Season 6 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • Even tho' Magee is having a hard time with a machanic and getting his car back, Gibbs is confident that he will be able to get a confession of murder out of an already convicted mrderer in a woman's prison.

    This episode is great I loved it. Finally magee gets a chance to prove that he can do whatever is needed of him.
    But then again only Magee could be put in such a situation and beable to get a room full of convicted murderers (women) to trust him with their well being.
    For along time I was thinking that the Warden was the problem. But I am usually wrong to begin with anyway.
    Abby's concern with Magee's well being was to be expected. But She was her usual helpful self.
    This was the first time I can remember Magee being on his own without being able to call on the rest of the team for help. Gibbs did not act as if he had one shred of dout in Magee's ability. The time limit made the show move really fast, but it also made it very fun to watch.
    Ziva and Tony I believe were alittle more than concerned cause are still convinced that Magee is still the "probie" who still needs help with everything. Now, for the original reason he ws there. He still needed his confession, and of course he got that confession, and then some, which proves he is up to the task no matter what it is.