Season 6 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • McGee goes to prison to get a confession and it takes a little longer than expected.

    This was a fantastic McGee episode where he goes to a women's prison to get a confession and when a guard is killed McGee is held the end everything ended good for McGee when he solved the case of the guard and it was actually the woman that McGee wanted the confession off so in the end he got his confession after going through a hostage situation It was good to see how prison changed him at the end when he calls the place that was supposed to be fixing his car and he makes them listen because McGee has changed.
  • No More Mister Nice Guy!

    McGee finds and channels his inner tough guy.

    A classic "worm finally turns" story.

    Love the way he surprises the hell out of DiNozzo.

    No more Mister Nice Guy!
  • The ultimate McGee episode.

    I guess McGee is officialy not a probie anymore!
    This episode is a landmark for the character.
    If you have watched NCIS from the beggining and you remember how McGee used to be back then, you'll know what I mean. It's really noteworthy the character's development throughout the series, the writing and the acting has been extraordinary indeed.

    McGee lead the episode from the beggining to the end, he took the initiative to solve the situation himself, and showed what he's capable of and what he stands for. No more underestimating his abilities as an agent from now on. He's really starting to look like the typical Gibbs Team offspring. The base plot was very good too.

    This is amongst the top episodes of season 6 so far.
  • Not your usual hostage situation... 2009 goes off with a bang!

    Well, where to even begin with 'Caged'.
    Originally, I was -of course- excited for this episode but I was expecting the usually 'Hostage situation'; McGee's taken, they get him back at the end, there's some stress in between ect. However this was nothing like all other Hostage situations, What I loved about this was that McGee was working with them, and that is why it worked.
    Let's think about this, Ziva going in - she would get no where with the women; Tony - much the same except he'd probably get himself killed; however McGee appealed to their human sides and we got to hear the stories of some of the women in the prison. Awesome acting by all the cast, in particular Mark Harmon and Sean Murray; and terrificly written by Alfonso H. Moreno and Directed by Leslie Libman.

    Caged was just the right amount of light comic releif as a return for 2009 and a happy moment before Ducky is stabbed in next week's episode 'Broken Bird'.

    As to the character development of Timothy McGee, I have loved watching him grow over the seasons, getting more guts to fight back to Tony and Ziva's bickering. After this episode, I'm expecting no crap toward McGee in the interrogation room and I would love to see his newly aquired skills roll into action.

    This reveiw is rapidly loosing sense so I will leave everyone with best wishes and excitment for next week. One thing is for certain, however:
    NCIS 2009 has gone off with a bang!

    xox. Mel.
    P.S: Tiva for the '09!
  • Even tho' Magee is having a hard time with a machanic and getting his car back, Gibbs is confident that he will be able to get a confession of murder out of an already convicted mrderer in a woman's prison.

    This episode is great I loved it. Finally magee gets a chance to prove that he can do whatever is needed of him.
    But then again only Magee could be put in such a situation and beable to get a room full of convicted murderers (women) to trust him with their well being.
    For along time I was thinking that the Warden was the problem. But I am usually wrong to begin with anyway.
    Abby's concern with Magee's well being was to be expected. But She was her usual helpful self.
    This was the first time I can remember Magee being on his own without being able to call on the rest of the team for help. Gibbs did not act as if he had one shred of dout in Magee's ability. The time limit made the show move really fast, but it also made it very fun to watch.
    Ziva and Tony I believe were alittle more than concerned cause are still convinced that Magee is still the "probie" who still needs help with everything. Now, for the original reason he ws there. He still needed his confession, and of course he got that confession, and then some, which proves he is up to the task no matter what it is.
  • Good episode for McGee

    This was a good episode to start with after the hiatus. It had a bit of everything, even when it was focused around McGee.
    I liked the fact that McGee could show what he's worth for once. In the series, he is usually made out and perceived as a real probie, someone who is still learning and is not really capable of solving things on his own. In this episode, he proved he can take care of himself, and gain the trust of a room full of women at the same time.
    I think (and hope) at least Tony and Ziva have some more respect for him after this episode. Gibbs, I think, already knows the qualities McGee has, or else he would not have allowed him on his team. All in all, not my favourite episode, but certainly not bad, either.
  • I can spot a woman's smile at twenty yards...

    Our favourite geek finds himself in a tough situation when he's caught in the middle of a prison riot. But that's just the beginning; to save himself and the other hostages he must find the killer of a prison guard whose death triggered the riot. If you think our probie isn't strong enough for this task, well, you got it completely wrong.
    A good episode in which we manage to see both sides of McGee, the soft and still insecure side, and the brand-new tough one. Ask Tony about the last one... or try to rewatch one of the first episodes where McGee appeared and you'll understand what I'm talking about.
  • just ok...

    I was expecting more from this episode and it didn't deliver... it was predictable and obvious. I don't like McGee very much and this was a McGee centered episode. He finally starts being more assertive and strong instead of the baby he was before. It was obvious that the one prisoner killed him and that the other prisoner was going to take the fall. I hated how easy it was for McGee to get control and get everyone to trust him. I also thought it was weird how the prison authorities didn't try to get closer or move in faster. Abby worrying was part of her character, the director wasn't even in the episode, and Tony and Ziva had their usual dialogue. Nothing stood out in this episode. It was just an ok episode that was worth watching once, but not more.
  • Decent episode, nice movement for McGee, not enough "team" moments

    Not my favorite episode, but I loved the character development for McGee and I'm certainly happy that I didn't miss it. I get annoyed by the extent to which McGee is treated like a probie after all these seasons, even though I get it, and it was great to see him as in charge and competent in the field instead of just on the computer. I especially loved the scene at the end when he's on the phone with the mechanic, and Abby's response to it!

    I kept wondering who it was that actually did it, which was nice as usual, but I just didn't find it to be as compelling as other storylines on the show. I wouldn't go so far as to call the episode filler, but it wasn't as good as other episodes this season. Maybe it felt off because of the women's prison, but maybe it was just that it was so centered on one character instead of the team together.
  • aw McGee is so cute!

    This is one of my favourite episodes because of how McGee changes in the episode! In the beginning McGee is a sweat agent who is different to Tony and even though at the end he still is he has somthing about him that is different. He changes into someone that is more confident of himself and that is a very intersting change. And how Tony suddenly doesn't feel like the big shot no more very interesting!

    Abby: Looks like your time in the big house changed you... i like it!

    Lets see if he can keep it up while the days go on, but i'm sure he will!
  • McGee gets taken hostage in a woman's prison

    In this episode of NCIS, the following happens. During the shooting of a low budget horror movie, a skeleton is found. NCIS are called in when they learn that the skeleton belongs to a marine. Soon when Gibbs sees that both of the middle fingers have been cut off, Gibbs knows how the killer is.
    She is already in jail, for the murder of 2 other people. McGee is sent to the prison, to try and get a confession out of the inmate. When he goes there, he bumps into a prison guard he used to know. Soon a riot breaks out and McGee is taken hostage. Gibbs and the team get word of this and head straight to the prison. McGee convinces the inmates to use him as a negotiator, and we soon learn that the inmates only want the one who caused the riot to be punished. The one, who started it, is also the same person who stabbed and killed one of the guards, although they don't know who it is yet. So they want NCIS to investigate the crime. When Abby runs tests on the victim's blood, we learn that he was being poisoned. We son learn that the dead guard, was having a "relationship" with one of the inmates daughters. He was also the head of the drug dealings in the prison. We soon learn that it was her mother, who killed the guard. But when the killer walks out of the door, it's not the woman who really killed him. The one who confesses is the one who McGee went in to interview, and is already serving over 100 years, so what's another sentence to her. Plus she also confesses to killing the marine.
  • Outstanding and original storyline plus great acting, overall this was exceptional!

    This was another episode that I highly enjoyed and I loved a lot! The storyloine to this one was absolutely impeccable and flawless, and I absolutely loved it! A McGee centred episode was great, and very timely.

    I thought the episode was very original, and it certainly wasn't something that the show has attempted before this point. Great work!

    This is certainly one of my favorite episodes, and I would put it in my Top Twenty. I would absolutely recommend it, and I can't wait to watch it again, myself!

    Absolutely brilliant, this one! Original, cleve(r, different, unique and amazing! Please keep it up, as this is definitely heading on the right track!
  • Good For Tim

    Okay I honestly have to say this wasn't one of my favorite scripts, but I really liked the episode. I loved that Tim got to be front and center showing exactly what he's made out of. The disbelief of Tony and Ziva that he could handle things offset Gibbs just letting Tim do his job. The plot and script was alright, just not my favorite. I loved the scene at the end with Tim standing up for himself. I think within this episode he gained a little bit more respect in the team's eyes. Standing up for himself with the mechanic or the convicts, he showed that yes he's a nice guy, but he's not going to let anyone walk all over him.