Season 4 Episode 24

Angel of Death

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 22, 2007 on CBS

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  • Tony and Jeanne are held hostage which makes Jeanne question who Tony is.

    This was a fantastic season finale where Tony and Jeanne are put in danger by a drug dealer who holds them hostage This means the real Tony is shown to Jeanne when she starts to realise that he went to pull out a gun and the way he fired the gun at the drug dealer It ended on a good cliffhanger where Jeanne turned out to be La Grenouille's daughter and now Tony is stuck in a bad situation for season 5.
  • The 4th Season Ends With Jenny Returning From Her European Trip And The Team Is One Step Closer To "La Grenouille". Tony And Jeanne Are Held Hostage.

    This episode is a good way to end the season. I have not liked the "La Grenouille" story, so I am happy to see it reaching its conclusion. But I enjoyed this episode. It did very good work keeping the viewer interested till the end. The scene where Jenny enters her study after the trip was very well done. The flashbacks with her father were brilliant. The hostage situation with Tony and Jeanne was great. Once again, the cast is at top form here. I don't know when, but I figured it out a long time ago who is "La Grenouille". Jeanne's father. They are both french. It was obvious. The cliffhanger ending could have been better in my opinion. I'm looking forward to season 5!
  • Good ending to the season. I really liked ‘Angel of death’, mainly cos of the suspense. My heart was racing all thru the episode. Though maybe more cos of the anticipation of the ending, not so much cos of the story itself.

    I was kind of hoping that the finale was gonna be a bit more spectacular. I mean, why end the season with a story involving random drug smugglers? Or are they random? A new question unanswered.

    While on the topic of unanswered questions, I’m happy Bellisario finally revealed the true relationship of Tony and Jeanne. Though I still think he’s in love with her. Sorry guys :oops: But hey now that that’s settled I can sleep better during the night. What suddenly popped to my mind though was “Why did the Frog tell Trent Kort that he liked white hats (referring to Tony) after he knew that Tony’s obviously been playing his daughter?” I need some fanfic here people!! Also, what’s up with Gibbs? Why has he been so nice recently? As far as the acting goes, I totally adore Michael Weatherly (seriously), but don’t think this was one of his best eps so far. It’s not that it was bad, just… average. Mark Harmon on the other hand was really cute especially while talking to Fornell. The scene with everybody, except Tony and Gibbs, in the pub was awesome. One of the best scenes so far. As was the scene where Ziva goes “He said he would be here” and then tells Ducky that she’s worried about Tony. Cute.

    The only real disappointment was the “big secret” that Jeanne is Tony’s mission and that she’s the Frogs daughter. The idea itself isn’t half that bad, it’s just a bummer that all the fans could see this “secret” miles away and I guess the first speculations of that Jeanne might be the Frog’s daughter came up in the first third of the season.

    Now all we have to do is wait 4 months for season 5 to kick off and hopefully there will be more answers and lots of tiva moments!
  • Loved it...

    I really liked this of my favourite from season 4. I expecially liked that Tony was in the middle of the action most of the time since i love him..he's funny and charming not to mention incredibly hot;)). The episode was well written i enjoyed Ziva's and Ducky's conversation and Ducky's toast he always thinks of funny stuff to say:D NCIS is one of my favourite tv shows and this episode is proof as to why. I hope they pick it up for at least 2 more season's because i would hate to have to say good bye to it.
  • The season four finale shows exactly why I watch this series. Right in the last few minutes, the episode outlines answers to the entire series' plot. Well done Mr. Bellisario.

    The twists and turns and flashes of seemingly random images throughout the endings of the episodes throughout the season finally make sense at the season finale. The intimate photographs taken of Tony and his love Jeanne without their knowledge or consent. The reasons as to why Director Shephard is so tenacious about capturing "The Frog". This was superb season writing, and is a credit to the Law Enforcement dramas on television.

    The acting by the drug addict and the dealer was excellent. It portrays the feelings, emotions and activity of the roles quite well. The most overwhelming point of the episode was that even though the Bernie's brother Dee was dead, and the drugs were spilt all over the insides of Dee's body, Bernie STILL snorted it - whilst holding on to his intestines to get a fix. Shows the true animosity of drug addicts - they will do anything to get a fix. Again, a well done to the cast and staff of NCIS.
  • These episode was not good at all

    this episode was not good at all 1 st cote de pablo was not used enough 2 nd the plot was abslot crap what the hell (well i didn't under stand neither did any of my family and we are all smart and dumb not that dumb ) 3rd it didnt live up to what it was made out 2 be like 4 th the last sceen when they where in autopusy was so gross it was not funny 5 th there was so much achol in that episode it was not funny are they trying to get us all to start to drink (this is only my oppion not anyone elses )
  • In an episode that promised secrets revealed, more were left unanswered than answered, and the viewers were bored...

    I love NCIS, it has an amazing cast, great writing, and some interesting story lines, but if this was the first episode I ever saw of the show I not only wouldn't have watched another episode, but I wouldn't have complimented the show like I just did.

    This episode was boring!

    Jenny's storyline- she returns from Europe after finding out that her father is alive, her disappearance has caused the CIA to want to investigate NCIS (we'll find out more next season apparently), she finds a bottle of whiskey and glass on her desk like her father used to do. (I did like the scene between her and Gibbs) She has Abby process the bottle.

    Gibbs- I loved him meeting up with Fornell, very good scene! Gibbs has McGee go through something to find out where the order to investigate NCIS came from, after awhile they learn it was from the CIA as part of the operation Lodestone which connects to Jenny and La Grenouille. (Again, we'll learn more next season... starting to see a pattern?)

    Oh yeah, and as we had already figured out, Jenny's father was the source behind the prints and is a connection to the case as well... can we say obvious?

    Ziva is upset about Tony (has been all season, remember those photos of him at her home from Shalom?) So she and Ducky are drinking (well everyone else would have been there too, but McGee was called by Gibbs, Abby was called by Jenny, Palmer and Lee went to have sex, and Tony was with Jeanne) I did like the group scene at the bar. (so we still don't know why Ziva and Tony were meeting up over the summer... so much for answering the burning questions we've had this season.)

    Tony went to see Jeanne in the other boring plot of the show. We also saw the little girl who was supposed to be the angel of death (can we say pointless). The guy OD'd, but no one thought of calling security before things got out of control (lets here it for forced dramatic plots). At least Jeanne didn't die, because I've been thinking she would since the season began. Jeanne did have the guts to stab the scum bag, which was cool, and Tony saved the day... but not before we saw the girl snorting drugs from her brother's guts (pointlessly grotesque!!!!) After all of these really wrong plots are wrapped up (oh yeah, the little lost girl wasn't the same one that the nurse saw...) Jeanne takes Tony to the waiting limo to meet her father (this reminds me that Grenouille was already looking at the mysterious pictures that were taking of Jeanne and Tony earlier this year). And to the anti-climatic surprise of many, Jeanne is La Grenouille's daughter!

    Ok, so I had figured out that Jeanne was his daughter all the way back when I heard her last name and La Grenouille (both French). Plus Tony asking about how close he should get to Jeanne. That was the shocking surprise? Something we should have been able to guess all along.

    As I said, we weren't really given the answers to many of our questions, we were given a prelude to next seasons troubles. This is the worst episode of NCIS that I've ever seen and probably the worst one they've made. I did like the idea of switching up how the story was run, but it wasn't done that well. I hope they don't make an episode this bad ever again, because I love this show.

    On a happy note though, Abby talks to her machines :)
  • Bad Season Finale. ME=Worried!

    I was waiting for the cliff hanger on everyone's story line but their wasn't one. Everyone's part felt like fluff but Tony and Jeanne. They only answered one question not all of them. Descent lead in to two parter without the other part. This is still my favorite show on TV but with this I am worried if it will be renewed or come back for a final episode. Will miss you Mark.

    Spoiler Warning:
    What should have happened.

    Gibbs and McGee arrested
    Daddy Shepard surprises Jenny
    Lee and Palmer get caught by Ducky
    Ziva calls Tony
    Abbey squishes Burt
    Jeanne finds out Tony is cop
  • I can't believe I watched this season, waiting for a spectacular ending, so all the scenes that didnt make sense would get clear. And all I get was this :(

    I can't believe I watched this season, waiting for a spectacular ending, so all the scenes that didnt make sense would get clear. And all I get was this :(
    I didn't get to see the Team-leader Tony at the beginning of the season as I expected and really wanted to see.
    They brought Gibbs back the first episode of the season, what a shame that was.
    Instead we get boring scenes with Tony and Jeanne and at the end of the season we just find out about her daddy, what a shocker.. we expected that along time ago.
    All those times we saw Jimmy and Lee and in the end we just see a couple that like to screw around in secret. And the season-finale would reveal alot of secrets ? Where were they ? I didn't really notice any I didnt already expect or wanted to know.
    I do like to know for sure that Ziva has a thing for Tony, altho i already expected that since "Driven".
    The highlight of the episode was Abby talking to her computers, I would have never expected that before the episode started.

    I can't believe this was it, the first year that i don't have to read all those forums after an NCIS-finale.
    I can still remember the ending of Season 2 with the death of Kate, I must have read dozens of forums, more then a 100 topics, it was kickass.
    Last year was alittle less, but still a pretty good ending.
    But now I dont really have anything positive to say about this season or this episode.
    Let's hope the new season brings back some action and gets rid of the boring stuff. Maybe it was all pumped into this season, so the next one will be kickass :)

    A new season without Bellisario on set, I still have hope, but they better make this season up to me.
  • Angel of Death

    What an action-packed season finale of NCIS that definitely delivered anything and everything you could expect and ended on a cliffhanger that would leave the fans drooling and waiting until the show returns in September.

    The action was high tonight as I mentioned, with a very suspenseful sequence involving DiNozzo and his girlfriend being held hostage over some drugs. The bad guy didn't end up getting shot in the head, much to my dismay, but that was because Tony opted to miss him to threaten him.

    It would be very hard to find much of anything to critique in tonight's episode.
  • Remarkable cliffhanger!

    Although perhaps not as good as any of the season finales to this point, this was still a great way to finish off the fourth season of NCIS!

    The storyline to this episode was great and I loved seeing a little more of Dr. Jeanne Benoit, but I felt that it wasn't really a storyline fitting of a season finale, and it could've worked better as a regular episode.

    The episode, however, has a sensational ending, which I felt was an excellent cliffhanger and a great way to finish off the season, perhaps better than the last season's cliffhanger.

    Overall, season finales are not to be missed, and in my opinion, this is no exception to that rule. A great episode and a terrific storyline!
  • Very good end of season.

    Tony's finally got good taste - Jeanne was impressive – ruining the heroine distracted Nick and let her stab him, so Tony could get the gun. I would have called security before the kid even died.

    It was only a matter of time before someone noticed Ziva's preoccupation with Tony. It makes sense that it would be Ducky who knows the team very well.

    The mystery of Jeanne is explained: she's La Grenouille's daughter. Tony seems to have told her he is a professor so when he went for the gun at his belt, that must have struck her as very odd.

    As interesting as the Jeanne storyline is, I'm glad it's coming to an end.

    Very good end to the season.
  • Jenny returns back to NCIS

    In this episode, Jenny returns home from her trip to France. As she returns home and enters the study she sees a bottle of alcohol open on her desk, the same type as her father used to drink. Last episode she was informed that her father may still be alive. Abby tries to help McGee prep for his polygraph test. At the airport we see a man getting hit by a taxi, whilst sending a message which says cleared customs. He goes to the same hospital as Jeanne, Tony' girlfriend. Gibbs learns that all of NCIS are being polygraphed as the CIA and FBI are after his boss, Jenny. Back at the hospital Tony goes to visit Jeanne and is in the elevator with 2 very obvious druggies. They ask to see the injured man (with the broken leg) when they get off of the elevator and seem pissed when informed that they can't take him home. When he says that he thinks that he might be leaking it becomes obvious that he is in fact a drugs mule. He then crashes and dies. Jeanne tells the pair that he is going to be taken to the morgue and that an autopsy will be carried out. The pair then get the idea to go down to the morgue themselves and perform an autopsy on the body so that they can get their drugs before anyone discovers them. When Jeanne and Tony realise what is going on, they go straight down to the morgue to try and stop them. They end up having to take part. Jeanne is forced to find the drugs in the body and to remove them. Abby is called back into to work on the weekend by Jenny to run test on the bottle which she found on her desk, when she returned from her trip to France. She needs to find out that fingerprints are on them, but they don't need to have chain of custody/go into evidence. Tony manages to grab the gun and shots the man holding him and Jeanne hostage. We then see the druggie sister snorting cocaine out of her brothers own intestines. At the end of the episode the Abby's lab as she is sleeping and sees the results from the fingerprints that proves her father is still alive. We also see Tony meeting with Jeanne's father for the very first time.
  • Stunning revelation makes this a worthwhile finale

    Never saw the end coming. Great piece of writing and production makes the finale worth watching the rest of this episode.

    A very ordinary plot sees Jeane and Tony in close proximity as a crime takes place at her hospital. As this little subplot is played out, it promises alot but nothing surprising happens. Though Jeane proves to be able to handle herself - another clue as to the ending of the episode.

    There is definitely a big deal of threat hanging over them and we dont know if either, or both may be harmed or killed at the end.

    The whole problem at mill (NCIS HQ) just didnt add anything other than misdirect attention from what will happen. It did this very well, but it really put me off and got to the point of being uninteresting and distracting.... mostly because it never gets anywhere - probably designed that way.

    Ultimately though, it is what happens at the end that will leave you with your jaw agape! At least thats what happened to me! This made watching the earlier part of the show worthwhile.

    The stunning revelation caught me out, but oh boy, wow!

    No doubt this is the perfect setup to a fantastic season premiere this fall! Wonderful - can hardly wait!
  • With Jenny arriving back from France to a suprise in her Study, NCIS is ordered to be polygraphed. Tony and Jeanne are held captive by two junkies and a shocking discoverey about two fathers is reveialed.

    FANTASTIC EPISODE!! i loved this! The storyline is fantastic and also i love episodes with Fornell! The relationship him and Gibbs have is hilarious! Also the storylines running through this it finished and i couldn't wait for season five to start on FX on Sunday so that u could answer all the questions i had and also wanting to know what would happen between La Grenouille Tony and Jeanne. I think the story about Jenny's father is amazing, i want to know why he faked his death and or who is trying to make Jenny think he is still alive!! Like i said this episode is fantastic, i can't believe how NCIS has evolved from a good show to a fantastic show over the past four years. I want to know how the writers will commemarate the 100th.
  • This was actually the first episode where they didn't have a real case to solve like others, but that doesn't make the episode worse. On the contrary: it is a really special, adventurous, exciting and enlightening.

    Jenny's back and the whole team must go through a polygraph test cause the CIA believes there is sort of a rat on the agency. Although we don't get to the tests on this epidose, we would finally find out what was Tony hiding.
    It was so cute to see him saving Jeanne! Right before they get inside the morgue and he puts his hand where should be his holster, but there wasn't, I kinda freaked out, like 'What the hell is he, a federal agent, doing walking around without his guns???' Of course we find out later on this episode, but it's okay.
    Jeanne was so worried about him when that junkie hit him on the head! Poor Tony, just wish they could get together, they were so cute, cause the end of the episode shows us that he was lying all the time... Poor couple... Dammit, La Grenouille!
    Oh other thing! Jenny's house is so... so... SO HUGE!
    It wasn't that way last season, was it? I think it was on the third season and Gibbs goes to the front of her house and calls her to go with him after a guy involved on Kate's murder...
    But overall, great eppy, really cleared my thoughs.
  • exciting episode

    Jenny Shepard comes home from France and gets the entire NCIS staff to undergo a lie detector test. Gibbs speak with Jenny and tries to go to the bottom of the polygraph test. Tony visits Jeanne at the hospital and his visit becomes more than just a visit when a drug pusher goes in the hospital to recover a body of a teenager who came back from south america with heroine packed inside his belly. This episode was well written, it sheds light of the mysteries that we've been seeing throughout season 4. It's a good way to end the season with a bit of a cliffhanger.
  • All I can say is "WOW"

    Now this is why I love NCIS. I love Tony and you'd think with all his training that he would carry a gun everywhere but then there wouldn't of been that hostige situation and I thought that was great.
    Now Jenny and her Dad I never would of guessed. But that was good too! Wonder what will happen with that.....:P
    And OMG Tony at the end...NO TONY!! I know he wont die though, how could they kill of Tony, the show wouldn't be the same!
    And Ziva, isn't she good knowing when Tony is in trouble. I whish she would find out where he is though and not just sit at the bar drinking!
    But a great episode! Love NCIS!!
  • not one of the better episodes

    ok well im a bit undecided as to whether i liked this episode or not- some parts of it were good, like the talk between gibbs and fornell("still dream about ojing diane?"), and gibbs and the director("you sound like a jealous husband" lol!!")But there was no investigation involved in the episode and i wasnt that into half of the episode being centred on jeanne and tony in the hospital, and that drug addict girl was really annoying although the other guy was a good actor and had a great irish accent!!. The episode was revealing and the ending was good, but so many questions were left unanswered....................cant wait to be enlightened when the series returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It was AMAZING

    The secrets reveled in the story at the end when we see who her father is. Here is why it was a secret for those who don't know. Tony was under cover for Jenny to find him. Tony's relationship with Jeanne was FAKE. Yes it is FAKE everybody. Clearly proven by episode 3 in Season 4 called Singled Out. In the minutes 3:00 - 3:30 seconds he clearly states he is not getting involved with her for personal reasons. He is under cover to get Granwee. Prove me wrong. Watch the episode and see for yourself. Excited for Season 5. My favorite show.
  • Is it September yet????

    First (before #1) I just finished re-watching and liked it even better than I did on my 1st viewing. Changed my rating to 9.9.
    Added more observations:

    And to those who didn't like it, I'm sorry for you. It was a quite deep episode and will keep me wondering all summer.

    Oh, and as usual these points aren't listed in any order of importance, just how they pop into my head.

    1. Gibbs' ex Diane is mom to Fornell's daughter Emily. Knew he'd married her but didn't know they were divorced.

    2. Abby, McGee, Jimmy, Michelle, Ziva and Ducky at the pub - loved it.

    3. Ducky knowing that there is more to Ziva keeping tabs on Tony than "he's my partner".

    4. Jimmy and Michelle still can't keep their hands off on another

    5. Looks like Jeanne will be back next season. I don't think she knows what her father knows about Tony. Conversation between Kort and La G - a man will do almost anything for love - says to me that he will use the knowledge he has on Tony to blackmale him into.......something to do with Jenny.

    6. Our undercover CIA agent, Trent Kort, has gone bad. Uh-Oh!

    7. How many times has Tony been clunked on the head now??

    8. AH HA - I knew it, Jeanne is Rene's daughter.

    9. Angel of Death wasn't the lost little girl.

    10. Love Jenny's house. The apartment from the beginning of season 3 must have been where she was staying until house was ready.

    11. Gibbs directing McGee to hack into the CIA computer. Whoa!

    12. Tony didn't look surprised to see that La G is Jeanne's papa!! BUT, I don't think he realizes that La G knows who he really is.

    13. DeNardo/DiNozzo. (Penne ala DeNardo). La G called him DeNardo in front of Jeanne but knows through Kort that his last name is DiNozzo. 14. Take a deep breath Navy, IT'S GONNA BE A LONG SUMMER.

    15. Dennis Smith is one heck of a director. DPB - man I'm gonna miss him - he's a fabulous writer.

    16. Polygraph test still to come = more secrets to be revealed.

    17. Liked Tony's instinct to protect Jeanne and great touch when he reached for the gun at his hip that wasn't there.

    18. Jeanne put Tony 1st even when the drug lord was physically threatening her.

    Non-episode note: Michael Weatherly was in Paris recently for a "photo shoot". I do believe he was there "filming." Found the link on TV.COM but don't remember exactly where. Sorry.

    EDIT: 5/23:

    1a: Why oh why didn't Tony have his knife hidden in his belt (Rule #9: Never go anywhere without your knife).

    2a: Liked Tony casually putting his arm around Jeanne as they were heading off to the cafeteria.

    3a: Michelle with fingers in her ears: "La la la la la la" Nice piece of humor in an otherwise tense episode.

    4a: "Get behind me"
    "Because I tell you to"
    Whoa! I like it when T is authoritative.

    5a: Rain. DPB does love his rain. Hope Chas and company keep it.

    6a: Jenny and Gibbs at her house - tense. Very tense.

    7a: Tony really did look like a cop, didn't he? Going through bookbag to confirm his suspicions.

    8a: Timothy McGee
    Thom E Gemcity
    Loved that Gibbs brough up the last 2 alias'

    9a: On 2nd viewing I'm not sure I can read the expression on Tony's face after La G welcomes him to the "family."

    10a: Is it September yet?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It answered a lot of my questions about Tony and Jeanne.

    After rewatching Angel of Death for the second time, I found that I enjoyed the episode much more than I did the first time I watched. For me it didn't seem like a typical season finale or ncis episode because the team wasn't working together on one case, but individually they were all dealing with the Frog in one way or another.

    It answered a lot of my questions about Tony and Jeanne. It's complex like a jig saw puzzle. We finally got to see how all the bits and pieces merged together.

    The episode left a few issues open, but you have to expect a cliff hanger with a season finale. I still have questions about Jen's Dad, Jen's relationship with the Frog, and the angel of death. She showed up when the drug holder was hit by the taxi and again at the the hospital. I'm not sure whether she was there for the drug holder the second time or not. Maybe she was there for Jeanne or Tony. Possibly a little foreshadowing going on!

    I can't wait for season five!
  • another knock out from NCIS,..

    another knock out from NCIS,..the best season finale as far as im concern.
    just wanna bring something up, about the review of autumn_walker, aren't you forgetting Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard?? he had "cognac" w/ the 'the frog' at S4epi14 "blowback". Ducky went undercover on that episode,..i hope u got what i meant,.i dont have any bad intentions,..
    anyways, it was a great episode!! it is just fair to leave more unanswered questions,..for us to look forward to in the next season..otherwise its kind a useless dont ya think?!?!
  • not what I thought...

    Now that I've calmed down enough to write this review I would just like to say that whoever wrote this episode should be prepared for a lot of confused/ angry phone calls. I don't know about anyone else but I'm not feeling any love for this finale. It was let down...I'm gonna say this straight...I'm very disappointed. It was a good episode....for the middle of a season. This was a filler. The entire season brough the suspense to a precariously close level to extreme worry and excitement for the all of the characters, especially Tony, and it ended with barely any suspense and plot. Yes, yes it was very informational considering I only began really watching and paying attention to NCIS about 5 months ago but watching the DVD seasons it shocked me how good the other season finales were in comparison. I thought that the drug scene was a little too unsuspenseful and although it showed Tony in a caring protective way for his lover (s?). The little Tiva slip made me happy!

    I'm gonna pray that maybe next season will be good but the rate that this one is I'm not sure if its a hint of what's to come.
  • kind of a let down...

    I was really expecting more for the season finale. All of the previous finales have been awesome, but this one just...ended. It was a good regular episode, but it should have been more for the finale. The whole time they were leading up to polygraphs and a confrontation with Jenny and her father, and it never happened. I guess it'll happen next season but it just felt like it was incomplete. The cliffhanger was ok and it leads up to a good next season. Tony and Jeanne's story with the addicts was great though. The sister of the dead man was crazy! The rest of the stories, hacking into the CIA and Jenny's father, were not up to par. They were pretty boreing. Oh well, next season should be great!
  • im glad nobody died but it wasn't very exciting and when are we gonna find out what is going on with Jen they have been drgging on forever

    im glad nobody died but they could have used more suspense it was just not very exciting and well just average and unexciting and what is going on with Jen with all the flashbacks im have no idea where they are going with this thay have been dragging it on little by little for a long time when are they going to tell us whats up how could the made not even notice that was thre untill Jen saw it why are they did they even come up with this in the first place it is so weird how they just keep dragging it on and on is Jen dad alive or is he dead they didn't even tell us whos fingerprint was on the glass.
  • I don´t belive it!

    okej i can say that i am a little confused. what happend? so Tony is undercover. but I do belive that he is truly inlove. this is going to com back and bite him in the ass. a lot of lose ends. I don´t know if I can wait for what is going to happend.
  • Paving the way for season 5

    Not very cliffhangerish as we were sort of expecting the frog to be Jeanne's father but I was nonetheless pleased that this was finally confirmed. And it was a relief that no one from the team died. It wasn't very season finaleish but I'd rather have it this way than having everything crammed in an hour and have nothing to wonder about for next season.

    It's the beginning of the weekend. The team's not doing any team work. Instead we get the characters pairing up. Gibbs is trying to figure out what's up with Jenn and he summons Tim's IT knowledge. Jenn on the other hand asks Abby to help her out with some evidence which might help her shed some light on her father. This allows for some good pair interaction. I like how the relationship between Tim and Gibbs has developed. Tim still looks up to his boss more than ever but seems to be more comfortable telling him certain things. And we get great shots of Abby interacting with her machines. Ducky and a tipsy Ziva end up alone at the bar ... both are trying to figure out what she feels for Tony.

    So, nothing like ending the season with Kate crushing on the ground, or Gibbs walking out but cannot say it didn;t whet my appetite for more.
  • Disappointing for a finale. Where were all the secrets?

    I really liked this episdode, however it wasn't really up to standard for a finale. It felt more like a penultimate epi.

    it is still great though, having watched it there is no way i am missing the next season. They built up lots of exciting storylines.

    i was disappointed they didn't do the polygraphs, that is something i really look forward to. (Im thinking DiNozzos will be hilarious)

    The whole jeanne-tony-la grenoille (or however you spell it) will be exciting.

    i have to admit i found myself not really caring about the whole Jenny and her father story, not sure why. That may improve next season, but i felt they wasted time on it in this episode, i wanted then to focus on other things.

    and where were all the secrets? ziva liking tony, not really a secret, all those doe eyed looks, not so subtle. all of the so-called secret weren't that big a deal.
  • The NCIS finale was not what I expected, but I wasn't disappointed.

    Based on the previous NCIS season finales, this was not what I expected. But it was good of course! i dont think there is such a thing as a below-average NCIS episode.
    It was interesting, although kind of strange to have an episode without a crime to investigate. Instead, we got to learn more about the characters.

    Tony went to visit his girl at the hospital, and, as it always happens, was caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. Without a gun. A heroin mule was hit by a car, and taken to hospital, much to the dismay and pain of his junkie *sister*, who was relying on him for a fix. So, they went to the hospital to recover their load, unfortunately sharing the lift with Tony on the way up.

    I'm still a little confused by the *angel of death*. She was there when the guy was hit by the car, and again when he died. Kind of strange, but what does it mean??

    Jen returned from her travels, and as a result of her going MIA for 11 hours, the whole of NCIS is subject to polygraph tests. Hopefully they will follow the storyline through to next season. And of course, the final scene, which I kinda saw coming. According to Gibbs, theres no such thing as a coincidence, so what else can you make of the bad guy of the season being French, and Tony's new love having a french name? Father and daughter of course! Loved Tony's reaction, but what is the Frog planning?

    Well, we've got a long wait to figure it out.
    Not the most explosive, shocking, revealing NCIS episode yet, but awesome nonetheless.
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