Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2007 on CBS

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  • When fiction meets reality...

    As a french-canadian living in Quebec ( the small airport scene ) or as I prefer to call myself: Quebecois.
    I was more than suprise to hear some french in an american series. Even more when, after Gibbs complained as to why Ducky and La Grenouille were talking in french, McGee replies : They are in Quebec.

    If anyone knows of the fact that in Quebec most people have french origins and speak french and are proud of it all. French is even the official language of the province ( French and English are official language of Canada ) Bravo to the writers for the good research although I suspect one of them to be Quebecois ( of origin at least )

    Love the show, each episode is a delight but this one will be at the top of my favorite list.
  • Well done, this was a terrific episode!

    This time, NCIS has upped its game, and produced a quite remarkable episode, which was full of it all - the great suspense, the comedy aspect which I love and of course, the great plot!

    I loved the chase scene when Charles Harrow dies, and the 'chased him to death' quote was funny. There were also some other funny quotes, such as "This duck is cooked - no pun intended" by McGee. I found that to be a great moment!

    I also loved seeing a little more to Ducky, and seeing a different side to him by having him go undercover. I thought that was a great idea by the writers!

    Overall, I recommend this episode really highly because of all the previous factors that I mentioned, as well as the fact that this storyline has future significance.

    Terrific job by NCIS!
  • Jenny's obsession is causing problems.

    Tony's side-assignment is becoming a serious problem – Gibbs is twitching and Tony's reaction to the photo of the guy from the restaurant and Gibbs saw it. Gibbs isn't stupid – Tony runs straight to Jenny, then Gibbs walks in on Tony perched on Jenny's desk. Jenny's obsession is becoming an issue - willing to cross the border to grab La Grenouille. What a disappointment for Jenny – told to stand down because of a CIA sting operation.

    It must be something of a relief to Ziva who was worrying about Tony – the downside is that if Ziva really is falling for Tony, it means his disappearances are connected to the mystery woman which means Tony's serious.
  • Ducky goes undercover

    This episode opens with a man leaving a building and someone in a van is following him. He starts to run and they chase after him in the van. Just as he is about to become free. She people in masks put him into the van and injection with something. We then see that the two people are Tony & Ziva. Have they gone rogue or is this a new case for the team. He wakes up to be on an airplane with Gibbs Tony & Ziva. They learn about a deal he is making to buy a piece of Navy software, which the Navy doesn't want in the wrong hands. We learn that one of the buyers of the software is involved in the undercover case which Tony is also involved in. One of the investors of the software (who is selling it to the highest bidder), is being followed by Ziva & McGee. He spots them and runs. They give chase and when they catch up to him, he has collapsed. They soon discover that he has died. Ducky believes that he died due to a heart attack. They learn that he set up the met with the highest bidder, and since he is dead they need someone to pose him. The highest bidder is Jenny's old enemy "The Frog". Ducky is seen undercover. The trade off goes as planned and Ducky manages to pull it off. At the end we learn that one of the Frogs people are working against him. We learn that he is CIA.
  • great episode

    The NCIS team go after an international arms dealer. They get him to confess to having knowledge of another arms dealer that's about to sell top secret military technology to a weapons trafficker. It's a really exciting episode. It involves international weapons traffickers. This is the kind of episodes that raises the level of excitement of the show. The writers came up with a really cool plot. The episode is quite suspenseful. The story kept me on the edge of my seat. I really enjoyed watching this episode. I can't wait for the next one. There's always something new coming on NCIS.
  • pretty good episode...

    The team attempts to take down an arms dealing named La Guenille (?) by placing Ducky undercover. The Frog gets away though and Jenny is pissed. This episode shows how close Tony and Jenny became, well, it showed what Tony did for her when Gibbs was gone. Anyways, I liked the whole transaction between Ducky and Frog. It was interesting. However, this episode still wasn't the best, in my opinion. It got a little slow and Jenny was getting on my nerves. Overall, pretty good episode because of Ducky and some other parts and some humor, but could have been better.
  • Breach of confidence

    For me this episode displayed an unwelcomed crack in the relationship between Gibbs and Tony. Gibbs’s gut-feeling already told him that something was off, because of Tony’s absences without proper explanation. Now he knows for sure that Tony has been holding out on him. Like Tony, I wonder how Gibbs will imply his rules on this occasion. The looks on both their faces, in Jenny’s office and the restroom, were exactly why I watch this series. Plus the group-discussion around the death of Harrow, when they are all out on the street and Ducky bursts in. Ducky played a nice part at the end of the episode, where you can see he can do much more than investigating dead bodies. As for Jenny’s obsession with La Grenouille (who was hard to understand), should a director of NCIS show that much obsession to a suspect?
  • After so much mystery, some questions are finally being answered.

    So far, througout season four there have been many questions that have been put out. You knew that Tony had been on a secret mission but you never really knew what it was. It was excellent the way they set up the episode to answer most of those questions. The way Gibbs finally finds out about the mission was terrific. Not only did it show how emotional the director could get, but it also showed the loyalty that Tony has for Gibbs. It wasn't even just Tony that showed his loyalty. Here you were able to see that Ziva was leaning more towards Gibbs than the director this time. For once, the relationship between them was strained. True that most of the questions got answered, but an even greater question was formed. What had the "Frog" done to the director in the past?
  • Gibbs learns more about Tony's undercover works!:D

    My absolute favorite scene has to be the scam in the plane. Nice to see them acting as a team..The interaction between Gibbs and Tony was so wonderful and classic. A good call for Tony to ask if Gibbs would have lied to Mike Franks. One of the best bathroom scenes EVER! Ducky moment is always welcome, although it wasn't long enough.Loved him in this ep.-DM was incredible!:D
  • I was nervous watching this episode, on the edge of my seat, but more suspense to come

    It is about time that Ducky got really involved in an episode, and he was dead on in this role, totally in character "my name is Charles." Ziva gets stronger every episode and her chemistry with Tony in this episode is tight. I thought I'd miss Kate, but I don't see her anymore in any episode. The tension and chemistry between Jethro and Jenn is what keeps me coming back, along with every thing else about that this show is about. I knew that Tony's covert work with Jenn would come to play soon, hope this isn't going to cost the show Jethro. By the way, just an observation, has Jenn had some work done recently.....she looks different in this episode.
  • Exciting with great character development. And lots of secrets.

    Gibbs and his team are after arms dealers looking to buy codes for a Navy missle guidance system. The bidders are La Granuelle (The Frog) and the Black Rose. Director Shepard is only interested in finding The Frog. The prime suspect who could lead them to their target dies while running from Ziva. To keep the meet on schedule, Ducky is sent in undercover for the first time. Ducky did great considering he had little time to prepare, but the deal went sideways. Director Shepard is on edge and seems to have a personal interest in capturing 'The Frog'. It left me with the feeling that he did something horrible to her or someone she loves.
  • An episode of more secrets teasingly revealed little by little. Duckys turn to come out & play & he plays it well when he has to go undercover former DOD person who is selling to the highest bidder the ARES weapons coder.

    Now we throw in "the Frog" whom Director Jenny had a run in before, though she has not stated why. The ending was edge of your seat suspense, always a twist when one of the so called "terrorists" turns out to be CIA, monitoring the "frog" too! I wonder what secrets the other members of the team are holding ??? Enjoyed watching Ziva kick ass, & Tony & Gibbs convo in the men's room.
  • A Ducky episode!

    Indeed this was a Ducky episode and that though he
    Is in the background a lot of the time and
    IMHO the most underrated character on the show, glad that
    He got a big role in this one. It seems as though
    Tony has been going undercover a lot and behind Gibbs back
    All at Director Sheppard's back. Zita looks like she is out of touch when it comes to entertainment! LOL!
  • More to uncover about the Season of Secrets. Gibbs learns about Tonys Undercover work!

    More to uncover about the Season of Secrets! I love the beginning of this episod and how they trick the guy into telling them the information. It was awesome! The Team learns about the plan "Ares" And follow the guy who made it up. When Ziva and McGee are about to talk to him, McGee gets a call from Gibbs telling them that the plan has changed and that they just have to follow him in the car. Well the guy spots them and they start running after him. The old guy has a heart attack and dies. Tony learns that the "Ares" plot has something to do with La Grenouille. And talks to Jenny about it. Gibbs finds out about Tony's undercover work. Now Ducky has to go undercover as the old guy who died! Not enough Tony though...Haha. The pee break...
  • Who knew Ducky had so much talent in undercover work? We should have asked Illya Kuriakin.

    This episode had everything that drew me to NCIS in the first place. The thing I'm happiest about is that Tony doesn't have to sneak around behind Gibbs' back anymore. The writing was, as usual, excellent, although I kept waiting for someone to ask Director Sheppard about Moby Dick, as that seems to be a popular reference when one of the characters is obsessed about catching a particular bad guy. I have a feeling that Jenny letting Le Grenouille fly away is going to come back and bite the team, particularly Tony and his girlfriend. All in all this episode was just another in the long list of reasons that I love this show.
  • Very intense episode

    This was a very good episode with more character development. Gibbs discovers a little bit more about Tony's undercover agent and Ziva seems to be more curious about the mystery woman in Tony's life. Cute, I wonder if Ziva and Tony at some point end up together as a couple, they suit each other.
    Ducky has a big role in this episode and he does it very well. As for Director Jenny Shepard, never liked her, always found her annoying and now she can't seem to keep her bra intact either.. She freaks out during the episode and it happens quickly and that's why it was hard to buy her overacting reaction.
    I can sort of see where all of this is heading and I can't wait to see how all this turns out in the upcoming episodes.
  • Director Shepherd's undercover op with Tony is about to bear fruit, but is this more about settling a personal score than about national security? Dr. Mallard gets out of the lab for his own stint as an undercover agent.

    Whew. That was quite the rollercoaster ride. Secrets within secrets within agencies...I dunno whether Director Shepherd will survive much longer if she doesn't loosen up a little. The tension when Gibbs realized that Tony was keeping a secret was amazing, and moreso when he confronted Jen. Loved the scene in the men's loo. Nice to see Ducky doing something a little different--he'll definitely dine out on that story in years to come, when it's all declassified and he can 'remember the time'...
    Of course, we're left wondering what is it between Director Shepherd and La Grenouille...I cracked up over the characters attempts to say the word, which in my part of Canada we pronounce La Greh-nouey. That's one of the things I enjoy about this show--nice development of characters and action, and a good mix of humour in with the drama, pathos, angst and such. Brilliant.
  • Canadians do not go to bed at 9!........Only some of us.

    Wow, Ducky makes a great undercover agent. I just realized that with a moustache he looks......old. The writers did a fantastic job bringing in the other agency to bite NCIS in the butt. I figured it was going to be a couple agents coming in to tell NCIS to back off, but no, they totally caught me off guard. I like that.

    Never liked Shepard and this epsiode only fuelled my disliking of her. She needs to get her priorities straight and keep her emotions out of her work, otherwise she screws up. Lol, I liked the part when the team and Shepard were talking about ways they could have off-ed Harrow other than "running him to death". That's a new one even for me. There was barely any Tony/Sara action this episode. It's kind of disappointing. I bet Tony sure got the willies when he saw the face of one of the four people he was spying on a few months ago. Lol, Ziva sure put those two guys in their place. Never get in the way of a woman on a mission. Especially a woman who know 6 different ways of killing you without spilling a drop of your blood.