Season 2 Episode 15

Caught on Tape

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 2005 on CBS

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  • Great fun

    I really think that was funny episode. That little dog was just adorable. And what Kate and Abby did with her.. that collar and ribbon. And the whole tension inside the team.. Abby playing trick on McGee and the whole thing in whole. It was great fun.

    Also the case was quite interesting. Taping the murder. And then.. having that wife and murdered man's best friend in interrogation. It was good but they in the same room: most agree with Tony. And I loved how the case was solved: that it was their first suspect still, even if they were sure he was not involved.
  • It's always convenient when a murder victim videotapes his own murder.

    I always like a video tape in a murder – taking the images and using them to figure out the mystery. Reconstructing the tape is even better because you get the clues in pieces. That the killer snuck out of his trailer was unexpected – he didn't seem that smart.

    The affair was pretty sordid – not only having an affair while the husband is in Iraq but getting pregnant too. To add insult to injury – he wasn't even in love with her so he doesn't really have an excuse for cheating on his best friend.

    Liked the last scene with the dog, adorable. Talking about Tony and then letting the dog eat out of his hat.
  • I found this episode to be one of the funniest ones yet.

    This episode is another very good one. Although the case isn't one of my personal favorites, it is still very interesting, and the episode is extremely funny.

    I thought the episode was somewhat predictable, but I still enjoyed it. I saw the ending coming, but the scenes at the end were absolutely stunning.

    I loved the scene right at the end where Kate and Abby are pampering Tony the dog, and DiNozzo thinks they are talking about him. That was extremely hilarious, and this episode had me laughing so hard!

    If you are into the comedy element of NCIS, I recommend this episode above all so far, but if not, I wouldn't say that this one is for you.

    However, it is still a great episode!
  • Another good episode

    Opens with a man recording a visit to a state park on his camcorder, we then see the man being pushed down a hill and subsequently dying. The park ranger who called in NCIS simply believes that the marine slipped and fell to his death. The go and question his wife and his best friend we were also camping with him. They inform the team that there was another camper on site, but due to his loud music and drinking, they asked the other camper to leave. After a bit of a fight, he left. The team track down the other camper, and question him. But when they find CCTV footage of the site he moved onto it shows that he was there all night, so the team now turn onto their other two main suspects, the wife and the best friend. When Abby and McGee enhance the footage from the camcorder, they discover that the actual murderer is the other camper. As the team move in to arrest him, he pulls a gun on them. Gibbs manages to shot the tank on the side of the camper van and it explodes killing the camper inside.
  • A pretty good episode, but defiantly not my favorite storyline.

    Again, I'm not sure why, but this isn't one of those episodes that I can watch this over and over again. Which I can do with most NCIS episode. But for a reason not with this episode.
    The ending was a little bit predictable and a little bit unpredictable, if that makes any sense, not that I think it does. So I'll explain it a little bit. I had two suspects in my mind from pretty much the beginning of who may have done it, but I was leaning a little bit towards the apparently wrong one.

    This wasn't a bad episode at all, it's just not my favorite episode.
  • When a Marine is found dead at the bottom of a cliff the team investigates his death. Was it an unfaithful spouse, a rowdy trailer haulin' red neck or did he just slip?

    The mystery revolves around a Marine who inadvertly records his death, but the case is not what makes this a series classic, it is the interaction between the characters that made this such a great episode. On one side we had Cait and Tony's constant banter this time argueing whether or not men and women can be friends without having sex, alas for poor Cait it seems Tony was right, all her married guy friends have a thing for her. More humerous however is what Special Agent McGee, he finds himself knee deep in poison oak and becomes in Tony's words the "elephant man".I must say that NCIS probably has one the best cast chemistry on television, the humor just seems natural creating an excellent vibe on show. As for the case itself it was no doubt one of NCIS' better ones, involving an unfaithful wife cheating on her husband with his best friend and a pot smoking red neck brandishing a Kalashnikov; all in all it had an explosive ending.