Season 2 Episode 18

Bikini Wax

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: There are no palm trees in Virginia Beach, yet this episode supposedly is placed in Virginia Beach and has palm trees.

    • TRIVIA: Ducky graduated from Edinburgh Medical School.

    • TRIVIA: Tony graduated from Ohio State University in 1989.

    • GOOF: When DiNozzo was typing notes in his Blackberry while Gibbs was talking to Lisa, it beeped as he hit the keys. The 7200 model series Blackberry he had has no such sound effect.

    • TRIVIA: When Gibbs and McGee go to find the man that was stalking the Petty Officer, there are cars and a group of people on the street. One of the first cars they show is a pink sports car with the image of an anime character on the side. This is either the same car, or one exactly like the car they used for 2 Fast 2 Furious during the street race with Brian. The car in the movie was driven by Devon Aoki's character Suki.

    • TRIVIA: When agents DiNozzo and Todd visit the photographer's office and ask to see the press release for the victim's photographs, you can see that the address listed is "1313 Mockingbird Lane." This is the street address for the Munster family in the TV comedy The Munsters.

    • TRIVIA: When Tony and Kate speak to the freelance photographer, Jason Kaplan, in his office, the office is the same set used for Harmon Rabb's apartment on JAG, another of Bellisario's show. More specifically, Rabb's bedroom and bathroom area.

    • TRIVIA: McGee says he couldn't buy Tony a burger because he didn't have enough money, yet in "Witness" he said he carried a few hundred dollar bills because he "always liked to be prepared". He could have been lying to Tony, but it looked as if he was serious. Goof: During the same scene, the burger is completely wrapped when McGee throws it in the trash, but when he looks down at it, it's suddenly unwrapped.

    • TRIVIA: At the end of the episode, Tony is in Panama City with his frat brothers and finds a picture of Kate from 1994 Spring Break in a Wet T-Shirt contest. He in a later episode uses this picture to blackmail Kate.

    • GOOF: When the body is put down on the plastic, the hands are by her side, but, then we see Jimmy stand up and her arms are lying across her chest, even though no one moved them there.

  • Quotes

    • Abby: We have a winner! Tony, tell us what he's won.
      Tony: Well, Abby, he's won an all-expenses-paid iron vacation to sunny Leavenworth.
      Kate: Keep your day job.
      Gibbs: May not be an option.

    • McGee: Can I have two minutes to eat?
      Tony: Get anything for me?
      McGee: No, I only had a few dollars.
      Tony: Then, there's no time. (McGee gets up with his sandwich) No food in the truck.
      McGee: What?
      Tony: Gibbs' rules, not mine. (McGee throws away his sandwich) On second thought, I think the rule is that there's no eating in Autopsy. The truck's okay.

    • Tony: I've had a lot of short-lived relationships and I kind of have a hard time remembering all of them.
      Gibbs: I have the same problem with ex-wives.

    • Gibbs: Now get down on the floor and start sketching the footprints.
      Tony: It's a public restroom, boss. It's really disgusting.
      Gibbs: It could be worse.
      Tony: How could it be worse?!
      Gibbs: Could be a men's room.

    • Kate: Give him five seconds.
      McGee: Until what?
      Kate: Until he notices there's a...
      Tony: Bikini contest!
      Gibbs: It's over, DiNozzo.

    • Tony: She was pregnant McGee. There's only one way that can happen...

    • {about getting the petty officer's mail}
      Gibbs: How long will it take?
      Kate: Two, maybe three days, tops.
      Gibbs: You got four.
      Kate: {excited} Four days?
      Gibbs: No, hours.
      Kate: That sounds about right...

    • Jonathan Redding: Why am I here?
      Gibbs: Because killing people is illegal.

    • (standing over body with her head in the toilet)
      Tony: That is one hell of a Swirly.
      McGee: Swirly?
      Tony: You take a kid by the ankles dunk him in the toilet then flush. Usually reserved for dorks. Does it look familiar, Probie?
      McGee: I don't think so. Noogies sure, wedgies, the occasional melvin, but no.
      Gibbs: If you two don't start working, I'll show you hazing and the Marine Corps does not do wedgies or noogies or melvins.
      Tony: Thank you boss.

    • Gibbs: What'd ya have, Abbs?
      Abby: A serious hatred of wax.

    • Kate: Don't you ever get flowers?
      Gibbs: I don't like gifts that need attention.

    • McGee: It was the only thing I had clean.
      Tony: Your gym clothes were clean?! (softly to Kate) Who woulda known.

    • (McGee walks into the observation room in his gym clothes)
      McGee: Hi, what'd I miss?
      Tony: Who dressed you?

    • Jonathan Redding: Finally! I've been sitting here twenty minutes.
      Gibbs: I'm sorry Jon, I asked them to put out refreshments and they must have forgotten.

    • Gibbs: What the hell is that?
      McGee: I believe it's an Escalade, boss.
      Gibbs: The wheels, McGee.
      McGee: Oh, the rims are called spinners.
      Gibbs: What's the point?
      McGee: It's a hip hop thing.
      Gibbs: The more I know the less I understand.

    • Abby: Do you know how small a molecule is?
      McGee: I do.
      Abby: Shut up McGee.
      Tony: I really like this new Abby.

    • Tony (about the suspect): Luke was right. He is weird.

    • Jimmy: What is wrong, doctor?
      Ducky: She has her head in a toilet, Mr. Palmer.

    • McGee: (to Abby, who was going through many fingerprint files) Are you sure?
      Abby: No McGee; halfway through I got tired and said 'Screw it.'

    • Tony: (to Kate,about Gibbs' clothes) That's because the prices have been pretty consistent at Sears since the late 70s.
      (minutes later)
      Gibbs: (to Tony) I tried to get to that last night, but Sears was having a sale.

    • Gibbs: What's the problem Abbs?
      Abby: I'm not really sure. The picture was crystal clear when I tested it. There we go.
      McGee: What happened?
      Abby: Tony forgot to rewind.
      Tony: Thanks Abbs.
      Kate: You already watched this?
      Tony: I glanced at it.
      Abby: You took it home.
      Kate: What is wrong with you? It's like you have some sort of a sickness.
      Tony: I had a hunch there might be something on it!
      Kate: Yeah! Like 10 HALF NAKED WOMEN!!!!!!!

    • Tony: I'm talking about spring break, Probie. Every year my buddies and I hop in the car and head down to Panama City.
      McGee: Yeah, at MIT, we never did the whole spring break thing.
      Tony: Go figure.
      McGee: Hey, so was it as wild as it looks on MTV?
      Tony: Probie, my stories alone could make you a man.

    • Abby: I love it when you're rough McGee!

  • Notes

    • Original International Airdates:
      Croatia: December 29, 2005 on NOVA TV
      Finland: June 9, 2007 on Nelonen
      France: November 18, 2005 on M6
      Germany: January 19, 2006 on SAT.1
      Sweden: July 16, 2005 on TV3
      Denmark: March 29, 2005 on TV3

  • Allusions

    • "GSM" magazine is a clear allusion to real-life men's magazine "FHM."

    • Episode Title: "Bikini Wax"
      Bikini wax is a type of hair removal in the pubic region. A bikini wax involves the removal of pubic hair adjacent to the pantyline (or "bikini") area.

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