Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • Abby's life is turned upside down when a stalker threatens her life. A man from her past revisits and Gibbs and the gang are forced to protect Abby at all costs.

    I'm still getting into NCIS as a series and recently started it watching it, this season to be exact, but I think the last two episodes have been a turning point for the show. Bloodbath and Untouchable both had a comedic flair that seemed to be absent from the previous episodes and the storylines are becoming increasingly interesting. I can still see some similarities between JAG and NCIS, they both have a disctinct feel and yet I find NCIS to be a better show.

    In terms of Bloodbath, I enjoyed how it focused in on Abby and gave us a distinctive view into her past and developed her character beyond the scientific whiz that she is. It definately played on the suspense factor, but I think something was lost in the end when it was tied up so nicely with the criminal hiring a hitman to kill Abby, who had the main testimony. I wish they had written a better ending because he, the criminal, did not seem like the type person who would do that and it created a lacklustre finale to an overall above average show.

    However, I found the bond that was shown between Gibbs and Abby very interesting , it actually makes me wonder whether he is playing the father figure or soemthing more. My first reaction would be father figure, as I assume most people would agree with, but there were moments during the show when it seemed like it could be more.

    Well, there\'s always room for speculation, and a good show always gives enough away to keep the viewers watching.