Season 8 Episode 22


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 03, 2011 on CBS

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  • In This Episode Tony's Ex-Partner Is Killed By The Port-To-Port Killer And We See Some Important And Interesting Flashbacks.

    From the moment I first heard that Tony worked in Baltimore P.D, I knew we would get a flashback episode centered to him some day. And this is it. "Baltimore" is a very good episode and it does a good job in keeping the viewer's interest throughout. I also liked the twists here. For example, how Tony met Gibbs for the first time was clever and unpredictable. Also, I did not see it coming that Danny wasn't killed by the serial killer (he was killed by a copycat killer.). How the story lines come together was well done. Michael Weatherly gives one of his greatest performances here. Do not miss this great episode!
  • Could have been better

    It was nice to see how Gibbs and Tony met. But it could have been a little better. Why didn't they show more people from NCIS. I mean they had Agent Pacci, the agent who appeared in a few episodes in Season 1 before being killed off but that's all. Why wasn't Director Morrow there? Or how about Sheppard? Though I'm sure Lauren Holly burned her bridges with the show. How about Agent Burley from the episode High Seas who said he worked with Gibbs. Or how about Langer who said that he worked with Gibbs before joining the FBI. How about Agent Sharpe who appeared in the episodes Enemies Foreign and Enemies Demestic. Or even Vance, they could have made another crack about the danish he owes Gibbs.
  • 822

    NCIS meets The Wire? Well, that is what I was hoping for when I heard that this episode was titled "Baltimore" but unfortunately it was nothing like that. Even by recent NCIS standards the episode disappointed. The backstory of Tony DiNozzo should have been more exciting, but instead they used every single cliche in the book: the crooked cop, the joking around. Just a really lame set of flashbacks for sure.

    I liked seeing Gibbs as the undercover cop and DiNozzo chasing the man down to reveal Jethro, that was cool, but nothing about the episode was really that enjoyable outside of that.

    Okay episode, I don't want to hate on it too much, but nothing special here.
  • A great episode!! Unexpected development-one of the best episodes !

    This episode is what NCIS is all about, A P2P hunted serial killer that appears to have made his first mistake turned out to be totally false, It looked like the team is on its trail which turned out to be a chase for a copying killer. Then the extra surprise came-in: the copying killer was guided by the real P2P serial killer. The information the P2P killer fed the copying killer was internal info from within NCIS raing the sensation that he is either an insider or he somehow managed to break into the computer system of the upper echelon of the Naval Command. To add to my enjoiment of this episode the "guest team" was in Hawaii and I truely hope that they stay there, especially their leader EJ To summarize- A GREAT EPISODE
  • The episode I've waited 8 years for...

    The recent "NCIS" episode "Baltimore" is one that I have been waiting to see for a very long time. And, it's the episode that I've anticipated the most this season when the show runner Shane Brennan announced before season eight that the show would include origins episodes this season, showing how some characters made their way to NCIS. The character that immediately interested me the most in finding out how they got to NCIS when I first heard this was Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly. Fans of "NCIS" have always known that DiNozzo came to NCIS from being a detective with the Baltimore PD, but we've never seen flashbacks to this or gotten the whys and hows until this episode. "NCIS" gets into the flashback of this episode very smoothly by incorporating the current Port-to-Port (or P2P) serial killer arc as Tony's former partner, Danny, played by "ER" alum Scott Grimes, is killed by P2P. This leads to flashbacks about the final case Tony and Danny worked before Tony met Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and left for NCIS. The details of the episode aren't really all that important, though "Baltimore" is certainly one of the better episodes of "NCIS" this season. The interesting thing about the episode was seeing Weatherly as a younger Tony, a more (if you can believe it) brash and cocky Tony than the one that we're used to seeing on "NCIS." It was also extremely interesting to see how Tony and Gibbs interacted around each other at first. The first meeting to two actually involved Tony tackling and then punching Gibbs after busting him as a suspect, when in fact Gibbs was working the same case as Tony and Danny for NCIS undercover. A few interesting tidbits from "Baltimore" that I particularly liked is that we get the sense that both Tony and Gibbs are highly impressed with each other from the very start. It's the father-son type relationship that we've seen time and time again through the show's eight seasons. I also liked that we get two more of Gibbs' famous rules: Rule #5- You don't waste good & Rule #35- Always watch the watchers. We also see the first ever head slap that Gibbs gives to Tony toward the end of the episode and the hilarious reaction by Tony after being slapped for the first time, find out that Tony had a fiancé named Wendy at the time he came to NCIS and get an interesting "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" quote from Gibbs that thoroughly impresses Tony, "I got vision and the rest of the world is wearing bifocals." The entire episode shows off fine acting performances by both Weatherly and Harmon.

    The two origins episodes done by "NCIS" this season on Tony and Vance (played by Rocky Carroll) have been two of the finer episodes of the season. I only hope that we get origins episodes in the future for the characters of Abby (played by Pauley Perrette) and Ducky (played by David McCallum).
  • Superb episode. Could be the best of this season!

    This episode is full of twists and surpises. When the mystery of the identity of the "port to port" killer seems to be resolved the trail turned cold and a copy-cat killer is discovered. As surprising as it is , he gets his info from the true serial killer. Who could it be? We know he is close to the NCIS team, which narrows the guessing field somewhat, but still wide fieldd of candidates.
    All in all this episode gives a lot of food-for-thought, which in part is the reason I rank it 10. It has been very exciting to watch and by the time the season ends we will know the true identity of the p2p killer-but do we see him caught or do we need to wait for S09E01?
  • Umm... ok. it had emotion, drama and some humor, but nor really the WOW factor.

    If your a Gibbs and tony fan, you would have loved this episode to bits. Sadly, i'm not. While i enjoyed all the irony of the flashbacks, and the way DiNozzo and Gibbs first met, I really felt it had a lack of character interaction in the present. No tiva (i am not obssessed)! I laughed when Tony told the team he left his phone at EJ's house!! hilarious!!

    Also, who is Wendy??? didn't Tony's partner say that she was his high school teacher? why was he going to ask her to marry him? i reli want to know more....

    Overall, I liked the mystery and I would have never guessed that it was the Major! The irony's made me laugh. now we know where Tony got his mighty mouse stapler from. and we got to see Pacci!!!! good episode, but i couldn't give it a 10 :(
  • Wanted to give this episode a 10, but I already gave one 10 this season, BUT this was the most entertaining of this season.

    Let me start by saying trying to rate episodes of NCIS is impossible. 10's are easy every episode. This episode was so entertaining and we learned so much about DiNozzo and Gibbs. The flashback of how DiNozzo and Gibbs met is priceless, and even back then, there'ss the Tony personality, cockiness, charm, smarts etc. In fact as I was watching this episode I could see Michael Weatherly being put up for an Emmy for this episode. His acting range was all over the place here. You can see why Gibbs recruited DiNozzo from the Baltimore PD after he solved the case of his ex-partner(don't worry, no spoilers here). Behind that fun loving, wise cracking, movie trivia guy is a real smart cop. And then there's the head slap, now we see how it started and how it has evolved. I was thinking and said out loud, it's going to be a sad day when this show goes away. I'm sure it will not go away due to bad ratings. This is the best show on TV. For those of you whom missed this episode, check it out, it's awesome.
  • Favourite episode this season - lots of little bits and pieces about the characters. (slight spoilers ahead!)

    "Baltimore" offered much in the way of trivia about the characters which just begs a follow-up.

    * Tony was engaged at the time he joined NCIS - what happened to Wendy?

    * the introduction of Gibbs' rules, the headslaps

    * I just cracked up at Tony's remark about rather getting the plague than be a navy cop. Why not do both, Tony?

    * Gibbs' missing the phonecalls from wife #4 and the divorce lawyer

    * Pacci's gut being his death

    * the origins of the Mighty Mouse-stapler

    * DiNozzo's wardrobe changed quite a bit from his days as a cop to being a federal agent - from jeans and bomber jackets to well tailored suits... I think it's a good change.

    Absolutely loved all of it, well, save for the dark hair dye. I hope future episodes are going to pick up the loose ends here - and I'm not just talking about the case of the P2P-killer.
  • A brillianty crafted episode that delves into Tony's much referenced background as a Baltimore cop while staying close to the "Port-to-Port Killer" story.

    I loved this episode for three reasons. Not only do we finally get to see some of Tony's background as a Baltimore cop, but it doesn't deviate from the "Port-to-Port Killer" case and there are some great moments of continuity throughout, stretching right back to season one.

    I'll start with the main focus of the episode itself - Tony. For years now, we have heard lots of references to Tony's time as a Baltimore cop but we have never actually seen it. The way the story provides lots of little snippets of information aswell as linking in with the present-day case is very well done and I think the writers deserve an award for that. I love how they manage to show how different Tony was back then, even in the small things such as his clothes, which vary greatly from what he wears at NCIS. Aswell as that, we also get to see the origin of his Mighty Mouse stapler, discover that Tony was engaged to be married at one point, and find out just how he became an NCIS agent.

    In addition to the lovely pieces of information about Tony, this episode slots nicely into established continuity, something NCIS has been very good at doing in the past - "A Man Walks Into a Bar..." is a recent example that comes to mind. I especially enjoyed seeing Tim Kelleher as Agent Pacci, a character we haven't seen or heard about since the first season, and Tony's reference to the episode "SWAK", in which he contracts the plague. Very nice moments and a reward to those loyal fans of NCIS who have been with the series from the beginning.

    I think the award for best actor most definitely goes to Michael Wetherley, whose performance in this episode is brilliant. He not only works at showing the contrast between Tony now and Tony then, but he shows us a serious and caring side to Tony, something we know he has but tries to cover up and so is rarely seen. I don't think I can find a single thing wrong with this episode. The writing and directing is outstanding and the acting superb. If I had to criticise it for something, I would perhaps say the references to other episodes were a bit too contrived and the exclusion of Jimmy Palmer, in what is essentially an episode that brings all of the characters together, is something I may have changed. However, I really enjoyed this episode and I think giving it anything less than a perfect 10 would be an insult to such a great story.
  • Brilliant

    This is exactly what i was expecting for almost a month. We finally learned a few more things about p2p killer, and we also got to know a little bit more about DiNozzo's past. Seeing DiNozzo as a cop was amazing, plus the office they were working on reminded me Nypd blue. That holster, hair style, everything was great. And I must say that Tony's acting was also quite good, he deserves an Emmy.

    I will not ruin the review by writting what happened on the show, moreover, it must be watched because there are a lot of hints about the following episodes. Plus, there was no EJ. It's always a plus. Her face just gives me the creeps.

    The best scenes are the ones when ;
    - Tony met Gibbs,
    - Gibbs and Pacci was talking and Pacci said that his stomach will be the death of him (kind of lame,but okay),
    - Tony saying that he rather gets the plague than be a navy cop (i know it's offensive but made me think of SWAK),
    - Tony finally realizes that his partner is a dirty cop and Gibbs comes through the door,
    - Tony visits the NCIS and goes through the recruitment office door.

    All in All, a 10 !
  • Very, very interesting episode!

    This was another in a long line of great NCIS episodes, focussing primarily onn Tony's past, as well as his first encounter with Gibbs! It was so cool, after eight years, to see how they first met, back in '01!

    The case was brilliant, with alll of the twists and turns! The writers did an immaculate job with the storyline, with perfect minor details ranging wfrom the typo in Ducky's report, to the email from Abby...

    The end of the episode was also great, and I won't spoil it, but things are getting interesting!

    All of the flashbacsk were great to see! Definitely recommend this episode, and I can't wait for the next one! Phenomenal effort, great episode! Two episodes left for Season Eight, and I can't wait to see what ckind of a cliffhanger we can get!
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