Season 6 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2009 on CBS

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  • When An Old Individual From Tony's Past Resurfaces, A Case Tony Investigated Is Re-Opened. He Switches Roles With Gibbs To Crack The Case.

    "Bounce" is very entertaining. It's also a very clever episode in the sense of its rather unique role-reversal. As I have said in my review of the season three finale "Hiatus", it was certainly nice to see Tony in charge. Yes, I know he is not a great leader, but it's very entertaining to see him in the role of the leader. That aside, this episode's case was interesting. The opening scene was great as an unknown man claimed to be the very special agent Anthony DiNozzo. Also the scene after the opening credits is another highlight too. The case took many twists and turns and it made the case unpredictable. The only problem I have with this episode is the ending. It could have been better. Michael Weatherly was excellent. "Bounce" is a very good episode that is well worth your time. Check it out.