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Season 6 Episode 3

Capitol Offense

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

When Senator Patrick Kiley seeks Gibbs' help to solve the murder of a young Naval officer, the NCIS team find themselves pushed inside the world of Washington politics.

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  • Well, I would rate it 9.5 if it weren't for that cupcake!

    This was quite a good episode of NCIS, and nice to see the show returning back to its usual self, after an intriguing start to the season.

    I thought the case to this one was interesting and quite good, but it wasn't particularly original or creative, and the storyline seemed to be quite predictable. What's DiNozzo's theory about the wife always being the suspect, again?!

    I also thought the ending was not particularly brilliant, and the episode was quite lacking in action, which was another flaw, however, just because o the 'Cupcake' dilemma, I had to rate it a ten. That scene(s) was hilarious and absolutely brilliant and amaz)ing!

    Overall, quite a good episode, and I hope it continues to move uphill from this point!moreless
  • Capitol Offense

    Very good Season 6 episode of NCIS tonight. The guy who thinks he is a good dramatic actor but really has not been good in anything but the comedy Seinfeld, Tim DeKay, guest starred. The storyline was very relatable, a politician who could not keep it in his pants, but unfortunately, the outcome was just as relatable and predictable. Whenever a big name guest star appears on this show, someone you know, they always end up being tied to the killer or are the killer somehow.

    Still, this did not distract me from enjoying another strong installment of TV's #1 drama.moreless
  • Gibbs is thrown into a tight spot when an old friend from the senate asks for his help during an investigation about a murdered lieutenant commander.

    This episode contains that misleading essence that I enjoy so much. I like how the episode makes you feel like the senator is a "good guy" and is just a victim being framed as a result of the murder in question. The focus of suspicious people shifts perfectly to keep the viewer guessing. The private messages to the director are a nice touch. It adds to the complexity of who the guilty suspect is and at the same time gives away who it is after the episode is done. I also liked the part Abby played, she is by far the most abstract character and this episode adds to it beautifully with the disappearing of her cupcake. Without a doubt this episode is a fine addition to the NCIS season.moreless
  • I loved this episode!

    there are some tv series on television where you watch it from week to week and never see an episode twice, because they weren't all that great.

    this is defiantly not one of those.

    i don't know what it is about this episode, but there are about three episodes in the entire series i can watch over and and over and over again from beginning to end, without skipping anything. i don't know what it is, but i love this episode. When i re-watch things, i skip around, go to my favorite parts. not in this one, in this one i just watch it all, again and again. its an odd thing, but i good one.moreless
  • The case of the Missing Cupcake is solved by Abby

    In this episode of NCIS the following happens. When the body of a Lieutenant Commander in found in a river, the team are called in to investigate. As a thank you for letting her stay at her apartment Ziva buys Abby a cupcake. The team get an anonymous phone call about where the murder weapon is. They go there and find it, just as the killer said they would. When Abby runs tests, she confirms that it is in fact the murder weapon. Gibbs meets with a senator who was having an affair with the victim. Someone is framing him for her murder.

    When Abby's cupcake goes missing she launches her own investigation. Abby has a list of suspects including, Gibbs, Ducky & the night guard. The team head to an apartment and discover a body there and a suicide note. It is the same man whose apartment the senator used when he was having an affair. He also was the one who framed the senator and led the team to the gun used in the murder. After running her investigation Abby learns that it was McGee who stole it and he quickly confesses to it. We soon learn that the senator's wife Lyn is the real killer.moreless
Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

David McCallum

David McCallum

Chief M.E. Ducky Mallard

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

Sean Murray (I)

Sean Murray (I)

Special Agent Tim McGee

Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo

Mossad Agent Ziva David

Tim DeKay

Tim DeKay

Senator Patrick Kiley

Guest Star

Susan Floyd

Susan Floyd

Lynn Tripp Kiley

Guest Star

Marcus Chait

Marcus Chait

Cole Erickson

Guest Star

Sheila Frazier

Sheila Frazier

ZNN Reporter Debra Green

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • GOOF: The suicide note Tony picks up has different line arrangement than the one shown on the computer by McGee.

    • TRIVIA: McGee types in the sentence "The sly brown fox quickly jumped over the lazy dog..." This sentence is commonly use to practice typing skill due to having every single letter of the alphabet.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first episode where NCIS gets a credit on the news, as opposed to before when they rarely get a credit.

    • TRIVIA: Senator Kiley's house is the same set used as Director Shepard's house in seasons four and five.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Tony: It was on the nose.
      Ziva: Whose nose?
      Tony: On the money, Bull's eye, right as rain. (Ziva looks at him questioningly) You were doing better before you went back to Israel. You've reverted.

    • Tony: Stayed at Abby's last night, huh? Did you sleep in the same room?
      Ziva: It is a one-bedroom apartment.
      Tony: One bedroom, one bed? One coffin?
      Ziva: You want the truth?
      Tony: Yeah, I think I can handle the truth.
      Ziva: My building was being fumigated and Abby was kind enough to let me stay over, on the couch, in my pajamas.
      Tony: Come on, work with me. Can't you lie just a little bit?

    • (Discussing the cupcake)
      Abby: So, how was it?
      McGee: Life changing.

    • Tony: Ziva, looks like you were wrong about Reed Talbot.
      Ziva: He's still a crumb-bag.

    • Ducky: I can give you a preliminary cause of death.
      Gibbs: Asphyxiation.
      Ducky: Well, yes, it is rather obvious isn't it? Would you care to venture the time of death?
      Gibbs: A little after ten this morning.
      Ducky: I'm not feeling very needed.

    • Abby: You cannot have my cupcake and eat it too.
      Gibbs: You're not serious?
      Abby: Dead.

    • Abby: There is a thief amongst us and I'm going to find out who and they're going to be sorry.
      Gibbs: Do you think you could pull yourself away from this long enough to focus on the murder?
      Abby: She reads her horoscope every day, as do I. Today it said I was going to have a positive encounter with a co-worker. Not going to happen.

    • Gibbs: Abby what are you doing?
      Abby: A boundary has been crossed. I've been violated. Nothing is sacred anymore.
      Gibbs: Yeah? Tell me.
      Abby: Someone stole my cupcake.

    • McGee: Director Vance I'll need the password to your voicemail account.
      Vance: (writes it) For your eyes only.
      McGee: Yes, sir.
      Vance: And the messages from my wife, not for your ears.

    • Ziva: You just love snooping around into other peoples' lives don't you?
      Tony: Yeah, that's why I became a cop.

    • (Tony hold up lace underwear)
      Ziva: Tony, what are you doing?
      Tony: I'm building a profile of the victim.

    • Vance: Would have appreciated the heads up before the arrest.
      Gibbs: You covered good. Trust. Loyalty. They're important.
      Vance: Guess you know all about that after today. How do you think we're going to do in that department?

    • Abby: McGee I will get your DNA one way or another.
      Tony: Do what the woman says. She sleeps in a coffin.

    • Gibbs: No one leaves here until I get back.
      Tony: Okay, now I'm officially curious.

    • (talking about how they found a gun)
      Tony: McGee found it with his butt.

    • (After Abby opens her present)
      Abby: Thank you Ziva, you shouldn't have.
      Ziva: I owe you for letting me sleep at your place.
      Tony: Slumber party. You two spent the night together.
      (Abby and Ziva look at each other and smile)
      Tony: What's going on here, McGee?
      McGee: Don't know, don't care. None of my business DiNossy.
      (Abby rushes away as McGee follows her in want of the cupcake)
      Ziva: You are such a control geek.
      Tony: Freak.
      Ziva: Yes, that too.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: October 14, 2008 on Channel 10
      Denmark: October 28, 2008 on TV3
      Norway: February 17, 2009 on TV3
      Sweden: March 3, 2009 on TV3
      Germany: March 15, 2009 on SAT 1
      United Kingdom: May 1, 2009 on FX
      Spain: June 25, 2009 on La Sexta
      New Zealand: July 5, 2009 on TV3
      Brazil: July 31, 2009 on AXN
      Slovakia: November 26, 2009 on Markiza
      Finland: January 26, 2010 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: May 31, 2010 on TV Nova


    • When Abby confronts McGee for eating her cupcake she says "Book 'Em Danno." Steven McGarrett often says this quote to Danny Williams when they catch a bad guy in the TV series Hawaii Five-O.

    • Director Vance (To Gibbs): Do you think is a Catch Me If You Can?

      This is a reference to the 2002 movie of Catch Me If You Can, starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie is based on true events about a famous con-artist (Frank Abagnale Jr.) who forged checks and made millions as a Pan Am Pilot, doctor and legal prosecutor all before his 19th birthday.

    • Ziva: Do you want the truth?
      Tony: I think I can handle the truth.

      This is a play on words from the movie A Few Good Men when a character played by Jack Nicholson asks a character played by Tom Cruise what he wants and he replies with "you can't handle the truth."

    • Tony: Officer and a gentle-woman...

      Tony is referring to the movie An Officer and a Gentleman from 1982, starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger.