Season 2 Episode 18

Bikini Wax

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

In Virginia Beach, a small crowd is clustered around a make-shift outdoor stage for a beauty contest, with the contestants dressed in bikinis. The third contestant is announced, "Tiffany is a Navy girl!" but no contestant appears. Cut to an overhead shot of a rather ratty public beach restroom. A girl with dark hair is seen, apparently bent over a toilet, but it quickly becomes apparent that her head is in the toilet water and she is dead. Cut to opening credits.

The elevator opens on Tony, who strolls into the squad room. He greets Abby with a causal "What's new, pussycat?" and Abby returns the greeting, complimenting him on his tie. He responds, "Zegna! I bought it last weekend," (referring to designer Ermanegildo Zegna) and Abby says, "I like!" Tony can't help himself -- he has to add, "I'm glad, I paid over a hundred bucks for it!" Kate, hearing the price, turns in amazement and stares at Tony, who is shuffling through his mail. Kate frowns, and asks, "Why do you always do that?" Tony absentmindedly replies, "What?" Kate comments, "You always have to announce what you paid for your clothes. It's weird!" Tony and Kate bicker about his tendency to announce what he pays for his clothes, and then observes that they all know how much he makes. McGee pipes up, "I don't!" Tony turns to him, grins, and rubs his fingers together, as if holding cash, while Kate continues to lecture Tony on his unprofessionalism. She points out that Gibbs would never come in and tell them how much he paid for his shirt, and Tony quips, "That's because the shirt prices at Sears have been pretty consistent for the last century!" Gibbs walks though and announces, "We have a body in Virginia Beach," and asks McGee to call Ducky. The team jumps up and prepares to leave. Tony follows Gibbs and asks him if he has had a chance to sign off on a missing person's report. Gibbs replies, "No, I was going to get to it last night, but they were having a sale at Sears . . ." The elevator closes with a close-up shot of Tony looking nicely stunned, realizing that Gibbs has overheard him.

The NCIS team arrives at the site of the contest. McGee and Kate jump from the truck, and Kate says in an aside to McGee, "Five seconds before he realizes . . . " McGee is confused and asks "What?" just as Tony is closing the trunk of the car, and looks around with an expression of awe and delight on his face as he exclaims, "A bikini contest!". There are many contestants walking around in bikinis -- Tony hardly knows where to look. Gibbs barks, "It's OVER, DiNozzo -- gear up!" Lt. Summers, of the Virginia Beach police, greet the team, and turns the investigation over to them, commenting that as soon as he found the Navy ID, they cleared out and set up a perimeter. Gibbs observes that a bikini doesn't usually have much room to store an ID -- the lieutenant smiles briefly and says that they found it in a beach bag next to her body. As they walk to the restrooms, they pass a van with "VOLT Entertainment" on the side. Gibbs inquires about it, and is told that it is a cable channel that caters to "entertainment for men" and that they had been the sponsors of the contest. The lieutenant goes on to say that the body had been found by an elderly woman about 2:00 pm, who had been frantic when she called the police. Gibbs asks, "Where is she?" and the lieutenant says that she is in his car, asking, "Do you want to see her?" Gibbs doesn't respond, he ducks under the barrier and says, curtly, "Kate!" Kate turns to the lieutenant and says with an apologetic smile, "He's not really the chatty type." Tony, still bowled over, asks, "Are there any more girls from the bikini contest . . . ?" just as Gibbs calls sharply, "DiNOZZO!" Tony scurries to catch up with Gibbs.

In the bathroom, the men open the door to the stall to see the girl slumped on the floor with her head in the toilet. Tony says, wryly, "That is a heck of a swirly." McGee frowns and inquires, "Swirly?" Tony goes on to explain that a "swirly" was when you grabbed a kid by the ankles and dunked him headfirst repeatedly in a toilet while flushing it. "Usually reserved for dorks . . . look familiar, Probie?" McGee thinks about it for a moment, and then shakes his head earnestly and says, "I don't think so," completely missing Tony's thinly veiled insult. Tony continues to taunt McGee with a list of juvenile pranks, such as Melvins and noogies. Gibbs, catching the jibe, throws a look at Tony, and then returns to his survey of the scene. Gibbs finally threatens, "If you two don't start working, I will show you hazing. And the Corps does NOT do wedgies. Or noogies. Or Melvins." Tony mutters, "Thank you, boss," and they settle down to work. Photographs of footprints, no signs of a struggle, no bruising on her arm or neck, McGee wonders why she didn't run or fight back, Tony theorizes that "Maybe she didn't have a chance to -- maybe she was in a vomiting position when she was attacked." Gibbs praise Tony's insight, and then orders him "down on the floor to trace footprints." Tony, fastidious, is horrified, and points out that this is a public restroom. Gibbs quips, "It could be worse." Tony demands, "How?!" Gibbs deadpans, "It could be a men's room . . ." and walks away, leaving Tony with a look of disgust on his face.

Ducky meets Gibbs outside of the bathroom, Gibbs assuring Ducky that Tony and McGee will be finished in a few minutes. Ducky is unhurried. Kate finished up a phone call and reports that the victim's name is Petty Officer Tiffany Jordan, and she had been deployed on the USS Monroe for the last 57 days. The ship had returned to port the day before. Gibbs inquired as to what the elderly witness had said, and Kate rolls her eyes and reports, "Nothing, other than she doesn't usually use public bathrooms . . ." Kate gives the victims address in Norfolk, and Gibbs and Kate leave to check out her home.

Tony and McGee exits the bathroom, and declares to Ducky, "She is all yours, gentlemen," as they walk back to the truck. Tony, still enjoying the view, comments, "I love the beach, it reminds me of college!" Tony, confused, asks, "I thought you went to Ohio State?" Tony then goes on to wax rhapsodic over spring break trips to Panama City. McGee observes that "at MIT, we didn't do the spring break thing . . ." to which Tony retorts, "Go figure." McGee wonders aloud, "Is it as wild as it looks on MTV?" Tony assures him, "Probie, my stories alone could make you a man!"

Ducky, surveying the victim, is shaking his head, and Palmer asks him, "Is anything wrong, Doctor?" Ducky replies in exasperation, "Her head is in the toilet, Mr. Palmer!" and goes on to observe that when someone is as experience as he is, it's rare to run across something he's never seen before -- but this is a first. Ducky estimates that she has been there about two or three hours. Palmer and Ducky muse about the length of Ducky's experience as they remove the petty officer from the stall and lay her out, Palmer wondering aloud if he had ever thought about a different line of work. Ducky agrees that everyone probably considers it at some point, and begins to assume "lecture mode", declaring that he had once considered teaching, but decided that academia wasn't for him, as he could never picture himself giving those "long, rambling lectures . . . " Palmer grins, having endured many of Ducky's long, rambling lectures in the past.

At the petty officer's apartment, Kate comments that she kept it very clean, while Gibbs observes that she probably didn't spend a lot of time in it. Kate thumbs through the bookcase, and withdraws a weight loss book, "Battling the Bulge," and then realizes all the books on the shelf are weight-loss books. All of the videos are work-out videos, leading them to think that the victim may have had an eating disorder. They find fresh flowers on her desk, with a note that says, "I hope you enjoyed my letters, I live for the day that we can be together, love, John." Kate observes that they were delivered in person, and Gibbs asks why. Kate goes on to say that there was no florist tag and then asked, "Don't you ever give flowers, Gibbs?" Gibbs smiles and says, "Don't like gifts that require attention." Kate notices bills on the desk from before the petty officer left, but no letters, and wonders if she trashed them. Gibbs thinks that the letters aren't there because she had the mail stopped.

In the squad room, McGee comes in carrying a paper sack -- he has stopped for lunch. Tony tells him that they are leaving to interview the petty officer's rack-mate on the USS Monroe. McGee asks if he can finish eating, and Tony, surveying the lunch, asks, "Is there anything for me?" McGee says, "Well, no . . ." and Tony replies, "Then no, there's no time," and hurries off to the elevator. McGee is chagrined, but stands up and scoops up his lunch. Tony announces, "No food in the truck!" McGee is taken aback: "What?!?", to which Tony responds, "Gibbs' rule, not mine!" Exasperated, McGee throws his lunch in the trash. With exquisite timing, Tony wheels back and declares gleefully, "On second thought, the rule is 'no eating in Autopsy . . .'" McGee frowns, contemplates his trashcan while considering a rescue, and then decides that trash is trash and stalks away, following Tony to the elevator.

On the USS Monroe, Tony asks McGee why he is breathing so funny. McGee allows that he's not feeling so well, he gets this way on boats. Tony corrects him, "It's not a boat, Probie, it's a ship. And it's docked." McGee still feels queasy, and Tony observes that that's not a great trait for someone who investigates the Navy, and allows as how it's probably a good thing that McGee didn't finish his chicken sandwich. McGee turns an interesting shade of green.

McGee and Tony interview the petty officer's rackmate, who said that "Tif was friends with everyone," while glancing curiously at McGee, who is sitting down and blowing purposefully into a paperbag, trying to overcome his nausea. Her rackmate inquires, "Sir, are you sure you're ok?" and McGee gulps, shudders and assures her that he "just hasn't found his sea legs, yet," and admits that he's already taken six Dramamines. Tony is impatient with the interruption in his interview. Tony asks if Tiffany had been sick, and when her rackmate answers no, he goes on to say that it appears that she had been vomiting when she was attacked. Her friend's face screws up as she starts to cry, and then tells Tony that Tiffany had come to her about a month ago and told her that there was "something that could potentially ruin her career in the Navy."

Cut to Autopsy. The petty officer is on the table, and Ducky is in the middle of the autopsy. Gibbs comes in for an update, and Ducky replies that she definitely drowned, there was water in her lungs. He also noted that her esophagus was quite worn, "as if she had been vomiting excessively." When Gibbs inquires as to whether she was bulemic, Ducky isn't sure because there's no sign of forced vomiting, and says that preliminary findings suggest that her bout with hyperemesis was caused by a hormonal imbalance, specifically, a drastic rise in her estrogen level. Gibbs thinks for a moment, and then asks, "Morning sickness?" Ducky confirms: "Indeed. Our young exhibitionist was pregnant."

In the squad room, McGee is on the phone, spelling out the victim's last name, "J-O-R-D-A-N". Kate is taking to the post office, attempting to obtain the lieutenant's mail, and is obviously frustrated by the federal bureaucracy. Tony is reclining at his desk, taking about a hotel: "Ocean view or panoramic? Panoramic? Sweet! Bars in the lobby? Yessss!" Kate testily reminds him, "We're working, and you're planning a vacation?!" Tony, inspired by his recent trip to the beach, announces that it's spring break, and that he's gotten in touch with his fraternity brothers and that "the wheels on the party bus are now in motion!" McGee asks, skeptically, "Let me guess, Panama City?" Tony assures him, "Palm trees, mai-tais, and co-eds! All week long, Probie!" Kate asks dryly if he isn't a little too old for spring break, and Tony announces, proudly, that he can "bong a beer in 6 seconds . . ." Gibbs strides in, and in frustration announces that Abby hasn't been able to obtain any prints from the beach bag or the flowers, "and that means that ONE of you better be able to give me a lead! DiNozzo?" Tony recounts his conversation with the petty officer's rackmate, who said Jordon bought an early pregnant test during a brief stop in Kings Bay. Gibbs observes that she knew she was pregnant, and asks, "What about the father?" Tony reports that she used a pay phone to make a phone call, but left a message because his cell phone was turned off. Kate chuckles darkly at her desk and then quips, "That's your worst nightmare, Tony!" Tony sneers and asks "How are those letters coming, Kate?" to which she assures him that she's working on it. Gibbs wants to know how long. Kate says, "Two days. Three days, tops." Gibbs announces, "You have four," and Kate brightens, saying, "Really? Four days?" "No, four HOURS." Gibbs looks over at McGee, who is standing at a quasi-attention. "McGee? Are you waiting for me to announce you?" McGee stammers and apology and shows Gibbs the petty officer's phone records, with only one phone call from her apartment to a girl, Lisa, about two hours before her death. He has her address, and adds (to Tony's interest) that she is an at-home yoga instructor. Gibbs brings Tony along for the interview, and Tony coughs out a smart remark to Kate as he flies by her desk, causing her to grimace.

In Autopsy, Palmer is carefully excising a fragment from the petty officer's head of something that is glowing under a black light. He asks Ducky's opinion, and Ducky theorizes that it may be some sort of paraffin wax, reminding him of a product that his grandfather used to use, mustache wax. Palmer is puzzled -- "That doesn't make sense . . ." and Ducky misunderstands, and assures him "that it was much before your time, it was a very popular look, it epitomized 'high society'." Palmer wonders why the petty officer would have it in her hair. Ducky supposes that it was on the killer's hands, and instructs Palmer to send it up to Abby right away.

In the car, Tony thanks Gibbs for bringing him along, and apologizes, saying that he knows that "around women, I sometimes get distracted, and that I want you to know I appreciate this vote of confidence." Gibbs is silent. Tony continues, "What I'm trying to say is, I'm not going to let you down. I'm going to be meticulous and attentive to every detail in my notes . . ." as Gibbs wheels into the driveway. Gibbs gazes at him for a moment, and announces, "We're here." Tony looks out onto the sweeping lawn of a beautiful house overlooking the ocean -- and sees a yoga class in action, lovely lithe young women contorting themselves into impossible positions. He is dumbstruck, and finally hears Gibbs calling (obviously not the first time) "DiNOZZO!!" Tony snaps out of it, and leaps out of the car. Gibbs asks, "DiNozzo -- your PDA?" Tony has forgotten it in the car, and races back to fetch it. DiNozzo is embarrassed, and opines, "Hmm, not a great start, eh, Boss?", to which Gibbs replies, "Could have been better," with a smile that Tony can't see.

While interviewing the yoga instructor, Lisa Kerr, she notes that they met when Tiffany signed up for a tantric yoga class. Upon hearing this, Tony utters a little whimper of anticipation. Gibbs asks what that is, and Lisa says, matter-of-factly, that "it combines physical fitness with the ability to heighten a woman's pleasure during prolonged lovemaking." Tony is beside himself, and in his excitement, he stalls out his PDA with an audible squeak. Gibbs glares at Tony, who mutters, "I'll reboot." Gibbs goes on to ask who Tiffany was romantically involved with, but Lisa says that she never knew her to date -- she was the only one in the class for physical fitness, because she wanted to lose ten pounds for a shoot. Apparently, Tiffany was doing a spread for GSM called "Naughty In the Navy," which hits the stands a couple of months ago. Tony comments, "I remember that issue!" Both Lisa and Gibbs stare at him, and his finishes weakly, " . . . good layout . . . ". Gibbs asks what GSM is, and Tony says that it is a magazine, like Playboy, but less risque'." Gibbs stares at Tony. Tony, frozen, adds, "They have really great . . . articles." Gibbs rolls his eyes, and asks Lisa, "The Navy's response?" She said that since the pictures weren't nude, she just got a slap on the wrist. She offers to show them a copy of the magazine, and Tony says, "Oh, that won't be necessary . . .", and Gibbs asks "WHY?" Tony answers, "Because I make a point of keeping all my copies." Again, a silence, which Tony breaks by adding, "Like I said . . . great articles . . . " Gibbs asks Lisa about Tiffany's phone calls, and she replied that Tiffany wanted to see her that night, but didn't say why.

At this point, a young man in a wet-suit comes running up from the beach, calling for Lisa. They exchange a quick kiss, and for a moment, they teasingly discuss the surfing conditions. She introduces him to Gibbs and Tony as her fiance', Kevin Holt. Kevin asks if there are any suspects, and Gibbs says no. Kevin then goes on to comment, in a snide way, that a girl being murdered at a bikini contest, it didn't seem that hard to find the murderer. Gibbs gives a wry grin and response, "You'd think, eh?" Gibbs and Tony leave.

In Abby's lab, McGee holds up an items from Tiffany's beach bag, a plastic bag containing a bottle of pink stuff, and asks Abby what it is. She responds that it is bikini glue, and that the contestants use it to keep their suit bottoms from riding up. McGee is bemused. "Really?" Abby nods and declares, "Yeah, I used to go through sticks of that stuff when I was on the circuit!" McGee thinks about the implications of that statement, Abby grins and then announces, "There's so much you don't know, McGee!" McGee asks if that was the substance that was found in Tiffany's hair. Abby says no, that the stuff in her hair was thicker, more like wax. Abby then asks how much time Kate has left, McGee looks at his watch and says, "8 minutes," just as Kate comes rushing into the lab declaring, "7 minutes! I got it!" and lays the mail on the counter. She glances at the bikini glues and asks, "What's this?", to which McGee responds, "Don't ask." Abbey asks how Kate obtained the mail, and Kate asks her if she remembers that "fiend in Mail Fraud that is always flirting with me?" Abby says that she hopes that Kate didn't agree to go out on a date with him -- Kate laughs and said no, she read him the Federal statutes on sexual harrassment, and then told him she needed a favor. Abby congratulates her: "Right on!" McGee, sorting through the mail, notes that he's "never seen so much crap," and Abby agrees, noting that she has moved to having no mail box, and if it doesn't come electronically, "I'm not getting it!" McGee hands her a stack of mail and says "Well, here, take a third and filter through it." Abby coos, "I love it when you're rough, McGee!" as she takes the letters to examine.

Tony is at his desk, examining a picture of Lisa Kerr on the computer, posing with a tray of cupcakes. Her father owns "Mr. Kerr's Cupcakes", which Gibbs recognizes and comments, "That explains the house." Tony goes on to say that it was driving him crazy trying to figure out where he knew her from, but it was obviously from all the Kerr's Cupcakes commercials. Gibbs asked, "Why didn't you just ask her?" and Tony confesses that, because he's had so many short-lived rrelationships, he was afraid that she might have been one of them. Gibbs smiles and says, "Yeah, I have that trouble with ex-wives." Kate walks in with papers in her hand, and announces that "his name is Jonathan Redding, and he's written her four letters in the last six weeks." Kate goes on to describe his letter as "classic stalker -- if he can't have her, no one can." Gibbs asks for a return address, and Kate says that he is in Cellblock F, he's in the Danville Correctional Facility." Tony throws up his hands and says, "It can't ever be easy!" Kate says that she still thinks that they should talk to him, and that they can't simply ignore evidence like this. Tony is unconvinced the letters are evidence, because the guy is still in prison. McGee comes running in, saying, "Not anymore," and announces that Redding was paroled thirteen days ago.

Kate, McGee, Tony and Gibbs are examining Redding's mug shot, while Kate gives his particulars: He was arrested in 2001 for assault and battery, he had two priors before that, violation of a restraining order and possession of narcotics. All of his three arrests involved ex-girlfriends. Gibbs wonders if they can find him, and McGee tells him that they haven't seen him at his registered address, and he's still waiting to hear back from his parole officer. At a glance from Gibbs, McGee hurries to his desk to follow up with the parole officer. Kate observes that Redding fits the profile, Gibbs comments sourly that all they have is a few rap sheets and some letters, nothing solid that they could use to detain him. Tony hangs up from a phone call and says that he was just talking to Redding's former cell mate, who saw Jordan's murder on the news, and has some information we should hear. Gibbs asks, "In exchange for what?" Tony answers, "Depending on what he gives us, the D.A. may cut him a deal?" Gibbs sends Tony and Kate to interview him. Both Kate and Tony rise, and as Tony grabs his gear, he calls out, authoritatively, "Kate, with me!" Kate stares at him and rolls her eyes at his assumption of authority, picks up her gear, and follows him.

At the jail, Tony and Kate are admitted through security, and Tony asks Kate if she has ever interrogated a prisoner before. Kate sighs and answer, "Yes, Tony, I've been doing this for a while, now." Tony goes on to lecture her: "It's important to remember that you can never let your guard down. An inmate, unlike a civilian, has nothing to lose." Kate listens to his pontification, and points out that "this inmate called us, Tony, he wants to do the right thing." Tony is unconvinced: "He's a felon, and that's the way we're going to treat him," he intones sternly. During the interview, Kate is sitting back, observing him, and Tony is pacing back and forth, firing questions: "How long were you and Redding roommates?" "Six or seven months." Tony, glaring menacingly, asks, "Which is it? Six? Or Seven?" The cell mate, a clean-cut man in his 30's, is not intimidated, and looking scornfully at Tony, asks, "What's with the third degree? I'm trying to help you guys." Kate asks him, firmly, to answer the questions, and his says it was about seven months. Further along in the interview, it comes out that the cell mate had given Redding the copy of the GSM magazine. Tony begins to ask him when he thought that Redding may have become obsessed with Jordan's picture, but then stops abruptly when he notices a tattoo on the prisoner's arm. "YOU were an Alpha Chi Delta?" The cell mate nods in agreement, adding, "Rutgers, '91." Tony stares at him intently, as Kate watches in bewilderment. Suddenly Tony breaks out into a big smile and says, "Ohio State! '89!" and offers a handshake, as the prisoner exclaims "No way!" They backslap each other, while Kate rolls her eyes in exasperation at the fraternal bonding taking place in front of her. Suddenly, Tony has moved from steely interrogator to long-lost brother -- "Have you talked to any of the brothers?", to which the prisoner admits, wryly, "Well, in here, it's not that easy, y'know," indicating his orange prison jumpsuit. "You?" Tony enthusiastically shares that he is still best friends with three of the guys from his pledge class, and "in fact, we're heading down to Florida for spring break!" The cell mate responds enthusiastically, "That's awesome, man! I used to looove spring break!" Tony and the cell mate leer at each other over their memories, while Kate is sitting in the background about ready to explode.

McGee tells Gibbs that he has located Redding, who is working in the Waterwheel Car Wash, about two miles away from where Jordan was attacked. Gibbs is unimpressed, and comments, "You should have had him three hours ago." McGee is flustered and apologizes: "I'm sorry about that, I kept hitting dead ends," to which Gibbs responds, "Learn to anticipate, McGee." McGee is puzzled. "Anticipate, boss?" McGee goes on to explain that he needs to anticipate, be one step ahead, so that way, he doesn't lose time deciding what to do next. McGee mulls over this bit of advice. Kate calls Gibbs and tells him that Redding apparently studied Jordan's photos in the magazine for hours at a time. In the background, Tony and the cell mate are laughing as if they are at a fraternity reunion. Gibbs asks Kate if he thinks that Redding was obsessed, and Kate agress: "Oh, yeah. He got her address over the internet, and said that his plan was to contact her when he was released. He didn't want to live without her." Gibbs finishes: "Or her without him . . ." Gibbs and McGee are going to visit Redding, and just as Gibbs asks McGee for "the keys . . ." a set of keys come flying across the room at Gibbs, " . . . to the car." Gibbs grabs the keys out of the air and stares at them. McGee, happy to have anticipated, is wearing a pleased look on his face.

The car wash is not your typical car wash. Lots of rap music, flashy kit cars and uniquely dressed patrons and workers are scattered all over the place. McGee and Gibbs pull up in a car that screams "cop car", and everyone stops to stare at them. Gibbs says that he feels a little out of place there, and McGee agrees: "God, it's like high school." Gibbs eyes one of the cars with exotic hubcaps and asks McGee, "What IS that?" McGee tells him that it's an Escalade but Gibbs says, no, and points to the hubcaps. McGee explains that they are "spinners", and adds "It's a hip-hop thing." McGee stares at the hubcaps for a moment, then shakes his head and mutters, "The more I know, the less I understand." A supervisor comes up to them and, in a friendly manner declares, "Looks like you could use a wash!", then quiets when Gibbs shows him his shield and announces that he's looking for Redding. The supervisor is ill at ease, and asks why, but Gibbs just asks him to point him out. He points to a figure jumping in to a red sportscar, and comments that "he has him driving today." The car drives away, and Gibbs and McGee give a quick chase, only to discover that Redding is merely moving the car to the next cleaning station. Gibbs calls out to him, but Redding begins to flee. McGee takes off after him, dashing into an automatic car wash just as it turns on. McGee is rinsed, soaped, waxed and stumbles from the car wash, only to find Redding on the ground, being cuffed by Gibbs. Gibbs looks up and admonishes McGee: "Anticipate, McGee!!' McGee gives a rueful thumbs-up in acknowledgement (and gives us a classic shot of the hapless, soap-drenched McGee that reappears in the season's credits.)

With Redding waiting in Interrogation back at headquarters, Tony and Kate are observing through the window. Tony muses that "Luke was right, this dude is creepy." Kate, in exasperation, demands, "Do you know you've been talking about Luke incessantly since we left?" Tony answers, "He's a good guy!", to which Kate responds indignantly, "He's a criminal, Tony! You have a man-crush on him!" Tony says, "I do not have a 'man-crush' . . . I just feel bad for the guy, that's all." Kate says that she doesn't understand "what it is about men and their fraternities -- it's like this pact to get drunk and to get laid supercedes everything!" Tony allows as how that getting drunk and getting laid is only 90% of it, and the other 10% is brotherhood and solidarity. Kate comments, "Well, if you ask me, it's as juvenile as spring break!" Tony asks if she has ever been on spring break, and she says, "Yes, Tony -- Panama City, junior year. And unlike the girls you are going to see, my friends and I conducted ourselves with complete dignity." Tony raises his eyebrow and responds insincerely: "Sounds like a blast . . ."

Gibbs enters the interrogation room. Redding complains that he has been sitting there for 20 minutes, and Gibbs says, quietly sarcastic, "Sorry, John, I asked them to put out refreshments, but they must have forgotten." Redding asks, "Why am I here?" and Gibbs responds, shortly, "Because killing people is illegal." Redding exclaims that he didn't kill anyone, and Gibbs asks him why he ran. Redding explains that he owed the wrong people a lot of money before he went away. "Drugs?" Gibbs inquires. He nods, and goes on to say that when he saw them at the car wash, he thought they had come to collect.

Tony thinks that Redding is lying. Kate is not so sure: "If he is, he's good." The door to the observation room opens, and a very casually dressed McGee walks in -- mismatched t-shirt, athletic shorts, socks and tennis shoes. McGee asks, "What did I miss?" as Kate and Tony stare at him. Tony asks, in horror: "Who dressed you?!" McGee explains about the car wash chase, and then adds, "I came straight here -- this was all I had that was clean!" Tony laughs and says, "Your gym clothes were clean? Who would have guessed?!" as Kate bursts into laughter. McGee is embarrassed.

Gibbs hands over a letter than Redding had written to Jordan, and Redding wants to know where he got it. Gibbs tells him that they retrieved them from Petty Officer Jordan's post office box. Redding realizes, "She never got them?!" and Gibbs asked, "Is that why you killed her? Because she didn't respond to you?" Redding declares that he didn't kill her, he loved her. Gibbs asks him where he was between 12:00 and 1:15 on Saturday, and Redding says that he was there, at the contest. Gibbs shakes his head and declares, "You aren't helping your cause much, here, Johnny-boy," and Redding explains that he wanted to talk to her and tell her how much she meant to him. Gibbs wanted to know why he didn't just tell her that when he took her the flowers, and Redding explains that she wasn't at home, and he left them at the door. He said that he waited at the contest, but she never came out. Gibbs asked if he went by himself, and Redding ruefully admits, "Yep,", knowing that it's not getting any better. He said that he showed up about a half-hour before it started, and stood right in front of the stage until it was over. "I didn't kill her. I just wanted to be a part of her life," he finishes, with tears in his eyes. "You have to believe me." Gibbs looks away, thoughtfully.

In Abby's lab, Gibbs is staring at a video screen full of static, and demanding, "Whatdayahave, Abbs?" Abby isn't sure, and comments that "the picture was crystal clear a few minutes ago!" She rewinds the tape, and suddenly, views of the bikini contest come on the screen, and she accuses Tony of not rewinding the tape after he watched it. Kate asks, "You've already seen this?" Tony admits that he has "glanced at it," and Abby corrects him: "He took it home!" Kate exclaims, "What is WRONG with you? It's like you have some sort of a sickness?!" Tony defends himself, stating, "I had a hunch there might be something on it!" Kate answers derisively: "Yeah -- ten half-naked women!" Gibbs instructs Abby to cue it up from the beginning. Abby explains that it was a two-camera shoot, one was trained on the stage, and the other was on the crowd for reactions. They run the tape, and find Redding right where he said he was, in front of the stage. They speed up the file, and discover that Redding spoke the truth -- he was right in front of the stage the entire time period between 12:00 and 1:15. Gibbs declares, "Jonathan Redding did not kill Petty Officer Jordan."

The next morning, Tony enters the squad room holding a copy of GSM and asks "Where's Gibbs?" Kate responds smartly, "I don't know, but we DO report to HIM, you know." Tony declares that he may have found another lead, and shows the team the copy of GSM. Kate is tired of Tony's constant leering, and says, impatiently, "Honestly, Tony, you need help!" Tony confidently declares that she "will sing a different tune when I show this to Gibbs!" Gibbs enters and asks, "What?" Tony follows Gibbs to his desk, and explains that he was going over Petty Officer Jordan's layout, and found something that he thought Gibbs should see. He points out that there are two photos that weren't taken by the magazine -- they are provided by the girls themselves, "to provide a voyeuristic feel into the girl's lives". McGee is peering over Tony's shoulder and wonders aloud who took the photos. Tony shakes McGee off his shoulder, and points that, in the article, Petty Officer Jordan says that they were taken by her boyfriend. McGee comments, "I thought she didn't date?" Tony gets a patient look on his face and declares, "Well, she was pregnant, McGee, and there's only one way that can happen!" Gibbs asks Tony if he has spoken to GSM, and Tony says that the pictures were taken by a local photographer, Jason Kaplan, that they have worked with a lot. Gibbs hands the magazine back to Tony with instructions to "check it out", and Tony assures Gibbs that he will "keep it professional." Gibbs sighs and says, "I know you will . . . because Kate's going with you." Tony is taken aback, as is Kate, who responds, "I am?" Tony points out that "this obviously an in-and-out job, Boss, do you really think that is necessary?" Gibbs gives Tony The Look, and Tony and Kate leave.

At the photographer's house, Tony is chortling to Kate that the photographer has "the life! He spends all day photographing the world's hottest women!" Kate sighs and says, insincerely, "I'm sure his Mom is proud." Tony asks her what she means, and she goes on to complain that the pictures are demeaning and make women look like sex objects. Tony advises Kate that she "needs to loosen up. The human body is a beautiful thing, and it should be admired," as he glides hopefully into the photographer's studio. Kate stands besides Tony with a big smile on her face and agrees with Tony: "You're right, the human body is a beautiful thing!", as she walks into a photography session of three hunky, well-oiled men wearing very brief trunks -- members of a men's water polo team. Mood music witha driving beat is playing loudly in the background. Tony is visibly uneasy and disappointed, Kate is thoroughly enjoying the show. Tony's demeanor becomes increasingly stiff, and he finally declares that he is "nauseous." The photographer asks his assistant to "keep 'em oiled!" and apologizes for keeping Tony and Kate waiting. Tony hazards a guess: "I assume this isn't for GSM, is it?" The photographer laughs and says "No, this is for Sports Monthly -- these are three members of the U.S. Water Polo team!" Kate sighs and comments, "Great uniforms!" Tony glances at her, and wonders if there is anyplace else they can talk. As they leave, one of the water polo players gives Kate a very direct look -- Kate returns it with a broad smile.

In his office, Kaplan expresses shock at Jordan's death, commenting that she was a "cute girl, the camera really loved her." Tony asks him about the two small photos in the layout. Kaplan says that that release is between the girls and the magazine, he just sends 'em in. After grousing about amateurs getting published in magazines, he finds the release, and hands it to Kate. Tony and Kate examine it -- the photographer signing the release is Kevin Holt. Tony whispers to Kate, "Lisa Kerr's boyfriend . . ." Kate wonders why Kevin would be photographing Jordan in the bedroom, and Tony says, "I bet Lisa Kerr is wondering the same thing."

In the lab, Abby is testing numerous cakes of waxy substances, trying to identify the substance found in Jordan's hair. Gibbs asks her what she has, and Abby declares, "A serious hatred for wax!" Gibbs observes that Abby looks stressed, and she complains that she has compared the victim's wax to over 100 different waxes -- "each one just one small molecule different from the rest -- do you know how small a molecule is!?" McGee says, "I do!" and Abby says, without missing a beat, "Shut up, McGee." Tony deadpans, "I really like this new Abby." Abby declares that after many fun-filled hours, she finally found a match, and holds up a small container. Kate peers at the label and asks in surprise, "Does that say 'Sexwax'?" Abby agrees that it does, and further states that it comes in "cool, warm and tropical." McGee asks, "How does it work?" and Tony places his hand on McGee's shoulder and whispers, "Don't worry about it, Probie, I'm pretty sure you still need a girl, first." Abby corrects him: "It's not like that. Mr. Zog's Sexwax is a brand name -- it's made for surfers." Gibbs perks up: "Surfers?" Abby confirms it, and explains that they put the wax on their boards to help with traction. Gibbs and Tony exchange A Look.

Gibbs and Tony are back at the Kerr mansion. Kevin is on the lawn, carefully waxing his surfboard, and greets them with a cheery "My friends from NCIS! Whatdayaknow, boys?" Tony answers, "More than you'd like us to." Kevin looks puzzled, and asks, "Come again?" Gibbs tells him that they have come to talk about his relationship with Tiffany Jordan. Kevin says, "What relationship? She and Lisa were friends -- I barely knew her." Gibbs comments that he knew her well enough to take intimate photos of her. "You do that with all of Lisa's friends?" Tony throws in a comment: "You're lighting needed work." Kevin straightens from his board waxing and looks at both of them. He then says, confidentially, "Look, fellas, it's not what you think. Her and I -- we hung out a couple of times, y'know? Totally innocent. She asked me to help take some photos of her for this magazine, so I helped her out." Gibbs gazes at him and then intones, "Generous of you. Does Lisa know about the photos?" Kevin admits that she didn't, and didn't even know that he and Tiffany were friends. Gibbs observes that if there's nothing going on, "then why the big secret?" Kevin explains that Lisa is very insecure, and goes on to describe how Lisa sniffs his clothes after a surf tournament for evidence of perfume, and he's even caught her going through his email a couple of times. Tony, looking very deadpan with his sunglasses on, comments sarcastically, "Look at that Boss, she's suffocating him and all's he's doing is taking a few lingerie shots of her girlfriends." Kevin assures Tony that "it's not what you think. I wasn't sleeping with Tiffany." Gibbs says, "Good, then you won't mind submitting a DNA sample." Kevin is surprised, and asks if they have the killer's DNA, and then agrees, declaring that he has nothing to hide.

Abby runs the DNA test, and finds a match between Kevin and the DNA found in the Jordan's fetus. Abby gleefully tells Tony, "We have a winner! Tell them what they've won!" Tony, pretending to announce a huge prize, declares that Kevin "has won an all-expenses paid vacation to sunny Leavenworth!" Kate dryly tells him not to quit his day job. Gibbs says aloud, "That might not be an option," and asks about his prints. Abby confesses that she has been unable to match the prints with any prints found in the bathroom. McGee is surprised, since there were hundreds of prints, and asks Abby if she ran them all Abby sarcastically responds that "No, McGee, about halfway through I got tired and said 'screw it.'" A moment of silence, and McGee mumbles "I just thought I'd check." Tony comments that it just proves that he was more careful at the crime scene than he was in the bedroom.

In the Interrogation Room, Kevin is sitting at the table. Tony walks in and Kevin immediately launches into a complaint about how he agreed to take their test, but not to spend the night in that little room. Tony comments that "this is a luxury suite, compared to what you're looking at," and slides a copy of the report in front of Kevin. "What are you talking about?" demands Kevin. Tony hisses in Kevin's ear: "You lied to us, Kev." In the observation room, the door opens to admit Lisa Kerr and Kate, who joins Gibbs and McGee watching the interview. Lisa wants to know why Kevin is still there, and Gibbs says that evidence is leading them to believe that he was involved in Tiffany's murder. Lisa declares that it is ridiculous and that he's not capable of killing anyone. She watches at Tony tells Kevin, "I've got good news and I've got bad news -- which one do you want to hear first?" Kevin is confused, so Tony cuts to the chase: "Tiffany was pregnant." Glancing at the report, he continues, "And there is a 99.98% chance that YOU are the father." Kevin is stunned. "Tiffany was pregnant?" Tony admits that he decided to go with the bad news, first. Lisa watches, incredulous, as Kate carefully watches her face for reactions. Lisa shakes her head in disbelief and says, "He cheated on me? I can't believe he'd cheat on me, I've given him everything." Gibbs asks, "You never suspected?" and she exclaims, "Why would I? She's my friend!" They are sympathetic, and Gibbs instructs McGee to give her a glass of water. Lisa shakes her head: "I still don't believe he killed her." In Interrogation, Kevin asks, hopelessly, "I thought you said there was some good news?" Tony says, "Oh, right, I forgot. There IS a .02% chance that you will walk out of here." Kevin admits that he has screwed up, but denies that he is a killer. McGee hands Lisa a water glass, she grasps it while watching the interview. Kevin goes on to say that the last time they saw each other was before she left, and they had decided not to see each other any more." Tony tells Kevin that he is not a very reputable guy, and wonders why they should believe him. Kevin declares that he is telling the truth, and Tony wonders why, if that is true, that he was avoiding them. Tony claims that they have called him for two days, and have left four messages for him. Kevin is confused; Lisa, in the observation room, is angry. "He's lying! He never left him any messages!" Gibbs asks softly, "How do you know?" A long silence - she realizes that she has slipped up.

It's Lisa's turn in Interrogation. Gibbs enters, and asks her if she's sure she doesn't want to call her lawyer. She smiles confidently and declares, "I didn't do anything wrong, I just want to get this over with!" Gibbs thinks for a moment, and then leads off with, "It must have been a shock when you got Tiffany's message. No one would blame you for being angry." Lisa denies listening to any message, stating that she would never invade his privacy like that. Gibbs points out that she didn't have any trouble going through his emails, and Lisa says in disbelief, "He told you that?" Gibbs gazes at her, and then reaches into his pocket and withdraws the water glass, and tells her that they lifted her fingerprints from the glass, and it matches a print found a few feet from Tiffany's body. Lisa's eyes fill with tears, she gazes back at Gibbs and stammers, "I think I'd like to call my lawyer, now." Gibbs allows as how that's probably a good idea.

It's evening, and the team is finishing up for the day. Kate is surprised that Tony is still there, she thought he was leaving for his spring break trip. He assures her that he is just on his way out, and she admonishes him to try not to embarrass himself. Tony is grinning, and says, "Come on, Kate, I'm way too grown up for that!" The next shot is of Tony at the beach beer bonging, dressed in a red and white plaid shirt and a straw cowboy hat, surrounded by a bevy of admiring young women. He is having a VERY good time. He staggers off, announcing that he's going off to the head. On his way to the bathroom, he passes a wall of photographs, "The Wet T-Shirt Hall of Fame". He leers at the photos, declaring that "I love this place!" when suddenly, from the crowd of photos, one jumps out at him: a young Kate, in a very brief, wet t-shirt, smiling at the camera while being doused with water, and supported on either side by two handsome hunks. Tony is beside himself with delight, laughing maniacally. Kate will never hear the end of this.