Season 11 Episode 15


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2014 on CBS

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  • Bulletproof

    There really have not been any "bad" episodes of NCIS this season, but this was about as filler as you can get. Lame premise, predictable, uneventful ending too.
  • The chemistry has gone

    Just watched this episode, after recording it a while ago. First time I have seen the new character episode for the inclusion of the story line of Dinozzos father , but the rest of the story seemed to be a sideline.

    There just seems to be an emptiness in the series since CDP Bishop character doesn't feel as though she adds anything to the isn't a critism of the newcomer, it just feels as though the electricity is now missing.

  • Much better

    Less Bishop stuff..
  • Ellie Bishop rocks

    Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) is the best addition to the show since Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander) left. Cote De Pablo left the show because she wanted to, GET OVER IT please. If you guys are actual fans of the show, instead of wasting your efforts on bashing the newcomer, you should use those efforts to support the other members of the cast of this fine show you're still watching. Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David Mc Callum, Sean Murray, they all work their asses off to please us. Learn to appreciate it and keep watching.

    I loved the what was going on between Tony and Kate then with Ziva. There's nothing there with him and Bishop. I find her boring. Instead of Bishop they should have brought the other Abbey from the Coast Guard, or Roma Moffia. I thought she was funny when she was on. The only thing Bishop does is lay on the floor or sit on tables like a kid. SHE REALLY NEEDS TO GO.
  • Bishop UNTIL WHEN????

    Im this episode reasonably well written a Bishop stands out like an eye-sore.

    For a moment I was very happy-Bishop is shot and will be sent to her husband in Oklahoma.

    Followed by a disappointment-she is still around.

    In my opinion she is the reason the most beloved show is deteriorating steadily downhill.
  • I am (too) giving up

    I completely agree with Rivers00. I've been too a huge fan of the show but since Ziva's departure it hasn't been the same. I've tried for several episodes to give Bishop the chance to prove herself but SHE DOESN'T FIT!!! And I've had it. The storyline could be good but she doesn't have what it takes to make it great (as it used to be). Take her back to where she belongs (wherever that is).
  • Still some bullet holes visibly present

    I loved adult Abby doing her own interrogation and Mature Tony is always welcome. Loved the reference to a past episode with the 'work smarter not faster' line.

    I found the case interesting even if it felt a little slow in places. My heart just melted with the elevator scene when Delilah told McGee the game only worked with Tony. Also great seeing Palmer back he's all levels of cuteness.

    And finally a Bishop that works for me, albeit if I have to forget some of how she was initially introduced for that to work. Nice to see her JUST sitting at desk this time. I wonder if she will be absent sometimes if she needs to attend FLETEC? I accept that a character change is going to affect the tone of the show. It's great to see a calm family vibe but I do miss some of the sparkle from years gone-by.

    After two quite poor episodes this was somewhat of a relief. The basics were there. Good but not great. Onwards.......

    Hopefully upwards.
  • Giving up...

    I have been a fan for years , I love all the characters and the chemistry between them. BUT... I have tried to watch this season and I would rather watch paint dry. New character DOES NOT FIT! The show would be better without her but the writers will not listen ... Losing Ziva just took something from the show . I am going to miss NCIS but I am done....
  • Delilah and Timmy

    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they've missed a few episodes? I'm still not sure exactly how they got to the hoing in the relationship to go through what their relationship is going through.

    However, Bishop is being become a little more interesting, although I'm not sure about the physical instructor/tester. Stamp on foot, hold down the wrists of the instructor like a 5 year old playing in the playground. Check, you've passed???

    Hopefully this show will get back on track soon and get over the loss of Ziva, which has clearly thrown this show into chaos, but I'm still not super confident that it will recover, to be honest.
  • C'mon Tim, take note of Gibbs and Tony.

    An excellent episode, yet again with Bishop humanized a little more, admitting she screwed up on the range and getting hazed by Tony and McGee.

    However, even with an excellent case involving faulty equipment being sent to troops (God forbid), this week was more about Delilah and Tim for me, showing how easy it is to put wheelchair users either at ease, or not.

    Tony and Delilah having a contest to name as many wheelchair users in movies was brilliant and Gibbs suggestion that she assist on the case, highlighting her value to the team was typical Gibbs.

    I thought Margo Harshman played her part well and hope she is brought into the team on a more regular basis, if for no other reason than to show at least one team member (Tim) can have a relationship that actually works.

    Unfortunately, McGee handling her with "kid gloves" was spot on I would imagine for a lot of people in that situation. The interaction in the lift was particularly well done (he should have "zigged" when she "zagged") and they ended up bumping into each other all the time.

    However, he ended up doing the right thing when he realised his errors and the look on his face when she suggested skydiving was priceless.

    The storyline, of itself, was pretty good and highlighted very well what can happen if funding isn't sufficient to provide the very best kit for service men and women. I really hope this isn't what happens in real life.

    A very good episode, all in all and I hope the writers keep up the good work.
  • Show is Totally RUINED.

    The ONLY reason I saw part of today's show was because I was in the living room & my sister turned it on - BUT even she left the room early & I turned the channel..

    the new female has Totally RUINED NCIS. I can't wait until NCIS-LA comes on!
  • Very good case!

    This case was really interesting because we've had cases in the past where we have faulty machinery or guns etc but never vests and so in that sense if was very unique tonight.

    The storyline was very good, and they connected the case night nicely with the other events of the episode, such as Delilah and Ellie's shooting.

    Loving me some Ellie Bishop! More please! It's funny because most of the people who don't like her now will come to love her eventually if history proves itself recurring, assuming the character and show are still there of course.

    I like her a lot regardless. Can't wait for more!
  • Liked much

    I liked the whole story.

    Would be terrible if this were really true. Liked how DiNozzo handled with Delilah. And had much funny moments. A real good NCIS episode.

    I'm so sorry to read these comment below, get over it! How awful is it to hope that someone should died and enjoy it, how sick is just?

    Semper Fi!
  • Very Good Episode.

    This was actually a very good episode, the only thing wrong was that when Bishop got shot, she was wearing a NCIS Bulletproof vest (we can't have everything). What a shame it wasn't a faulty vest.
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