Season 8 Episode 7

Broken Arrow

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

A three-star admiral is standing outside a building at the U.S. Naval Academy, impatiently waiting for someone. A staffer comes up to him and reminds him of a staff meeting, but the admiral is distracted – whoever he is waiting for is late. He calls the latecomer on his cell, and faintly, we hear the tinny sounds of "Anchors Aweigh". Curious, the admiral and staffer follow the sound to a dumpster behind a fence. Inside the dumpster is an older dead man – and his cell phone is still playing. CREDITS

Ziva bounces excitedly into the office – she has just received her United States passport! McGee congratulates her, and while he admires her passport photo, Tony comes in, obviously in a very bad mood. When McGee tells him that Ziva has received her passport, he sourly responds, "Congratulations -- I'll alert the media," and then goes on to explain that he woke up and discovered that his father had called. Ziva says that maybe he needs something, and Tony responds, "Well, that's a given – he called at 4:30 a.m.!" Gibbs interrupts and tells the team they are headed to Annapolis.

McGee is bagging and tagging the contents of the victim's pockets – nothing has been stolen. Ducky is puzzling over something he has found on the victim's hand when Ziva calls McGee and Tony over. She exclaims in disgust that someone is going to have to go through a truly nasty dumpster. To her consternation, Tony and McGee point out, gleefully, that the dirty jobs are for probationary field agents such as herself. "You're going to pull rank on me?" she asks incredulously, as Tony and McGee laugh and quickly escape.

Admiral Chase tells Gibbs that the dead man, Iverson, had called him before dawn that morning, and cryptically told him that he wanted to show the admiral something. Iverson then told him to meet him at the exact spot they first met. "Here?" asks Gibbs, gesturing to a building, "In front of Fowler Hall?" Chase agrees, telling Gibbs that they had been plebes together, and had met on that spot, on "I-Day, 1973" (Induction Day). He then tells Gibbs that he hadn't spoken to him in a few years, and that Iverson had gone to work in the private sector after he had retired. Gibbs then asks Chase what his current assignment is, but Chase refuses to tell him in public. He then tells Gibbs that he is overdue at the Pentagon, and will get in touch with NCIS in the afternoon. He leaves, walking past Iverson's body with barely a glance. Gibbs watches him thoughtfully as Chase enters a car, and then instructs McGee to find out what it is, exactly, that Chase does at the Pentagon.

Ducky tells Gibbs that Iverson died early that morning, but he can't find any definite cause, although he is going to have something he found under Iverson's fingernails tested. Rising from beside the body, Ducky looks around the campus and comments, "Can't you just sense the esprit d'corps?" He then goes on to tell Gibbs that the USNA was established in 1845, twenty years before the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, and that his father had wanted him to attend, but he had other plans. He is interrupted by an excited McGee, who tells Gibbs that Vice Admiral C. Clifford Chase is part of the E-Ring, Deputy Director of Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. ("E-Ring" denotes an office on the outside of the Pentagon with a view, usually held by the most senior officers.)

In the office, Ziva reports that Woodrow Wilson Iverson retired from the Navy as a Commander 18 years previously to join Royce Global Group, an international mining and shipping company. The company is owned by the legendary Jonathan Royce, who has become reclusive since the death of his son at a LeMans race, and hasn't been seen in public, presumably holed up in his chalet in Gstaad. His sole remaining heir is his daughter, Rachel, who lives in Bridgehampton, Long Island. While Tony finishes his report, McGee has found something interesting – Royce left Geneva yesterday on a private Royce jet and came through Dulles customs at 3:2 am that morning. The manifest showed a crew of three and four passengers. He eyes Tony as he reports the four passengers. He replays security video that was taken at the terminal, and as they watch, he identifies the passengers: ____ Gaston, head of security for the Royce Group; Dan Mayfield, Royce's COO and Royce' "right hand man"; Woody Iverson, the victim. As the fourth passenger emerges from the plane, Tony and Ziva are incredulous – it is Tony's father, "Anthony D. DiNozzo. Senior." Gibbs rolls his eyes and walks away, as Tony digests the news in shock.

McGee puts down the phone and reports that Mayfield and Gaston are on the way in to NCIS. Tony has no luck reaching his father, so Gibbs instructs McGee to track his cell phone. Tony, worried, is berating himself for not taking his father's call earlier that morning. Ziva reassures him that his dad looks fine in the video, but Tony retorts that "the guy in front of him (Iverson) did, too, and he ended up dead, crammed in a dumpster!" Gibbs cautions Tony to calm down. McGee finds DiNozzo, Sr. – his cell phone is at a bus station. Tony runs out of the office to intercept him. Gibbs sends Ziva after Tony.

In the conference room, Mayfield tells Gibbs that he and Iverson started working for Royce about the same time 18 years ago. Mayfield tells him that they were in town for the annual Royce Summit, an international trade symposium that Royce had begun ten years ago. Even though Royce is not there, it is still a sought-after invitation. Gibbs asks if they know why Iverson left the group, and Gaston explains that they had a limo, but Iverson left, telling the group that he had "something to do" and took a cab. Mayfield tells Gibbs that there was another passenger on the plane that left with Iverson, "he might know." Gibbs plays dumb: "Anthony DiNozzo? What is his connection to Royce?" Mayfield tells him that DiNozzo and Royce go way back, "they met in Gstaad years ago, they game, ski, chase women together," he responds, smiling ruefully. Gaston tells Gibbs that DiNozzo was hanging around the private terminal in Geneva looking for a ride, and that Royce okayed him.

At the bus station, Ziva and Tony find DiNozzo, Sr. waiting in line to board a bus. "See, Tony, he's alright!" Ziva reassures Tony, but he is unconvinced and approaches his dad and asks him what he is doing there. "In Washington?" asks his dad. "No, at the bus station!" exclaims Tony. His dad retorts, "Why didn't you answer my call?" and Tony tells him that it was the middle of the night, and he did return the call a half-hour ago. DiNozzo checks his cell phone and shrugs. "Blocked call – you know I don't answer blocked calls." he comments, "how did you find me?" Tony shakes his head in exasperation. "I'm a Federal agent, dad!" His father is unimpressed. "That doesn't give you the right to violate my privacy," he reminds Tony. "What else do you know?" Tony tells him that he knows that DiNozzo, Senior arrived early that morning on a Royce private jet. DiNozzo is affronted: "Are you keeping tabs on me, Junior?" "I'm investigating a murder, Dad," retorts Tony. "A murder?" inquires DiNozzo, Senior, and Tony tells him "Woody Iverson," watching his face carefully for reactions. DiNozzo seems sincerely taken aback and Tony begins to lead him away from the bus, telling him that he needs to come down to NCIS. As he turns away from the bus, he spies Ziva standing a few yards away. He stops suddenly, and a smile crosses his face. "Is that Ziva?" he inquires, and when Tony answers affirmatively, he straightens his collar and heads toward Ziva, with instructions to Tony to get his bag. DiNozzo, Sr. greets Ziva effusively, with a hug and kiss on the check, telling her how wonderful she looks. She is smiling broadly, hugging him back, and as he passes them, Tony tells his dad curtly, "Watch the hands!"

In Interrogation, DiNozzo, Senior tiredly props a foot up on the table, but rises to greet Gibbs familiarly with a handshake. Gibbs shakes his hand as DiNozzo Senior tells him how shocked he was to hear about Iverson's death. Gibbs asks DiNozzo Senior how long he had known Iverson, and he tells him about 24 hours – he had met him at the Geneva airport. "You hitched a ride on the Royce jet?" Gibbs inquires. DiNozzo Senior charmingly confesses to being a "plane whore – I hate to fly commercial. Ever fly on a G5? It is a whole different world!" Gibbs smiles slightly, but proceeds with the questioning: Did DiNozzo Senior talk to Iverson on the plane? DiNozzo tells Gibbs that he and Mayfield played gin on the plane and drank 30 year old Scotch. "I took him for $100!" he adds, proudly, and then comments that Iverson sat by himself, and said little, except about the Summit. DiNozzo tells Gibbs that Mayfield invited him to the opening reception at the Royce mansion, but that he isn't going: "He was just being polite because of my relationship with Jonathan." Gibbs asks him if he saw Royce in Switzerland, but DiNozzo tells him, "No, not for years – he doesn't see anybody. Are we through?" Gibbs isn't through, and observes that even though Iverson didn't speak on the plane, DiNozzo Senior and Iverson shared a taxi into the city. DiNozzo smiles and tells Gibbs that he's starting to feel like a suspect. He goes on to say that he doesn't expect special treatment because he's Tony's father, and "I accept that you and I will never be friends, Gibbs – but I don't like your tone," he finishes with a frown. Gibbs is unperturbed, and points out that he was the last person to see Iverson alive, "and how I feel about you, personally, is irrelevant. This is a murder investigation, and I'll follow it wherever it leads." DiNozzo Senior explains that Iverson was taking a taxi into town, and that he asked for a ride, and was dropped off at the Adams House, and never mentioned where he was going after that. Gibbs receives a phone call and walks out. Tony and Ziva are in the observation room, and Tony, staring at his dad, declares, "He's lying – he never checked into the Adams House, I checked. What is he up to?"

Admiral Chase is in Vance's office, telling Vance that he thinks that Iverson's death may have national security implications, and asks if Vance has the "correct" people on the case. Vance assures him that Gibbs and his team can handle it as Gibbs arrives. Vance tells Gibbs that Admiral Chase has some information. Chase begins: "When I got back to my office and conferred with my intelligence officers . . ." "Not the Joint Chiefs?" inquires Gibbs, drily. Chase is taken aback for a moment, and then goes on to explain that their analysts use Echelon to search all communications for the names Iverson and Royce Global, and that there seems to be a great deal of chatter and interest in the trade summit the next day from international arms dealers. Vance points out that they are going to have to get right on this problem because security at the summit is very tight, with a highly restricted guest list, but Gibbs has an idea and dashes out of the Vance's office.

In the office, Abby and Ziva are captivated by DiNozzo Senior's charm, and are protesting that he is planning to leave. "You just got here!" protests Abby. As Tony quickly helps his dad into his coat, McGee adds, "Yes, we were really looking forward to hearing your version of why Junior got expelled from boarding school!" Tony glares at McGee and begins to hustle his dad out of the office as Gibbs hurries up to them and asks where Senior is going. "Back to New York, boss!" declares Tony, but Gibbs points out that Senior is their ticket to the Royce party. Gibbs begins to grin as a look of horror washes over Tony's face and a look of pleased satisfaction fills Senior's face – as he begins to take off his coat and make himself at home.

Senior is on the phone, and Tony is agitated. He goes to Gibbs and tells him that no good is going to come of this, and whines that he doesn't want his father staying with him that night. Senior then announces that, even though all the good hotels are taken, he has used his influence with Donald at the Adams and gotten the last room – a penthouse. Tony is aghast, and asks Gibbs who is going to pay for it. Gibbs shrugs and tells him to get a purchase order from accounting.

In the lab, McGee asks Abby, "Isn't 310 a Los Angeles area code?" She agrees, but is preoccupied with removing small bits of matter from the front of Iverson's jacket. McGee notes that a call at 310-555-0142 looks like a phone number to him, at 4:42 am, 20 minutes after he dropped off DiNozzo, Senior. Abby is only half-listening, and is frustrated when the DNA test of the matter under Iverson's fingernails comes up with no matches. McGee inquires, somewhat kiddingly, "Even Tony's father?" Abby tells him that she already tested that, and that now she has to go to an international database, which will take time. As she starts the search, she comments that she thinks Tony is too judgmental of his father. McGee points out that Tony had an unsettled childhood and that DiNozzo Senior "wasn't exactly Cliff Huxtable." Abby maintains that DiNozzo, Senior is getting older and is perhaps trying to make amends. As she scans the jacket with a radiation sensor, she goes on to comment that Tony is lucky that he still has a father, and that she wishes that hers was still alive – "I would forgive him anything." Suddenly, she is surprised by a positive reading – she is getting a slight hit on radiation in the pockets, but nothing is in the pockets. McGee is surprised by his Google search on the phone number, too – it is a California health spa that specializes in colonics and herbal enemas. Both McGee and Abby make a "eewww" face.

At the Adams House, Gibbs knocks on the door of the Presidential Suite. No answer, but DiNozzo Senior walks up. "Looking for me?" he asks pleasantly, and tells Gibbs that he needed a sauna and a massage. "I didn't used to get jet lag," he observes. Gibbs follows him silently into the suite, and as DiNozzo asks if Gibbs was checking up on him, Gibbs tells him that he wants to talk to him without his son being on the other side of the glass. DiNozzo's eyebrows raise slightly, and he invites Gibbs to sit, but Gibbs tells him he isn't going to be there that long. He then goes on to tell him that Tony thinks that he's making a mistake involving Senior in an NCIS investigation, and that he may be sticking his neck out, but he wants to look Senior straight in the eye. "And?" inquires DiNozzo Senior. "And I think you might be just enough of a con man to pull it off," says Gibbs, smiling. "That is a strange thing to say to someone that you are asking to do you a favor!" DiNozzo Senior comments, but Gibbs just laughs and, walking over to observe the remains of a lavish dinner still on the table, inquires, "Enjoying yourself, Mr. DiNozzo?" Senior maintains that he has a certain kind of lifestyle, but Gibbs tells him to cut the act – he knows that DiNozzo is broke. DiNozzo asks why Gibbs and Tony believe that, and then goes on to say that when he was visiting last year, Tony picked up his hotel bill and paid for his trip to Monte Carlo and wanted Senior to think that it was a gift from an Arab prince. Gibbs is nonplused. "Is this some sort of game that you two play?" he inquires. "Have you ever just been honest with each other?" DiNozzo Senior tells Gibbs, seriously, that while there are many things he may not have told Tony, he has never lied to him. They stare at each other for a moment, and DiNozzo tells Gibbs that he may not believe it, but he is starting to like Gibbs. Gibbs is dismissive, but DiNozzo Senior pours a glass of champagne and cheerfully tells Gibbs, "As Bogey said in Casablanca, 'This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship'!"

At the office, Tony is pouting, and Ziva is trying to understand. "Yesterday, you didn't want to talk to him, but now you are mad because he wouldn't have dinner with you!" Tony maintains he is annoyed because his father gave him a lame excuse that he had already eaten and wanted to turn in early. Ziva accepts that excuse and points out that his father is getting older and had done a lot of traveling the night before. "I can understand that he is tired!" "'Tired'" is not a word in his vocabulary!" snaps Tony. As Gibbs enters, McGee is excited – he has cracked the mystery of the so-called telephone number. The number is actually a code for the number of the taxi he was in – 310 – and the last seven digits was the number for the D.C. taxi service. McGee theorizes that perhaps he left something in the cab, and Gibbs gives McGee an almost-smile of pride.

McGee is bouncing with excitement – in the evidence garage, as Abby is combing through the cab, McGee tells Gibbs that the taxi driver told him that Iverson was acting "hinky", peering out the back window. Suddenly Abby exclaims, "I've got something!" and pulls a small metal plate out from between the cushion and seat back. "MK-15" is etched on it, along with a serial number. Abby runs the radiation sensor over it, and it reacts strongly. "But why is it radioactive?" she wonders, and McGee declares, "When it doubt, use the internet." He flies over to a console and enters the serial number. A Google reference to a missing hydrogen bomb pops up. On March 10, 1956, a B-47 carrying a nuclear warhead carrying the serial number 47787 disappeared during an air-to-air refueling over the Mediterranean, and its wreckage was never found. "Boss, this is about a lost nuclear weapon!" exclaims McGee. "Broken Arrow" muses Gibbs, and Abby points out that 3.4 megatons is 100 more times powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Gibbs observes that whoever got the plate, got the bomb – and the nuclear material.

In Vance's office, Gibbs shows the plate to Admiral Chase, who assumes that this is what Iverson wanted to show him. NCIS has confirmed that this is the actual plate that was on the bomb. Chase tells them that after that much time under water, the bomb is inoperable, but the nuclear material has a half-life of several million years, and they have always been afraid of terrorists getting their hands on nuclear material. Vance muses that "Broken Arrow has come back to haunt us," and Admiral Chase declares that the situation has gotten much bigger than a homicide investigation and that he will take it from there. But Vance tells him that SecNav has confirmed that it is an NCIS investigation. "Do I need to remind you why we're a civilian-run agency? With all due respect, Admniral, those stars on your shoulders don't carry much weight in this building." Gibbs offers to brief Chase on what they know so far. After a moment of tension, Chase sits down, and Vance tells him that the Royce Group is big in underwater mining, and that the Royce ship "The Global Seeker" is scouring the floor of the Mediterranean for poly-metallic nodules. They could have run up against the wreckage of the B-47. "Why didn't they contact the U.S. government?" wonders Chase, but Gibbs points out that Iverson was looking for Chase, but that someone stopped him. Chase declares that Royce has some questions to answer, but Gibbs points out that no one has seen or heard from Royce in four years and that Mayfield is running Royce, now. Chase wants to know why Mayfield isn't being brought in, but Gibbs tells him that he doesn't want to spook Mayfield if he has the nuclear matter, and that they are infiltrating the party the first night before the Summit.

McGee is going over the blueprints of the Royce mansion with Gibbs and Tony, pointing out where the electronic bugs would be most effective. Tony reports that Theo Gaston, the head of security, is supplementing his staff with local hires. McGee can't get hold of the guest list, but he thinks he can hack into the internet-based video surveillance system at the house. Tony is agitated and tells Gibbs that using his father is a mistake. "He's untrained – he doesn't know what to look for! Sure, he can work a room, and he's a charmer, but c'mon – we both know this is different!" Gibbs tells him that he is not sending his dad in alone, and then Tony protests that he can't work with his dad. Gibbs tells him that he has another agent – one that can speak several languages and looks better in a dress. Tony is aghast and tells Ziva, "You're going with my father? This is crazy!" Ziva tells him that his father doesn't think so – "he sent me flowers!" Tony is stunned, and Gibbs tells him that if he's so worried about his dad, he should go to the hotel and check on him. Tony dashes out. As Tony is leaving, Fred from Accounting comes up to Gibbs and tells him that he has a problem: Anthony DiNozzo Senior is not only staying in a $1500 a night suite, but he is running up a huge tab, including a limo for that evening. Gibbs quips, "Guess you haven't gotten the bill for the flowers yet?" Fred is speechless.

At the hotel, DiNozzo Senior is being fitted in a new tux. After politely asking the tailor to leave, Tony rips into his father, telling him that he can't be inviting his personal tailor to his room. As he grips his dad's arms for emphasis, he suddenly becomes aware of the tux and is distracted. "Wow!" he whispers, fingering the fabric. "That's soft!" "Pure cashmere," DiNozzo informs him. "100% virgin." Tony is puzzled: "You rented a cashmere tuxedo?" "No, bought it – at least, NCIS did," remarks DiNozzo Senior cheerfully. "You're out of control!" exclaims Tony, but DiNozzo Senior asks him calmly over a martini preparation if he is there to brief him on the evening's op. Tony is taken aback, and realizes, "You think you're James Bond, don't you? There is no 'op' – your job is to get Ziva into the party so she can plant the bug. That's it! And then you stay out of her way, get it?" "God it," responds DiNozzo Senior, tasting the martini, and then he asks, "What exactly is your relationship with her?" Tony shakes his head. "We're co-workers. There is no relationship. It's strictly business!" DiNozzo Senior smiles slowly and then asks, archly, "Well, then, you won't mind if I make my move? If the opportunity presents itself?" Tony is horrified and pleads with his father: "Dad. Please. I beg you. Don't embarrass me." DiNozzo Senior raises his glass to Tony.

Ducky tells DiNozzo that the cause of death was a cervical dislocation, probably barehanded. "C1 and C2 were dislocated, causing immediate asphyxia." Gibbs takes in the information and moves on, and Ducky heads off with two tickets to the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Smithsonian in hand. Ziva shows Gibbs a photo of Rachel Royce, and tells him that Rachel filed a complaint in Swiss courts last month declaring that Mayfield is unlawfully denying her access to her father – she has not seen him in four years, or spoken to him in three. Gibbs observes that if Rachel is the sole beneficiary, then Mayfield is out of a job as soon as Royce dies. "I do hope he has a good retirement plan," he quips. He throw her coat at her and tells her to get moving. "C'mon, it's show time!"

McGee and Tony are in the surveillance truck, and McGee is savoring a NutterButter cookie. Tony feels like he is in a James Bond movie directed by Fellini. "On a stakeout, watching my dad and Ziva go undercover while you much on a NutterButter." DiNozzo Senior and Ziva come into view, as Senior tells Ziva she looks ravishing in her black backless dress with thigh-high side slits – while letting his hand drift down to her back to brush her derriere. She catches his hand discreetly and moves it higher, but Tony sees the whole thing and moans, "This is the end of my career . . ."

In the house, the broach that Ziva is wearing is a camera. DiNozzo Senior takes her to introduce her to Mayfield.

At MTAC, Gibbs, Vance and Chase are watching a display of a real-time satellite surveillance of the Royce ship in the Mediterranean. It's 3 AM Mediterranean time. They discuss logistics – the ship is 200 miles from where the B-47 was presumed to have crashed, is surrounded by Navy ships, and it is not equipped to lift anything as heavy as the bomb was. Gibbs points out that they have a submersible that they could have used to remove the plate to verify their find, and Vance thinks that they are waiting for the equipment to lift it. At the party, the team has already identified four international arms deals from Ziva's video.

McGee identifies one party-goer as Julie Merriweather, the head of a Beltway P.R. firm. As DiNozzo Senior chats up Ms. Meriweather ("I think you just got a glimpse of your next stepmothers, Tony"), Ziva is directed to find out who is lurking at a desk in the corner of the room. She wanders over and McGee gets a good shot of him – Agah Bayar, a Turkish arms dealer on the Interpol wanted list. He notices her, and as he is chatting to Mayfield, he tells Mayfield that her name is Ziva David, daughter of Eli David of the Israeli Mossad, and is currently a Federal agent with NCIS. Mayfield is shocked, and they both turn to look at Ziva. Tony notices that Ziva has attracted their interest. "Doesn't look good," mutters McGee.

McGee tells her to locate Gaston, but she murmurs that she can't see him. Agah tells Mayfield that while he is interested in his proposition, he's not interested in spending the rest of his life in an American prison, and bids him goodbye. As Agah leaves, he pauses to take a lingeringly appreciative look at Ziva, who flirtingly smiles back at him. Mayfield is disgruntled, and Tony is worried.

Abby is listening at the MTAC door, trying to figure out what is going on. Gibbs comes out and Abby tells him that by pulling some strings, she was able to get a DNA match run against the Interpol database, and that that the DNA under Iverson's fingerails belonged to Theo Gaston. As Gibbs quickly gets a retina scan to get back into MTAC, she goes on to tell him that Gaston used to teach hand-to-hand combat for the elite special forces – and earns a kiss on the cheek as he dashes back into MTAC.

Gibbs rushes to the microphone and tells Tony and McGee to get DiNozzo Senior out of there, and for Ziva to keep Gaston under surveillance. Gaston takes his orders from Mayfield – he has enough to bring them both in on suspicion. Gibbs tersely tells Ziva to get his father out, but she reassures him with a smile (and a flirtatious smoothing of Senior's hair) that his father is just fine. Tony interrupts her and tells her that it's Gibbs' order -- Gaston is the killer. All business, Ziva suddenly announces to Senior, "We're leaving." Senior wants to spent a few moments talking to the president of the World Bank, but Ziva firmly keeps him moving. As they come to the foyer, they are met by Gaston and Mayfield, who inquires, "Going somewhere, Agent David?" DiNozzo Senior tries to bluff his way out. "Gaston – great party. Really appreciate the invite and the plane ride, but I'm not feeling too well – maybe I had a little too much to drink!" Tony is watching tensely, muttering under his breath, "Get out of there." Gaston looks at Senior, and then turns to Ziva, and we see his hand reaching out towards the broach, snatching it, and the monitor is suddenly full of static. McGee and Tony both bolt out of the truck, telling Gibbs they are on the move. Chase asks if Agent David is carrying a weapon, and Gibbs responds, "She is a weapon." On the video surveillance they continue to watch, Gaston invites Ziva to follow him, but she declares, "We're leaving," and starts to walk past him. He grabs at her, but with a few well-placed strokes, he is crumpled on the floor and Ziva is securing him. Mayfield starts at her, but DiNozzo Senior stands in front of him and declares, "You're going to have to go through me, Dan." Mayfield sneers, "What are you going to do, old man?", and DiNozzo, angered, suddenly hauls off and smashes Mayfield in the nose, sending him down. Tony and McGee burst in to find everything under control, and Tony is taken aback when Senior demands his handcuffs for Mayfield.

A news clip the next morning shows the U.S. fleet "going to the aid" of the Royce ship in the Mediterranean, the cover story. Gibbs tells Vance that they found documents on the ship proving that Mayfield had knowledge of the bomb, and that Mayfield says that he told Gaston to "follow" Iverson, not to kill him. McGee has made some inquiries and discovered that Jonathan Royce is comatose and on life support – his physician wanted to pull the plug months ago, but Mayfield ordered him to keep him alive, in order to keep his job, and figured that the nuke would be his golden parachute. Fred from Accounting confront Gibbs and tells him that he has a serious problem with DiNozzo, Senior, who has run up $9,000 in expenses. "What do you suggest I do?" "Pay him," orders Gibbs, "he's worth every penny." "What exactly did he do?!" wails Fred, and Vance, smiling, tells him, "That's classified." Fred wanders off, disgruntled, as DiNozzo Senior enters with Abby on one arm and Ziva close behind. Abby is asking if he really has to go, but he says that, even though he asked the Director about joining NCIS, there's an age limit – but the Director did give him a cap. He puts the NCIS baseball cap on, and Ziva assures him that it looks great on him. Tony is watching from across the room as he hugs and kisses Abby and Ziva, but quickly follows his dad as he leaves.

Back at the hotel, Tony questions Senior about taking the tux. "What is NCIS going to do with it?" asks Senior, reasonably. He then asks Tony what is wrong – "You've been acting strange all day." Tony is having a hard time telling his dad, and his dad, worried, asks, "You aren't sick, are you?" Tony sits Senior down, and stammers that "you can't tell a book by its cover" and "things aren't always what they appear." Puzzled, Senior tries to figure out exactly what Tony is trying to say, and finally cuts to the chase: "This is about me being broke?" Tony stops stammering, looks his dad n the eye, and says, "Yes." His father gazes at him a moment, and then tells him, matter-of-factly, "This is not a big deal. It's happened before. When you were in your second year of boarding school, I filed for bankruptcy. I'll bounce back. I always do. You knew about it last year . . . when you bought me the ticket to Monte Carlo." Tony is surprised that his dad knows, and asks how his dad found out. "When I caught up with Prince Al – he didn't know anything about it," answers Senior. "You didn't say anything – I appreciate it," he tells Tony. Tony tells him that he didn't know what to say. "We're DiNozzos," his father tells him. "We don't communicate well." "We used to, a long time ago," responds Tony wistfully. "Sometimes, I wish we could rewind to the last time we had a normal father-son relationship." "When was that?" inquires Senior. "It was a fishing trip," answers Tony. "It was just before Mom died – you probably don't remember," he adds dismissively. Senior smiles, rises and goes to sit next to Tony on the sofa, taking his wallet from his pocket. Tony misunderstands and protests, thinking his father is trying to repay him, but instead, his father withdraws an old, faded photograph – it's Senior and Tony, 30 years ago, standing on a dock, proudly holding up fish with broad smiles. As Tony stares at the picture in shock, his father tells him, gently, "I look at that picture every morning. It's one of my fondest memories, too." They exchange a look, and putting his arm around Tony, Senior tells him: "OK, from now on, we talk! Now, let's get out of here before we both start bawling." Tony tells him that he is taking him to the train station and buying his ticket, but Senior refuses. "You're taking me to the airport. I bumped into Donald Trump in the lobby this morning, and if you can get me to Reagan by noon, I'm going home in style!" As they leave, his father tells him, "Will you get my bags, Junior?" and Tony, smiling, shakes his head as he grabs the luggage.

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