Season 11 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2014 on CBS

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  • Not sure what to make from it

    The case was quite interesting but nothing new. They had that topic before and did it better. The final solution in this case was strange because they had no witnesses or physical evidence against the rapist. So they screwed it up in the end - again. Here and there it was a bit like NCIS in the old days with Gibbs, Abby, Ducky, Palmer, McGee, and Vance being a bit more themselves than in the last episodes, but it wasn't enough of the real NCIS I used to love to please me. By the way I liked Cabot. Please, can we have her instead of Bishop?

    I absolutely hated that they sticked Bishop and Tony together this time. Her interactions with him are awkward. They have no chemistry at all, and I can't get rid off the feeling that Weatherly doesn't like Wickersham. Tony is supposed to be nice to Ellie but his body language tells you something completely different. He comes across like a babysitter who has to deal with an annoying child against his will. Tony has always been my favourite character, and I don't like that they made him look old and stupid next to that unbearable girl. What did Weatherly do to the writers to deserve such an awful plot? Liked Cote too much, or what? "Mind if I dance with your daughter"? And then that stupid little girl - who has no experience in the field at all! - gives HIM orders and behaves as if she was the Senior Field Agent and not him. Yuk! That really, really sucks!

    1 point for the case that started out well, 1 point for a glimpse of NCIS here and there, 1 point for Cabot.
  • Pulled from the headlines

    Kellie Williams was terrific in this. She's a believable Navy officer and plays great off Gibbs.

    Bishop continues to look far too young and out of place. Her interactions with Tony are awkward. He jokes around a little but can't be himself. He comes across as a benign uncle. They will never be partners.
  • Alleged

    Not that this was a bad episode, but there was really nothing about this one that stood out at all. Some episodes this season have just been really flat, this one included.
  • Going Law and Order

    With all the comments about Bishop, commentators here are overlooking a more important problem with the show. It seems NCIS is taking their cues from Democrat party talking points. They made a big campaign about sex assaults in the military so we had to have an episode about it. And of course the "perp" had to be a lily white male ship's captain - they virtually never have anything but a white male as the weekly murderer/rapist.. They had no case against him - no witnesses or physical evidence. He just happened to be the captain of ships the female victims were assigned to, so of course he did it.
  • Is NCIS going away?

    My favorite show, the only one I used to watch regularly is fading away..

    With so much talent why did they pick Bishop? Send her to her husband and replace her with an actress that can at least portray a federal agent and not a high-school juvenile!
  • Very SAD

    Good episode. Sad topic. The military should have progressed further in all the years. Ethics, morality are all talked about but have no depth of meaning.

    Very heavy subject/ actually well done.
  • Really good! Stowaway raccoon!

    After a ediocre episode last week, the show picked back up with a great episode today. The case was multi-faceted and had to be observed from two angles, and it was done really weell. Kept me guessing right throughout.

    Very nice scenes as Abby and the girl talk to each other at various points throughout the episode. I really enjoyed Abby's role in today's proceedings.

    I absolutely loved the line about finding a stowawy raccoon or ferret or soething like that - hilarious indeed!

    The Tony/McGee diet thingy was really random and kindsa pointless but funny as well.

    Good period of tv and I can't wait for more!
  • the NCIS the Titanic

    Do people of NCIS and CBS read the viewers' comments?? I don't think so!! Because if they had they would have sent bishop in Oklahoma... That's the last season of NCIS which I watch.. And like I said before thank God I have the dvds from the previous seasons and watching reruns.. Thank God they are real fans of NCIS who write fanfiction and I have a kind of comfort because I can't watch these episodes written by Gary Glasberg anymore.. And this mess unfortunatelly this will be and the next season... bye bye CBS.. bye bye Gary Glasberg... bye bye NCIS..
  • Show keeps getting worse!

    While the subject manner was handled well, the writing is getting worse regarding the characters. Classic NCIS it was not! The characters are still acting wonky and Bishop the horrible is still there despite majority of viewers disliking her. Won't be surprised if MW leaves after this season, given the hatchet job done to his character to make Bishop fit in (sorry CBS, Bishop will NEVER fit in-wake up before you lose even more viewers than you already have)!
  • Fell flat

    Like others, I felt like the serious topic was well handled and Mr. Williams did a good job of that part. However, I still feel that the dialogue is just not As good this year, this whole season almost, especially since bishop entered the scene. She is not a good character; she is flat and stale. She's the same in every scene, with every character. That may be the way she was created by Glasberg, but it's boring. The writers are probably bored writing her. The writers have always said that they take a lot of cues from the actors themselves, so maybe they just don't have anything to work with, I don't know. So different for years past, where the character interaction was almost always interesting, even if the plot was boring. This year they are depending on the plot to save them, and the show has lost its ace, chemistry between characters. I hope they fix this soon.

  • A touchy topic

    I was unsure how they'd handle this topic on the show. I though it was handled rather well. This episode wasn't as good as last weeks, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • A great episode

    NCIS is great and this season has been wonderful. Just some people that came here and Because of Ziva(who left, moved on and has no interesting on NCIS anymore) come here and gave rate 1,0 to the episode... What a shame... Why dont you just stop watching??? Ziva is not coming back and Bishop is confirmed for season 12. Grow up and go watch another show...
  • Bishop problem still not solved

    I liked Cabot, Delilah, Brody, every other female on NCIS was great but Bishop proves that she can get worse from episode to episode!

    The episode was a good try besides this useless cleanse thing which resulted in a desperate attempt to make Emily Wickersham funny! Funny Bishop is even more painful than boring Bishop!

    For heaven's sake is there nobody working for CBS who can see that Ms Emily Wickersham is a talentless actress and Bishop the most useless character on screen?

    And the always nice and attractive Michael Weatherly used for a cheap joke because the writers thought it would be funny to mention him as Bishop's father! Sorry, Michael Weatherly is a fantastic looking guy, Ms. Wickersham with her canyon-deep furrow is neither beautiful nor capable of another facial expression than looking stupid!

  • Season 11 same old, same old

    The writing is getting worse and worse. Bishop is awful. Denozzo still hasn't grown up - and a 40 something frat boy is just embarrassing. Abby is not much better. McGee NEVER gets more than a scratch and Gibbs still hasn't changed one iota from season one.

    Getting tired of writers who are too terrified to risk character development.
  • Written and directed by noobs

    I greatly respect NCIS for getting behind the cause of sexual assault awareness, but the writing behind the characters especially felt farfetched and unrealistic to me. The interactions between Abby and Ensign Farrell, though touching, were idealised far beyond belief on the way Farrell suddenly decided to open up.

    The directing was notably off as well, with weird camera angles and zooms used throughout. On the whole, it felt like the whole production team was overtaken by an NFP awareness organisation focussing more on hammering the message home than producing a powerful and believable television show. Admittedly, if that was their double bluff to emphasise their message, then it worked on me.
  • Main plot great, team interactions horrific mess

    The sexual assault plot was treated with great dignity, and I was impressed. Kudos to writer Scott Williams and actress Kelli Williams for pulling it off. Hope Kelli Williams will be back in the future. She was totally believeable as a Navy officer.

    The rest of the episode was a hot mess, and it's not Scott's fault.

    Juice cleanse was idiotic. To give them credit, I expected 45 minutes of poop jokes, and it ended up being about food envy. So, spacefilling fluff.

    The interactions between Bishop and the guys are no more natural than they were in the past. Bishop does seem to have a slight connection with McGee, which makes some sense. She has zero connection with DiNozzo. He looks at her like some kind of bleached bones found in the back of a curiosity closet, with dried flesh still attached. He is like a kind uncle with an embarrassing niece who collects spiders. He is forced to spend time with her out of duty, but finds her creepy.

    Nice to see Abby again, but wow, she was even more childish than usual. And her most over the top, handwringing, lisping performance is what made Holly open up about her assault. OK then.

    I appreciate what they did with the sex assault aspect. However as far as the team goes, it is still a multi car train wreck.
  • ho hum - still have the little girl

    The show appeared to be decent - but I was on my computer - because I really can't stand the new little girl trying to be an agent.

    -- McGee's girlfriend would make a much better agent. AND I greatly miss team spirit of Gibb's Team - it just isn't there anymore.