Season 8 Episode 7

Broken Arrow

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2010 on CBS

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  • To The Surprise Of The Team, Gibbs Enlists DiNozzo's Father To Help Solve The Murder Of A High-Level Executive Who Became Involved With A Lost Nuclear Weapon.

    "Broken Arrow" was an excellent episode from start to finish. Robert Wagner returns as Tony's father and here he doesn't miss a beat. The case was very entertaining but that is not the highlight here. The best parts were Tony's and his father's confrontations. They were very well done and interesting. I also liked to find out that DiNozzo Senior found out that it was Junior who bought the ticket for him to Monte Carlo (Season 7 "Flesh And Blood"). The only disappointment here is the arrest scene in the end. The bad guys seemed very aggressive but I was surprised when DiNozzo Senior just punched the other one and then he is knocked out. That aside, this episode has an excellently written ending scene. I hope we see Tony's father in the future!
  • Unbelievable show! The mystery was just so-so, but the scenes with both Tony's and Gibbs more than made up for the somewhat mystery. Maybe their interactions is what distracted me from the mystery LOL

    Tony Sr and Gibbs start out gruff with one another, but both warmed up a little as the show went on - that was nice to watch. Tony Jr acted like a schoolgirl many times, but it was believable because of how tense and anxious he was for most of the show.

    The scene where Ziva and Tony Sr were made was as awesome as Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore!

    But the very best was the scene with Tony Jr picking up Tony Sr from his hotel room, I fought back tears and failed!

    I also enjoyed when the Director pulled the big macho when the Chiefs of Staff guy wanted to take their case away from them.

    I didn't like the whiny accountant scenes though, but still keeping my rating at 10 because it was great.
  • A 'Broken Arrow' Is Fixed.

    Wow. A beautiful episode that only wants you craving more and you just wants to watch numerous times. 'Broken Arrow' has come to be one of my favourite episodes of this season so far, mainly with all the teamwork that was incorporated - as well as all the emotions.

    The episode answered many numerous questions we been waiting for nearly a year, while still maintaining it's groove and dynamic.

    However, I found the case was slightly dull as in that it didn't play a vital part in the episode and it wasn't really like 'OMG, THAT'S THE KILLER?!'. Although, the undercover work was fabulous. :)

    Tiva was adorable throughout the episode with Tony getting jealous, Senior and Gibbs talk wasn't that amazing but I guessed the had the turn already during Flesh and Blood && Robert Wagner/Michael Weatherly's father/son chemistry was absolutely magnificent. Also loved seeing Samm Levine gueststar.

    - Funniest Moment? When Senior was greeting Ziva at the bus station and Tony screamed, "WATCH YOUR HANDS!" x)
    - Best Moment? The ending where they spoke about their past, present and future. It was beautiful about the moment of fishing, It made me cry with a certain happiness.

    I have so much more to gush about the episode but I'll leave it here with just saying, Must-see episode. ♥
  • Does Agent David carry a weapon? She IS a weapon!

    Dinozzos are likes good liquors: they get better with time!
    A murder at a Naval academy brings the Team on a case involving arms dealers and a long forgotten nuke that suddenly arises form the depths of the Mediterranean sea.
    That alone would be a tiring situation, but it gets worse for Tony when his father turna out to be just what they need to solve the case... much to his disappointment.
    Loved this episode, the DiNozzos were absolutely priceless, senior managed to show "junior" under a different light; his inetractions with Ziva and Gibbs were great, I wish we could have him back for a few more episodes.
  • 807

    Tony DiNozzo senior returns in this episode, and he had some great moments. He is a character who I would surely like to see on a recurring basis as it leads to some unique situations for his son, or Junior, as he calls him. There was a lot of action here, some comedy mixed in, and a really good storyline to boot. The Ziva and Senior exchanges were good, although at this point Ziva can really do no wrong in my eyes.

    Strong episode of TV's #1 show here tonight. Good to see that still be the case 8 years in.
  • 'DiNozzo Senior' is back again, driving 'Junior' into a bad mood... Great episode of NCIS!

    NCIS has really upped the ante in this episode, which has been a huge improvement on previous episodes this season, even though some of those have been quite good too.

    The case that was featured in this epiosde was a remarkably interesting one. The biggest surprise was seeing Anthony DiNozzo Senior walk out of that private aeroplane behind the dead guy. I really was shocked by that, and the episode developed quite nicely from that point on.

    I enjoyed the scene where Senior asks Junior whether or not he minds if he were to make a move on Ziva. That was hilarious stuff, and also the quote from Gibbs saying that Agent David is a weapon!

    So what do you get when you combine the NCIS Cast, great humour and an awesome case. A remarkable episode of NCIS! Keep it up, guys, and I can't wait for more great episodes!
  • Tony's father, DiNozzo Sr., returns to NCIS to help in an investigation regarding a stolen nuclear weapon.

    WOW. This episode was FANTASTIC; every character shined and Robert Wagner's presence brought unique flavor to an already wonderful show. My ONLY complaint was that the case wrapped up too neatly and too quickly; other than that, BRAVO! Michael Weatherly was at the top of his game interacting with Wagner. That ending scene had me all mushy inside, LOL. Also appreciated all the subtle Tiva ("Watch your hands, Dad!" when Senior greeted Ziva, then the a$$-grab at the party, bahaha! Loved Ziva being so worried about Tony), and what an intense confrontation between Senior and Gibbs! I enjoyed how Senior admits that they will probably never like each other but by the end, both were warming up into if not friendship, at least tolerance ;P

    Memorable moments:

    McGee and a nutter butter! ROTFL, and his joke about Ziva being Tony's newest stepmother and Tony's reaction, buahaha YES!

    Tony getting jealous over his father and Ziva. Gibbs making the quip about him in a dress. And pretty much all Tony's reactions the whole freaking episode to Senior. Just, WOW. *bows*

    Abby eavesdropping outside MTAC before getting caught.

    Gibbs straightening Ducky's bowtie as the lovable ME rambled on.

    The return of "Ziver"! Been a while since we've heard Gibbs use Ziva's nickname.

    Ziva getting made at the party because she was recognized as Eli David's daughter-- lead in to next week, perhaps?

    Anyways, GREAT episode!
  • don't know what to say. Tony centric episodes are amazing, as always. Michael Weatherly pulled it off great. Very similar to 'Flesh and Blood,' but without the epic Tony/Gibbs interaction.

    10 don't know what to say. Tony centric episodes are amazing, as always. Michael Weatherly pulled it off great. Very similar to 'Flesh and Blood,' but without the epic Tony/Gibbs interaction. The end was aww worthy but I was entirely conflicted over it. Tony's father isn't supposed to be so nice! I mean, they definitely have issues, but I was always of the belief that Tony's father was going to be a monster so when it turned out it was pretty much ordinary, it was sort of disappointing. Ziva and Abby were sort of disappointing as well. THough my gosh, it was overshadowed with everything else but Abby's father is dead? But i thought she would be more on Tony's side, rather than his fathers. But at the same time, little things like Tony running after his father to the elevator reminded me of the way he runs after Gibbs. So Tony still has some daddy issues and the father son thing was still interesting.

    The case was okay, going for low key to DANGER, code red, but I didn't pay much attention to it, and then it all wrapped up neatly, so it remained a background thing for me.

    So overall, good, solid episode of NCIS. Would like to see more of Robert Wagner.