Season 1 Episode 16

Bête Noire

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2004 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: When Gibbs comes down in the elevator to deliver the evidence the FBI guy put a block in the doors to stop them closing all the way but on other episodes (and in real life) if anything got in the way of the elevator door it would reopen fully.

    • GOOF: When Gibbs came down the elevator to deliver the evidence to Ari, the elevator beeped when the doors opened. Earlier in the episode, he asked to have the bells on them disabled.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first appearance of Tim Kelleher as Agent Pacci. He is one of the agents sent to the garage (Autopsy Receiving). The other eps were "UnSEALed" and "Dead Man Talking."

    • TRIVIA: When DiNozzo returns from the store, he mentions he has Darjeeling tea from northwest Kashmir. Darjeeling tea is grown in Darjeeling, India, which is in the West Bengal state east of Nepal. Jammu-Kashmir is in the extreme north of India, 1,000 kilometres away to the west.

    • GOOF: The terrorist said he would shoot Gerald in his ball and socket joints if Ducky lied. After he shot Gerald in the shoulder, he threatened to shoot Gerald in the knee. The knee is a hinge joint, not a ball and socket joint.

  • Quotes

    • Ducky: What is it you want?
      Ari: In due time... Doctor?
      Ducky: Mallard.
      Ari: Like the famous English A4 steam locomotive.
      Ducky: Most people think of water fowl.
      Ari: Ah, the Mallard ran from London to Edinburgh for decades. In 1938... it attained a speed of over 200 kilometers an hour.
      Ducky: 202.
      Ari: A world record, although the Germans claimed it was set on a slight downgrade. Typical.

    • Ari: (figuring out that Kate is not "Abby") When did lab rats start carrying SIG Sauers?

    • Ari: You're a very good shot.
      Gibbs: Would you like me to demonstrate?
      Ari: Funny, Agent Todd said the same thing.

    • Ari: You omitted one condition doctor.
      Ducky: Did I? Oh yes. We've not to try and trick him.
      Ari: Which you did Caitlin, by saying you beat your phobia.
      Ducky: But she didn't know the rules.
      Ari: But you did doctor, and you joined the ruse by calling her Abby. (Shoots Gerald)

    • Abby: (talking to Ducky) Wow, did you wake up on the wrong side of autopsy table?

    • Terrorist: You tried to trick me Dr. Mallard.
      Ducky: That wasn't a condition.
      Terrorist: It is now.

    • Gerald: I never figured anyone who could sleep in a coffin could have a phobia but it's the kind of kinky thing Abby would get.
      Terrorist: She slept in a coffin?
      Ducky: She's goth.

    • Tony: What's up Abbs?
      Abby: Something's...
      Tony: Hinky?

    • Terrorist: How do you alert visitors when conducting an infectious autopsy?
      Ducky: We hang a decomposing body in the corridor.

    • Tony: I need all the evidence I signed in this morning, Charlene.
      Charlene: What?
      Tony: The evidence I signed in. NOW!

    • Ari: Butterflies.
      Ducky: Sorry?
      Ari: I fear butterflies.

    • Ducky: (to terrorist) I can't wait to weigh your liver.

    • Terrorist: You won't leave here at all unless you put the box on the floor, your hands on your head, turn around, and walk back toward the door.
      Gibbs: (recites along with the terrorist) ...your hands on your head, turn around, and walk back toward the door. Older doesn't mean deaf.

    • Kate: I don't know how you came in.
      Terrorist: In a body bag.
      Kate: Same way you're going out.

    • (on speakerphones)
      Ducky: Abby, turn down the babble.
      Abby: Babble? You love Android Lust.
      Ducky: Not distorted by a speaker phone.
      Abby: Ugh (picks up phone) Ducky you're such a purist.

    • Tony: You've never had a nightmare?
      Kate: Uh uh.
      Tony: Not even as a kid?
      Kate: No fear of the dark or a boogey man in my closet.
      Tony: Me either but the vampire in the canopy of my bed freaked me.
      Kate: You had a canopy bed?
      Tony: I was five. My mother was into Louis XV. It wasn't my call, Kate.
      Kate: Does she still frighten you?
      Tony: My mother?

    • Kate: Vampires are seducers. Knowing you it had to be female.
      Tony: Well, she was after my blood. Not the pride of my childhood.
      Kate: You were proud at five?
      Tony: My mother thought that candlelight enhanced the trompe l'oeil.
      Kate: Canopy beds, trompe l'oeil, flickering candles. No wonder your bête noire was a vampire.

    • Gibbs: Did your father teach you how to report?
      Tony: Oh yeah. During cocktail hour, I was pouring his Macallan 18, three fingers, one ice cube. You know, I had to report in about my day at school, give him a brief review, sort of...
      (Gibbs looks at Tony)
      Tony: ...We bagged and tagged everything in Hasam's room.

    • Tony: You're more Smurf than alpha geek.
      (Gibbs looks at Tony)
      Tony: ...So am I, according to Agent McGee.
      Gibbs: You're right, DiNozzo.
      Tony: I am?
      Gibbs: Hell, I still use a notebook and a pencil, instead of a PDQ.
      Tony: (laughs) It's a PDA. You can call it a Palm Pilot.
      Gibbs: It desn't matter what I call it if I can't use it!
      Tony: I'll teach you.
      Gibbs: You'll teach me? McGee teaches you! You teach me! It's backwards! God I need coffee.
      Kate: What was that all about?
      Tony: Gibbs' bête noire.

    • Charlene: One of you has to sign for that.
      Tony: (grabs her hand and writes on it) Don't wash.

    • Tony: Aspirin, nasal spray, breath freshener, tea. Hasam drank a wimpy Darjeeling from northern Kashmir. I prefer the darker more robust flavor of tea from the Brama Kutra area in northeast India where they actually take the leaf and they rake it...
      Gibbs: Tony.
      Tony: ...with a small... Yeah boss?
      Gibbs: You nervous?

    • Gibbs: I want someone I know there.
      Tony: That's the same as saying someone you trust.
      (Gibbs smiles to Tony)
      Tony: Someone you depend on...your best man? (following Gibbs to elevator, Gibbs smiles again as elevator door closes) I don't think best man was the right thing to say to someone who's been married thrice.
      Abby: You worried?
      Tony: Oh... nah.
      Abby: Yeah me too.

    • Abby: Up your nose had special meaning for this guy.

    • Ari: Any good with this gun, Caitlin?
      Kate: Give it back and I'll demonstrate.
      Ari: Ever fire it in anger?
      Kate: I'd love to right now.

    • Tony: His way of escape was always his backup plan. Gibbs thinks he was wearing a vest the whole time.
      Kate: He was. I...I felt it.
      Tony (walks over to Kate): You felt it? Well, how close did you get to feel it? Close enough to touch him, did you touch him with your hand or-
      Kate (interrupts): Close enough to stab him with a knife in my hand.
      Tony: And you didn't?
      Kate: No.
      Tony: Stockholm Syndrome?
      Kate: Tony, you can't bond with your captor in a couple of hours.
      Tony: I don't know, maybe it's like falling in love. It can happen (snaps fingers) like that.
      (Scene ends with Kate and Tony just staring at each other)

  • Notes

    • This marks the first appearance of Rudolf Martin as the Terrorist, whose character continues to play an integral role throughout the storyline of NCIS.

    • The song Abby turns on in her lab is "Stained," by Android Lust.

    • This episode is also known under the title Body Bag.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Croatia: August 23, 2005 on NOVA TV
      Finland: December 16, 2006 on Nelonen
      France: September 17, 2004 on M6
      Germany: July 07, 2005 on SAT.1
      Hungary: February 13, 2006 on TV 2
      Sweden: October 03, 2004 on TV3
      Denmark: March 9, 2004 on TV3

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: "Bête Noire"
      Bête Noire is an album by British singer Bryan Ferry, released on Virgin Records in November 1987; it's most commonly definition is "a nightmare". Literally translated, this French expression means "black beast". Correction from a French: as DiNozzo was about to say, the actual french for "a nightmare" (as in, a horrible dream), is "un cauchemar". Your "bête noire" would actually be your "pet peeve".