Season 2 Episode 17

An Eye for An Eye

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2005 on CBS

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  • A pair of eyes are delivered in the mail

    This episode opens with a mail man making his deliveries, and he passes a woman, who then goes to collect her mail. As she opens a package she discovers a pair of eyes inside of a box. The package was sent to the wrong mail box, but it was meant for a petty officer, who is on 72 hour visit to his family. As the team are searching his apartment, the petty officer returns home. The team believe that he has a girlfriend, but he tells the team that they broke up a month ago. Abby discovers that the eyes are from a woman and Ducky discovers that they were removed a corpse. Gibbs puts Tony & Kate on night watch of the petty officer. They then hear a gunshot and race over to the apartment, where they find the petty officer dead, through suicide. When they find him he is in woman's clothing and wearing a wig. When Kate rings his family to see if he went there recently and she learns that he hadn't been there in over a year. The team main suspect in the kidnap of the Jane Doe is recalled back to Paragon and so Kate & Tony go in search of him.
    They discovered that the woman whose eyes were missing was the wife of their main suspect, who was a teacher at the petty officers schools. We soon learn that his wife is actually still alive as they killed her little sister by mistake. At the end Kate & Tony are forced to let their suspect go free. When out on the street we then see him being executed.