very impressive how Gibbs used all his wits to get all the bad guys that had a complicated double murder scheme. Can NCIS bring Ziva back? After the episode "Oil and Water" I thoght that agent Boren is going to be drafted, but the show will really increase in popularity if Ziva gets back!
  • Carrie and Gibbs

    Last week's episode regarding the relationship between Gibbs and his father and this week's episode were so very enjoyable. I liked Carrie, I liked the plot, and I especially liked the ending. The music that was played at the end really completed the scene in the diner. It was so reminiscent of an era when people did eat at diners!
  • NCIS goes Hitchcock?

    This plot is highly derivative of the Hitchcock classic: Strangers on a Train. The whole idea of two people doing each others murders without connected motive is directly from that film. That doesn't make this episode any less compelling, in fact, it was a pretty twisty episode BECAUSE of that. However, it seems to me that the writing post-Ziva has lost direction. We no longer have an underlying subversive plot thread. As a set the episodes don't seem to have a coherent direction. Still a favorite. Still tuning in, but Ziva's departure is not the only change at NCIS (at least from my side of the screen).
  • Very good!

    Another week and another great episode of NCIS! Enjoyed the way this one played out, with so many seemingly unrelated cases being interconnected like a little web. It was really cool!

    Interesting development for Tony as well. I think they're trying to take him in a slightly different direction post-Ziva adn I'm interested to see if we get more info on that little side storyline.

    The case was very good. I liked the character of Carrie Clark and I think it was great! Looking forward to next week!
  • Not all alibis work... lol

    Very good show. I really enjoy the 'mix' of crimes yet were 'related'

    Very good - worth watching. AND is working without a Zeva 'step-in'
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