Season 2 Episode 17

An Eye for An Eye

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2005 on CBS

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  • Paraguay, Espionage and Cross-Dressing

    Another great episode. Tony and Kate get to travel together to the poorer side of Paraguay, complete with black market sales, and uncover a case that is downright hard to follow at times, but still entertaining.

    It starts out with a sailor who receives a pair of eyes in the mail, but he is not sure who the eyes belong to or who sent them. The sailor seems to he hiding a secret, but not what the NCIS suspects. After committing suicide, the team learns that the sailor was a cross-dresser (which apparently disqualifies you from military service and leads you to commit suicide)

    He is probably meant to be a transvestite, but the writers do not seem to know the difference between that and a transsexual. Anyways, the last call the sailor made was to his teacher, who works in the shady world of government "consulting" and married a dteenager, which is seen as being immoral and illegal.

    I can certainly agree with the idea that it is creepy (and the eyes may belong to her), but I am not entirely sure it is illegal. Paraguay law may allow it, although it is possible that it may conflict with military law or federal law.

    Anyways, the professor is a total sleazy creep whose "consulting" work makes him all but untouchable and this sends Tony and Kate off to Paraguay.

    The episode would score higher, it the writers had done a bit more research to fix some of the issues previously mentioned. Transvestite does not necessarily mean the same thing as transsexual and their may be a difference between a sleazy professor with a very young wife versus a corrupt pedophile using his espionage skills to avoid the law.

    Also, the episode can sometimes be a bit hard to follow, especially when you remember that this all started out with a pair of female eyes. You may have to watch it a few times to figure out what is going on.

  • Decent case, funny moments!

    This episode had a rather interesting beginning, which led me to think that we were in store for another great one, although not how I expected.

    The storyline was solid, although not the most interesting one, and it was nice to see Tony and Kate go to Paraguay together.

    I really enjoyed the scene where the salesman was attempting to sell Kate purses and DVDs to Tony. "$20, or 2 for $40", I absolutely loved that moment.

    I recommend this one because it is so funny, but I found it a little difficult to follow at times. Interesting case, exceptionally funny, and we have an all-round decent episode!
  • A pair of eyes are delivered in the mail

    This episode opens with a mail man making his deliveries, and he passes a woman, who then goes to collect her mail. As she opens a package she discovers a pair of eyes inside of a box. The package was sent to the wrong mail box, but it was meant for a petty officer, who is on 72 hour visit to his family. As the team are searching his apartment, the petty officer returns home. The team believe that he has a girlfriend, but he tells the team that they broke up a month ago. Abby discovers that the eyes are from a woman and Ducky discovers that they were removed a corpse. Gibbs puts Tony & Kate on night watch of the petty officer. They then hear a gunshot and race over to the apartment, where they find the petty officer dead, through suicide. When they find him he is in woman's clothing and wearing a wig. When Kate rings his family to see if he went there recently and she learns that he hadn't been there in over a year. The team main suspect in the kidnap of the Jane Doe is recalled back to Paragon and so Kate & Tony go in search of him.
    They discovered that the woman whose eyes were missing was the wife of their main suspect, who was a teacher at the petty officers schools. We soon learn that his wife is actually still alive as they killed her little sister by mistake. At the end Kate & Tony are forced to let their suspect go free. When out on the street we then see him being executed.
  • Fabulous episode.

    This really is one of those episode that at least in my opinion defines what a great show NCIS really is.
    The storyline of this episode, could be a little confusing, which is a shame, but in the end I finally saw the connection between everything that happened. Well at least I think I do. And despite all that, I still found the storyline fascinating. And I can watch this episode over and over again.

    The humor was also accounted for in this episode, there was lots of it and all funny. And despite this case being disturbing, I did laugh out loud a couple of times. That is also what's so great about this show.
    And the interaction between everyone on the NCIS team was as good as always, maybe a little bit better.
  • Tony and Kate go to Paraguay!!

    This is probably my favourite season 2 episode. Why? Tony and Kate go to Paraguay! Yeah!

    When a Petty Officer accidently opens a package containing a pair of blue eyeballs, the team is sent to investigate. Apparently, in this case being sent to investigate requires Tony and Kate spending a night in a car together and going to Paraguay.

    There are so many reasons I love this episode. Number one being the insane amount of TATE. Number two being I love the character Iggy. Do not ask me why, I don't know myself and number three, the plot was excellent.

    If you haven't watche dthis episode, I strongly suggest you do because even if you arent a shipper like me, I guarantee you will love it.
  • I Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, although the first time i watched it, it was a little difficult to follow, which in no way distracts from the overall episode!

    I’ve watched this episode a few times now, and I still can’t grasp what was happening, it was too confusing for me. The humour in the episode was awesome, I did enjoy the Gibbs sneaking up on Abby scene, it was good. Also I liked the way the directors showed the gullible side of DiNozzo, where he bought an iPod or, rather an LPod for $30 then Kate opened it and it was empty…

    The whole eye balls in the mail kind of thing were a little gross. I wasn’t expecting something like that, although with NCIS, it is very unpredictable. This was a good McGee episode where he made a few mistakes, and fell for a few Gibbs’ tricks, like the coffee. It was also a great Tate episode too, where Kate and Tony went to Paraguay. Eye For An Eye is a must see episode for any NCIS, crime/cop drama show, although it does take a little to follow, unlike many other NCIS episodes. For seasoned NCIS viewers this episode has links to a season 3 episode where we find out about Gibbs’ past affair with Jenny Shepard. Tony comments about why NCIS special agents are not sent to glamorous places like Paris, where Gibbs and Shepard had their affair.

    The only thing I can say I was disappointed in, remotely, would be that there wasn’t enough of Abby … although when we did see her, she was wearing awesome clothes. ‘Same Nightmare, Different Day’. Overall, I have to say that this is a great episode where NCIS is at its near best, and where Gibbs is in a league of his own. It is a must see for all NCIS viewers out there!!
  • love the episode. :)

    Tony and Kate.... in a different country.... together... alone.

    I LOVE it!!

    its yet another excellent episode from the writers of NCIS. Tony and Kate get sent to Paraguay to find a guy... which of course, they do in the end. Obviously had some detours along the way. The usual components were in it - danger, humour, mystery, suspense, drama; making it really good.

    TATE. Chemistry. excellent. love it. one of the greatest.

    One of my favourite episodes, why? Its summed up in the first line of the review, and the line just before this.

    9.8 out of 10... cant get much better than this!
  • Finally! Out of the office!

    Tony and Kate got to Paraguay and discover that they can't escape Gibbs even there! A great reference to Tony's love of classic films, this time, Hitchcock and 'Laura'. I've always thought that's a nice touch, a rather nostalgic side to Tony. Slightly worrying psychological note though: Tony is so taken with the mysterious blue eyes that he actually puts the picture of them on his desktop! This episode is a little confusing though, the connection between why the petty officer gets the eyes when it's supposed to be Pursell's wife and why he then suddenly killed himself was not adequately explained. The petty officer was working for Pursell and handling the e-mail side of the ransom but I didn't feel this explained it.