Season 5 Episode 1

Bury Your Dead

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2007 on CBS

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  • The La Grenouille storyline...

    ... was probably one of the best that was ever written for NCIS. The whole package - the background, the reason, La Grenouille himself, Tony and Jeanne... simply great. But I have one problem with it - Jenny, or rather the way Lauren Holly portrayed her. Most of the time she looked like a sullen girl whose toy was taken away from her, not like an obsessed women with an inner mission. She got on my nerves pretty soon. But watching it as a re-run during season 12 it's still much better than anything in season 11 and 12. In case you missed it - it's a must see!
  • The start of season 5.

    This episode picked up where season 4 ended with La Grenouille with Tony and Jeanne and it also started with a fright when Tony's car was blown up and we was led to believe that Tony was killed I never believed it and it was Ducky that figured out that Tony had the plague and the man who was blown up never Even though Tony is alive Jeanne now knows that Tony works for NCIS and she will never want to see him again Overall this is a brilliant start to season 5 with still more questions to be answered including La Grenouille's death when we see him floating in the water at the end.
  • The 5th Season Begins With Tony's Life Threatened After He Confronts "La Grenouille". Meanwhile, The Team Uncovers A Huge Secret About Jeanne.

    The 5h season started on the right note. I have disliked the story of "La Grenouille" so I'm glad to see it end. The episode picks up right exactly where the 4th season ended. The character of "The Frog" could have been better. I know that the viewer is not supposed to like him but he is not frightening. The team may have witnessed the death of one of their own, as his car explodes. The best scene was when Gibbs and his team arrived to the scene. It was emotional. Tony's undercover mission has been awesome. I really liked it. Jenny's and the "Frog's" confrontation in her home was intense. I enjoyed it too. Michael Weatherly was at top form here. The episode ends with a cliffhanger as we see the "Frog's" body floating in the water. I have still lots of questions and I'm sure that they will be explained in the future. A good start!
  • The wait is over! Possible spoilers

    I am glad that this began right where it left off in season 4. This way we don't have to flashback or do back story. I have more sympathy for Jeanne than I did before. I knew (just like everyone else) that they wouldn't kill off Tony. There's just no way. Still I was worried and I went along with the tension. (Cuz face it, thats why we watch) I loved the drama at the crime scene. Imagine thinking it's one of your best friends, but you still have to act professionally. Funny moment in autopsy when Ducky and Palmer discover its not Tony though. Abby didn't have a very big part in this one, I was kind of disappointed about that. Im not sure about Jenny anymore. She seems to be on a downward spiral although now that we know her dad is still alive, Im sure there is more to come with that line. I am glad that the truth is now out between Tony and Jeanne, but I think that I am still for TIVA. The scene with Kort and Tony in the elevator shows just how involved he really is. I think that there is more to him also and that he is going to cause problems in the future. I wonder why at the end, Tony is taking a day off. He never takes off work, and he isn't answering his phone. I loved the part where Tony stands up to the director. It really shows how much he has matured, and also the look that Gibbs gives him, shows how proud of Tony he is. All around excellent episode
  • Wow!! Great Season Premiere! [may contain spoilers]

    Wow. This was a great season premiere after leaving off from The Angel of Death. I throughly enjoyed it. It starts with Tony trying to get away from La Grenouille in his car, he calls Jenny on his emergency cell phone. Jen brings it up with the team and then they track Tony's car through Washington DC videos. Then- his car blows up. This is a great episode. I loved it from beginning to end, and the new opener is phenominal. I am still confused on some things in this episode, but hopefully they will be revealed in further episodes!!!
    YAY!! Great kick off to season 5!
  • Sensational start to Season Five!

    NCIS certainly provided us with a suspenseful and extremely enjoyable episode to start off the new season, and I loved every minute of this one. The storyline was set in stone and the episode was extremely suspenseful from the first minute until the end.

    I loved the fact that Tony had been undercover all that time, and I thought that was a great addition into the already amazing storyline.

    I also felt that the episode had its fair share of funny moments, although not too much, and I also absolutely loved the ending, which was spectacularly done!

    Overall, an unmissable episode and I highly recommend it for the great suspense it provides, non-stop!
  • Boombastic episode!!

    Oh how we've missed Gibbs and the team. Now its back and already into its stride with an amazing story. Is Tony really dead, blown up in the wreckage of his car?! Well you'just have to catch it, to find out!

    This episode is essentially a mystery-come-chase, full of deceict and misdirection and plays with unrelenting pace. The screenplay feels light on its feet, and the script is lean so that there are not real lull's in the drama and action scenes. This is one of those classic episodes where one storyline is brought to a conclusion, but a whole can of possible new ones are opened up. I bet you feel as stupid as me, when you discover how well half of the last season's scenes werent really what they seemed to be. How grand is that?! Cant remember very many shows that incorporated such a misleading storyline, seemlessly into its season plot-arc. Wow!

    The actual first act deals with Tony meeting The Frog and his apparent demise. The middle act deals with revealing what happened and leading onto explaining the background of how Director Shepard and her father are involved. Conseqently the whole shape of the dynamic between all the characters involved in this episode ultimately changes in a stunning twist that isnt reveal right until the last scene of the show.

    Expect more of the same NCIS, but better and in one of its biggest storylines to date. Absolutely fabulous and not to be missed.
  • Is Tony dead......

    This episode picks up exactly where the season 4 finale ended. The team are informed by Jenny that Tony has been working undercover for her and that he has just contacted her on the cell phone he was given to use in emergency such as when he believed his cover had been blown. The team head into MTAC to find Tony. They son find him in his car, but then the car explodes. Tony has been killed. They search the car and discover Tony's belongings in the car. Ziva seems the most upset. Everyone seems to be hoping that it wasn't tony in the car. They discover that Tony was following a limousine, when he was killed. Ducky learns that the body which he has in the morgue is not Tony as the victims Lungs do not have scarring. Tonys do from when he got the plague in SWAk from season 2.
    We then see Tony walking into the building. He has a talk with Jenny and Gibbs. We learn that Jeanne knows everything. The body which Ducky has is one of the frog's men. Tony opens his drawers to learn that everyone thought he was dead and so they all took his personal stuff. Abby learns that (after running some tests) that Tonys bombing is one of many which have taken place all over the world. They believe that the target was Jeanne. Ziva and Tony head of to make sure that she is ok. When Jenny returns home from work, she is greeted by The Frog himself. The Frog asks Jenny for help in protecting him. She says no. Tony & Ziva find a note, the team track down one of the frogs boats and go there to arrest him. But he isn't there. We then see his dead lifeless body floating in the water, with a bullet through his head.
  • Great opening to a fantastic season.

    This episode provides us with some great character development and more insight on the characters relationships with each other after an NCIS team member is perceived as dead. A long with that, this episode also bears some very emotional sequences that could bring tears to anybodies eyes whilst watching. A very heart-breaking episode for Tony and you can definitely feel his pain through Weatherly's great acting skills. Didn't really like the 'Frog' story arc, and always thought that it dragged out but this episode shined a different light on it and finally got it's gears moving towards something. Great episode for Tony fans as well as Tony/Ziva shippers as we see a little more of Ziva's true feelings for Tony. Amazing episode.
  • such a good episode and very intresting hope all the other episodes are as good ! keep it up !

    me and my family have just watched the premier of the new season of ncis weve been watching ncis for a couple of years now and love it. it couldnt have been a better start to the season best episode ive ever watched it was very intresting and had lots of intense moments futhermore i am excitted to see what happends next and hope the rest of the season is as good as that epidose as im sure it will be as ncis is great show.! the ncis team are soo good at what they do there great actors and very funny at times.
  • A great way to start a new season!

    the season start where the last season finished; Tony is with Jeanne and his daddy: La Grenouille.
    In the meantime the team struggle o find out where is DiNozzo, but when they finally have a hold on him... BOOM!
    Everyone looks like shell shocked till Ducky proves that Tony is still alive; the rest of the episode deals with Tony's borke up with Jeanne and Ziva's efforts to cheer him up a bit, and La Grenouille attempts to search protection.
    at the end of the episode we discover that he was killed and someone will find him... eventually.
    Great way to start a new season, a lot of good moments between the characters and a clever plot make this episode really enjoyable.
  • great episode

    the secret operation to capture an international weapons dealer goes wrong when dinozzo's cover is blown. dinozzo reveals to jeannie that he went undercover as her boyfriend so NCIS can track down her dad. this is a really exciting episode. it finishes off a story that's been building up from season 4. the writers came up with a good way to end that story. this is a really cool episode, it's the same old classic NCIS. it's really exciting, i love watching the team snap up to action once again. i had a great time watching this, i can't wait for the next one.
  • In one word- Amazing. Also spoilers so watch out!

    Truly great stuff once again!!
    I must say I cried- a lot. Quite a bit of the episode reminded me of 'Kill Ari' only this time it was kill La Grenouille (or however you spell his name)... it was great to finally get some answers although I'm still slightly confuzzled :P
    But YAY no more Jeanne..hopefully she's packed up and left forever- which will give room for the Tivaness to start! I must say the final scene of the episode was very satisfying and we get to see the love from Ziva-how much she cares for him etc etc- this is also done very nicely at the start of the episode with her concern showing for Tony's where-a-bouts.
    It was a pretty action-packed ep and although bellisario has left (correct?) it still had the same originality of any other NCIS episode.
    And OMG the ending- La Grenouilles death/murder... who bets it was Jen?! *raised hand* But you'll never know how next weeks turn of events will surprise you....
  • Finally! The answers we've been waiting for!

    The fifth season premiere to NCIS redeemed what was, IMO, a rather lack-luster season finale last May. While I still don't think the cliffhanger was as intense as previous seasons, I'm just happy to no longer be confused! Story arcs are sometimes nice, but sometimes they can eclipse the usual formula that works for the show, which is how I felt in this situation.

    Loved Michael Weatherly's performance! Frankly, I would love for someone from NCIS to finally be nominated for an Emmy and received the recognition they deserve. Tony's "death" was a little hard to believe, as NCIS has a history of building up emotions when they're preparing to do something drastic, like kill off a character. However, it was interesting to me given that we didn't know who was in the car or where Tony was. The car blowing up could have just as easily been a cover for La Grenouille capturing Tony. I really felt bad for Tony in his relationship with Jeanne. I love how Ziva and McGee are interacting more. With a lot of the focus on Tony, some of the other characters weren't seen much, but NCIS always gives everyone a turn, so I'll just give it some time. Loved how Tony stood up to the director and Gibbs giving him a quiet approval. I hope the director's going to change. Her obsession with La Grenouille has made her character annoying. I'd like to see her be more like she was when she first came on the show. Good start to the season! I'm ready for more great episodes this year!
  • An awesome beginning for a new season.

    The episode continued were the last one stopped. It was for me right away interesting and exciting. And it continued that way true the whole episode. When Tony's car exploded I was in shock, but for some reason never really thought he was dead. Or maybe I just hoped he was still alive. You could just feel the emotions the others felt through the screen. You could clearly see how much they all care for Tony.

    All the confusion I felt near the end of season 4 were finally gone, and I understood it all a lot better. I really dislike Jenny more each time, she really needs to get her act together. I loved the scene with Ducky in the autopsy room. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • This is a fantastic episode and I'll tell you why! SPOILERS

    I've read a lot of the reviews here about this episode and they're pretty mixed. I really liked this episode.

    It is basically tying up the big secret mission that Tony had last season and it does it will.

    The main crux of it is that Tony was undercover with Jeanne and she had no idea who he was or what he did. Thinking back to last season it now seems so obvious that she did indeed never know where he worked or what his last name was. I was dreading seeing this episode thinking that the story would be a really lame ending that leaves holes everywhere but it worked very and all the story was told. It brought everything together and cleared all the mysteries of last year up.

    My one gripe with the the director, she is such a useless character. Why did she say no to him? He dies and she loses ALL the leads he had to major arms deals. Surely that's what Tony went undercover for anyway. All his work is wasted because they got nothing out of him in the end for all his work. It almost seemed as though she did it just to get him back for what he did to her father. Good thing to use a government agency for...

    No doubt the Jeanne story will pick up somewhere along this season which should be interesting. It also means that it leaves more room for individual cases which is also a good thing.
  • Paving the way for another brillant series!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW- seriously im just after watching the episode and im still in shock and amazement, it was AMAZING, BRILLANT!!! This episode totally made up for the mediocre season4 finale. Finally the team found out about Tony's mission ( and our suspicions wereproved right) and when Tony's car exploded OMG- i even knew it was gonna happen but it still,well, blew me away!! And the fillowing scene at the site was soo tense and emotional. I particularly liked the debriefing scene with the director and gibbs, we see how hurt tony is and his anger at the director (honestly the whole team is pretty pissed with her, if she doesnt redeem herself, i dont know how shell fit in with the show). I thought the scene with kort in the elevator was hilarius, he turns around and has 3 guns pointed in his face!! priceless.
    The meeting with la grenuiolle and jenny and gibbs was also fantastic- we FINALLy understand her obsession.
    And the ending- once again, WOW- does anyone else think jen did it?????????
  • Great start to what a great season should be. Great episode, Really why I watch this show good writing, good actors, hot actors.

    Great start to what a great season should be. The ending was just a shoker. The episode, the actores were just amazing, one of Michael Weatherly's finest. This was a great opening episode. It sets up for how Tony feels and seeing him deal with Jeanne is going to show Michael Weatherly's true acting skill. Good interaction between the characters, Ziva and Tony, McGee and Ziva. The emotion that you saw all the characters go through, each int here own way, was just good writing, and acting. Ducky and Palmer's little dance about y-pestis. Gibbs and Jenny's interaction about the polygraph tests, just shows what type of tension is going to be going through this new season. Knowing that we get to look into Gibbs past is just going to be great.
  • NCIS is back!

    With a huge build up to the Frog storyline, I am disappointed that the wrap up to that storyline seemed very rushed.

    I do not know if Jenny's theories about the Frog killing her father were valid. Jenny's obsession with the Frog did not really make sense (unless the Frog really did kill her Dad). It is hard to believe her because there is no evidence to support her theory, and her actions were inappropriate for a federal agency Director; not to mention, I found the Frog sympathetic.

    I really wanted to see the lie detector tests that were mentioned. I'm still hoping we will still get to see them; perhaps, in a later episode. I don't think the fall out from the Frog investigation can be so easily discarded.

    I did enjoy the interaction between Jenny and Tony when they were discussing Jeanne. It was good to see Tony's resentment of Jenny's investigation. There was a nice edge to his voice in that scene.

    My favorite scene is "Bury Your Dead," was between Ducky and Palmer in autopsy when they discovered the body couldn't have been Tony's. The body never had the plague!
  • I love this show!

    When I seen the car blow up, my heart literally fell to the floor for Tony. I stayed away from spoilers and anything that could reveal anything about this new season, but if I was to miss out on any news about Michael Weatherly leaving the show, I would've kicked myself in the eye for not keeping up.

    I did believe that Tony died in the car, until Ducky found out "the plague" detail, I jumped up and down until my friend started yelling at me for making too much noise.

    This is exactly why I love this show. The suspense, the comedic comebacks, the characters, etc. I hope Tony doesn't go back to what's her name anyway!
  • A great start!

    Wow! NCIS knew how to start off the fifth season with a bang! I was about to cry when they "blew" up Tony. I knew there had to be some kind of catch though because there was no way they could kill off Tony on the very first episode of season five! It just made it that more exciting when you found out that it wasn't really him.

    I feel really bad for him though. I know it was just an assignment, but Tony had actually fallen in love with Jeanne. That's an amazing thing for Tony to do. I wonder if this means she's gone for good? I personally kind of like the idea of Tony and Ziva together, but it would ruin what they already have. It's funny the way they joke around with each other.

    There are still so many questions unanswered though. Like is Jen's dad really still alive? If not, did the "Frog" really kill him? And who exactly killed the "Frog" in return? I guess we'll have to wait.
  • Its back! (possible spoilers)

    Ah, finally NCIS is back! And it came back wonderfully, too. I was a bit skeptical, though excited, about how they'd handle Tony being in the car with the Frog. They handled it well, if I do say so myself. And, as sad as it makes me to admit it, they actually had me believing that it was Tony who got blown up in the car. Alright, so I didn't exactly believe it, but they had me wondering. Oh, and did I mention (not to sound conceited or anything) that I knew from the beginning of his relationship with Jeanne that it wasn't on the level? Of this I am proud. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was that it ended. I need to know what happens! And I don't think I can wait two more days!
  • We finally get to see the conclusion from last season. (Spoilers)

    Yes! NCIS is finally back. And yes! It was a good start. The beginning was shocking, really, leading us to believe that Tony is dead. But that wasn't the case, thank god. But seriously, they couldn't kill him off just like that anyway.
    Oh, and we got to know that Tony was only interested in Jeanne because of her father, La Grenouille. Well, at least at first, he really fell in love with her after a while.

    The plot was ok, since it was a conclusion episode the story was all set from the beginning. The outcome was good, maybe a little predictable.
    The questions are, will NCIS find out about La Grenouille's death, and will Tony get a second chance with Jeanne?
    And finally, what is the major arc for this series?
    We'll see...
  • A poor opening episode for an otherwise excellent show.

    I don't like the Director Sheppard character, she's the weak link in a great ensemble cast. So the on-going La Grenouille story arc just passes me by. Didn't buy the 'is Tony dead' plot line, seemed thown in to pad out an under-running, thin script. I also didn't like the way we are expected to swallow the fact that Tony was deep undercover all thru his romance with Jeanne (was Scottie Thompson pregnant?). So a) He never used his real surname with her, that would be interesting to check, b) All the falling in love bit was just to get to La Grenouille, I don't believe it for a second, c) All that time she didn't realise he wasn't a lecturer in film studies, no way. Anyway, best bit was when Tony asked Ziva (who looks very tanned) "Have you ever lied to someone you love?". Hmmm is something going to happen there I wonder? Overall a disappointing start to the season.
  • The conclusion from last season has arrived

    And with a bang at that. Quite literally at that. And first I was in shock, They can't kill off Tony, then when Ducky and Palmer figured out that the dead hadn't had the plauge, wich was the funniest scene, just after Abby telling Tony who took what from his desk.
    And with the cat out of the box. Will this mean no more Jeanne? I will kind of miss her. An other question that still lingers, where is Jenny's dad, if he didn't kill himself? And will this be adressed up on?
    I really liked this episode, and I hope for more episodes like this one
  • Brilliant start to a brilliant show.

    NCIS is back and picks straight up from season 4 with Tony still undercover and being introduced to La Grenouille who is Jeanne's dad.

    The episode had lots of shock value and suspense throughout especially when Tony's car blew up and all thought he was dead, I found it funny when he did eventually turn up and found all his work mates had taken one of his personal items from his desk.

    I do hope NCIS Director Jenny Shepard has now got La Grenouille out of her system as it was getting a tad boring, move on women, he's dead......

    It looks as if the Tony and Jeanne romance is over, hooray I hear some of you say, personally I liked them as a couple but it now introduces the predictable Ziva / Tony romance.

    As I said brilliant show and welcome back for it's fifth season.
  • The finale to last season... a little later than usual! Spoiler free review

    This episode was exactly why I watch the series... Emotional, funny, action-packed and an ending I didn't foresee, what more could you ask for?!

    The episode started off where the last season left off, with the main subject being La Grenouille. I won't spoil it for anyone by detailing the plot, but there was a time I thought "not again!" and almost dropped my heart out of my mouth. In case you didn't get all the main points of the last season, there's a long-ish recap of all main points before the start of the episode, although it's just a taster as opposed to the full story.

    I'm very surprised how a series can cram in so much humour into an episode that's full of emotions as well... And even more pleasantly surprised it manages to pull it off as well, not just this time but times before. Again, it's a big reason why I love the series.

    Besides the lovely dose of humour, the acting of the emotional scenes are perfect and believable... It just helps inch your heart that much closer to your mouth, seeing the pain in their faces. All in all, NCIS just offered a great season finale.. At the start of this season.
  • Jeanne introduces Tony to her father, Le Grenouille. Jeanne is paged and has to return to the hospital. When they leave, Tony apparently drives his car and it explodes. The team go to the scene and bring the evidence back to NCIS.

    One of the better episodes. They were losing me towards the end of last season but this episode was great. They are still showing the undercurrent between Ziva and Tony and I loved the way Tony finally stood up to Director Shepard. The controlled, almost stunned manner in which the team approached the bombed out car was very well done. It's hard to read where Tony's relationship with Jeanne is going. Besides that, if she is on the run and her father is dead, how will she stay safe; unless there's more to this than we know. I didn't expect that they would kill Rene; that was a big surprise. I thought they would draw this out for several more episodes.
    Great show!!
  • Another great episode

    Great start to a new series, closed doors and opened new ones well at least frog is gone, but there are to many questions than answers that puzzling me, we will have to see as the series goes on, poor tony :(hope he gets over her?!?!
    yet again NCIS came though with an brilliant first episode to the series can't wait to see what the rest of the series has to offer.. i knew tony wasn't dead,and the frog in the water dead at the end, that was classic ending
    can't wait for the next episode :D it looks good :)
  • ok season premeire...

    This basically picks up where the last season ended. Tony is in the car with the Frog and his girlfriend. Basically, Gibbs figures everything out and everyone thinks Tony died, but he didn' just wasn't a interesting story. It was predictable. I knew immediately when the car blew up that Tony wasn't dead. It was almost a joke. There weren't as many great funny moments in this episode as there usually are. It just didn't seem like a good premeire to me. I loved the ending though...the Frog is dead and now they have to figure out who did it, or they'll never even find out he's dead. Also, is Tony's girlfriend going to come back? Overall, not a very good episode but had a good ending.
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