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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • My favorite season 6 episode!

    The episode was great! Continuing from Michaels death in the previous episode it features Ziva coping with the death as well as an investigation by Mossad into his death, the episode ends with a cliffhanger after Ziva decides to stay behind in Israel and she is held and what seems like been tortued by a Somalian terrorist
  • One of the best episodes this season!

    Loved this episode. I think this episode shows how much Ziva is like Gibbs, putting up walls and not letting anyone in when she is upset. We see how much of a jerk Ziva's father is. Loved Tony getting the best of him during the "conversation". Liked that Tony tried to get Ziva to open up, but not how he did it. I know some fans didn't like that Ziva knocked him down, but he basically goaded her into doing it (if she really meant to hurt him, he wouldn't have been able to get up). The only thing I didn't like was Gibbs leaving Ziva behind when he knew her father was manipulating her. The look on her face when the plane took off was so telling. Great ending showing her imprisoned and interrogated! Not sure why they thought she was working for NCIS though (officially, she was working for Mossad as a liason with NCIS).
  • NCIS fly to Israel looking for answers.

    The previous episode set up a good cliffhanger for this episode With the death of Rivkin you would think that Israel would be the last place Tony should be but only two people had the authority to harm him and that is Eli and Ziva This episode shows there is a lot of trust issues when Ziva makes the shocking decision not to be in the same team as Tony, she was also betrayed by Amit Hadar, Rivkin and her father I think Ziva maybe wishes she had stayed with NCIS at the end where she is getting tortured to give up information on NCIS I think because she stayed to complete Rivkin's mission she is getting tortured at the camp Eli was talking about But now I can't wait for season 7.
  • The 6th Season Ends With Tony Killing Michael Rivkin. His Death Leads The Team To Israel Where Gibbs Is Forced To Make A Difficult Decision.

    And so ends a good season "NCIS". "Aliyah" is a great way to end the season, but I felt that it could have been better. The good things about this episode are a well written script and top rate acting by all involved. Michael Nouri is superb as the head of Mossad and Ziva's father. I also liked to see the team travel abroad. It was cool. Cote de Pablo deserves some credit too in this particular episode. Her acting was very convincing. The problem I had with this episode is that it seemed not to go anywhere in Israel. This episode ends with a dramatic cliffhanger. And this cliffhanger was actually quite good but it was also painfully predictable. I watched "Aliyah" before knowing anything about season 7, and I knew that Ziva was going to be rescued and she would return. Overall, a great finale.
  • Reviewers are missing something

    I've read many of the reviews for this episode and feel that the reviewers are simply taking things at face value. I agree that the last few episodes have been weak, especially in their portrayal of Israelis as the bad guys who will go around assassinating all terrorists and betraying the U.S. all over the place.

    However, I'm pretty sure the plot, as weak as it is, calls for Zeva to really be working for Gibbs and "against" her father in this case. Remember that Gibbs was told by "SECNAV" (Vance's boss?) that Vance's team's next mission was to investigate Israeli intelligence. What better way than for Zeva to "leave" the NCIS team and work for Mossad.

    I do agree with the reviewers who said how nonsensical it would be for terrorists abroad to be more interested in NCIS than Mossad. … Unless, of course, it is Mossad that has Zeva prisoner and they're trying to "debrief" her. I wouldn't put it past her fictional father as they portray him.
  • The team goes to Isreal with not too much happening to settle anything. Ziva has apparently met her demise at the hands of terrorists.

    I have two complaints about the plots. At least three times the baddie has Gibbs in his sights and is pulling the trigger when he is shot be someone else. "Kill Ari part two", "Sharif returns", and the one where they burn down the dead directors (Jenny), house to hide the russian spy's body. The other is that withthe exception of Abby, every major female on the show has met an untimely end. Gibbs army girlfriend was shipped back to Iraq, not exactly fatal, but not too pleasant either. Let's face it, unless the Mossad is already outside the door, Ziva is not going to get out of this one (and she stated in an earlier episode that she would not let herself be taken alive. Is there a reason for all this ?
  • What an amazing season cliffhanger! (Spoilers!!!)

    This was certainly another amazing ending to another amazing season on NCIS. I really enjoyed most of this episode, but I was also astounded by the cliffhanger they left us on, right at the end!

    The storyline was interesting, although arguably, it could've been better! Abby was her usual amazing self, when the team got back from Israel!

    I thought the last scene, which depicted Ziva being held hostage and questioned, was amazing ly done, and I thought it added so much suspense to the epiosode. It really was a great, although potentially sad, ending to the sweason.

    Definitely an episode that I would've highly recommended. Amazing show, and this is not one to be missed!
  • What else is there to say. After I saw this episode. The team seems to be a member short now. Who really knows when or if Zeva will be a double spy or come back to NCIS. Lots of questions need to be resolved. The sooner the better.

    Theres no way I can see Tony getting with Zeva now. And why did Zeva of all things stay just to get punished. Im kinda thinking the whole NCIS team will have to kick down the door and rescue Zeva unless she can escape. Maybe she doesnt want to. Maybe theres another reason why shes being subjected to so much torture. With a new NCIS show underway I would not be suprised if the team works with them maybe afew times. I think it would be great for ratings on both shows. Have double crossovers. Working together and resolving all there issues. Theres also a part of me that wonders how much longer will NCIS go. Its in its seventh season now. I see maybe afew more left. And that will be it.
  • Blah... this season sucked and with this finale it sucked even more! Please give me season 5 team back!! Damn it why do they have to ruin a perfect team??? Nope, I surely won't come back next season. NCIS is over, ruined forever!

    Blah... I can't even describe how I'm feeling right now... and I thought season 4 was bad... this is worst! This season sucked big time or it sucked after Road Kill and with this finale it sucked even more! Please give me season 5 team back!! Damn it why do they have to ruin a perfect team??? Why do they have this need to change storyline?? couldn't they leave Ari's story like it was? No! and don't make me talk about Tony!!(stupid guy). Or Ziva!! hate it, hate it, hate it! Nope, I surely won't come back next season. NCIS is over, ruined forever! Goodbye.
  • this is a great show...

    i love this show!! WOW!!! this is my absolute fav show. gibbs better save ziva, quick fast and in a hurry!!! and when thats done tony better swoop her up and lay one on her!!! these two are the perfect balance for each other. everyone who watches knows this. i also see a little sweetness heating up with abby and mcgee. i think the writers of this show know exactly what their doing and their doing it very well. however the only down fall to that would be to drag it out too long. eventually you have to give the viewers what they want! hint, hint.........
  • A finale plagued by stale repeats of past story lines that even the almighty Gibbs cannot rescue from the depths of mediocrity.

    The show needs new faces and fresh story arcs. I am so tired of Ziva and the whole loyalty issue. Haven't we done this storyline twice over already? And pitting the somewhat unpleasant Ziva character vs the lovable rascal Denozzo? He wins, 9 times out of 10. I say leave Ziva in the desert, she's the Mossad's problem. Let's find ourselves a more likable character please.

    As for the other female lead Abby...well, we've also done the "poor Abby, the victim who fights back" storyline twice over as well. The goth girl with a heart of gold persona has got to grow to another level because as adorable as she can be, the whiny "oh I can't lose another one" drama is getting quite tiresome.

    As for the boys? The serious side of Denozzo is interesting. But the McGeek has gone from cute to cardboard and Gibbs is starting to look that way too. So serious. So smug. So rabidly loyal. Let's see him squirm a little! Or, trips into his past are always interesting. How he went from being a Denozzo type to the Gibbs he is today is still a journey to be fully uncovered.

    I'm such a big fan of the show, but a few episodes of this last season (particularly this finale) made me feel like the writers are working on auto-pilot.
  • i am a total tony and ziva fan!

    i think this episode was really great because it will give tony and ziva a chance to realize their love for each other! even though tony loved jean he left her! so now everyone can just move on. i think ziva's dad was behind what happened in the end of the episode! o he annoys me so!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the end i think ziva will either die not telling them anything about ncis or live by being found by gibbs and his team. i actually dont think she'll die because kate is already dead. i think ziva is way more awesome then kate! bb
  • With the mysterious death of Michael Rivkin, Ziva, Gibbs and Tony go to Israel, and with the rest of the team at home they solve the mysterious death of Michael Rivkin which leaves Gibbs to make a decision that is felt throughout NCIS.

    I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!! I feel especially bad for Ziva, who has endured so much betrayal and death in her life, sometimes at the cause of her own father! Which is why I hated when she chose him over Gibbs, who has been more of a father to her than HER OWN FATHER!! " I was betrayed by Mossad, by my father, by Tony. Who's next? You?" Ziva said to Gibbs. The ending was shocking to say the least... But what can you expect of israeli mossad? I can't wait for season 7- and for TONY & ZIVA to finally get together!!!
  • Love NCIS

    this one cought my eye its not really like all the others differnet set up or something i just stood out alot... LOL so if your a reall NSIC fan you and i should talk and have fun bye smamming people LOL NO!!!!! there not an episode that didn't catch my eye but this one really did how they alway are like like awsome lol but really look up some more NCIS episodes really do it now and watch Gibbs make fun of macguye lol watch it or you not cool ok really if you right off a bad comment about this show i will find you i now where everyone lives im santa...
  • Slow start to the episode with a lot of loose ends tied off that open the way for new questions to be asked...which no doubt will be answered next season.

    OK for those that didn't catch on, the chief Mossad agent blew up Ziva's apartment, hence why she started a fight with him, and bruised his neck...
    The episode definitely had the feel that it should have had more to it, up until it showed Ziva in the chair. It leaves you wondering if Tony's question to Ziva's Father was right...if he'd order his own son killed what would he do to his daughter??? It also raises more questions as to the connection between Vance and the Mossad director, and why Gibb's doesn't trust him. So yes it may have been a slow finish to the season but i for one cannot wait for the answers to all this.
  • The only reason I'm not giving this episode a 1 score is because, at least, it brought this season to an end.

    The episode is replete with mistakes about Israel, the Mossad, terrorism and Hebrew. The idea that Mossad agents will use English to communicate between themselves is moronic.
    The Hebrew e-mails were jibberish, the streets looked nothing like Tel Aviv, and the accents were awful, not even close to Israeli.
    What angered me the most, though, was the idea that Ziva will wear her Star of David during an undercover mission, and that an Islamic terrorist would care about NCIS when he has a living Mossad agent in custody. NCIS is a lame American agency, the Mossad is renowned worldwide, why would they care about the NCIS?
    Besides the fact that the episode was badly written, as all NCIS episodes are, the huge amount of mistakes is embarrassing. Why do people watch this show?
  • Intriguing episode tying up old story lines with new presumptions. Ziva looks IRL pregnant. Some of the mistakes in writing made me laugh.

    When we were told by Vance that Ziva only saved Gibbs' life by shooting Ari because she was ordered to do so, we got a whole new perspective. But...Vance might be playing Gibbs for next season. They are saying Vance is going to a new position, making it possible that Gibbs will take the top position unwillingly.

    I thought it looked/sounded really strange to have Michael's last words to ziva be, "I'm sorry". Why would a dying Israeli say "I'm sorry" to his Israeli lover? Why wouldn't he say it in his own language?

    Then, later on, Gibbs gently (and sexily) tells Ziva that her house has exploded. Two minutes later, he's telling her to Pack her bags. They are going to ISrael!
    haha hello! She has no bags to pack?

    Finally, I think Ziva blew up her own house.
  • I was disappointed.

    The episode was given way too much hype, and I'm usually very generous in my givings of 10's, but this episode just had me disappointed. By the end, I felt so ashamed that even the last scene was boring. There was not enough development, the characters lacked emotions and there wasn't enough action that it could've had. There wasn't enough Tony and Ziva moments, and the plot was exactly as I expected it to be, even know Shane Brennan continuously said how "unexpected" it was going to turn out, how "stunned" then viewers would be. I don't think I'm going to be too interested in watching the season 7 premiere now, because I just don't think they can do much more with this mess.
  • This was a great show, but I didn't understand one thing. Who blew up Ziva's apartment and why?

    This show was great because there were so many emotions involved--something that has been present on the show, but not overtly manifested. Tony's deep concern for Ziva, Ziva's feelings of betrayal, Gibbs' loyalty to Ziva, but growing realization of her split loyalties. Also, the director and Gibbs bring their feelings out in the open for the first time.

    Finally we're rid of Michael, who was an unsavory, threatening presence. The best part was Tony's toughness and his ability to stand up against all attacks.

    I was very involved in this show, and can't wait for next season. The office without Ziva seemed very subdued and sad.
  • You jeopardized your entire career for what? For you.

    unfortunately this board doesn't allow you to review one episode with just one word, cause these are clearly superfluous.
    After Tony's confrontation with Rivkin; Gibbs, Ziva, Vance and Tony fly to Tel Aviv to untangle the mess. Director David confronts Tony about his feelings and Tony Confronts Ziva about hers... blurred lines divide trust and loyalty and realtionship are at the same time clarified and further messed up. The last seconds of the episode will just leave with the enourmous desire to build a time machine to fast-forward to the date of the Season 7 premiere!
    Magnificent preformance by the whole cast, I'm glad to see that four years of UST and 'not-so-hidden-anymore' attraction between Tony and Ziva are finally a main storyline. Tiva fan or not; you won't be disappointed by this show.
  • Interesting episode with a twist

    In this episode we see the side of Eli David that isn't very nice at all. The twist being that he (or Mossad) had sent Ziva on a mission to Washington to kill Ari. It wasn't the loyalty to Gibbs that kept her from leaving him to die, this came as a huge shock to Gibbs as Vance told him after asking why Gibbs didn't trust him. I thought this episode really showed that Eli has huge amounts of control over his daughter after pretty much ordering her to stay. He became very upset when Gibbs said she was a 'very good agent' and replied with 'liason officer'. I really enjoyed this episode but the ending where Ziva is being tortured in Africa on a mossad mission is a very unnerving cliff hanger for the summer!
  • Quick trip to Israel to sort out the team and their feeling. Tony gets the best of Papa David and everyone else just wonders around. Ziva gets her come-uppance at the end. Tony and Gibbs are left with feeling they don't know what to do with.

    NCIS Season Six, Episode 25, Ailyah
    The final minutes of the episode set the tone for next fall and season seven. Ziva tries to set working conditions with Gibbs and the attempt falls on deaf ears. Gibbs doesn't take well to demands. As he pointed out to her, Tony gave his word that what he wrote was the truth – what more can he do? If you can't accept a man at his word, then maybe you don't belong?

    Ziva on the ship and then in a holding cell, had a slight disconnect with other interactions that we have seen in past episodes with the Massad. But it is great to see the follow through when a character gets thrown under the bus, which the bus actually runs them over. But it makes me wonder who her captors are? For all of her bluster about being a crack agent – she seems to have been caught very quickly and softened up easily.

    Personally I am ready for the Ziva character to fade into the sunset and be replaced. The tough woman and "I'll kill you routine" gets old rather quickly. There doesn't seem to be a romantic angle for Tony or Gibbs. So let's go looking for another female lead that can blend leadership and authority in a clear way that doesn't leave out her feminine side. It wouldn't hurt to get a character that is willing to leave the job and work on the base when five o'clock rolls around. Have a life with interests other than NCIS 24-7?

    Guest star Ziva for a couple of episodes and work in her replacement at the same time – I'd like it!
  • This was all around incredibly weak and frustratingly bad

    The season finale actually consists of the last four episodes and after a whole season of very strong and enjoyable episodes, the audience gets a season finale that doesn't only rank as one of the weakest in the history of NCIS but the episodes themselves left a bad taste in the mouth. The story was a mess, that was sometimes painfully boring to watch and sometimes just plain confusing. The new team in LA left zero impressione and while it was cute to see Tim to play with the cool toys it didn't redeem the episodes. The real flaw though was the whole Ziva/Michael angel of the story. Absolutely nothing of it worked. Before the four episodes we had seen only glimpses of this Michael character and even in the four episodes he came over as a slimy creep. Ziva didn't seem so much as in love with him but most of the time looked either frightened or disgusted around him. Suddenly the audience was made to believe that this slimy git was the love of her life, which I just couldn't buy. Ziva on the whole annoyed the hell out of me in the last couple of episodes and this episode was no exception.

    I am used to a much better caliber of writing from this series.
  • The aftermath of 'Semper Fidelis'. Tony, Ziva, Gibbs and Vance are called to Isreal in the wake of Michael Rivkin's death. Director David questions Tony while Ziva discovers a few home truths. In the end Gibbs has to decide: Tony or Ziva?

    This episode was awesome!! The whole cast and crew really came through on this one because it was so good. It suprised me and really held my attention all the way through. It's a shame about the Tiva aspect though, but hopefully they can find their way to a better place in the next season. My favourite part was actually the last frame of the episode where it was revealed to be Ziva who was being held prisoner. It was obvious who it was going to be as soon as I saw her slumped over but it still somehow didn't take away my gasp of "Oh no, Ziva!" Maybe it was the shock of how badly beaten she had been. Now that was scary!!
    It'll make for some pretty interesting beginning episodes next season though. Tony and Gibbs will go nuts when they find out! Now it's just waiting for next season to start. I'm getting exciiiiiited!
  • Not a conclusive or question-answering finale, but then would it be NCIS if it was?

    Now for a finale, it checked about 95% of the criteria involved. Captivating? Check. Character involvement? Check check. Emotional? Check +. No one can say that this wasn't a brain twister. Tony finally bares his feelings (all but) to Ziva right after he shoots her boyfriend (who was ordered to be her boyfriend by Eli? Shocker.)? Ironic~. Gibbs' attachment to her? Emotional and tidy. While Abby and McGee might have been tossed in there carelessly, and Tel Aviv could have been done better, there was the required cliffhanger ending and the intrigue that kept us watching throughout. All and all? Not half bad.
  • The episode was interesting, although the story arc is a little unclear. I am certainly waiting to see where the plot goes next season. However, the mistakes regarding Hebrew were absolutely embarrassing. I spent half the episode in stitches over them.

    Overall, the episode was fun and interesting, and was a good setup for next season, although the whole story arc regarding Rivkin is not quite clear enough. However, the effect of the episode was seriously marred by really really embarrassing mistakes in the use of Hebrew in the scenes that supposedly take place in Tel Aviv. When Gibbs was walking down the street, there was a store that had the Hebrew sign on it in mirror-image, but the English was still fine (so it's not as though the whole thing was wrong). The emails from Rivkin's computer were also in mirror image and in weird order. This is a problem that sometimes happens with Hebrew emails on computers that aren't set up properly, but it was still weird. And the room in which Director David was talking to Tony, was labeled on the video screen in what can only be loosely translated as "Interview for Room 6" (I assume it was meant to read "Interview Room 6". Throughout the series I've happily put up with the fact that Cote de Pablo's Hebrew accent is sometimes less than perfect, although she certainly tries. But these mistakes were truly embarrassing. There are thousands of Hebrew speakers living in the US. Is it really so difficult to get one of them to make sure the Hebrew is accurate? Honestly, I'm willing to do it for free!
  • We're left with lots of possibilities for next season...

    ...and all those possibilities include the entire cast, so that's good.
    I loved Tony besting Eli David in the interrogation. I loved Gibbs making the "right" tough choice, almost without hesitation. Go Gibbs!
    I loved the Vance-Gibbs interaction at the end. Dare we wonder if it may set up the next key storyline into the mysterious Vance???...
    As for Ziva...well, I can understand the conflict the character has. Really, does anyone have her back? But the guilt thing ("I wasn't there"), and blaming Tony for Rivkin's death against overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and asking Gibbs to choose... Suffice it to say I don't leave this season any "closer" to the Ziva character than I ever was. I hope she sees the light while on the other side of the interrogation to speak...
  • wow I so hope ziva gets rescued by Gibbs and the team i think she got betrayed by her father if you ask me and i hope ziva comes back for the seventh season

    awsome completly awsome tony acted like a big brother a shot the bad guy then made her father look like an idiot zive gets made to look a bad ass that she is not and if the remove her from the cast i will be highly pissed but i almost guartinue you the way the last five minnutes ended there is no way in hell the writter are that stupid enough to have an ending like that without bringing ziva back not to mention how the hell did those bad guys know she worked for ncis she was trated over Gibbs will be having a full blow NCIS swat team task force going in to bring her out nothing else makes sense or her fatbher is gonna contact NCIS and ask for help and Gibbs will stioll go all out and rescue her who else thinks thins i think there should be a poll on what we think will happend but im almost 100 pecent positive they are Not Gonna Kill
  • WoW! i dont even know how to describe this episode! it was definatly b far one of my favorites. I loved all the tension in it and i thought michael and cote de pablo played their roles very well

    WoW! i dont even know how to even begin to describe this episode. i t was definatly by far one of my favortie episodes of all time. I loved all the tension in it and i thought that michael and cote de pablo played their roles very well. i loved how ziva was very vurnerable in this episode and how she had to go through alot of stress. i also liked when they put tony and eli david in interregation and tony tricked eli david. i was really shocked at the end when they showed ziva tied up, that was a hugh omg! moment. i cant wait till next season!
  • What else can you say…still one of the best shows on television today!

    The beginning of the season started with Ziva, looking hot, and Rifkin looking like the fly in the ointment I knew from the beginning he would turn out to be. It ends with Ziva looking beat up, and hot, and Rifkin like what we expect to happen to flies in ointment…dead. Expected, but well written. As to the comments that Ziva "should be better trained" or "went soft"…I say bologna!!! I am reminded of the episode "Shalom" when Ziva had to take a few hits in the totally AWESOME chick fight at the end in order to get the information that she wanted / needed and then once she had it kicked ass and took names!!! I say she's got whoever this terrorist clown is…right were she wants him and that the next season will start with him giving up MORE then just the valuable inelegance she will gather from him! I thinking his spleen perhaps?

    The whole Gibbs / Ziva / Airy (or however you spell his name), set up awesome twist by the writers! Honestly did not see that one coming. Any way you look at it, if the next season is anything like the last two, with a great job by the cast, crew, and writers, we the fans are in for more great NCIS entertainment!
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