Season 1 Episode 16

Bête Noire

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2004 on CBS

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  • Great episode, lots of suspense, best episode of season 1 I've seen yet

    (Spoilers!) When I saw the look on Gerald's face when he opened the body bag, and knowing the main plot of the episode (Ducky, Gerald, and Kate are held hostage), I figured someone had snuck into the Autopsy room. The first scene was much different than it usually was because of it's differing plot. This time, they weren't solving some crime, they were trying to save Ducky, Gerald, and Kate as well as try to get the terrorist as well.
    I really loved this episode. My friend introduced me to this show a couple weeks ago, and I've been watching season 1 in order (even though you don't really have to for NCIS). This is, by far, the best episode I've watched of season 1 yet. I usually don't review episodes, but right when the episode finished, I knew that I had to share what I thought.
    I didn't see many faults with this episode. It was very carefully thought out, and the actor that played Ari, the terrorist, was magnificent. He had this kindness about him that almost made you want to like him, even though you knew he was a terrorist. And a smart one at that: it's one thing to get into the autopsy room through body bag, but to escape like like he did? Amazing.
    The only thing I didn't like it how uncharacteristically incompetent Kate was! It was pretty obvious that something was wrong when Ducky called her Abby on the phone. I just wonder if she realized something was wrong. She must have, since she brought down fake evidence instead of the real evidence, but you'd think she would have at least told somebody, left a note even, to let people know what she was doing.
    I was nervous throughout this entire episode! I really loved it.
    I particularly loved the ending! Gibbs went down, unarmed like Ari asked him, and, given Kate's gun, they both shoot at each other. Gibbs gets shot in the shoulder I believe, possibly the upper arm. He passes out, and when he wakes up, he goes over to look at Ari, laying on the ground face-down. But when he rolls him over, it's not Ari, it's the dead terrorist that Ducky and Gerald had been looking at before. The smoke that Ari caused allowed him to put the dead terrorist in his place and escape. Ari is a genius, really. Kate reveals that, when she almost stabbed Ari, she could feel the bullet proof vest underneath his shirt, which allowed him to escape without being shot.
    This was an excellent episode. I feel like I will probably come back to this episode when I'm in the mood for a thrilling episode. Because, even though I know what happens, I'll still feel suspense for two reasons: 1. the suspense was so evident in Abby (who knew she was supposed to have been captured instead of Kate because it was Abby that was asked to bring the evidence down, not Kate), and 2. because the ending is such a cliff hanger that I know I'll be dying to know what happens to Ari.
    I think Ari will definitely show up in a future episode.
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