Season 10 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • The temporary director not very believable.

    I hope they get rid of the temp director soon. No one so wimpy would ever be made even deputy director (or whatever NCIS calls their back up). Jenny had more balls than this guy! And no one would be stupid enough to fall for the fake GITMO thing. While the story wasn't that great, the acting was for the most part, otherwise I would have given it a lower score.
  • Unique and richly entertaining.

    This was an exceptional plot and episode of NCIS, with some very interesting developments. While it was pretty likely that everything was being staged right throughout the episode, it was nonetheless hilarious to see the various reactions and it was fun to watch.

    It was just a smart storyline and it was well executed in every way. Season 10 is blowing me away! I sure hope it continues in this vain!

    Keep it up!
  • NCIS try many ways to get a hacker to give up valuable information.

    NCIS arrest a hacker and try to get him to give up information leading to the most wanted cyber terrorist in the world and because of this it made the episode quite predictable because of all the methods they tried and Tony and Ziva get him to talk at the end Even though it was quite predictable it was a good episode to watch.
  • canary

    I loved this episode. The idea of that hacker thinking he could outsmart the silver fox or the great white was fun to watch. I agree this episode was not the quality of "Shabbot Shalom" or "Shiva" but it was an entertaining show to watch. I also thought Abby was a riot certainly a lot better showing than "Hit and Run" for her character. Keep up the good work NCIS.
  • Canary

    I, too, think this episode was poor. Actually, it was so obvious, it was silly. And, I am so tired of Abby's character. She goes from silly to boring! I used to think Gibbs giving her a kiss on the cheek was cute, now it's an over-kill.
  • Worst episode this season.


    This season was great so far and every episode was better than those bevore - but this episode was the worst ever. It hat the awkward-level of the episode were McAbby type together with 4 hands on one keyboard (try it out with someone).

    The computer stuff was just embarrassing again.

    There are easier, better ways to get to the data on the HDD and all this nonsense hightech-showoff-stuff was just that: showoff with no use. And it was obvious.

    But the worst?

    Really? McGee would find one of their own NCIS Computers to have this P-IP becuase to are all LAN only. Neither the hacker nor Tim would be so stupid to mistake this IP for a real internet IP.

    Christopher J. Waild, this was bad.

    Some other failures include Ziva and Tony not taking the M16/M4 of the guard but leaving it - fully loaded - to the escaping prisoners. And the use of a mattress to close the door?
  • Interesting Episode

    Very enjoyable episode and rather predictable yet entertaining
  • KEVIN and the comedy

    Hey! I want to see Kevin the serious IT dude have that improv show! That would be hilarious. WHat a great character!
  • great episode again

    great episode, a team effort, its great to watch crime drama at its best
  • Does "Old School" mean rip off?

    This was a direct lifting of a Mission Impossible episode. I like the show but the plots are thinning. Only so many things can happen to dead Marines. If you didn't see the "pay off" a mile away, you need to check your vision.
  • fair episode, predictable.

    Fair episode. A few qualms: Once again we get stumble bum jerky Tony and bright and shinny Ziva. If the episode was about "a hacker that could lead them to the most-wanted cyber terrorist in the world," giving the case to NCIS seems to make as much sense as handing it over to the Coast Guard. It hurt that the big trick/sting was obvious from the start, and I never guess main plot points!
  • Cyber

    The Episode was great, However do to the fact the it was a Cyber terrorist /Hacker episode I thought it was going to be more a "McGee Episode" then it was.