Season 2 Episode 17

An Eye for An Eye

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: When Tony and Kate enter Horlacher's apartment, the 1950 film No Man of Her Own starring Barbara Stanwyck, John Lund and Lyle Bettger can be seen on the TV. In the film, Stanwyck's character lives a secret life after she assumes the identity of a dead woman.

    • TRIVIA: Purcell is criticized for being married to a 17-year-old woman; the agents are apparently unaware that the age of consent for sex between men and women in Paraguay is 16 outside of marriage, 14 within marriage. This implies that the marriageable age is 14, so the relationship is completely legal under local law. They also refer to Purcell as a pedophile, which is a term reserved for a person with an attraction to prepubescent children and is considered a pathological condition. Interest in teenagers is ephebophilia, which is defined as an attraction to young persons who have passed puberty and who may or may not be above age of consent (which varies from country to country and, in the US, from state to state). Ephebophilia is not considered pathological unless it becomes obsessive. Finally, in most parts of the world, it is legal to marry someone who is otherwise under the age of consent.

    • TRIVIA: The team, when they discover the body, immediately describe him as a 'transsexual'. The only information they have at that time is a man dressed as a woman, which strictly speaking is a 'transvestite'. They continue to mix up the two throughout. A transvestite just enjoys cross dressing. Many have no desire to change sex or have any gender dysphoria.

    • TRIVIA: This is at least the third time eyeballs have been used (without their owners) in an episode.

  • Quotes

    • Tony: I love brunettes.

    • Tony: A dead transsexual sailor, his spook instructor and a pair of human eyes walk into a bar. What's the punch line, Kate?
      Kate: Whatever it is, it involves this girl (girl shows up on the plasma screen) and Paraguay.
      Tony: That's true, but not very funny. Probie, make me laugh!
      McGee: (a bit thoughtful) Okay..
      McGee: Yeah, the bartender doesn't believe it, so he asks the spook instructor, "What the hell is going on?". And the guy says, "What? A guy can't have a drink with his pupils?"

    • Abby: I can say with certainty that Purcell needs a charisma bypass.

    • Colonel: I got your email Gibbs. I must say I was shocked. When did you learn to use a computer?!

    • Kate: I thought we are a team!
      Tony: We are! I'm team leader!

    • Tony: Gibbs wants us to follow him.
      Kate: Why?
      Tony: Does it matter?

    • Kate: Didn't you stick your tongue ...
      Tony: I took one for the team.

    • Landlady: Now how does a fine man like that stay single?
      Kate: He didn't. He's been married three times.

    • McGee: I know more about your sex life than I do about my own.
      Tony: That's not hard to believe Probie, seeing as you don't have one.

    • Kate: You didn't move all morning!! How'd you know that?
      Tony: Work smarter, not harder, Katie.

    • Kate: Wake up.
      Tony: I am awake.
      Kate: Could you turn on the heat up, please? My butt's freezing.
      Tony: Can't. Smoke from the tailpipe will give away our position.
      Kate: Great, can't feel my legs, here.
      Tony: We could do what the Eskimos do to keep warm.
      Kate: What's that?
      Tony: They press their bodies together. Of course the affect is grealy improved if they're naked.
      Kate: There isn't enough liquor on the planet to make that happen, Tony.
      Tony: I wasn't suggesting the naked part. But if you want to freeze, freeze.

    • Kate: Are you telling me you're attracted to a set of eyeballs?
      Tony: Weird huh?
      Kate: More like disturbing.

    • Gibbs: Good work, Tony. Get the car... Kate.

    • Abby: You're getting sneakier the older you get.
      Gibbs: Not to mention better looking.

    • Kate: Wow. You can actually sleep with your eyes open.
      Tony: Yeah. I'm meditating.
      Kate: On how much you drank last night, or trying to remember her name?

    • Ducky: Has head slapping been effective for you?
      Gibbs: Yeah, look at the way DiNozzo turned out.

    • (after Tony raises his hand in the classroom)
      Gibbs: DiNozzo, would you like to be left handed?
      Kate: Going for your brown nose badge this week?!
      Tony: You're just jealous it's working.

    • McGee: (about Gibbs) He hates me, doesn't he?!
      Tony: More like a minor dislike.
      Kate: You did spill his coffee.
      Gibbs: Now DiNozzo!!!!
      Kate: He'll warm up to you.
      McGee: When?
      Kate: Last year Tony spilled his coffee. He warmed up to hour ago. So roughly 8-10 months.

    • Gibbs: (watching McGee drink his coffee) What the hell are you doing?
      McGee: I thought you were giving it to me.
      Gibbs: To refill, McGee.

  • Notes

    • This episode was first intended to be named A Pair of Blue Eyes.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Croatia: December 22, 2005 on NOVA TV
      Finland: June 2, 2007 on Nelonen
      France: November 11, 2005 on M6
      Germany: January 12, 2006 on SAT.1
      Sweden: July 10, 2005 on TV3
      Denmark: March 22, 2005 on TV3

  • Allusions

    • "An Eye For An Eye" is a quotation used in the Hebrew Bible, in that if a person injured the eye of the victim, they are to give their own eye as compensation. In today's language, it usually refers to revenge, or payback of any means. i.e. "He killed my brother, I want him dead. An eye for an eye."