Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2006 on CBS

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  • A teenager takes his homeroom class hostage and Gibbs goes in leaving Tony in charge. They soon find out that The boy is a Pupet in some bigger plan to kill his supposably dead mother.

    WOW!! This is my new favourite NCIS Episode. I've seen almost all the NCIS Episodes and this is one of the best. I loved how they took Tony's all knowing knowledge of movies and accualy put it to good use. And if some of you didn't get it the movie that he took the replaying the same frames over and over from was Speed staring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. That is my favorite movie, I knew right away that he was going to copy that movie as soon as Abby asked if he wanted her to sever the connection and Tony said no. I think that one of my new sayings to live by is WWGD...(What Would Gibbs Do). I think that Tony did a great job of taking the lead role and following his gut, and finding a way to communicate with Gibbs without telling Cody that they hadn't found his mom. I agree with Jenny and Ducky. That Gibbs is rubbing off on Tony. And that is definatly a good thing! (As long as we don't lose the Tony that we love at the same time!)
  • Good episode

    That was really intense episode and really shocking as when the episode was starting.. looking and thinking what will happen.. I did not suspected that. And the way the kid acted.. knowing all the things he knew.. Ziva thinking he was well trained but.. that ear thing explained a lot.. and behind that very hard situation.. there was a happy ending what was most important.

    I loved team dynamic this episode. Tony being on charge and McGee telling him: "Yes boss". That was great and whole Gibbs vs Tony was also just so great. And then the communication via web cameras and all.. and great ending solution.
  • Bait

    It is apparently mandatory that all dramas have at least one hostage crisis episode, and now the new trend is to have them done at schools. It was NCIS' turn tonight to have that episode, even if it was a little more appropriate for this show than when they did it on One Tree Hill and Degrassi. There was a nice twist though as the kid was not just a demented kid, he actually had bad guys driving him.

    This episode just continued the hot streak that the show has been on this season. Well-written, well-acted, just a great episode all around.
  • Excellent hostage episode.

    What's frightening about this episode is how often this has happened in real life – a student taking hostages or going on a shooting spree. It's a huge responsibility – to take a shot that will end a child's life or not take it and everyone could die anyway.

    Tony really does become Gibbs when he's not around – telling Jenny off was *exactly* what and how Gibbs would have done.

    The most bizarre thing of all is that the mother really was alive. Very good story – making it look like it was the kid's idea could have backfired, if they really believed the mother was dead, they wouldn't even look for her.
  • One of my favorites, this episode was so suspenseful!

    This is yet another innovative edition of the NCIS series, and this episode was thoroughly entertaining, and it was a package deal with great suspense and great comedy.

    I loved the scene where DiNozzo said that Special Agent Caitlin Todd was looking for the 'dead' mother. That had me laughing!

    I thought the episode was also really well written and was an extremely different episode to what we have seen so far.

    Although it did get a little weird at the end, the episode is still an extraordinary one, and I must say that this is not one to be missed!

    Awesome job by NCIS, and I hope to see a lot more episodes like this one!
  • Another amazing episode

    This episode opens in a highs school with a kid being picked on. We then se a class room filled with kids and the one that was picked on (Cody) has a bomb attached to himself. He locks himself and everyone else in the class room in. The NCIS team are called in. Ziva moves in closer outside of the building to get a picture of the bomb and the boy, but Cody spots her and closes the blinds. One of the girls in the class room has Asthma and is having an attack. So Cody sends out one of the other girls, in order to get her inhaler. They question the girl about the bomb attached to Cody. Instead of sending the girl back in as Cody asked, Gibbs goes in himself. Tony asks Cody what he wants and he tells him that he wants his mother brought to the room and that they have until sunset to do it. When his father arrives we learn that his mother is dead. Tony goes to tell Cody that Kate Todd is out looking for his mother. From this Gibbs realises that his mother is dead (as Kate was killed by Ari in the finale for Season 2). McGee notices from Ziva's photos that there are three computers at the back of the classroom which all have webcams and microphones. Gibbs looks at the monitor and sees a message for him from the team. He now knows that they can see him. Gibbs signs to Abby, and she realises that he is saying Puppet, She realises that Gibbs is trying to tell the team that someone else is controlling Cody and the bomb. With his back to Gibbs Cody somehow knows that Gibbs nodded and its then that Abby and McGee realise that they have eyes and ears within the classroom. We learn that Cody is wearing an earwig, and that the people contacting him are not far from the school, sitting in a van. The team inform Cody that they have found his mother. Abby and McGee manages to create a loop of the footage in the classroom which is being feed to the laptop which the men in the van are watching. This sis something very similar to what they did in the movie Speed. As the bad guys plan on making their move to blow yup Cody, the classroom, goes back to how it really is now, empty. We then see Ziva coming on screen. The team try and work out which movie the loop was from. At the end we see the dead mother reunited with her son and husband.
  • A misfit student shows up to class with a bomb strapped to his chesy and takes the rest of the students hostage. Gibbs gets invited to stay but now atleast they have someone on the inside. But they are pretty sure he is not in control of the events.

    Dinozzo is now in charge of the situation. Sheppard is worried about it. She thinks he will have a hard time giving the command when the time comes. The boy tells them that he wants them to bring his mom to the classroom. But apparently she had died a year ago. He has started saying he thought his mom and he has sent things out on the website with pictures of his mom wanting to know if anyone had seen her. She was in some kind of wittness protection program. Sheppard gets involved with trying to find out what happened to his mom. Abby and Mcgee find that they can patch into the classsroom through the computers. While they are swaping licls Tony and Ziva are able to watch what is going on in the classroom. Tony decides that there is no need to shoot the boy, it's a Gibbs thing. Once they realize that there is someone else in charge and controling the bomb, they start to figure out how he is being controled. Tony decides to use a video loop on the computer to fool the people on the other end. The director is able to make a very bad day turn out to be a day of dreams coming true.

    I love this one very funny at the end..
    I loved this one. They do children stories very well on NCIS.
  • Absolutely amazing episode.

    Wow, I love this episode, it was just absolutely fabulous. The NCIS team must stop a teenage student: Kody, from detonating a bomb attached to his body. Gibbs tries to help, so he steps into the room where Kody and his hostages are. This basically leaves Tony in charge to make sure everybody comes out in one piece.

    I loved how the whole team worked great together in this episode, even though they might not work directly together. I loved how Tony dealt with suddenly becoming the team leader, you could tell he was struggling, but he did a fine job at it. Abby and McGee worked well together, like they usually do, even though it's in a bit strange way; it always seems to work.
    And of course Jenny and Ducky also did what they could, and helped a lot in their own way.

    Great episode!
  • great episode...

    A student named Kody staps a bomb to himself and threatens students that he'll blow him up if he doesn't get to see his mother. It turned out the boy was being used...but he got to see his mother in the end! Gibbs went in as the negotiator and left Tony in charge. I really liked Tony being in charge and the struggle with morality. I liked how Jen was in the background investigating to help in whatever way she could. I really liked this episode and how all of the characters handled the situation. This is one of my favorite NCIS episodes of all time!
  • great episode

    The troubled teen enters his classroom and holds his classmates hostage. He locks everyone in the room and threatens to blow up with explosives if he doesn't get what he wants. When the police surround the base, Gibbs gets into the classroom to persuade the boy to give up. He eventually finds out that he's being controlled by someone else. This is an excellent episode. It starts off just an ordinary hostage taking. But soon, we get to learn that something else is at work here. It's an exciting episode. We get to see all kinds of stuff in this. I really loved it.
  • Boom! Another great episode!

    Ahhhh....The Kate references. That is the main reason I LOVED this episode. Not only did it have a brilliant plot, Tony was in charge!

    I have been waiting forever for someone to make a reference to Kate and finally there is one! However, it's a sad one. After a teenager holds his whole homeroom class hostage with a bomb strapped to his chest, NCIS is called in. Gibbs then goes into the classroom, making himself a hostage (great thinking Gibbs!). That of course leaves Tony in charge.

    Tony, of course, is fantastic as boss. There are a few jokes cracked about it too. The ending is fantastic. There are also a few great moments with Abby teasing McGee. Abby really is good in this episode. Ziva is a little bit mean to Tony, but she makes up for it in the end by delivering one of the best lines in the episode.

    Another brilliant installment.
  • Outstanding MW performance!!!

    I love serious Tony. This in many respects was as much as his episode as it was Gibbs. I like how he immediatley took control and he wouldn't let the pressure of Ziva , the marine and the director -he did what he thought was right.Love the Abby/McGee scenes,love Tony and Ziva,adore Gibbs whenever he is working with kids!:)And thanks for the references to Kate-I really,really miss her!!!:(
    Great episode all the way!!!!!!:)
  • Yet another good episode

    I liked this episode but thought it could have been better. I'm not really a big fan of children and bombs, even when the bomb has been put on them by someone else.

    That said, I enjoyed seeing Gibbs put his own life at tisk in order to help resolve the situation, and it was brilliant seeing McGee and Abby work together, or should I say fight together, trying to help Gibbs resolve the situation.

    Tony's plan to loop the footage was so obvious and it was priceless watching him trying to say that it was all his idea. Ziva's guesses at working out what the film was from which Tony got his idea were also hilarious, especially when McGee said he was gonna look up Sandra Bullock's credits online and then dismisses Tony's hint by saying he's already done his report. A brilliant episode but I prefer other episodes so no 10/10.
  • When Gibbs is taken hostage, alone wih a group of students, by a highschool kid with bomb trapped to his chest, Tony is forced to take over the team and try to get everyone out alive.

    This was a great episode, one of my favourites recently. Great character interactions and a really exciting plot. Snaps to the guy playing Kody, he was excellent.

    It was nice to see a more serious side to Tony and how he coped with the team under his command. To quote Jen and Ducky: "He isn't Gibbs... but he's very capable." Seeing as how i know what happens at the end of the season (*tiny spoiler warning*) it was an interesting insight into what things put be like in season four in our favourite silver-fox's temporary absence (yes, temporary!)

    Abby and McGee were great, i love it when they are working together like that!

    Fantastic ep! Watch it! :-)
  • I need to be filled in on this episode!

    Hi there, I'm really hoping you can help me. I've just been watching this episode that I taped a few weeks ago but unfortunately the tape ran out about 10 - 15 from the end. Did they find that Kody's mother was still alive and who were the people telling Kody what to do? Please please fill me in. I've tried looking for the script on the net but have had no luck. Thanks so much if you are able to help.
  • another great installment!

    Bait was another great episode of NCIS. It shows the stronger side of Tony, possibly foreshadowing the finale where he is put in control of the team.

    The writers combined both the aspects of humour and suspense into the plot, ending the episode in a way that no one would expect.

    i loved the episode, couldnt get enough of it.. the plot was excellent, the characters - as usual - were fantastic and there was nothing to complain about. And it certainly wasnt one of those 'average' episodes where you swap channel in between because that part of the show is boring, not a 'boring' second between at all!
  • Don't mess with Kody...

    Kody brings a bomb to school and holds kids hostage in a room. Gibbs comes in, and becomes a hostage too. So now Tony is in charge. And is awesome. They find out that Kody will let everyone go if he gets his mom. But there is one catch. His mom is dead. Tony brings up Kate in this one and it is sad. :( This is a good episode. I love the ending. The first time I saw it, I was confused. But now that I have seen it many more times, I understand it better.
  • Not the average case...

    Taken straight from the movie Speed starring Sandra Bullock, Bait is a great eppy to watch. Bellisario took Speed and added the NCIS flavor that critics are raving about. Bait is about a boy being controlled by men who had taken his mother hostage. He took a bomb to school and locked himself in a room with his fellow classmates. Only Gibbs could save the students. Thanks to his knowledge of sign language, he and Abby created a plan. The students were saved and the mother found. This is a must see NCIS episode!
  • Gibbs gets taken hostage when a 16 year old boy has a bomb strapped to his chest.

    I absolutely loved this episode. I felt bed for Gibbs when he had to hear Kate's name metioned. You could see he got mad because he knew she was dead. Even though it was the only way to tell Gibbs you could tellit hurt both DiNozzo and Gibbs.

    I absolutely loved Gibbs signing even though it was little that was awesome how Abby and McGee hacked there way into the computer and found a way to talk with Gibbs.

    Gibbs was really nice when the girl with Asthma needed her inhaler and he got it for her and was like a dad. Gibbs was awesome helping out and trying to get the boy to calm down.

    All in all it was a good episode.
  • Witty, funny, intense, very NCIS

    Obviously, this episode was cleverly written. While Tony is still able to banter about with his collegues, he really does shine in his In Charge role. Affectionately for now we'll call him Boss!! :)

    The comradery between McGee and Abby is undeniably humorous and obviously affectionate. It's a very nice relief when things on the other side are so intense.

    I love that McGee is growing as a character, he's learning and becoming more in control and confident, the writers are doing a very good job showing this.

    In this episode I noticed that they made very many references to their former deceased partner Caitlin Todd. 1. Caitlin Todd is out looking for the mother, and 2. Tony stating "Just a head shot". It is poignant and sad, yet it's nice to know that they all still think of her often, and even still as one of theirs. Those inferences were wonderfully written and subtle ... great great great!!!

    In my opinion, another interesting and witty episode from the cast, crew, and writers. Well Done!!!!
  • can someone tell me why there's two episodes in two weeks and then a break for two weeks? Stupid system!

    Just show about 5 episodes in a row and then take a break instead. That's why I loved the fall season so much of NCIS because there was a new episode once per week. Now it's all chopped up.

    They have two episodes in two weeks, then a few weeks of a break...then it's ONE new episode the next week and after that we are off to yet another damn break for 2 weeks. STUPID!
  • Tony shines!

    I have to say this is the best episode so far this season. When Gibbs takes the place of the school girl, Tony is left in charge. He really show poise and confidence in the team to get the job done so the boy doesnt get killed. When McGhee got worked up and called Tony boss that was great and he wont live it down.

    Ok, I get the title of the episode BAIT, the boy is the bait to get to his supposed dead mother. I just wished they had explained how the Columbians got him and forced him to do what he did and was he punished by the school system & gov't.
  • Tony is left in charge when Gibbs go inside a classroom to diffuse a bomb-wearing teenager who wants a special visit from his "dead" mother.

    It was very refreshing to see Tony step up and be a leader for once. Although I enjoy his wisecracks and easy-going ways, I always sense that there's "more" to Tony. I was happy to see him thinking and acting like Gibbs.

    This was a well-written episode and for once, I didn't see the ending coming.

    The show seems to be struggling this season with finding a rhythm since Kate left... and I've been kind of lukewarm about the new director's appearance. I was happy to see a show a lot like the shows from previous seasons-- even if it didn't really deal with the military as much as usual.
  • Ack!! An excellent episode, despite the fact that it was not a typical case for NCIS.

    Although a teen hostage situation isn't one NCIS would generally handle, it WAS at Quantico, the kid's parents WERE in the military, and it WAS a great episode, so all together I thought it was fine. Abby and McGee's little 'slapfest' was awesome, and Gibbs' behavior with the computers and all that was great too. Tony's elation at being called 'Boss' by Gibbs was hilarious, and I think that Ziva was an excellent second- in- command character for him, at least in this episode. Tony's choice regarding shooting Cody was an interesting dilemma, and the whole 'gut' thing that ensued was well thought out. Er... Lauren Holly's hair is getting a teensy bit better? Yeah.
    My Top Five Important Things That Happened:
    1) Gibbs is imprisoned in a hostage situation by a fifteen-yeart-old, who he forms a bond with. Kind of.
    2) Tony is named as Boss, and McGee actually calls him that. Dammit McGee, no one can replace Gibbs!
    3) McGee and Abby assault each other. (Abby's little cringing thing was adorable, as were the slaps that ensued.)
    4) Tony is becoming more and more like Gibbs- his curt phone call with the Director is evidence of that.
    5) Gibbs' technical incompetence is further revealed: 'I don't trust anything run by those little video- thingies. ALL RIGHT GIBBS!! Thank god for Abbs and McGee.
  • Great episode almost back to normal a little more ducky and a little less zeva and were there. Nice to see a different setting as the Navy does cover many areas as well as service personal.

    I really enjoy this episode as it did not seem to center on any one person and it was back the old style of writting which I like. Kind of different being at a high school but there are schools on bases as well as home etc. I was glad that Tony got a chance to step up to be "boss" and that Jenny stood back to be in her proper place.
  • Definitely not my favorite episode

    Gibbs calling Tony boss was the only good part of this episode. The kid with a bomb on him was horrible to watch. Then realizing later that the kid was not doing it on his own was not easy to watch. Realizing that no one wanted to shoot the kid was refreshing.
  • Abby kept hitting Mcgee. And Mcgee called Tony boss.

    It was a very good episode. I never would have guesses that that kid was being controlled by an out side force. Mcgee just kept digging his own grave with Abby, which was hilarious. And did I mention Mcgee called Tony boss. It was very happy at the end when the kid got to see his mom again.
  • An unusual situation for the NCIS team to be handling.

    At least this high school student's hostage situation isn't simply a loner/looser getting some kind of revenge. That's scenario has been played out far to often since Columbine.

    Interestingly there is a third party involved in motivating the student. The computer tech in this episode was advanced to say the least. Sadly, it points out possible weaknesses of school computer security. It appears that any capable computer geek could have eyes and ears in our school classrooms. Scary!

    All schools should immediately firewall all web cams. Not my favorite episode, but, I've seen them all. This was one of the few that I'd skip if watching them again.
  • Great show indeed

    Like a plot borrowed from 1994's "Speed!"
    Gibbs in held hostage with a bunch of kids
    Now that Tony is left in charge
    He has to think and act like Gibbs as well
    Also loved the fact that Ducky & Abby slapping one another was funn
    As well as Gibbs in the end seeing the family getting together and making amends
    Clever episode indeed as I should say so myself
    Hope that Tony will take charge in a few more shows but still be the funny Tony we love and had come to know!
  • I've been watching the show since the beginning of the 3rd season and it's become one of my favorite shows. And this episode was one of the best that I've seen!

    This episode was great. It was a serious episode but a touch of comedy that made it perfect episode along with a perfect show.
    I kinda think the ending was quick. I thought it might become a two parter.
    I liked Tony's handle on the whole deal, Abby and McGee slapping each other, plus them communicating with Gibbs, and Gibbs helping the kids. And it ended with one of the best happy endings I've ever seen.
    Oh and I just thought I'd say this, Michael Welsh (if that's right) a.k.a Bomb kid, looks like a teenage MacGyver. I say this because he played a younger version of Richard Dean Anderson's (MacGyver) character in Stargate SG-1.