Season 2 Episode 18

Bikini Wax

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2005 on CBS

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  • Jealousy

    Mm.. nothing too surprising with this case. To be honest.. it was average. I did not liked the whole Tony's attitude on this episode as in this episode I totally had to agree with Kate on her comments towards him.

    I liked more McGee's and Gibb's interaction and he telling McGee that he should think one step ahead and know what to do.. like there on the car washery. That was funny.

    On the case.. I think the first moment we saw that surfer, we were sure, he was the father and from knowing that it was quite sure what came after.. So.. little bit too straight forward
  • An okay episode but not great.

    Quite a good episode but nothing spectacular. They never did really explain outright how the wax got in her hair. It's a bit of a leap from the wax from his surfboard to it being on whatsername's hands when she killed her.

    Why on Earth did Gibbs yell to Redding when they were that far away? It was just a way to lead into the McGee-running-into-the-car-wash scene.

    The final scene of Tony finding Kate's photo was very well done – the green light was a particularly nice touch, Tony looks either like a psycho or an alien.

    Lochlyn Monroe – I've always liked him and he still turns up in the strangest places. I still remember watching him in a Canadian teenager series when I was at school.
  • A decent episode, with the greatest of endings.

    This episode was a rather unusual and different one, and as I've mentioned before, I like having variety. The case was fairly interesting, although slightly predictable, but the episode was rather funny at times, and had the greatest of endings.

    The storyline was average. It wasn't too over-exciting, but it wasn't a dull and hard one to follow either.

    There were some funny moments and quotes from the episode, including the scene where McGee runs through a car wash, but as I said, the ending is gold, and this ending leads to greatness in the upcoming episode.

    It was pretty interesting and really funny, but overall, I don't recommend this episode too highly, because it just wasn't interesting too much.
  • A bikini contest leads to murder

    This episode opens with a bikini contest on a beach in Virginia. One of the contests is found dead in a toilet cubicle. Further investigating reveals that she was a petty officer, who had only the day before come off of her duty. When the team visit her apartment, due to exercise videos and books, they believe that she had an eating disorder. When Tony & McGee got o see her workmates they learn that she was pregnant. The team go to see one of her friends and they learn that she was trying to lose weight for a GSM magazine photo shoot. When they go through all of her mail, they discover that she had a stalker, who was just realised from prison. They go to see his old cell mate who claims to have information on the case. So Tony & Kate got to see him. When Tony & Kate go to see the photographer who took her photos from GSM, they discover that the "Boyfriend" who allowed his photos to be use in the spread, is actually one of her friend's fiancée. When her friend questioned cracks and admits to the murder.
  • Great episode...

    At first sight this may just look like an ordinary case, but I mean this is NCSI, so we all know that it just has something special.

    It may not even be the case itself what makes this episode so good, though for the record I did enjoy the case of this episode, but it is mainly about our favorite NCIS team and how the handle some situation. That and well, how they react towards each other. And I thought that this episode showed that pretty good. And that is what I most enjoyed about this episode. There are lots of funny scenes to keep me entertained and that alone is a reason for me why I like this episode.
  • Horribly predictable storyline. But everyone needs to make their first mistake...

    I felt that it was necessary that I write this review, as I didn't want Bikini Wax to be someone's first episode of NCIS, and for them to judge the show based on this one bad episode.

    To me, and a lot of other NCIS fans, Bikini Wax was painfully predictable. The criminal was obvious from the start of the episode, and as evidence presented itself, even the motive and the method became clear before the episode concluded. However, this is very uncharacteristic for NCIS, and I believe that David North was off-key when writing this episode; he has contributed wonderfully suspenseful storylines for NCIS since.

    I don't think that watching NCIS for three seasons means I’ve become accustomed to the crime plots and therefore able to predict them, because since Bikini Wax, that hasn't happened again. I believe that this was a one-off plot-unfolding mistake, and it has yet to happen again.

    The episode itself was great, with character interaction and co-operation, so it wasn't entirely disappointing.

    So, if you have seen this episode but are unfamiliar with the rest of the NCIS series, do not judge NCIS on this episode. Even obsessed NCIS fanatics such as myself, as painful as it may be, have to admit that this was bad.
  • Bikini Wax isn\'t really as much of a series classic as a show classic. If you love sun, surf, sand, murder&models you\'ll definatly love this episode.

    A bikini model murder, is the plot that every crime show uses at one point-however Bellisario has given it an NCIS twist. When a model at a bikini contest winds up dead NCIS investigates. The model is found to be pregnant, there\'s more but I don\'t want to spoil the well-plotted ending. I loved it and I think that Tony is absolutly hilarious in this episode. We all know how Tony is with models! If you love sun, surf, sand, murder&models you\'ll definatly love this episode.