Season 11 Episode 4

Anonymous Was a Woman

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2013 on CBS

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  • Anonymous Was A Woman

    After some fairly forgettable episodes NCIS finally delivered a great one here that had a little bit of action, but more importantly a great storyline. It is good to see them tackle moral issues from time to time as opposed to just the murder of the week.

    Great episode.
  • was not too shabby

    didn`t watch last season and getting slowly back into it, post-Ziva :( . was quite interesting ep, but reading the description of next weeks ep I hope they aren`t just pushing all the right buttons/treading familiar ground to flesh out no further new ideas. enjoyable atm
  • Timeline Wrong?!

    So I was under the impression that for a while Frank was incognito 2 years ago? Didn't they have to travel to Mexico to try and find him? Ah I dunno can't really remember but this seemed so wedged in and all wrong. I'm only halfway through the episode and writing this. It seems to have come from nowehere and doesn't fit into any previous storylines or timelines. Or is that just me?
  • Am I watching the same show?

    I thought this episode was silly, especially the "stare-down" by Gibbs and the over-the-top martial arts demonstration. How absurd. All these men had guns!
  • Beware the stare of gibbs

    Great show. The show once again brought up how other countries are still in the dark ages with the human rights and i also like how the guys are reacting on the thought of a replacement for ziva. Too bad though that cote didn't sign up for another full season. Anyways in connection to my title no badass can keep his cool when the gibbs look them with the death stare.
  • love when mike comes back

    Muse Watson always adds humor and adventure to the show. I love it when the writers bring him back
  • Incredible episode!

    This was a really amazing case, and I enjoyed every minute of it. So much drama in the States and then a lot of suspense in Afghanistan too, as the storyline worked through itself and out.

    The case was interesting, and I enjoyed seeing Susan making a brief reappearance on the show. I like the idea of having a different agent working alongside the team until such a tiem comes when a permanent agent enters the fold.

    Overall, a superb case and I eagerly await more!
  • nice show Except for that female 'agent'

    I liked the show because it showed The Truth & how horrible women are treated in some countries. But the 'new' female 'agent' was extremely Weak - trying too hard to make her role 'fit' - It and she didn't! If I have to see her again in this show I might just throw up.

    But thankfully I didn't have to see her too much. Gibbs team did very well. McGee did very well as did the rest of Gibb's team.

    Despite the fact that this was not the best of NCIS, I still enjoyed watching - was still enjoyable and still so much better than the majority of TV shows.
  • Very and smart strategical decision

    You toss up first candidates that do not fit the tough rough expectation of a "second" ziva and after some shows, you let the perfect candidate enter. The show knows Bishop is the one, they just want us to get over Ziva by using "lesser" candidates to give Bishop a fair chance without pre-determined opinions/views.

    I like the idea anyway, its natural that the perfect replacement doesn't show up immediately.
  • Well done!!!

    Another well done episode. This was classic NCIS, classic Gibbs. I liked the addition of Susan to the team, to bad she's not staying permanently. One thing I have to note is that it was easier to watch the show this week without Ziva than last week. Her absence was not felt as much I've always been a huge Ziva fan but I think as each week goes by all us fans will get more & more used to it.
  • Excellent

    Best show ever... with or without Ziva...
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