Season 4 Episode 21

Brothers In Arms

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2007 on CBS

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  • Jenny vs La Grenouille

    This was quite a good episode about Jenny obsessed with finding La Grenouille and it shows she will go to great lengths to find him just like Gibbs with Ari only in this episode Jenny wasn't able to get La Grenouille as he proves to be too smart in this episode It looks like a storyline that will be taken to the season finale.
  • Jenny Meets A Man Who Claims He Has Info Of "La Grenouille" But Soon He Is Killed. The Team Must Gather All The Evidence To Catch Their Biggest Enemy.

    I hate the story line of "La Grenouille". It is very boring. I could not agree more with "amazing_race". I did not like the fact that this episode was dedicated to that story line. It could have been better as a side story. That aside, "Brothers In Arms" is not a bad episode of "NCIS" by any means. The episode was okay and it managed to keep my interest. The best scene was when the team stormed the warehouse in order to arrest the suspect. I am a fan of action scenes.The side story of Tony where he meets his girlfriend's mother at a dinner was very good. For me, it was the highlight of this episode. The cast works very well together. Lauren Holly gives one of her best performances to date in the series. Michael Weatherly deserves some credit too. I was satisfied with the conclusion. The episode has its flaws, but the very engaging story overcomes them.
  • Good episode, but it dragged on too much.

    Let me start off by saying that I love the storyline with "La Grenouille", but I felt that a whole episode dedicated to that storyline was overkill and unnecessary.

    I would've preferred to have this storyline as a little extra on the side, to fill up time over a several episode window, rather than cramped into an episode of its own.

    However, I did enjoy the storyline in this episode, and it was nice seeing Jenny Shepard all worked up like that, as I really like her character.

    I thought there were some funny moments in the episode as well, and overall, I think it was interesting, but as I mentioned, should not have had an episode of its own.

    Nice storyline, but we'll leave it at that.
  • Jenny's meeting backfires

    This episode opens with the Director of NCIS Jenny, meeting with an informant out in the middle of nowhere. As they trade information the informant is shoot at and killed. Jenny fires back but misses. NCIS are called in. We learn that the informant worked with "The Frog" Jenny's main enemy. During the autopsy Ducky reveals that the victim had a brain tumour which was cancer and would have been dead in 6 weeks. Jenny & Gibbs met with the CIA & with the CIA undercover who works with the frog. Mean while Tony meets with his girlfriend's mother. The team go to capture the man who killed the informant and who they believe can hold the key to them capturing the frog. He starts to run, but the team manage to stop him and just as they are about to arrest him he pulls a gun on the team. They shoot him and kill him. The episode ends with the team going to a shipping yard and finding a container of guns which The Frog had been shipping. They discover that all of the guns are fake, their water guns. Jenny walks away very upset, having not gotten any loser to the frog.
  • Nice try, but no plaudits

    Very brave of the production team/writers to try a Jenny led episode. It does work, but not to the standard of the established dynamic.

    An excellent action packed start never really moves up any more gears, but infact falls flat in the middle act. It does have a good if predictable ending, which will lead to later storylines Im sure.

    Im afraid though that across the board everything was below its usual high standard of this show and just never got excited about watching it. The clever incorporation of Tony meeting the mother of his girlfriend was about the only interesting point Ill take from this episode. Shame really!
  • great episode

    Director Shepard sets up a meeting with an informant. The meeting goes horribly wrong when the informant gets killed by a hit squad. NCIS gets to investigate the case, but this case is also very personal for Shepard. The writers came up with a really great episode. It involves an international arms dealer. It's really exciting, it's not the usual NCIS case, it involves international crimes. The scenes from start to finish were so riveting, it kept me glued on to the tv. I really enjoyed watching this. It's a great episode, I really enjoyed this one. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • This was an interesting episode!!!!

    Interesting in a way that of how Jenny acted in this episode!!! What did this person to do jenny that made her so mad!!! Gosh it's so not Jenny!!!

    Dinozzo's girlfriend is back!!!! And I love the scene with every one gaining up on Tony, that is different. Lol, it's usually mcgee, or Tony would be I'll do it type thing. Lol

    I also don't think that Ziva wore her orange hat… awww….

    I wonder whether Dinozzo's girlfriend's mother know any thing about Dinozzo…

    Next week looks like an interesting episode, can't wait to see it!!!! Something about a blind man, and hopefully we get to see Ziva orange hat!!! lol
  • The chase for La Grenouille continues...

    I must say, not my favorite episode by far! It may be Lauren Holly's favorite, as I read on here, but I didn't like the fact that she featured so predominantly. I'm sorry, but NCIS should be about the team, not about the director, who should be a background figure IMO. Still miss the old director, who was much better in NCIS than he ever was in Ugly Betty...

    Hope they don't do this too often, NCIS is my favorite series of all time (crime wise ;)) but I actually much preferred the episode of Criminal Minds which followed (in the Netherlands).
  • Great Jenny story!

    This is Lauren Holly's best work on NCIS so far. This episode gives her the chance to shine and shows us that she is not just a women that sits in MTAC or behind her desk, she has a life outside of work. It shows just how much she and Gibbs have in common, not talking about thier family to each other after sharing a life together, even if gor a little while. It's also the most we see her in any epsiode, let alone two or three put together. I can also say that a friend of mine was very pleased to see her get a storyline that she could do a little more with then just sit behind a desk!!
  • Jenny episode.

    I love NCIS but this wasn’t my favorite episode. This is probably due to the focus being put on the director rather than anything else. The Director is not my favorite character, but Lauren Holly did do a great job. It was great in terms of character development. We didn’t get a lot of answers about the Frog and Jenny’s relationship, except the reinforcement of Jenny’s hatred of the man. I’m not sure what the Frog did to Jenny, but this episode made me want to find out. The elevator scene with Gibbs and Ducky was great!

    The difference of opinion between Ducky and Jenny on the Frog made me more intrigued in the Frog situation. The two opinions suggest that the Frog might not be a straight forward villain. If the writers left it at Jenny’s obsession, and not included Ducky’s analysis the Frog story line would not have had the same impact. Conflict always equals drama.
  • Lauren Holly shines!

    I like Lauren Holly but didn't like her at first
    In the show. But then she started to warm up on
    Me and glad that she is shedding more light on her
    Character as she gets the main storyline for this episode.
    Loved it when Gibbs tried to stand by her despite his
    And the NCIS Director's past and differences. Gotta love that Ducky. Didn't like Tony's girlfriend's mom and glad that he stood up to her!
  • Jenny is at the center of the plot.

    My review is more of an observation list.

    1. Lauren Holly was fabulous tonight. The team was great at knowing how to be there for her. Her pain and frustration was visable for all to see.

    2. We got even more questions and no answers - I have no problem with this and am looking forward to the last 3 shows of the season.

    3. I am more certain about Jeanne's mother being the woman who was downloading the photos of Jeanne and Tony. Hair is correct length. Color is correct too.

    4. I am also more certain that Rene is Papa.

    5. Loved that Ducky, in cahoots with Jethro, is doing a phychological profile on Jenny.

    6. Didn't like Jeanne's mom - at all. Tony handled himself rather well, don't ya think?

    7. No orange hat - guess it's Spring in DC.

    8. Sorry that Tony didn't give Jenny her glove compartment "item". That would have been fun.

    9. To the people who have made negative comments about Lauren's hair: are you liking it better now that it's growing out?

    10. I'm beginning to think that La Grenouille is NOT going to be caught this season. This will make for a great cliffhanger, especially if Tony is involved. (see next point).

    11. Worried that the luggage GPS marker has gone dark and they'll trace it's placement to Tony. 12. Abby going to hug Jenny and then quickly backing off. It looked so sincere. Loved it.
  • The director sheds more light on her character

    What an episode this was, we normally see little glimpses of the director during the episode, here she is finally brought into the light. She and gibbs are much alike in that they both will not stop until the case is solved. Her character seemed to be a little head strong in this episode in that she would not listen to other agents perceptions of what had occured and what was happening. Agent Davide and her little yogisms are cute but I think that they can be left out they just point out that she is not american and doesn"t get these sayings like a fly on the wall. We know by now that her character is not american so I do without these asides. Great show.
  • Surprising episode. Very well done!

    Okay, I've never really liked Jen Shepard, but in this episode, she was actually not all that bad. Well, except for the scene when she and Ducky were talking. I have to agree with McGee; I'm a girl and all, but how the heck was she able to walk that fast in those heels?! I'd be afraid of falling or hurting my ankles.

    Whooo go Mom! Lol, she was awesome until the ending bit of their dinner. Well, I understand her concern but she was really pushing it. Tony was so nervous, it was really cute. But the best part was when he found out he had to meet mom. It was very well done.

    But out of all those great moments, the best one was Abby when she blew her computer up. I kind of felt bad for her when she wanted to give Shepard a hug then Shepard practically bit her head off for screwing over any chances of getting info of Webster's phone.

    Wait, now I'm conflicted. I dunno if that was better or if the scene when she found underwear in Shepard's car was better. Then Shepard made that comment about straws and adults. Lol. This whole episode was great with the evidence and suspects running the team in circles.