Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: The suit that Abby is using to go to the court on the end of the episode is the same suit she used on the JAG episode "Meltdown". The JAG episode is the one of the two that was made to present the NCIS as a spin-off.

    • TRIVIA: McGee's MIT shirt when you look in a mirror says Tim.

    • GOOF: The camera memory card that Tony uses is never in the camera. Tony has it in his right hand and pretends to remove it from the camera.

    • GOOF: In this episode, Gibbs and Director Shepard both like Jamaican blend coffee, black with no cream or sugar, but in episode 3x19 "Iced," Shephard takes a drink of Gibbs' coffee and hates it, asking him "How do you drink this swill?".

    • GOOF: When McGee was filling Gibbs in about the worm in Abby's computer, after Gibbs gives him back his chair, we can clearly see that there is no continuity in the scene when the camera angle changed he wasn't moving his lips when he should be saying "boss."

    • TRIVIA: Abby accused McGee of trying to see her in her "Court Suit" when he was asking her if she was done, did she have to go back to court, etc. (when the two of them were in the lab) Later when Abby came out of court after testifying, for the second time, she didn't say anything to McGee about him finally seeing her in her "Court Suit" and McGee didn't comment on it either.

    • TRIVIA: The game that Abby is playing on McGee's computer is The Godfather.

    • TRIVIA: The website isn't a real website.

  • Quotes

    • (Abby is relentlessly tasering her kidnapper, who is down on the ground.)
      Abby: I'll be with you in a minute, Gibbs! (to kidnapper) And don't look up my skirt!

    • Ziva: In my professional opinion, the risk of serious injury is substantial.
      Jenny: I agree. But there are protocols that have to be followed.
      Ziva: Which are useless if it doesn't impart a technical advantage.
      Jenny: Don't underestimate appearances, Ziva. I have known entire missions to fail because an asset didn't button her lapel properly.
      Ziva: I see your point.
      Jenny: So we are in agreement? (Ziva nods)
      Jenny and Ziva: Heels.
      Abby: (holding boots and heeled pumps) I hate court.

    • Abby: (talking about her ex) The lunar effect is a myth! There is no statistical correlation between the phases of the moon and human behavior. That's why it would never work with us.
      Ziva: Because the lunar effect is a myth...
      Abby: No! Because I'm a scientist and he plays with voodoo dolls!
      McGee: But, you play with voodoo dolls, Abby.
      Abby: I meant it metaphorically, McGee.

    • Tony: (wrapping up his analysis of the scene) Crime scene was staged, boss. Victims were killed somewhere else.
      Gibbs: Where?
      Tony: What, I gotta do all the work? (Gibbs just looks at him and smiles) I'm gonna get right on that.

    • Abby: This is so embarrassing! Okay, in my defense, what self-respecting drug dealer cuts his cocaine with potassium cyanide?
      McGee: Obviously one that doesn't care about repeat business.

    • (To McGee)
      Tony: Where's your chair?
      Gibbs: He doesn't deserve to sit.

    • Abby: McGee! You came all the way down here to see me in my court suit!
      McGee: No...
      Abby: You totally did!
      McGee: No, I did not...
      Abby: Your mouth lies but your red ears are telling the truth!

    • (on the phone with Mawher)
      Abby: And if I don't what? You are going to tear up that nice collage you were making for me?

    • Mawher: Look, I know we got off on the wrong foot...
      Abby: The wrong foot?! The only right foot is my foot up your as...

    • Abby: McGee... no lurking without a permit...

    • Ziva: Redrum?
      Tony: All we're missing is a kid on a Big Wheel and a man in a bear suit.
      Ziva: And in your head, that somehow makes sense to you?
      Tony: Yeah, it's The Shining, Ziva. Now that you mention it, what was that guy doing in a bear suit?

    • Tony: I showed up just in time. Another minute and you guys would have been braiding each others' hair.
      Ziva: And who knows where that can lead to, Tony.

    • (Outside the Navy Lodge)
      Lillian: Is it clean?
      Albert: Of course it's clean, Lillian.
      Lillian: Well, the last time we were here I saw a cockroach, Albert.
      Albert: It wasn't a cockroach, Lillian.
      Lillian: Oh, all of a sudden you're an expert.
      Albert: I'm an entomologist. Thirty-two years. I think I'd know a cockroach if I saw one.
      Clerk: I can assure you folks, our rooms are maintained to the highest standard of...
      Lillian: Cockroach habitability?
      Clerk: I was going to say cleanliness and neatness. However, if you folks are unhappy with the room in any way...
      Albert: (To clerk) Stay single.
      Clerk:...just let me know, and I'll see about getting you an upgrade.
      (They see the fasciae-strewn room)
      Albert: I think we'll take that upgrade.

    • McGee: It's true, I mean it's not like someone's after Tony.
      Ziva: Now that's a suspect list I wouldn't want to run down again.

    • (Abby is in Gibbs' basement, working on his boat, talking with him, and getting herself drunk)
      Abby: I don't understand why people drink alcohol when they're depressed. Because alcohol is a depressant. Now, I'm so depressed. And I'm nauseous. And I'm really drunk. Which means that tomorrow I have to go fight a hangover while I'm in court, while some ambulance chasing attorney tries to attack my credibility. What is wrong with me, Gibbs? What did I do to deserve this?
      Gibbs: It's not about you, Abby. It's about him.
      Abby: Then why do I feel so guilty?
      Gibbs: I don't know. Why do you?
      Abby: Because... I think this might all be my fault.
      Gibbs: Maybe it is.
      Abby: How could you say that to me, Gibbs? I didn't do anything wrong. Just because some defective lunatic can't get it through his thick skull that I think he is a defective lunatic. That is not my fault, Gibbs. That's not my fault at all. This is not my fault! It's not my fault? I see why you like to work on you boat, Gibbs. It's very, very cathartic. (Abby hammers a piece of wood on the partially-made boat, breaking off that piece.) Oops... Suddenly, having a stalker on the loose isn't so scary.

    • McGee: Stay here. Or I will tie you up.
      Abby: (Smiles) Really?

    • Ziva: Their lawyer's going to try to use her bad taste in men to impregnate her credibility.
      Tony: Impugn, Ziva.

    • Gibbs: The only reason you are still able to walk is cause I never heard about you until today.

    • Abby: Leave it to the assassin to rain on my parade.

    • Abby: Me? Who would want to kill me? I mean Tony, I understand.
      Tony: Hey!

    • Tony: Our Mistress of the dark is keeping secrets from us.

    • Tony: Step off McFlower power. You've had your chance to speak.

    • Abby: I hate court dates.
      Jenny: Your sacrifice is noted and appreciated. Now, let's talk outfits.
      Tony: I say let's just go with the heels. (growl) Is that inappropriate? Sorry. Nice Jimmy Choos there, Abbs.

    • Abby: That's it... I'm NEVER picking up a guy in a cemetery again!

    • McGee: Bedtime. I'm going to take the sleeping bag.
      Abby: We're adults McGee, we can share the same bed.
      McGee: If you promise to keep your hands to yourself.
      (Abby laughs)
      Abby: Clearly you haven't been. Your shirt smells like J-Lo Glow.

    • Abby: It's a ladybug toothbrush, McGee. That's for cute girls named Gina Marie that bake cookies and wear J. Lo Glow. Not for a quasi-manly Federal agent who carries a gun.

    • Director Shepard: Well Abby also doesn't have enemies! I mean it's not like we're talking about agent DiNozzo.
      Tony: Hey!... Ma'am...

    • Gibbs: Why didn't you come to me, Abby?
      Abby: Because Gibbs... I wanted him restrained... not beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat!

    • Abby: Can I stay at NCIS until you catch this guy?
      Gibbs: I'll move your whole lab into the elevator if it'll make you feel better!

    • Gibbs: Nobody's going to hurt you, Abby.
      Abby: You're just saying that to make me feel better.
      Gibbs: Is it working?
      Abby: Yeah. Could you say it again?
      Gibbs: No one's gonna hurt you, Abbs.

    • Abby: Gibbs, I'm fine! I only have one stalker, and he has an alibi!

    • Gibbs: You're going with McGee.
      Abby: Great, like I haven't been traumatized enough already.

    • Tony: I just came to collect Officer David. The boss got the Bat-Signal.

  • Notes

    • Original International Airdates:
      Denmark: April 25, 2006 on TV3
      Australia: September 13, 2006 on Channel 10
      Sweden: November 5, 2006 on TV3
      Germany: December 3, 2006 on SAT 1
      Italy: January 7, 2007 on RAI 2
      Finland: February 16, 2008 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: February 4, 2009 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: May 20, 2009 on Markiza

    • The song playing in McGee's apartment is "Over My Head (Cable Car)" by The Fray.

    • When Gibbs, Tony and Ziva pay Mikel Mawher a visit at Krime Kleaners Inc, the song playing is "American Witch" by Rob Zombie.

    • This episode was named TV Guide's moment of the week for the week of April 23rd to April 30th.

  • Allusions

    • Tony: I just came to collect Officer David. The boss got the Bat-Signal.

      In the Batman stories, the Bat-Signal is a searchlight that projects a large Bat emblem on the sky or buildings of Gotham City. It is used by the Gotham City Police Department as a method of contacting and telling him something is wrong in Gotham City.

    • Director Jenny Shepard says "I picked a bad week to cut out caffeine" which paraphrases a running gag from the film Airplane!

    • There are several references to the movie The Shining. The crime scene has a note saying "RedRum" which is murder spelled backward. Tony also makes a comment on all they need now is a delusional boy and a man in a bear suit. Both are references from The Shining.

    • Ducky: I see you've vacated the elevator.
      Abby: It wasn't quite so cozy after an hour with Queen Boudica.

      Boudica was a queen of a Celtic nation in southeast Britain in the first century C.E. (Her name is sometimes spelled as also Boudicca, Boadicea, Buduica or Bonduca). She is famous for having led her armies to so many victories against the Romans that the emperor considered withdrawing from Brittania altogether. Abby obviously refers to the female lawyer's aggressiveness. However, Abby pronounces the name [Boo dik a]; according to Celtic linguists, the proper pronunciation is [Bow di ka].