Season 3 Episode 12

Boxed In

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2006 on CBS

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  • Loved it!

    Love the chemistry btw MW and CDP in this episode. Lots of funny moments. I especially love Ziva's I have to go to the bathroom walk!
  • The Team Is On The Hunt For Tony And Ziva Who Disappeared From A Crime Scene. They Were Looking For Smuggled Weapons But Where Are They Now?

    "Boxed In" is another great episode of "NCIS". Great performances by all cast members and very well written and believable script. Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo their best performances ever on the show as they try to work their way out of the box. The case was entertaining and I was hooked from the beginning. Terrific nail-biting suspense that will keep the viewers guessing throughout the episode is another highlight too. Tony's comedy was well timed and it was funny. I also liked the side-story about Ziva inviting the entire team for dinner but not Tony. The conclusion was perfect although it was predictable but it does not matter in this killer episode. The final scene was funny. "It wasn't bad". No words can tell you how awesome "Boxed In" was. This is an episode that no one should miss.
  • Boxed In

    The Tony and Ziva relationship may be the best thing on TV today, but it was not always that way; it took great episodes like this to build up the chemistry between Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo.

    "Boxed In" was a fantastic episode that focused on the two stars trapped inside a metal shipping box fighting for their lives. We had some interesting conversations and some intense moments between the two that showed just how good NCIS can be at times.

    The ending was a bit of a letdown and any of the scenes with Abby were annoying, but this is definitely an episode worth watching.
  • This was a relatively boring episode in an otherwise great season...

    Well, NCIS could do better.
    Unlike TV classics such as Seifeld who could afford having a whole episode stuck inside an airport's parking garage, NCIS just should stick to the action - filled, joke stranded hectic episode action we're used to - the show is at its best when it happens...

    This episode has - - beside the somewhat funny monologues between Dinozzo and Ziva - a relatively boring plot, and a very VERY known outcome...

    What happened to the elusive bad guys of season one? what happened to the over-the-season stretching plots? NCIS, which is one of the best shows on American TV, should avoid the pitfall of repeating itself, so the addicted fans won't walk away.

    Only a reminder.
  • grat tony/ziva episode.

    this is one of my favorite episodes, not only cas tony and ziva but because it shows abbey finally starting to accept ziva into the NCIS family. i thought the plot was great, loved all the things that happened inside the box from shooting a bullet inside the box, to lighting a fire, makeing a money trail,to shooting at people outside the box from inside. idk, it was just really good. i thought it was cute when they where getting shot at from inside and tony covers/protects zivas head. it kinda shows that they are starting to accept eachother as partners and not just someone to pick on and or flirt with. but overall great episode!
  • This is my favourite Tony/Ziva episode.

    What a great episode - Tony and Ziva get time to bond... and burn large amounts of money.

    Ziva shot the bad guy in the foot, she is so cool. Such cowards, they open the door from a distance the second time! They're dumb too – they thought they wouldn't burn it?! Didn't they think federal agents would realize the money is counterfeit.

    That hurts – Tony was the only person not invited to Ziva's dinner party?! Even Gibbs was there! I'm surprised that Abby, as protective as she is of Tony, didn't even hesitate to tell him. My feelings would be deeply hurt by being excluded like that.
  • Boxed in

    That was great case. Started with action and that action seemed not to stop. Ziva and Tony get themselves boxed into a cargo container and removed by bad guys. They know they are in danger and it is just matter of time before they are killed. So.. working together, trying to communicate and better their changes while only having what they have inside that box.

    And on the other side.. we had Gibbs and McGee trying to find it.. and Abby... she is just brilliant. I mean, the way she worried and that scene with Ducky, that was brilliant.

    And I loved how it ended. Little twist in the end too.
  • A sensational episode!

    This episode was another interesting one with Agents DiNozzo and David, This time, they are trapped in a cargo container and being taken away, with no idea where they are going.

    I love how DiNozzo calls Palmer the "Autopsy Gremlin". I know he's said it many times before, but this time I really picked up on it. I also loved how DiNozzo got jealous when realising Ziva had invited everyone but himself over for dinner. Those were funny moments!

    Besides the comedy, the episode was pakced with suspense and interesting ways to get out of the box. I particularly liked Ziva's idea of tossing money ou of the ventilation slots.

    I was laughing so hard when the hobo started picking up all the money! That was his lucky day! I was happy for him!

    I also enjoyed the conclusion to the episode. I thoroughly recommend this one because it was just so entertaining. So far, this season is going brilliantly!
  • A great Tony/Ziva episode!

    You would never think that the writers on NCIS could think of such a clever plot. Well they did! I think this is definetly a trendsetter and I could just see many more great NCIS episodes come our way. They was also a lot of character develop: Tony and Ziva. We learned many think about them as a team and how much they really care about each other. We also learned how much the rest of the NCIS team cared about them! I loved the twist at the end with the Guy in Charge being one of the bad guys! Brilliant! I also like the idea of the money trail and how Tony had to make an antena using Ziva's Necklase, her scrungie, and his cellphone. It should a lot of teamwork! I had a lot of favorite scenes in this episode and it was a great filler one too! I loved it!
  • another great episode!

    This was another great episode with Ziva and Tony in an awkward situation. Trapped in a container in a shipping yard! This takes the Ziva and Tony by surprise when they find out that Millions of dollars were in the container they were in, and they can't get through to anyone to tell them what they have found. Resulting in losing them Gibbs makes Abby feel very uncomfortable when he says to try and find them and tells her nothing else, leaving her with scary thoughts of them being dead! But all will prevail in the end and as they are found Ziva has a classic line...

    Tony: Where are you going?
    Ziva: I've been trapped in a container all day, the laddies room!
  • A Ziva/Tony filled episode

    This episode opens with Ziva &Tony at a dock, walking through containers. They spot that a container has been emptied and as they move closer for further inspection, are set upon by gun fire. As they enter the container to hide, they get locked in. Someone has bolted them in from the outside. Inside of the container, they open some of the boxes and discover DVD's. McGee & Gibbs try to locate them, but they can't use their GPS locater in their phones as it isn't working. Tony discovers that the container is smaller on the inside than on the outside. When he taps one wall, he discovers that it is false. They knock it down and discover what the container was truly used for, transporting explosives. But when they open the box, they discover that the writing on the side was wrong; the boxes are actually filled with money. And lots of it. But they discover that all of the money is fake. Tony tries to burn some money to get the attention of passing people, but it doesn't work. They then start moving. Gibbs & McGee discover where they were and a dead body. In order to be found, they decided to drop bread crumbs (using the fake money).Tony manages to ring Gibbs to tell him to follow the money. They are in a warehouse in the container, when men with guns, open fire on them, after opening the container doors. Gibbs sees a man picking up money off of the road. They stop and question him. Abby gets a fix on their location and has it narrowed down to a 500metres radius. Just as they are about to give up hope, the port security turns up. A Tony & Ziva leave the container, they realise that they have been double crossed, and that he is working with the bad guys. It's then that Gibbs and McGee turn up and save the day.
  • More Tiva action...

    This episode was great! There was a lot of sexual tension between Ziva and Tony which I just love to watch. The plot was exciting and very well written with of course some humor in it. While on investigation at a shipyard, looking for smuggled weapons, Tony and Ziva get trapped in a container. In the container they try to find evidence which could help them solve the case.

    While being in the box Ziva continues to blame Tony for getting trapped in there and Tony stays his pretty relaxed self, with some movie comments thrown in every once in a while. The other characters were all their brilliant self in this episode, which is a big part of why this show is so great.
  • good episode...

    8.5 I like the idea of this episode, but it gets a bit boring...Anyways, Ziva and Tony get trapped at the docks and it's up to Gibbs and the team to find them. I liked how Ziva and Tony interacted together and it really brought their characters out. I also liked how all of the other characters reacted to their diappearance. I just felt the episode was slow though. I watched it the first time and I liked it so I came back a year later to watch it again and it didn't wow me. It's just a good one-time episode. It was also a predictable episode. Oh, one thing that bugged me was that Tony never made a reference to MacGyver even though he was acting just like MacGyver during part of the episode....
  • great episode

    The NCIS team are assigned to investigate alleged contraband shipments going through a civilian shipyard. Tony and Ziva discover the contraband when a couple of gangsters attack them with high automatic weapons. tony and ziva are caught in a crossfire and they retreat into a container. Both of them are locked inside the container by the foreign crime syndicate. Tony and Ziva couldn't call the NCIS headquarters because of their cellphones are out of range. This is a really exciting episode. It's action packed. The investigation that goes on throughout the episode looks really good. The writers came up with an exciting episode, i really liked this one.
  • Wicked! This was so funny that I fell off my chair while watching and eating dinner!! B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!

    oh!!! magnificent!! i loved the fact that they ended up together in a crate and solved it at the same time. the way they think of the trail of money is hilarious and then of in hansel and gretel theres always someone eating the breadcrumbs! rofl. my two favourite bits were when Tony and Ziva had "bright ideas"...yeah right.
    zivas was to shoot a hole in the crate...not so bright and tonys was to set fire to money to let them know they were there...instead they nearly choked!!
    i love the way tony and ziva seem to have a sense of humour that doesnt really mingle too well. really showed it in this ep. well done!
  • While on investigation at a shipyard, looking for smuggled weapons, Tony and Ziva dissapear and it's up to NCIS to find them. Abby tries to track them down by tracking down their GPS chips, but they seem to be out of reach.

    not one of the best, but still quite good. The way Tony and Ziva are beginning to bounce off each other good. The flash backs, I don't quite get Gibbs getting arrested in Paris and the bit we had the other week about Jen and Gibbs we will always have paris, a bit Casablanca here and Humphrey Bogart Ingrid Berman. I don't know
  • This was not one of the best episodes. It was okay but definetly not the best.

    While looking around a box docking place, Tony and Ziva get fired at. So they take cover inside an open box. Once they get in though, the people who were shooting at them lock them in. So now they are locked in a box without a clue how to get out. Tony soon finds that there is a secret part of the box, which Ziva reads, holds explosives. Then suddenly, they are being transported.
  • Locked in a box - without a clue

    OK - I know that if Tony and Ziva had thought of the antenna thing earlier in the episode their would have not been much of a plot but come on! After it was done, stick it out the ventilation holes! They talked about it before they made the extension using Ziva's necklace but after Tony made the antenna, they wasted time by trying to use it without sticking it out the hole.
    This was a good episode but who didn't see the dock boss as bad guy coming?
  • Great Tony/Ziva scenes, but overall just an average episode..

    At the beginning of the episode I really liked it: Tony and Ziva have a great chemistry together and there were tons of funny quotes I'm just too lazy to transcribe right now (maybe later).. all in all, Ziva is a great replacement for Kate, but that doesn't mean that I don't miss her..

    After that great beginning the episode got worse.. nothing really happened, and the plot was way too predictable. When Abby first sends the pictures of the suspects you clearly can see at the reaction of the Port Security Chief that he's involved.. I didn't worry for Ziva and Tony and as I see it, that was the point of the whole episode!

    Also, McGee should really start to act more secure, he isn't really the newbie anymore!

    Last, but not least: Abby and Ducky were great again! But even those two didn't get me to feel more for Ziva and Tony..
  • This is not a usual episode (many in this season are not) of NCIS but nonetheless it is really good.

    This is not a usual episode (many in this season are not) of NCIS but nonetheless it is really good.

    The chemistry between Tony and Ziva is great and they really get to show it in this episode.

    As I sid in the beginning, this episode doesn't follow the NCIS episode formula and it's refreshing in my point of view. We also get to know a bit more about Ziva and the relationship between Tony and her (which at first seem to not go so well since Ziva's had a party at her house inviting everyone except Tony) but their time together in the crate kinda makes them grow closer to each other.

    And hey, everytime a show has bollywood references u just gotta love it!

  • Boring episode

    Absolutely nothing happened in this episode. I guessed at the beginning that the dock guy had something to do with it. He offered no help what so ever. The only interesting thing that happened was Ziva inviting everyone over except Tony. It was funny to watch Tony get offended but trying to act like he wasn't.
  • Another great episode.

    This was a another well done episode by the cast of NCIS. Tony and Ziva are great together. In this episode, Tony and Ziva are searching the docks were dangerous containers. They get ambushed and locked in one of the containers. Normally, Ziva is strong, not afraid, but I think she may not like closed in spaces. Tony keeps trying to pry her for information, but she barely budges. McGee needs to start acted more sure of himself. Gibbs is worried about his team. Abby is worried too, and at the end when she hugs Ziva and tells her she is glad she isnt dead, I believe she has finally accepted Ziva.
  • Whew!

    This was a very well written script, but towards the end, I could kind of predict what was going to happen. I knew by the way the guy looked that the person in charge of the docks was involved and I knew that he couldn't be trusted. Ziva and Tony are really good together and I wonder if/when they are ever going to get together.
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