Season 2 Episode 17

An Eye for An Eye

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2005 on CBS

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  • Paraguay, Espionage and Cross-Dressing

    Another great episode. Tony and Kate get to travel together to the poorer side of Paraguay, complete with black market sales, and uncover a case that is downright hard to follow at times, but still entertaining.

    It starts out with a sailor who receives a pair of eyes in the mail, but he is not sure who the eyes belong to or who sent them. The sailor seems to he hiding a secret, but not what the NCIS suspects. After committing suicide, the team learns that the sailor was a cross-dresser (which apparently disqualifies you from military service and leads you to commit suicide)

    He is probably meant to be a transvestite, but the writers do not seem to know the difference between that and a transsexual. Anyways, the last call the sailor made was to his teacher, who works in the shady world of government "consulting" and married a dteenager, which is seen as being immoral and illegal.

    I can certainly agree with the idea that it is creepy (and the eyes may belong to her), but I am not entirely sure it is illegal. Paraguay law may allow it, although it is possible that it may conflict with military law or federal law.

    Anyways, the professor is a total sleazy creep whose "consulting" work makes him all but untouchable and this sends Tony and Kate off to Paraguay.

    The episode would score higher, it the writers had done a bit more research to fix some of the issues previously mentioned. Transvestite does not necessarily mean the same thing as transsexual and their may be a difference between a sleazy professor with a very young wife versus a corrupt pedophile using his espionage skills to avoid the law.

    Also, the episode can sometimes be a bit hard to follow, especially when you remember that this all started out with a pair of female eyes. You may have to watch it a few times to figure out what is going on.