Season 11 Episode 7

Better Angels

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • Why, oh Why

    So when one of the team has an appointment with for example the dentist, then it is not important when there is a case, but now it is no problem that Gibbs is just going to solve the problem with his dad? And of course the writers showed again that DiNozo should leave the show ASAP
  • They Tried Too Hard

    This could have been a good episode, I really wanted to like it, but the writing for Gibbs and Papa Gibbs just was not there. They did not build the importance of the meeting enough and when the meeting in the hospital did happen it was a massive letdown.

    The case they were dealing with also seemed thrown together, and ended in a very abrupt fashion. I can't say it was a very strong episode, but at least they tried hard with it.
  • Could have been a "ten"

    This episode was the best in a long time. Gibbs' relationship with his father is priceless. One hole in the plot: When someone checks themselves into hospice, they generally stay. That said, this poor man left his back door open and his neighbor didn't even know the circumstances of his absence, other than to report he had left by ambulance! That is an unlikely scenario. Otherwise, best episode, at least this year.
  • All in the family

    Very poignant episode especially the interaction between Gibbs and his dad. Mcgee and Dinozzo added levity with their bickering and Abby pulling it together with a present of Gibb-isms. Even Ducky's voicing what Gibbs must be feeling about how roles are reversed when dealing with an aging parent. How hard it is to realize how hopeless it feels to be nearing their end of days, but also to be reminded of a life well lived.
  • Insightful

    Wonderful episode. Beautifully acted by all involved. Not to "mushie", real people relating to one another. McGee and Dinozzo Gibbs and his father, well done!
  • great episode

    A great episode, very moving with all the story between Gibbs, his father and his mother, and kinda funny too with DiNozzo and McGee arguing. I'd like to see more episode like that on tv.
  • What a story

    Better Angels was a great NCIS episode with all I need why I love NCIS: subtle humor, fun, not a bad case and a heartwarming father-son story about sorrows if there is any sign of Dementia or not: lovely scene between Gibbs and Ducky, when Ducky told Gibbs about his mother.

    And Ralph Waite is such a great wonderful actor.

    Was a little odd the quarrels between McGee and DiNozzo, which one should have the lead from the case, because DiNozzo is a Senior-Agent, of corse was very fun to see them together and all the probie-stuff.
  • A Very Important Moment in NCIS

    This episode has all the hallmarks of season two's "Call to Silence".

    Starting off with a very simple case with an interesting twist, this episode was about character establishment.

    We knew that Special Agent Gibbs got his stubborn side from his father Jackson, but this episode completely solidifies that fact. Overall, the main story line in regards to finding Jackson's savior during a sortie in his P-51 Mustang in the European Campaign of World War II, we not only see how grateful he was that a man from the opposition saved him and granted him the life that he has, but also the life of his son, who Jackson reveals in a very touching and heartfelt thank you, is the best person he knows, and in an unspoken glance, it is clearly evident how much Jackson loves his son, Leroy. I found this episode extremely enjoyable on the principle that we now know a lot more about Jackson Gibbs, and also we can see how father and son are now closer than they have been in many years.
  • Very touching.

    I was very moved by the episode. It was really emotional and touching. Very nice seeing Jackson Gibbs back again - it's been a while. And I think the episode was a very good one.

    The storyline was interesting - we had a good case which probably didn't get a lot of attnetion due to the other story that was going on, but it was interesting nonetheless, with a nice twist at the end! :P

    The story with Gibbs and his father was really itnriguing and it was solid.

    Looking forward to more!
  • Excelent episode

    Great episode... One of the best and that history was based on a real one.... Great
  • boring episode

    the worst episode of Season 11 so far

    it seems like the writers have no good story to tell since Zyva left :(
  • Very nice

    I'm not one to tell you All about the show - since so many others. Never could figure out why - but....

    I especially enjoy seeing Gibbs dad & his friend - I love our military and this showed that even though our military have to kill (it is war) - they are still Humans with feelings and care for others.

    That was memorable.
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