Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Cody Meyers goes to Quantico Base High School. Cody's at school right now. It's morning. Students are waiting for bell to ring, so classes could start. Cody probably bumped into Joe by mistake. Joe gets angry and pushes Cody from behind. Joe's saying something to Cody. Cody probably gets angry. Joe leaves, but he'll not ditch. Cody leaves, but he'll ditch. Cody goes into classroom. Joe & other students are in classroom. Cody unzips his sweatshirt. He reveals bomb's strapped to his chest. Cody takes out remote. He says remote's for the bomb. One of students escapes classroom. Cody closes classroom door. Cody & hostages are inside same classroom.

Rest of students is escaping. The NCIS Team comes to school. Ziva's able to take photos of bomb wires only. Cody didn't zip his sweatshirt entirely. Cody sees Ziva. Cody tells hostages to close blinds. Tony tells Gibbs Cody's dad's coming soon. Nadia's inhaler's in Nadia's locker. Cody tells Stephanie to bring the inhaler and come back. Stephanie tells Tony about bomb. Cody transferred to school. Stephanie feels Cody's doing this because he got picked on a lot. Gibbs decides to take inhaler to Nadia. Gibbs is wearing technology, so Ziva and Tony can hear people talking in oom. Gibbs enters oom. Cody gets mad. Gibbs gives Nadia her inhaler. Gibbs decides to be another hostage. Cody tells Gibbs to stay inside too. Cody tells Joe to check if Gibbs has important items. Joe finds technology. Cody tells Joe to destroy the technology. Since technology's destroyed, Ziva and Tony can't hear people talking in the oom. Leroy's cell phone didn't get destroyed. Cody wants his mom, Angela brought to the oom by sunset. If she doesn't come by sunset, then Cody and hostages will die. Mr. Meyers is at school. Mr. Meyers is Marine Major.

Angela drowned in boating accident. She liked sailing. Mr. Meyers doesn't say if Angela's body was found. Cody and his dad took it hard. Cody had some difficulties, but he never acted out before. Mr. Meyers wants to talk to Cody, so he could tell Cody to stop it. Tony probably says, "Major, that's a bad idea." Mr. Meyers says Cody's mind's playing tricks with him. Couple of months ago, Cody thought he saw his mom alive. A lot of people imagined seeing dead people. Marine Major's leaving right now. Cody's tensed and says, "Bomb idea's not up to me." Cody's probably crying. Nobody can't fix this. Gibbs wants to end this. Abby's positive Cody didn't make bomb at his house. Cody made bomb somewhere else or somebody helped him make it. There are three computers in back of the oom. Each computer has webcams. If they hack into one of computers, then they could see and hear people talking in oom. Abby and McGee are unable to hack into 1 of computers. They finally hack into computer next to window. Abby sends message(Gibbs. We can see you) to computer. Message appears on screen. Gibbs and Nadia noticed message. Cody says, "Nobody leaves." When Cody's in front of computer, rest of team looks at bomb. It's real bomb. They believe remote's real. Gibbs sees message(Cody's mom died yr ago) on computer. Gibbs asks why Cody's threatening to blow them, just to see Angela. Cody says, "I do." Gibbs says Cody's mom's dead. Cody knows he saw her. When Cody looks through window, snipers see Cody. Tony says snipers shouldn't shoot Cody. Gibbs sees an earwig in Cody's ear. Cody has an earwig because somebody's talking to him. It's obvious person doesn't talk every second to Cody. Cody's forced to do it. Cody and hostages don't know Gibbs is doing something in front of computer. Gibbs is making signals. Signals mean someone's controlling Cody, bomb, and Cody's wearing earwig. Team has to use equipment to locate bad person, who's talking to Cody. At least one bad person's using computer, which couldn't be used by Abby and McGee. Director Shepard and Ducky talk to Mr. Meyers. Mr. Meyers has no secret or dark side. Director says someone's controlling Cody. Director doubts this is Cody's idea. Mr. Meyers knew Angela since college. They got married 18 yrs ago. Angela was a Grade School Teacher. Mr. Meyers says Angela had no dark side. She loved her family. Whoever's doing this, must have her confused with somebody else. Mr. Meyers is probably right. NCIS Team will make sure Cody and other hostages don't die. After Major leaves, Director says, "This can end well if we find Angela." Team thinks Cody's holding fake remote. Team also thinks whoever's controlling Cody, has real remote. It's possible remote's real. He, she, or they don't believe Angela's dead. He, she, or they intend to kill Angela with big boom. Cody will get blamed.

Van's shown. Van's far away from Cody's school. Van's not in motion. Engine's off. Two men are sitting in van. They're Colombian. They're probably only people, who forced Cody to do it. One of them says "it's almost sunset" to Cody. Cody tells Gibbs to call Tony. Tony lies Agent Todd has Angela's phone number. Cody yells, "I want number." Tony says, "I'll get number and call you back." Ever since Tony received phone call, it was obvious Tony lied. Cody and bad guys believed Tony. Gibbs didn't believe it. Other hostages probably believed it. McGee and Abby traced bad guys' connection of computer. They're sending address to Tony. Tony doesn't want them to cut bad guys' connection of webcam. Tony has better idea. Tony's idea will work. On Tony's mark, Abby and McGee will do it. Tony calls Leroy's cell. Tony says, "We found Angela and she'll be in school twenty minutes." Tony tells McGee to do it. McGee presses button on keyboard. Vehicle's shown. Vehicle's moving and making noises just like sirens. Bad guys hear sirens too. One of them says, "The boss was right. She wasn't dead! But she soon will be." They have real remote. Bad guy's about to detonate bomb, but their screen changes. It shows same oom, but nobody's inside. They see Ziva, who points her gun at them. Bad guy's pressing button so many times, but they don't hear explosion. There's no explosion in oom where Ziva is. Bad guys get arrested. Tony and Gibbs are also outside of bad guys' van. After Tony told them not to cut bad guys' connection of webcam, Tony had better idea.

His idea was probably: Tony lied, "We found Angela, Cody." When McGee pressed keyboard button, it caused bad guys to watch fake video of Cody and hostages in oom. While they saw fake video, team evacuated Cody and hostages. Team disconnected bomb. NCIS Team including Tony and Gibbs were in vehicle, which made sirens. Bad guys' screen changed.

McGee, Ziva, Tony, and Abby are eating pizza. At NCIS Headquarters, Director and Gibbs are talking to each other. Carlos Mendoza planned entire thing. Gibbs probably guesses Angela faked her death to protect her family. Angela wasn't told to do it. Eighteen years is a long time to seek revenge. Carlos's probably Angela's ex-boyfriend. Gibbs says that he has to find Angela. Gibbs doesn't have to. Director opens her office doors. Gibbs and Director see Mr. Meyers, Angela, and Cody unharmed. Mr. Meyers, Cody, and Angela are happy to see each other. Director knew Angela was at NCIS Headquarters.