Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

Antiquities have been stolen and NCIS need to find them but they don't know where they are. Two men stole them, one is at large and the other is in prison. Tony goes undercover and pretends to be a convict and, chained to the man who was is in prison, goes on the run in a hope that the man might lead him to the stolen items before they are sold. Tony is being tracked by the team and Gibbs and Kate follow his signal, leaving McGee at headquarters. They lose Tony's signal when he goes into a stream and then again when he crashes a truck with a tracking device in it. McGee has to deal with the Assistant Secretary of State, and Kate and Gibbs try to find Tony. Tony and the man meet up with the other man at a house and they spend the night there. In the morning the 'man at large' is gone and the other man says he must have already gone to sell the items. Gibbs and Kate get to the house after Tony has left, and they find the body of the man that had supposedly already gone to sell the items, they then know that Tony's life is in jeopardy. Tony lets them know where he is by phoning Gibbs on the man's cell phone and they track him through there. Kate and Gibbs are in hot pursuit of them, and when they arrive to where Tony is, Kate arrests the man that they were going to sell the items to and Gibbs goes to see what is happening in the car. When he gets there he sees the man dead and Tony with his head forward. Tony slowly lifts his head up and shows that he is fine.
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