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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • Abby's Life Is Threatened When A Piece Of Evidence Almost Kills Her. The Team Must Protect Her And Find The Person Who Wanted Her To Die.

    "NCIS" continues to have excellent and well acted episodes. "Bloodbath" was an excellent episode from start to finish. I was hooked all the way through and the suspense never let up. I have been a big fan of Abby ever since the series began, and I am glad that this episode was centered to her. Also, another good thing is that it was well written and it took twists and turns. Another highlight of this episode were the performances of Pauley Perrette and Mark Harmon. Their firey exchanges about the case were terrific. The last scene was my favorite. I could not stop laughing! "Bloodbath" was entertaining and it is one of the best episodes to date in the series. This is a must watch for everyone. Do not miss this! Excellent.
  • Abby's old boyfriend stalks her, while the team is trying to protect her from another attempted murderer.

    I love this episode because you get to see Abby in action. I like it because we all know that she can kill someone without leaving any forenscic evidence.But in this episode we get to see Abby actaully being able to keep her self alive. Abby is a very strong young women and is usually not seen in the manor she acted(good thing). The bond between Abby and Gibbs grew when Gibbs found out that she had gotten a restraining order on Micheal. The rest of the team is pretty good though DiNozzo's comments are getting annoying. I wish DiNozzo would stop making unattractive remarks about the women he works with and constantly trying to get them to go out with him.
  • When Abby is nearly killed by some evidence she is analysing the team discover that there mistress of the dark is keeping secrets from them.

    As Abby's life is put in danger, the team must work to find out who is trying to kill her and stop them before they succeed. Unofortunatley for them, they may be following the wrong man...

    This is one of the best episode's of the series and one of my favourites. Pauley Perrette is fantastic as Abby. I loved the interaction between Abby and McGee in McGee's apartement. My only complaint: more Tony please ;-)

    This ep has lots of funny moments as well as serious ones, just like all NCIS eps. You will want to watch it again and again!

    A near perfect epsiode!
  • Abby's life is turned upside down when a stalker threatens her life. A man from her past revisits and Gibbs and the gang are forced to protect Abby at all costs.

    I'm still getting into NCIS as a series and recently started it watching it, this season to be exact, but I think the last two episodes have been a turning point for the show. Bloodbath and Untouchable both had a comedic flair that seemed to be absent from the previous episodes and the storylines are becoming increasingly interesting. I can still see some similarities between JAG and NCIS, they both have a disctinct feel and yet I find NCIS to be a better show.

    In terms of Bloodbath, I enjoyed how it focused in on Abby and gave us a distinctive view into her past and developed her character beyond the scientific whiz that she is. It definately played on the suspense factor, but I think something was lost in the end when it was tied up so nicely with the criminal hiring a hitman to kill Abby, who had the main testimony. I wish they had written a better ending because he, the criminal, did not seem like the type person who would do that and it created a lacklustre finale to an overall above average show.

    However, I found the bond that was shown between Gibbs and Abby very interesting , it actually makes me wonder whether he is playing the father figure or soemthing more. My first reaction would be father figure, as I assume most people would agree with, but there were moments during the show when it seemed like it could be more.

    Well, there\'s always room for speculation, and a good show always gives enough away to keep the viewers watching.
  • Absolutely stunning!

    In this episode, a crime scene is staged as part of a greater plot to kill Abby Sciuto, one of my favorite characters.

    The storyline was sublime and this contributed to the great suspense that it laid out for us. I also found the episode to be quite funny in several of the scenes.

    I loved the closing scenes when Abby tasered her capturer, which was just hilarious, and I enjoyed seeing the vulnerable side to her, when she sat alone in the elevator all day.

    The episode is just sensational, and this is another great one that you just can't overlook!

    A great sign of things to come, this episode is one of my personal favorites!
  • Best Abby episode.

    It's totally understandable why Abby didn't tell her over-protective father-figure about her stalker – Gibbs would have eviscerated him. It's one of the many things I love about the series. Gibbs is fanatically protective of the people he loves and he treats Abby like his own daughter. She's a surrogate for his dead daughter.

    Her stalker is scary, even by Abby standards. What a psycho! Stealing her mail, slashing her tires, writing a suicide note in Abby's handwriting and obviously intending a murder-suicide scene. If he ever goes near Abby again – Gibbs will destroy him. As it is, Gibbs can probably get him locked up for a few years at least, problem is that won't stop him, he'll probably get worse in prison.
  • One of my all time favourite episodes from NCIS!

    This episode is one of my all time favourite episodes that I can watch over and over again. Abby is being stalked and Gibbs shows just how much he cares for her. When he berates her for not telling him aboout that creepy ex-boyfriend she tells him, that she wanted the guy restrained not beaten into pulp with a baseball bat. Gibbs just nods. Yes he probably would have done just that. One scene especially stands out. Abby is hiding in the elevator out of fear of the stalker. The whole team has given her something to protect her with and Gibbs sits down with her and taking her in his arms and reassures her that no one is going to hurt her. That scene always melts my heart into goo. It is just perfect. IMHO it is a very special episode and one of the best NCIS episodes ever.
  • This episode revolves around the fact that Abby has someone out there who wants her dead and then the team realizes that she has her own personal stalker, her ex.

    This episode revolves around the fact that Abby has someone out there who wants her dead and then the team realizes that she has her own personal stalker, her ex. The team has to find out why someone wants her dead and stop them before they accomplish their goal. Ok so i absolutely love this episode. First off Abby is just such an awesome character and it is create to get more into her past because we have got a few chunks from her joking about it. The humor in this episode, just plain Abby and the scenes with her and Gibbs when he is trying to comfort her as well as the mystery behind Abby i love. overall this is one of my favorite episodes involving Abby and probably over all.
  • Someone is out to kill Abby..........

    This episode opens with a couple checking into a motel. As they enter they discover that there is blood everywhere and what looks like, body parts. Abby has to go to court to give evidence and so Ziva and the Director try to sort out her outfit. It is here we learn that the Motel is outside of a navy base which is mostly used by visiting families. The team learn that the master key to the motel was stolen from the maid a few days before. Ducky believes that the remains are actual medical waste. As Abby and McGee are in the lab they smell something strange and believe it is serenade gas and immediately evacuate the lab and lock it down. The team now believe that the crime scene was a set up and that someone is after Abby. After Tony does some digging this may be true. They go through her phone records and discover that she has a stalker and has a restraining order against him. The team then head go to see him. As they enter they believe they have stumbled along another crime scene, until they discover that it was all a set up for a photo. Michael (the stalker) works as a crime scene cleaner. But he has an alibi. So Gibbs sends Abby home with McGee for the night (he doesn't want her to be alone). When McGee goes down to his car to get Abby's toothbrush, he tells her not to open the door to anyone. He then comes back to get his car keys. As he leaves for a second time, there is yet another knock at the door. This time it is Michael. She tries to run but she can't. She manages to get to the bathroom, after handcuffing him. She locks herself in there until McGee shows up/.
    When Tony goes to Michael apartment they discover he has a wall covered in pictures of Abby. It seems as though he has been following her for months. We then find Abby sitting in the elevator as she believes it is the safest place in the building for her to be. After all only 5 people a year died in an elevator. Ducky gives Abby a whistle that will bust eardrums of anyone standing close. Abby finally goes back into her lab and she gets a phone call from Michael. Its then that we see him outside of her window. She traces the call and just before she tracks him, he tells her another way of doing it and its then that she realises that he can see her. The team race in when they realise that he is on the base. She realises that now here is safe. So she goes with Gibbs and stays with him. Tony phones and informs them that they have Michael in custody. Abby is called back to court the following day and is picked up by federal transport. Michael explains to the team that someone else has been following Abby and when they check back through all of the photos he had been taking off her, they seem to back up his story. When Abby gets into the can we realise that it is the same person as in all of the photos. The director gets a call that transport for Abby will be late as someone slashed the tires on his van. The team that realise what has happened. Tony & Gibbs set off in search of Abby. They soon find the van and hear a whistle. They then hear screaming and we see Abby attacking the man with a stun gun given to her by Ziva. After Abby's court appearance they learn that the man who was on trial hired the man to take out Abby, to stop her giving evidence against him. The NCIS team arrest him. The team keep Michael in custody after they find a suicide note in his car in Abby's handwriting and a gun, in his car.
  • When a couple check into a hotel they are surprised with their room, considering it looks like a sene from a horror movie. At first it is thought to be a drug deal gone bad..You think?

    Abby does her mojo to find out what the drugs were.But it seems it was not drugs it was poison and when she added her chemicals to test it starts putting off a gas that if it weren't for abby's keen nose and Mcgee's quick movement they would have both been dead. As they conduct their investigation the learn that the target for all of this was actually abby. Of all people abby, not tony, abby. She has upset someone. They believe that it is one of abby's ex-boyfreinds, micheal, he is a crime sene cleaner. Mean while Abby has a testimony to give against an embezzler. Once the attorny for the defense finds this out about the ex-boyfreind she decides that Abby's judgement is bent as you might say. Mcgee is ordered to keep an eye on Abby and so he takes her to his home. While they are there Abby realizes that she has left her toothbrush in the car, while Mcgee is gone to get her toothbrush Micheal comes, that is Abby lets him in, just when she thinks he is going to get her, in comes Mcgee. When Gibbs finally gets a hold of Micheal Micheal tells him that he is not the one trying to get Abby, it is another man. He shows Gibbs the man in some pictures that he had of Abby and the mysterious man was in the background of alot of them. Meanwhile Abby is headed back to court to defend her findings. But the driver sent to pick her up is actually not the real driver he is the man trying to kill her. Well Gibbs and Tony go after them, when they finally catch up to them, at first they think that they have lost them, then they spot the van, as they get closer you hear a loud whistle and a man screaming. When they get to the van Abby is using her new Tazer and Help whistle to best of their abilities. Once the her court hearing is over which she lost, they are exiting the building, While our embezzler and his Attorny are gloating about their win, Gibbs surprises the attorny with the fact that herclient had hired the man to kill abby. This one was really good, but who would think that abby would have somebody truying to kill her. I guess that's what happens when you are a really good person.

    good episode.
  • Another one of my favorites.

    This episode is very Abby focused and I enjoyed every minute of it. This episode just proves what an amazing actress Pauley Perrette really is, cause I believed and felt with every emotions Abby was going through, and Pauley did such an great job. But to be honest she usually does. So someone is trying to kill Abby, which is so weird in my eyes cause she's such an amazing person and I don't know why anyone would ever want to kill her. She also has a super freaky stalker, and the NCIS team must find out if the stalker is also the person who wants Abby dead. I loved how the team responded by all of this, and you could really tell that they all care for Abby very much. The ending came as a surprise to me, I really didn't expected it. And I loved how Abby once again kicked someone's ass, go abby!
  • good episode...

    Who would want to kill Abby? Well, someone did...Anyways, Abby is being targeted and the team struggles to figure out who it is. The investigation leads the Abby's crazy boyfriend, which is a nutjob...It turned out that the person Abby was testifying against wanted her dead so that he would be able to walk. It was really funny how they caught him. I thought that it was weird how they didn't suspect him from the beginning. It makes perfect sense that he would want Abby dead. Oh well. What I really liked about this episode was everyone's response to the threat against Abby. Gibbs was adorable with her. Overall, good story, good character development, and another good episode.
  • I loved it.

    It kept me watching to see what would happen next. The part with Abby and McGee was so cute. I maybe think that she should have stayed with him and that maybe they should have gotten back together. I loved what she was wearing in McGee's apartment. I liked the part where he told her he was going to get her toothbrush from his car. He told her not to open the door to anyone and then tests her. The next time that someone knocked on the door she opened it and it was the psycho ex-boyfriend. That had me going like Abby don't open the door, don't open it and when she opened it I was like No Abby why did you open it, why didn't you wait for McGee to get back to back you up. All in all I thought this episode was great, it was well thought out, and they really show the sexual tension between Abby and McGee that's still there. I did think the part where Mikel kept stalking Abby was kind of creepy especially when she was at McGee's apartment. I kept saying to myself McGee wouldn't let Abby get hurt. She's his ex-girlfriend and personally I think that the part where she hides in the bathroom from Mikel was so funny. The part where she hugs McGee is so cute. I also kept saying to myself Why didn't McGee notice that something was up and go to her instead of waiting until he drove off to go back inside and scare her by opening the door and having her think it was Mikel.
  • great episode

    While working on a regular case, Abby and McGee are almost killed by a poisonous gas inside the forensics lab. NCIS investigates who might be behind the chemical attack. Abby's coworkers think that it might have been an old boyfriend. They check out a particular boyfriend who might be involved. Just as they thought the old boyfriend is clean, Abby finds out that the guy keeps stalking her. It's a really nice episode. It's an abby centric episode. It's a cool one. I enjoyed watching this. It was fast paced from start to finish. Not one scene is wasted on over exposition.
  • I'd really hate to have a stalker like Abby's! Very FREAKY!

    This was a great character developing episode, in which we see the true love that Gibbs has for Abby (in both a father/daughter type way and also in a collegue-to-collegue way). His over-protectiveness of her adds to mystery of what really lies behind Gibb's emotionless-facade. For somebody who manages to know everything about his team, I was suprised when Gibbs admits that he did not know about Abby's stalker earlier. (But lets not focus on that!) I also thought that it is to the writer's credit to have evolved Abby's character. Her taste in men, however, leaves something to be desired, but a great episode nevertheless!
    Loved the allusion to 'The Shining' --- RedRum!
  • Excellent episode... This is why I watch NCIS!!

    This is an excellent episode of NCIS - as all NCIS episodes are, of course. It really gets you going along with how scared Abby is and is pretty creepy whenever you think that this guy wants to kill Abby. Our Abby - the loveable forensic scientist with a purple farting Hippo!! Excellently wound plot line. Exeryone is so tied up into everything, that when all is revealed, such shock!

    Why couldn't McGee just let her use his toothbrush!!! One of my favourite episodes. Love Abby while she's drunk! XD. Gibbs's boat is chipped now! DON'T EVER KILL ABBY! :D
  • Excillent...

    Ahhh yeas Abby! Poor poor Abby! No! Wait! Poor Gibbs he has to protect his Abby while they track down whoever is trying to kill her and MaGee shame on you leaving Abby alone like that.. Tisk Tisk Tisk shame on you. Over all my favorite episode love it all the way even the scene at Gibbs house you know something was going on there even if Abby was drunk. ;-D lol.
  • Don't you ever mess with Abby again or I will kill you

    Never try to mess with people like us (Uhuh Abby & Me etc.) AND I MEAN NEVER. Poor Abby, what freaking idiot wants to kill her?? Maybe Tony \o/

    Abby and Gibbs were so sweet in the elevator! (Look my avatar) ^^ And in McGee's appartment, I loved it when Abby runs to the door, as a little happy girl, but she was not happy =( Damn Abby, you are so good in playing the Godfather^^ I'm good to xD That Mikel person was freaky =\ I do not like men/boys with Make-up. This was a series classic, but I think there will be more in this fantastic show!
  • Simply the best ncis episode i've ever watched!!

    bloodbath is about how Abby was being stalked by her ex-boyfriend mikel mawher. At first the team thing that mikel was the one that tried to kill abby but in the end the find out that someone other than mikel has hired a hitman to kill abby. This episode is really great because it shows that abby can take care of herself!! i really laughed about what abby did to the hitman at the end!! what i also love about this episode is how the whole team work together to protect and save abby. i just wish there are more episodes about abby!!!
  • Bloodbath revealed that someone was out to get the one we love the most. As the episode unwound, so too did Abby, as her connection to a killer became known, but when she was left to fend for herself, she was capable, and proved that Abby packs a punch!:D

    Bloodbath... definitely a very special episode! This was Abby's very own story, and it was just what fans were looking for. It kept me on the edge of my seat from the beginning, right up to the very end. Who would have thought that anyone would want to hurt Abby?! I mean, DiNozzo, I can understand... that's why Bloodbath was even more suspenseful than Frame Up! Another thing that made this episode stand out from all the rest was that Abby is rarely seen outside N.C.I.S HQ. Seeing her in different locations wasn't weird, per se, just... different! She also had alot of different costume changes... from what I can recall... her outfit at the start of the episode in the director's office, and then later, when she was in her lab testing the drugs, the lab coat, with pigtails. After that came the blue jumpsuit, and a ponytail, after Abby and McGee 'were playing in the showers', said DiNozzo. Later, at McGee's apartment, she's wearing her skelton underwear with McGee's shirt (which apparently smelled like jLo Glow), and her hair is down. After her first run in with Mikel Mawher, she is back at N.C.I.S, in the elevator, wearing either her regular black clothes or the black jumpsuit with pigtails , but after the visit from 'Queen Boudica', she flees to her lab. There, she is definitely wearing the black jumpsuit. Then, after another visit from Mike, she ends up in Gibbs's basement, wearing the green t-shirt and sweatpants. Her hair is down again. The next day, she is wearing her cour suit (which is different to the jacket hanging in her lab that McGee eyed the day before). Her hair is all fancy and curled. And she's wearing those knarly glasses. Anyways... unfortunately, after all that, I don't have enough time to write a complete review, which I most definitely would have done if I had the time. So, in conclusion, Bloodbath has been my ABSolute favourite N.C.I.S episode so far, and I just wanted to put it out there to thank everyone who helped with it... especially PauleyP. Cheers!
  • Simply brilliant.

    Wow. 'Bloodbath' is by far the best episode in the third season. Abby gets stalked. Who would have thought?

    In this nerve-wracking epiode we are introduced to Abby's ex-boyfriend who doubles as her stalker. Mikel is his name. The actor that plays him should be applauded. He really does seem like a creep. I can't say too much about the plot without spoiling it for those of you who haven't seen it but it is brilliant. Pauley does a great job in playing Abby. On of the highlights in this ep has to be when Abby is sitting in the elevator and Gibbs is sitting with her to make her feel safe. Now i'm not much of a Gibbs/Abby shipper but it's hilarious when Jimmy (Palmer) is standing outside the elevator looking stunned. Classic.

    This episode is seriously creepy and my advice...don't watch it at midnight (speaking from experience here). However I will say that Abby kicks butt! 10/10
  • one of the best!

    definitely one of the best episodes of NCIS ever written... a stalker is after Abby Scuito! one of the shows lead and audiences favourite character! it was, as always, cleverly plotted, had its funny moments (i am never picking up a guy in the cemetery again!), and the best thing.... FINALLY! we got an ABBY episode!!!!!! an episode all about abby abby and more abby! its about time we got one... i mean... every one else on the original cast got an ep in the first two seasons! i loveeee the episode, dramatic, intense, dangerous but oh so funny at times. the best!
  • Abby seems to be the target of a stalker and also a hitman. the team is thinking the stalker is the one trying to kill Abby cuz he keeps popping up everywhere. the stalker distracted the team from finding out what was really going on.

    by far, this is my favorite episode. especially cause it centers around Abby's character. i love Abby. she's the best character, in my opinion. so it was awesome to see an episode which centered around her. so it gave a great chance for her character development. you see how Abby is afraid/scared and in fear for her life. you see Gibbs being over-protective of Abby which is extremely adoreable. then, you see a really tough side of Abby as she was stuck in a van with the hitman, but ended up kicking his butt by herself. can't beat that.
  • Very intense, but great to see the entire team working to save one of their own...

    My favorite thing about this episode was that they were all working to save Abby. Everyone loves Abby, even Ziva, I suppose. We get to find out more about Abby (her taste in boyfriends, her pajamas, her emphasis on dental hygiene) as we find that Abby is in danger. It seems she's ticked off someone pretty badly by her scientific findings. Seeing her outside the lab was great. Sometimes it's hard to believe how smart and professional she actually is when you see her in the clothes she regularly wears. It was great to see Abby so vulnerable, and the rest of the team doing everything possible to protect her, whether it was hunting down the real stalker or providing her with "weapons." Loved the scene at the end when Tony and Gibbs pull up to rescue her, and she's totally taken the guy down on her own! Go Abby! You rock!
  • Yeah, more back story on Abbey.

    I loved this episode. It made fun of Tony many many times. It was so cute how tony wans teasing Mcgee about the calender and gibbs comes up and says he gave it to magee. Then he waps tomy on the head. Plus its mainly about abbey. whhich we finally see aolot of her. She has really tow people trying to off her. Beware big plot spoiler. the first killer is her court thing defendent who needs her gone so he can get away. the other is her really strang ex who wont leave her alone. Its funny at the begining of the show, the girls in the episode ar talking about dressing abby up in buisenese clothes. But the best part for me was the ending. Abbey kicking th e rear of the hitman. SHe has him begging for mercy. She kicks him out of the van and tasers him. Plus the comments we know tony had to have been thinking seeing her do those things and what else was visible.
  • Bloothbath is a very funny episode. You really have to watch it more than once to catch all the jokes.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I like the comfort level that Abby and Mcgee have with each not only at work but also outside of work. She really seemed at home in his apartment. I also enjoyed the underlined jokes that were written in this episode, like when Tony says to Abby, "the guy cleans up crimes scenes for a living Abby" and Abby's response is "I know, that's what I liked about him". I don't want to say to much just in case some people have not seen this episode yet, but I have watched it over and over and I still find a funny line or joke that I didn't catch the first time watching it.
  • Abby is being stalker and has been tried to be killed.

    Abby is being stalker and has been tried to be killed. While the NCIS team investigates a 'blood bath' at a marine based hotel, they find a suitcase full of drugs. Abby test them in her lab. The 'drugs' turn out to be a powder that turns into cyinide gas. The team soon finds out that someone is trying to kill Abby. I really like this episode! I felt so bad for Abby how she was so scared and helpless!
  • one of the best episodes yet

    pauley perette is amazing in this episode. i thought it was good how they said that abby didn't have any enemies because thats what i thought aswell. i was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. i thought it is great that they dedicated a whole episode to abby who is the best character in the whole of the show. she played the character just how it should have been played and i don't think that anyone else in the whole earth could catch up to her. the best episode that there has been in the whole of NCIS history.
  • Abby is being stalked... but by who. Gibbs and the team set out to find her stalker and protect Abby no matter what. Unfortunately, her bad decisions *opening certain doors* can get her into trouble.

    I fell in love with this episode! But I love Abby so I am kind of biased there. I thought it was really a good episode, Abby or no Abby. I was on the edge of my seat until the very end. Finding out who Abby's stalker was and watching her protect herself... I couldn't help but crack a smile and laugh my butt off. The taser gun *hilarious.* Plus, what better than seeing Abs in her undies? LOL. Not to mention, the ladybug toothbrush! McGee was in over his head there. He is just lucky that Gibbs didn't kill him for leaving Abby all alone. At least we know she can protect herself. Oh and I love Gibbs' overprotective-ness with Abby. He is like a father to her and it is so sweet! We need more character centered episodes.
  • My absolute favourite! Read on to see why...

    Out of all the NCIS episodes ever-made Bloodbath is my absolute favourite! Bloodbath basically focuses in on our favourite Goth Lab Rat, Abby Sciuto. When Abby’s ex-boyfriend stalks her things get stressful for the NCIS team. Gibbs takes great care of her (forgive my Gabbyness) and so does the rest of the team. In the end it’s the stalker and the hit man who end up taking the fall. This eppy has great lines, great plot, and a great heart. I highly recommend this episode. In my opinion it is by far the best eppy DPB has made!

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