Season 2 Episode 11

Black Water

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2005 on CBS

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  • Huge mistake in this episode?

    The reward offered was for FINDING McAllister. His family DID NOT know what happened to him! How could the reward be for finding out who murdered him? Big hole in this episode makes the whole thing with the private eye not work!!

    As vicky24c said " . . .reward, if anyone finds

    I still enjoyed the episode but, unless I missed something, it doesn't make any sense.
  • Random Frame.

    Ok so i was watching season 2 again and I noticed about 18 min in there is a close up of Tom after Kate and Tony question him and i was wondering if anybody else noticed that Tony pulls a gun on him at the end of the scene? Other than that it was a good episode with the characters meshing together well like they always have.
  • Cleverly plotted

    Ok.. this was not straight forward case from the start but did I expected that kind of out come? For sure no.. In one point, when Kate was having the dinner, I thought.. it is way too easy but they have had cases were from one point it gets easy.. so I thought it is like that.. but no.. the way Gibbs figured it all out.. and what a clever plot. I mean.. there was no murder, it was an accident and everything was done for the money.. even the whole shooting. That was just.. but I think it was great episode.
  • Interesting old mystery.

    Tony never fails to be increasingly fascinating – for a rich kid, he has done really well for himself, carving out an impressive career and seems pretty happy even though his family's cut him off.

    Kate never changes – she forms an opinion and refuses to budge until she's proven wrong.

    Tony's hilarious – Kate's dress is beautiful and Tony 'debauches' her. Without even touching her, it's a skill. I found his reaction interesting though – it was definitely a brotherly reaction which fits in with their entire relationship.

    Cooper framed an innocent man for murder just to collect a reward which wouldn't pay out for accidental death. The reward isn't even that much, $1m. To ruin his entire hard-earned reputation, he must have been desperate.
  • A decent addition.

    This episode, 'Black Water', although not as great as a couple of the last few, was still another exciting addition. Once again, the storyline was intense and dramatic, and it was well planned and exciting.

    The case was not my favorite, but it was still an interesting one to watch, and the episode did have a few scenes that had me laughing.

    For me, the ending was unpredictable, which added a great element, and this resulted in a great episode.

    I like to see variety, and this episode did provide that element, as this is unlike anything done before.

    The verdict is that this is a decent case with a great ending you won't anticipate. I recommend it, but it isn't the best.
  • Another good one....

    Opens with a man's body being dumped inside of a car into a river. When then jump to the NCIS team, where we learn that the man is from a very rich family, who had a $2million reward, if anyone finds him. He had been missing for 2 years. He was found by a Private Investigator. When investigating Ducky believes that he may have drowned, but McGee discovers a bullet in the car and so the team believe that he was murdered. Tony & Kate go to interview the victims brother, as he is one of their main suspects in the case. When the brother is arrested he is quickly realised when Gibbs realises, that the Private Eye had more to do with the case than he lead the team to believe. The victim did actually drowned 2 years before, but the P.I; shoot the car in order to get the reward money.
  • Good episode.

    This episode, may be a little predictable, but I still love it none the less. And it's always fun for a quick watch. The humor was pretty obviously to find in this episode, and was certainly good for a laugh. The first scene is right away a funny scene, and one that shows the teams interaction. What I think is one of the biggest reasons why I love this show so much. The case wasn't the best ever, but still interesting. For awhile I did believe the brother was guilty, but luckily for Kate he wasn't and the date could be continued.
  • A Navy officer's body, which was missing for 2 years, is found in a car pulled from a lake who now wants to have the reward posted by the family. The disappearance turns out to be a murder when the team finds a bullet inside the car.

    As usual the programme started brilliantly, where Tone gets Kate to say that she was his wife and they had 2 children, then says to McGee, pay her and Tim says, He bet me 40$ that you would say you were his wife. When Gibbs is called, gets the call about the body, well the car scene, is NCIS comedy,it is so funny, Tone as usual doing his sexist bit, Gibbs just smiles. McGee in the wadders, now that was funny, Abbs in the black and white socks, ( closet Dunfermline supporter?). …

    This was brilliant:-
    Saleena: Gibbs and Dinozzo from...uh... NCIS. How may I help you? Gibbs: You're the psychic, you tell me? Saleena: Brian McAllister, you found his remains in Black Lake.
    Tony: Wow she's good Boss.
    Gibbs: It's on the news Dinozzo.

    Really for once, felt for Kate, she got a date and god ,was the guy not like Prince Harry, red haired and that? Of course Tone had to get personnel and tell Kate she had to tart up a bit, thank goodness for Jethro to say she looked best as she was natural. Anyway to cut a long story short, NCIS nailed the PI, and Kate flew into the distant horizon for dessert in NY ( did she meet up with Mac and solve a CSI case, well that’s another story). Not sure about the final line……………( but Kate did go to catholic school?)
  • The NCIS team investigates when the body of a naval officer missing for 2 years turns up on the bottom of a lake.

    I love this episode! Definitely one of my favorites! :D

    Black Water is a very good episode 'cause it's a bunch of Tate scenes.

    But we'll start from the beginning.

    Tony's getting stalked by an ex-girlfriend. She keeps calling him.
    Tony: I'm in hell, Kate. Kate: Well, do they have money there? ( Haha! :D ) 'Cause you owe me $43.86 for lunch this week.
    Tony: I will gladly pay you today if you'll answer this call for me.
    Kate: What do you want me to say to her?
    Tony: I don't know. Tell her you're my wife or something. She's been calling me nonstop for two days. I'm begging you here, Kate, please? Kate: You pay me back today.
    Kate: Hello?...Me? Oh, uh...I am Tony's wife...Uh, yes, we got married a few years ago. ( That has some truth in it 'cause Gibbs is always saying that their argues remember him of his marriages! :P )
    Kate: (Whispers to Tony) Do we have kids?
    He shows three fingers.
    Kate: No.
    Then he shows two. Kate nods.
    Kate: Two...Yes, and we're very, very happy. So, please, don't call back again.
    Hangs up.
    Kate: Ugh. I feel like I need a shower.
    She holds out her hand. Tony just smiles.
    Tony: Pay the lady, Probie. Kate look surprisingly on them both.
    McGee: He bet me $40 that he could get you to say you're his wife today.
    Kate: Tony! I'm going to kill you. In the car Tony's eating Chinese (with a fork of course) and Gibbs breaks. Tony drops his fork and is "searching" for it between Kate's legs. Kate hits him and says "that she can guarantee him that it's not there". ( Hahahaha :D )

    They drag up the car and find bones in it. Probably McAllister's.

    Back at NCIS. Tony, Kate and Abby is investigating the car. Abby is wearing her black-and-white striped socks which pokes out from under the car.
    Tony: You know what movie this reminds me of, Kate?
    Kate: The Wizard of Oz?
    Abby: I'll get you, my pretty!
    Tony: No. I meant the one they make you watch in high school. 30 minutes of cops pulling dead teenagers out of car wrecks.
    Abby: Oh, my God!
    She comes out from underneath the car.
    Abby: I loved those! Blood on the Highway... Drink, Drive, Die. I keep hoping they're gonna release them on DVD.
    Tony: ...yeah, me too. :?
    Abby: Yeah.
    Nods and goes under the car again.
    ( Hahahaha! Abby, you're so funny! :D )

    Abby traces the trajectory of a bullet hole and bullet they found in the car and concludes it went straight through McAllister, but Ducky can't find any evidence of a shot like that.
    The only son that's left is a Thomas McAllister, who dropped out of Annapolis because of drug possession. Now he's got his own airline.
    Kate buys everyone lunch. Healthy tofu veggie wraps for them to eat. Gibbs just smells it and then throws it. McGee tastes it and then throws it. Tony tastes it and throws it at the same time he spits it all out. ( Hahahaha! I probably wouldn't think that it tasted that bad :P )

    Kate and Tony investigate the brother, and Kate makes a crack about Tony's money.
    Tony: So because I grew up with money, that somehow makes me bad. Very deep.
    Kate: Well, it's better than having to work every day, like I had to.
    Tony: Listen, you think money makes life easier, huh? Everything was just a big old cakewalk for little Anthony DiNozzo? Tell me, Kate, 'cause I really want to know.
    Kate: I'm sorry, Tony. I didn't mean anything by it.
    Tony: 'Cause you want to know the answer to your question? Yes, money makes a huge difference, huge. I miss it every single day of my life, so much it makes me want to cry.
    Kate: You're pathetic.
    Tony: It's part of my charm.
    Kate: Yeah.

    The father had married a psychic. He died after Brian McAllister disappeared, and the brother and the psychic got all the money.
    When Gibbs and Tony go to question her though, someone tries to kill her. Gibbs sees the sight on her forehead and knocks her to the floor. "Didn't see that one coming, did you?" (Hahaha)
    Kate is sent off on a date with McAllister to keep him busy while Gibbs picks the lock and goes with McGee into McAllister's house. Cooper's there, checking out the gun which killed McAllister. Abby confirms that it was the same gun.

    Kate: I finally meet a nice guy, and he turns out to be a murderer.
    Abby: Happens to Tony all the time. Hey, do me a favor, Kate. My back is killing me. I'm waiting! And don't shortchange me this time.
    Kate: (Massaging Abby's shoulders) You know, your muscles wouldn't be so tight if you'd stop drinking all that caffeine crap that Gibbs is always bringing you.
    Abby: Awww, but I love the caffeine crap, Kaaaate! ( :D )

    Tony and McGee and Cooper are waiting in the interrogation room, behind the mirror, where Thomas McAllister has been sitting for a long time. Gibbs and Kate come in, and McAllister again says he's innocent. Gibbs says he know. They take in Cooper instead. The metal around the impact was only recently exposed to water. It had only been there for 2 weeks. And since he wasn't murdered Cooper couldn't get the money so he "made the murder happen". Gibbs tests for gun residue. On his trademark, his tacky trench coat. He did it. McGee won't believe it but Tony says he has to.

    Another case closed. McAllister wants to take Kate for dessert. At 2:30 in the morning. In New York. Tony hears it.
    Tony: New York? I love New York.
    Kate: It's a small plane, Tony.
    McAllister: Maybe next time.
    Awww! Tony looks sooo sad! :( :P

    The plane is in the air and you can hear Kate ask "You're Catholic, right?". ( Hahahaha! I love that end! Except the part that there isn't quite Tate but it's fun! :D )
  • Very entertaining

    Ok, yes, "Black Water" is a filler episode but it's still pretty damn good. The humour is fantastic and the beginning scene in the office is one of the best I've scene. Above all, this episode shows how brilliant Gibbs and his team really are. This time, instead of fooling the FBI or any other agency, Gibbs is up against a very typical Private Investigator. He's corny, tacky and he thinks he's the best. Apparently McGee thinks so too.

    But the best part of this episode is Kate's storyline. Yep, we finally see her on a date. With a murder suspect. On the plus side, he is charming. Well, at least to Kate. A very entertaing episode.
  • A little predictable but still very entertaining.

    The team are involved in solving a two year disappearance, suspected murder, of a marine. His car is found by a professional 'puzzle solver' and NCIS are called to the scene. It isn't long before they find a bullet and start investigating the circumstances of his family before his death.

    This episode was a little predictable and a little obvious, but Kate going on a date with Tom while DiNozzo is listening in is very good - as was the opening scene with DiNozzo and Kate with the phone.

    Since Kate has left the series I have missed the interaction which she and DiNozzo have (although the new cast member is very good).