Season 6 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • Not your usual hostage situation... 2009 goes off with a bang!

    Well, where to even begin with 'Caged'.
    Originally, I was -of course- excited for this episode but I was expecting the usually 'Hostage situation'; McGee's taken, they get him back at the end, there's some stress in between ect. However this was nothing like all other Hostage situations, What I loved about this was that McGee was working with them, and that is why it worked.
    Let's think about this, Ziva going in - she would get no where with the women; Tony - much the same except he'd probably get himself killed; however McGee appealed to their human sides and we got to hear the stories of some of the women in the prison. Awesome acting by all the cast, in particular Mark Harmon and Sean Murray; and terrificly written by Alfonso H. Moreno and Directed by Leslie Libman.

    Caged was just the right amount of light comic releif as a return for 2009 and a happy moment before Ducky is stabbed in next week's episode 'Broken Bird'.

    As to the character development of Timothy McGee, I have loved watching him grow over the seasons, getting more guts to fight back to Tony and Ziva's bickering. After this episode, I'm expecting no crap toward McGee in the interrogation room and I would love to see his newly aquired skills roll into action.

    This reveiw is rapidly loosing sense so I will leave everyone with best wishes and excitment for next week. One thing is for certain, however:
    NCIS 2009 has gone off with a bang!

    xox. Mel.
    P.S: Tiva for the '09!