Season 6 Episode 3

Capitol Offense

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2008 on CBS

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  • Well, I would rate it 9.5 if it weren't for that cupcake!

    This was quite a good episode of NCIS, and nice to see the show returning back to its usual self, after an intriguing start to the season.

    I thought the case to this one was interesting and quite good, but it wasn't particularly original or creative, and the storyline seemed to be quite predictable. What's DiNozzo's theory about the wife always being the suspect, again?!

    I also thought the ending was not particularly brilliant, and the episode was quite lacking in action, which was another flaw, however, just because o the 'Cupcake' dilemma, I had to rate it a ten. That scene(s) was hilarious and absolutely brilliant and amaz)ing!

    Overall, quite a good episode, and I hope it continues to move uphill from this point!
  • Capitol Offense

    Very good Season 6 episode of NCIS tonight. The guy who thinks he is a good dramatic actor but really has not been good in anything but the comedy Seinfeld, Tim DeKay, guest starred. The storyline was very relatable, a politician who could not keep it in his pants, but unfortunately, the outcome was just as relatable and predictable. Whenever a big name guest star appears on this show, someone you know, they always end up being tied to the killer or are the killer somehow.

    Still, this did not distract me from enjoying another strong installment of TV's #1 drama.
  • Gibbs is thrown into a tight spot when an old friend from the senate asks for his help during an investigation about a murdered lieutenant commander.

    This episode contains that misleading essence that I enjoy so much. I like how the episode makes you feel like the senator is a "good guy" and is just a victim being framed as a result of the murder in question. The focus of suspicious people shifts perfectly to keep the viewer guessing. The private messages to the director are a nice touch. It adds to the complexity of who the guilty suspect is and at the same time gives away who it is after the episode is done. I also liked the part Abby played, she is by far the most abstract character and this episode adds to it beautifully with the disappearing of her cupcake. Without a doubt this episode is a fine addition to the NCIS season.
  • I loved this episode!

    there are some tv series on television where you watch it from week to week and never see an episode twice, because they weren't all that great.
    this is defiantly not one of those.
    i don't know what it is about this episode, but there are about three episodes in the entire series i can watch over and and over and over again from beginning to end, without skipping anything. i don't know what it is, but i love this episode. When i re-watch things, i skip around, go to my favorite parts. not in this one, in this one i just watch it all, again and again. its an odd thing, but i good one.
  • The case of the Missing Cupcake is solved by Abby

    In this episode of NCIS the following happens. When the body of a Lieutenant Commander in found in a river, the team are called in to investigate. As a thank you for letting her stay at her apartment Ziva buys Abby a cupcake. The team get an anonymous phone call about where the murder weapon is. They go there and find it, just as the killer said they would. When Abby runs tests, she confirms that it is in fact the murder weapon. Gibbs meets with a senator who was having an affair with the victim. Someone is framing him for her murder.
    When Abby's cupcake goes missing she launches her own investigation. Abby has a list of suspects including, Gibbs, Ducky & the night guard. The team head to an apartment and discover a body there and a suicide note. It is the same man whose apartment the senator used when he was having an affair. He also was the one who framed the senator and led the team to the gun used in the murder. After running her investigation Abby learns that it was McGee who stole it and he quickly confesses to it. We soon learn that the senator's wife Lyn is the real killer.
  • After finding the body of a female navy officer, Gibbs is contacted by an old friend, a senator.

    Not one of the best NCIS episodes I've ever seen, but still enjoyable to watch. After finding the body of female navy officer, Gibbs is contacted by a US senator who happens to be an old buddy of his, who was having an affair with the deceased.

    Unlike most NCIS eps, the killer was obvious from very early on, and didn't seem to have the usual twists and turns that you can usually expect.

    However, it was interesting to see the interaction between Gibbs and his old friends, especially as they knew about Shannon and Kelly, and were obviously very close to him.

    Abby's stolen cupcake was a hilarious subplot and probably my favourite part of the whole episode. Although I do feel as though Ducky is getting less and less scenes, and I would love to see more of him in the episodes to come.

    Overall, the episode was enjoyable, and a good addition to season 6, but the case within the episode could have used a bit of work.
  • Not NCIS at it's top best, but still very well-written.

    There is not such a thing as a bad NCIS episode, this one just had nothing particularly special to it. We have a dead female navy officer whose body shows up over at a pond of some D.C. park. Happens the young dead lady was having an affair with one of Gibbs old war buddies, a now married US senator.

    Well the one thing that bothered me about "Capitol Offense" is the predictability of it. I figured within the first ten minutes who the killer was, despite the fact he had not appeared on screen yet. But it's once again very good to meet someone from Gibbs past, and his 'cuddling' relationship with Patrick's wife was interesting, to say the least, and makes us think about past times Giibs and his deceased family's impact is his life and personality (or maybe it's just me overanalyzing TV characters again...)

    The whole chocolate donnut story was simply hilarious. Tony and Ziva keep throwing eachother cookies, and i can't wait to see where this relationship is going! Vance showed to be not as intransigent as one thought he was, regarding Gibbs "methods" and the point of keeping the investigation in "privacy". Vance/Gibbs relation evolves as in the end they "suggest" to us a conversation about trust issues that happens betweeen the duo.

    And that's it, next episode we get to meet Gibbs father!!
  • Gibbs tries to protect an old friend

    The team is back and together they investigate a death of woman.

    The teams seems to be investigating the crime without knowing all the facts. Gibbs is protecting a friend a withholding evidence. I think McGee did that in Twisted Sister, and Gibbs wasn't to happy about it at the time.

    The discussion between Vance and Gibbs at the end, seemed to bring up questions that the audience had been wondering about. Too bad their was no conclusions. I guess we just wait and see.

    I did enjoy the cupcake investigation. I thought it might have been Vance, because I didn't remember his picture being on Abby's wall; however, the culprit was McGee. It was very amusing.
  • People Change

    Gibbs meeting up with old friends always tends to make things more interesting. A Navy officer turns up dead of a gunshot wound to the back. Riley doesn't ask that Gibbs cover for him but does ask for his help. Tony's observation skills and theatrical quotes were in overdrive during this case. The team is dealing with a political scandal possibly linked to the murder. Riley is married and having an affair but is also looking to pass some important legislation. So the suspect pool could be very deep. Then we have Riley's right hand man turn up dead along with a convenient suicide note. All the evidence points to him but ironically no one looked at his wife. Ultimately though Gibbs does the hardest thing, arresting both of his friends. The case of Abby's missing cupcake was hysterical as most things are with Abby. Vance and Gibbs' dance continues.
  • McGee Found it with his butt...

    Trust, loyalty, why are they so important in a murder investigation?

    Gibbs meets an old friend when he became involved in the murder investigation of a Navy Commander; but will his trust be well placed?
    It's almont unfair to call this a "normal" episode, Gibbs and the team made a terrific job; the whole episode is well plotted and the hilarious character interaction, especially the whole "Cupcake-Gate", make Capitol offense really enjoyable.

    I'm glad to see Tony and Ziva back to the usual bickering, Abby being herself as usual and McGee... well, he's trying hard to look more tough but with poor results.

    'Average' is definitely an unknown word in the NCIS universe.
  • good episode

    The team investigates the murder of a female officer. Gibbs is called by an old friend, which happens to be a senator, and he asks Gibbs to keep his name out of the investigation because he was having an affair with the dead soldier. I suspected the wife as the killer - and it was her but the senator covered up for her. Man, Gibbs was pissed when he figured out that he was lied to and used. The whole thief of the cupcake story line with Abby was hilarious = poor McGee! And the part with Gibbs and the senator's wife made me remember - I miss Gibbs having a woman of interest. He's cute with women...what ever happened to Mann? Anyways, another solid episode with a good story and good humor and good character development.
  • Things are not always as they seem

    The promo had Gibbs covering up for a friend. This would have been out of character. However, the episode itself was different.

    A Senator has important legislation that is ready to come up for a vote. The married man is having an affair with a Navy liaison. She ends up floating in a pond. NCIS is called in.

    The Senator is an old friend of Jethro's. Keep my name out of this, was the request. Ever the professional, Gibbs makes no promises.

    The investigation continues, with the team wondering where Jethro is running off to without them. The Senator meets with Vance. We meet the wife, who later goes to Jethro's house to chat. There is a suicide, or is it? The truth comes out at the end, which catches me off guard.

    To add levity to the serious nature of the show, Abby is given a chocolate cupcake by Ziva. Said cupcake goes missing and Abby uses all of her investigative skills to find the culprit. I could not stop laughing.

    All in all, a job well done.