Season 6 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2009 on CBS

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  • Rule 38.

    In this episode one of Tony's old cases is reopened and rule 38 shows Tony should be in charge because it's his case This was a different episode and it was great to see Dinozzo in charge for an episode using his ways to solve a case like campfires that even Gibbs had to get involved in Gibbs even called Dinozzo Anthony when he was telling him how much of a good job he was doing on the case and that the only time he screwed up was three years ago when he put an innocent man in jail This was a really good episode and hope the season continues to impress.
  • When An Old Individual From Tony's Past Resurfaces, A Case Tony Investigated Is Re-Opened. He Switches Roles With Gibbs To Crack The Case.

    "Bounce" is very entertaining. It's also a very clever episode in the sense of its rather unique role-reversal. As I have said in my review of the season three finale "Hiatus", it was certainly nice to see Tony in charge. Yes, I know he is not a great leader, but it's very entertaining to see him in the role of the leader. That aside, this episode's case was interesting. The opening scene was great as an unknown man claimed to be the very special agent Anthony DiNozzo. Also the scene after the opening credits is another highlight too. The case took many twists and turns and it made the case unpredictable. The only problem I have with this episode is the ending. It could have been better. Michael Weatherly was excellent. "Bounce" is a very good episode that is well worth your time. Check it out.
  • Bounce

    In tonight's episode Tony DiNozzo returned to power, something he briefly assumed while Gibbs was on his "hiatus". The result was some great situations with Abby, Gibbs and Ziva and McGee. Just what we expect every week, but different now that he was in charge. The campfire discussion was absolutely brilliant, although I was a little annoyed when Gibbs called campfire, and did not actually do it with DiNozzo.

    And the case at hand tonight was actually easy to follow, something that has not always been true this season, so I have to give them points for that. Overall though, great episode of NCIS tonight.
  • Renny Graham manages to solve his own case and actually save Tony in the process.

    This is one of those sweet episodes in which payback is not really nasty or evil. Renny not only vindicates himself but actually saves Tony from being a total idiot. The quite hot major character really does solve the crime. Pity he would have made a great addition to the team - but I'll give him the money and the tan and hope he gives me his new address.
  • what was with the boss man?

    totaly out of character for gibbs. rule number 34 or no tony as team leader and gibbs calling him boss is just plain wrong. i loved how no one had to be told the rule, just say rule # 34 and every body knows what you are talking about. had to love the opening. 6 seasons and tony finaly has a hangover at work. i have to say ziva's cure sund more appealing than whatever tony made.loved the fact that gibbs talked alot. missed the head slapping though. tony didn't get slapped once, toltaly out of character for gibbs. no matter what the situation gibbs head slaps tony. even when tony had the plauge he got hit.
  • Rather out of character Gibbs with a case that was only midly interesting. On the whole very average

    This episode rubbed me the wrong way. Gibbs seemed very much out of character and I can never imagine him actually calling Tony "Boss". Maybe once to make fun of Tony but not throughout the episode. Very little humour and the case wasn't much either. I love NCIS very much and I do know that they can do so much better then this. What I did like was the opening (it was about time that Tony finally had a hangover) and the scenes withe Abby were also good. While this wasn't the worst episode ever, I didn't think it was very memorable.
  • While the case was not too special, the role-reversal was certainly amazing!

    This was an interesting episode, but not for the susual reasons. I thought the case was definitely an interestin one, but it wasn't particularly special and amazing. It had its tstrengths and it was good, but not spectacular.

    However, the episode was made by the Gibbs/Tony role-reversalas! Anny was hilarious, when she thought that Gibbs had 'retired' ooff to Mexico again! That was certainly a great moment!

    Overall, if you like th team dynamics of NCIS, then this is certainly one for you. The ending's a bit funny, and I was a little confused and bewildered, but overall, decent case with great team interactions lead to an amazing episode of NCIS!
  • Good, not great.

    Basically i peronaly thought it was hard to follow but it did make me smile. I thought that they were running out of ideas i mean, some one tried to frame him almost a year ago like he stated. I didnt get the end where he let the bad guy go until i watched it like 3 more times. Eh. I thought that there should have been more tiva in it or zony, what ever, it should have had something in it to make the episode complete. Overall, good, not great. Maybe if the writers made up one where they get blown up and gibbs and tony and magee and ziva hav to stop the terroist from blowing up the naval yard or something, that would be a 10/10. Only then, or if there is gooood tiva.
  • Tony becomes boss least for his episode

    In this episode of NCIS, the following happens. We open this episode seeing a man dumping a body and then posing as Tony. The next morning Gibbs asks Tony about an alibi for the previous night, during which Tony was out drinking with NCIS agents from Tokyo. The team are called in to investigate the murder. Soon the murderer meets Tony face to face, only the evidence proves that he didn't murder the man, only dumped his body. We soon learn that Tony arrested him over 3 years ago, and that the dead man is the one who testified against him. Because of this, and the fact that Tony was in charge when the guy was arrested, Gibbs put Tony back in charge of the case. And so welcome back the camp fires. Gibbs also tells Tony that he was innocent of the charges. So the team re-open the case. After a lot of investigating the team learn who the murderer is and who the embezzlers are. The murderer is the man who was falsely put in jail by Tony, over 3 years ago. He put all of the embezzlers in prison, by framing them.
  • An old case of Tony's is reopened and Gibbs makes Tony boss to solve the case.

    A Navy Lt. is dumped down a garbage shoot at an upscale hotel by a man who uses the name Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. The man's real name is Renny Grant. He was sent to prison three years earlier by Tony for embezzling one million dollars from the Navy. He intentionally bumps into Tony and is taken in for questioning. When he is cleared, he gives Tony proof that didn't embezzle the money. Marine SGT Mitch Wilkins comes in to work with Tony on the case and Tony asks for a list of names that worked with the dead Navy Lt.. Gibbs looks over the data the Renny Grant gave Tony and he was innocent. Tony sent the wrong man to jail. After investigating using the evidence that Renny gave them they determine that there were at least 2 people that embezzled the money and one of the them was the dead Navy Lt.. In the original room that Renny checked into and impersonating Tony, there was a print found. Abby matched it to Navy Cmdr Carl Davis who had an alibi but was involved in the embezzlement. But this meant there was a third person involved and was also the murderer of the Navy Lt. Tony concludes the only way to find out who the third person is was to ask Renny for help. Tony goes to Renny's house and he is not there and there is smoke in the house. Tony finds a knife with blood on it and takes it back to Abby. The blood on the knife belonged to the dead Lt., but there was also DNA on the knife from a third person. The DNA matched SGT Mitch Wilkins who is immediately brought in for questioning. Tony breaks him and he confesses to the murder of the Navy LT. Tony goes looking for Renny thinking he may have the money and finds him at the airport. Renny does not have the money and instead of detaining him, Tony lets him go.
  • An eblezzelment case Tony worked on when Gibbs was in mexico re-opens when the main testifier is found dead. And because of rule#38 (your case, your lead) Tonyis in charge for the time being.

    A great episode- The big D is in charge again! We get to see how McGee, Ziva, and abby act when Tony is on the top. Funny and filled with action, one of the best episodes of season six. At the end we realize that Tony is a weaker leader than Gibbs,and that the team would not survive for too long with out their Silver-haried fox and fearless leader. The plot is kind of confusing (Mike weatherly says he doesnt even understand it) but all in all a great episode. I think it is one of those episodes you can watch over and over again.
  • hmmm, boss man tony returns.

    i thought this was another good, regular, simple, tony episode. again not my favorite this in the world, but it was good, i give it that. (sigh) i have to agree, there was no head slapping in this one, did like the abbey parts, and i thought it was interesting when gibbs acctually said three full lines in one breath.....anyways, did anyone get the part with palmer? i was a bit confused on that part. i never remember tony being so nice to him before. oh and i was also dissapointed because there was no great humor between the cast this episode, ok no offence, and don't get mad, i didn't really appeal to me. i'm sorry for all the people that are going to put the little thumbs down thing on here! but just to let you know NCIS is still my fav show, and i love it
  • Anthony's a big boy now....

    Okay, I know Gibbs wasn't the primary lead in this case but I thought his strong presence was felt throughout, especially in seeing how much Tony has learn in the past few years. I thought the re-opening of the embezzlement case was creative and it was a great twist to learn that Tony screwed up. You really did feel bad for Tony when he realized that he cost a man 3 years of his life. I think what made the episode one of my favorites is that Gibbs took a back seat and let Tony fix his mistake and make things right. I appreciate how much Tim and Ziva wanted to give Tony a hard time but at the same time they gave him the credit he deserved. I however found it very intriguing that Palmer helps Tony think things through on the sly. This needs to be revisited.....
  • A bitsy different boss...

    What i first saw, it was disapointing, i read that tony would be in charge. And i don't like it if tony is in charge when Gibbs is there.

    But i liked it. Tony trying to be Gibbs like. Abby being very afraid that Gibbs left again. (does she has an escaped pet or something?)

    McGee and Ziva being really stunned that Tony is boss again and gibbs listens to him, and even participated with 'campfire' The end is a bit fuzzy for me, i did not get if renny has the money or not. Well, at least i think so. Great to see that DiNozzo sees how hard is is to be boss.

    And finally, the Tony/Palmer scene. AWSOME! i always thought of palmer being wierd and nerdy, but he actually helps Tony with the case. Nice input from his side.

    Overall, i loved this episode! this season seems to get better and better every episode
  • Tell Ziva I'll poke her...

    Rule 38: that's what made this an episode to remember.
    An old case from the days when DiNozzo was team leader is re-opened and so Gibbs decides to step back and let Tony finish his job.
    A well written episode which balances perfectly case related scenes with the inevitable funny situations; what would you expect with Tony as Team leader?
    As usual, I loved the character interaction and especially Gibbs, it was good to see him under a different prospective, all in all; you don't get to hear him talking that much very often...
    Just a little critic: it's been a while since the last time we've seen Tony and Ziva having some kind of "personal" interaction; I'm wondering what happened to all the meaningful stares and no so subtle talks.
  • When a murder the team is investigating is found to have a link to one of Dinozzo's old cases, Gibbs invokes Rule 38 and puts Tony in charge.

    This was a great episode, bearing almost all the hallmarks of a great NCIS show: an intriguing teaser featuring a body dump and the apparent claiming to be Dinozzo; a surprise twist at virtually every bumper (especially the first one); and enough McGruffins to touch on almost any possibility viewers might guess, but still manage an unexpected resolution. Gibbs' fatherly relationship with Tony in this episode showed a lot more character development than TV (e.g. McCloud) used to. Notice that they were no wake-up calls to the back of the head in this episode, and I didn't miss them at all.
  • Tony and Gibbs switch places involving a case from Tony's past that he isn't too proud of.

    First of all when I review an episode this good I'll start with the bad first. Believe me in this near perfect episode there wasn't much, but it wasn't a 10 for one reason. I thought the end of the episode kind of lost some steam and the resolution wasn't made perfectly clear. But this episode was so good and so much fun I didn't really care. The hour episode felt like 5 minutes it moved so quickly.

    So going into the good. Now normally NCIS starts off a little slow where they will introduce you to the case. But not in this case. From the minute they drop the bomb with the faux (fake) Tony character it just hooks you in and then the episode gets better and better from there.

    Now I would like to point out for those that don't remember that Tony was in charge before and he did a pretty good job than. And now back in charge he didn't miss a beat as instead of doing a Nicholson impression he did a Gibbs impression and it was funny! The POV reactions of all of the characters to Gibbs twin was priceless.

    Especially Abby. She really sold it! And I bought it! This episode was so good. You, know as much as I like the comical Tony character I sometimes want him to be a little more serious and realistic, because I truly believe that is who the character really is and this one delivers it. Too bad that'll probably be it for that character exploration, but this show still rocks anyway! After a great episode like this they can just keep it coming!
  • good episode, some disappiontments.

    this was a really great episode, alot of people said it was out of charachter for gibbs but personnaly i don't agree. gibbs knew tony screw up and he wanted him to make it right, plus it was a rule and gibbs always sticks with his rules..not always..usually. the scenes with abby was hilaruies and gibbs calling tony anthony and saying that his proud of him was priceless, but i was really disappointed with the lack of tiva their banters and their chemistry and the scene with palmer was really weird, some people said it was like the ducky and gibbs relationship but i still didn't like it..maybe because i don't really like jimmy, Overall nice episode, good storyline, great humour and fantastic performance from the actors.
  • Someone impersonates Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo which leads to a murder investigation in which Dinozzo and Gibbs switch roles.

    This is one of my most favorite episodes of the season. When I first saw the preview for it I was intrigued but I thought that it was being over done. Dinozzo was suspected of murder in Season 3 with the girl's amputated leg, and again in Season 5 when Jeanne Benoit accused him of murdering her dad. So I was wondering where this case was headed. I was very glad that right off the bat, Dinozzo has an alibi and was off the hook. The role reversal of Gibbs and Dinozzo was fantastic. Gibbs just fell into line, calling him boss and giving his imput and was really willing to do anything to help Dinozzo along. I love that when the chips started to fall and Dinozzo started losing it, that he reached deep within himself and found the strength to push on. Very well written episode and all the actors (Harmon, Weatherly, De Pablo, Murry, Perrette, and McCallum) did a PHENOMENAL job throughout the entire episode.
  • Tony gets to be the boss!

    I have to say – I really liked this episode. I thought it was fun to see Tony in the role of the boss, and that it focused on him. It was also nice that the episode was not just another frame-up Tony-wise, but that he got to work the case. It was heartbreaking watching him struggle to catch the right guys and live with the fact that he put an innocent man in prison. In addition it was also nice seeing Gibbs in a different role – not being in charge. He really tried to help Tony as much as he could, following leads, doing what he said, and making him trust himself. When Tony had doubts, Gibbs stepped up and made him push through his limits. It was a wonderful interaction between the two of them, and also different from what we have seen before. Actually, there was a lot of good moments throughout the episode: Abby and Tony in the lab, all the small talks, the campfire, seeing Tony in a different situation etc. The actors and writers really did a good job on this.