Season 10 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2013 on CBS

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  • Nice.

    Great episode. Even though I'm not a fan of TIVA (I'm indifferent if it happens, it happens, if it doesn't , it doesn't), I thought the TIVA moments were fantastic. I'm a little tired of the stay out of it warnings though. The ending was thrilling. That is the type of ending there should be in the finales, unlike most of the boring lukewarm finales since GG took over.
  • Absolutely flawless!

    This episode was just so intense and so suspenseful with some surprising developments and shocking moments as well!

    There was a lot to like about it, and I was on the edge of my seat for most of the episode.

    Needless to say that this storyline running through most of Season 10 has been breathtaking and it continues in that vain again tonight. I cannot wait until the next episode! This was fantastic!
  • Ziva and Tony go to Berlin.

    This was a very good episode where Ziva and Tony go to Berlin to look for Bodnar From this episode it appears that everybody wants Bodnar dead because NCIS, Mossad and Homeland are all in DC and I am wondering which one will actually get to him first Many people have their reasons but in this episode they all fail but the episode is left with a good cliffhanger where we don't know what has happened to Tony and Ziva I can't wait for the next part.
  • Well....

    I have to agree with the other comments made about the german aspect of the last episode. It is a very simplistic view of Germany. But then thats what I have come to expect from tv shows.

    Also, why does the guy that hits tony and zivas car flick his lights on just bevore he crashed into them? Whats that all about?

    Otherwise nice couple of episode as far as a season finale goes. I mean, I like and enjoy NCIS but to give it a 9.6? Better than Game of Thrones? I'm not sure, and I have to say, I don't exactly agree....
  • What an amazing episode... BUT

    As a german, I have to say: SHAME ON YOU! hahahaha this stereotyped Berlin has nothing to do with reality. One thing I always like was, that NCIS kinda kept close to reality (besides the whole computer and internet stuff) but this time you nearly ruined it. That's why I have to withdraw .5 points :D Else a fantastic episode. Really looking forward to the next one!
  • Stupid producers produce the biggest shit ever!

    That was as if the people in Washington DC wear clothes like Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill, hear texan country music and drink nothing else than whisky.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

    Get it in your stupid heads: Bavaria is not Germany, only a smal part of it!
  • cliffhnager

    the biggest three cliff hangers are: one is Tony and Ziva alive. Whose that body under the tarp and the third who sent that vehicle after Tony and Ziva. other than that the episode was amazing and scary and sad. cant wait for next weeks
  • TIVA!!!!!

    THIS EPISODE WAS AWESOME! But if you KILL ZIVA or TONY I will HATE you forever!! I've been waiting for 7 YEARS to see them together and now finally when I get something they crash!! I hope that you will not make the mistake of killing one of them or both. Please give us that well deserved HAPPY END!!!
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaah

    Ah no way, what a great episode, i agree about the stereotypical german costumes but throw that out the window and the rest of this was great. I really want to see ziva n tony getting together, just so they can both finally be happy. Absolutely gutting if she was about to say what i think she was about to say and then they kill her off! it's been a while since NCIS has got it's hook into me this much. Usually i don't like romance between main character colleagues etc (eg watson n sherlock shouldn't get together) but I do want this to happen. Poor tony, every woman he touches dies, runs away or becomes a psycho haha!
  • Great episode. I love TIVA!

    I loved this episode. Every little gesture and comment between Tony and Ziva was so touching. I am sure they will be fine. The writers can't ruin one of TV's best love stories. One tiny criticism. That fake yawn by McGee to warn the people watching him and Gibbs. Come on, after more than 8 years as an agent, that's the best he can do? Apart from that moment, this episode was one of the best and shows why NCIS rates so well.
  • Remarkabl Episode

    Amazing episode. It has all the best aspects of an episode: tension romance intrigue and more. The elements are combined in a most ingeneous manner to create a remarkable episode with several unexpected twists. I was speechless and motionless throughout this fantastic episode wishing it will never end!
  • The Writers are good, but Sadistic

    WOW! I now have my wife on suicide watch till next weeks episode. Just joking, but she's really torqued. I believe the writers are going to leave us slowly swinging in the wind until seasons' end. Great show.
  • Berlin not Munich

    great episode as always but one thing that is really anoying ... Im from Germany and everytime a show makes a episode with something german in it its always the typical postcard stuff like Lederhosen, Sptzle and those stupid music that actually no German listen to this is only munich bavaria. Its like saying all Americans wear cowboy heads and ride horses. So of course it is nice for me to see an episode playing in Germany but is it really so hard to do a proper research especially when they are filming in Berlin Germany and not some studio. oh and great episode but I already said that

    I loved this episode. The ending was a great surprise and my jaw dropped. Hate having to wait til next week for the next episode. The scenes between young Ziva and her father were sweet and touching and showed at some point in her life she really loved him. Marina Sirtis was really good in her role but I'm not sure I trust her. Tiva was awesome and I want more. Great writing and acting by all - keep it up NCIS. Our audience is down but I think t is because "The Voice" is going up against us. Come on NCIS fans, watch NCIS instead of those stupid reality shows - I hate all of them and don't waste my time watching them.
  • tony and ziva

    it's been clear for quite a while that tony and ziva want to get together. killing ziva off would devaluate the entire series by 50%. maybe it's just a rumor that she has not signed for season 11 ??????????????

    and tony is alive, you see him for a split second in the preview, after mcgee, when they have surrounded the house, tony holding an assault rifle. gibbs, mcgee, tony, in that order. only question: who was the body that ducky pulled out of the freezer? just a tease, i think. they just can NOT kill ziva. 80% would not watch anymore.
  • Cliffhangers are the best/worst

    I cannot think of this team without Ziva.... she's a beautiful gem in an intricate mosaic. What would we do without her, what would Tony do? I think she was getting ready to tell Tony something special. There had better be answers next week as it's the last episode of the season..... if I have to wonder if Ziva will make it I will be grayer by season beginning :p
  • love the team

    please do not kill them off it was the best episode, i am ready to see the ending, tony and ziva make up the team as do, gibbs, ducky, jimmy, abby and vance they are a family, awesome episode
  • Here We Go Again

    OMG I can't believe it when I saw it I was in complete shock. It can't be Tony who dies sorry Micheal Weatherly as signed on for the next season, while Cote as not yet signed on for season 11. If they kill Ziva it will completely hurt Tony and take him down a road that we won't like, I have to say I did love that we got to see Ziva and Tony grow closer together and I think Ziva was going to tell Tony she loved him when they were hit by that car. In the body bag in the preview I think its the guy who had hit Tony and Ziva with the car.
  • Leaving Us Fans Hangin


    As you can tell hate cliff hangers! OMG WOW WHAT AN EPISODE, ITS A MOVIE EVERY TIME I WATCH NCIS!

    #1 SHOW on TV- PERIOD. Ahhhhh PS Killing off Ziva or Tony would be suicide for the show and not worth watching stop killing people them live and continue the back n forth between Ziva n So sweet.
  • wow!!!wow!!!

    tonight's show shows why it is number 1!!! AWESOME night!
  • OMG! OMG!

    I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode! So many Tiva moments! The plane, the hotel room, the dance! But the most craziest, awesomesous, mind blowing part was the very end when Tony holds Ziva's hand and she's about to say something They're hit by a car! OMG I flew off my bed screaming! Then the promo for the next episode! If they kill off Ziva then I will probably not watch the show anymore! They already killed Kate so don't kill Ziva! I'm hoping for some major TIVA hospital scenes if she lives! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep Ziva on the show!!!
  • Who says NCIS is losing it after 10 seasons?

    If one of the two has to die in the accident, please let it be Tony( sorry Tony fans). I love Ziva way too much. Both are listed to be in the next two episodes so I think they are safe and it won't be much of a payoff for fans if Ziva doesn't get her revenge.

    Man will the shippers be pissed off and close to rioting if Tiva doesn't happen after this season. I don't care because I don't think them officially being a couple will add to the shows dynamics besides the tension created by them violating rule 12 for a short while. Frankly, I enjoy the sexual tension between the two with them getting close to being a couple, but never do.
  • Berlin No Tony & Ziva!

    Wow not now... Please say it ain't so... Not when Tony & Ziva are getting so close :( I was on the edge of my seat tonight :) Pleae make it be someone else in the drawer!
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