Season 1 Episode 16

Bête Noire

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

A dead terrorist is brought back to NCIS headquarters to be autopsyed. Gerald opens a body bag to another body claiming to be a foreign sailor he is presented with an armed man who then takes Gerald and Ducky hostage in Autopsy. The terrorist (we do not know his name yet) asks for all the evidence from the dead terrorist to be brought to Autopsy so that he can get away with it. Ducky phones Abby and asks her to bring it down. Abby has a new found phobia of Autopsy so she is unable to go down and as Gibbs or Tony are not in the Bullpen she asks Kate to go. Kate goes and pretends to be Abby but the terrorist is not fooled and takes Kate hostage aswell. Also because Ducky lied he shoots Gerald in the shoulder. Gibbs is now made aware of the situation as Kate did not come back and the security video in Autopsy is not working. They put a small camera down into Autopsy and get a picture of the terrorist before the terrorist shoots the camera. The hostage rescue team appears and tries to bargain with the terrorist for the hostages. The terrorist asks Gibbs to come down and to bring some other evidence with him, he also asks Gibbs to come unarmed. Gibbs comes and places the box down, the terrorist gives him Kate's gun and they shoot at each other. The terrorist hits Gibbs in the shoulder and it is a through and through. Smoke canisters go off and the hostage rescue team gets in and there is a lot of confusion. When the smoke has cleared Gibbs walks over to the body lying on the floor, supposedly the terrorist he shot. He turns the body over and it turns out to be the dead terrorist and the alive one has got away.

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