Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 2004 on CBS

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  • Another all-time classic

    Great case, well worked out storyline, extremely good acting out of the ordinary NCIS, great movie reference to The Defiant Ones. One of my all-time favourites that I can watch over and over without getting tired of it. Favourite scene is probably when McGee tells the bitchy Secretary of the State to - stick it!
  • Tony goes undercover.

    Tony goes undercover as a prisoner who escapes from the prison bus with another prisoner chained to him. He and this Jeffery guy escape from the bus after they choke the bus driver and he passes out, which, you soon find out that it was all planned and the driver wasn't hurt- just faking it. Tony and Jeffery get as far away as they can from the scene of the "crime", while Tony has to find out who the other person is that is working with Jeffery, who has been arrested for stealing Iraqi artifacts. Tony is finally led to a lot with storage containers and one of them has the artifacts in it. Jeffery pulls out a knife and Tony kills him in self-defense.

    My favorite parts of this ep were when McGee had to talk to the lady in MTAC and at the end when he told her to "Stick It" and then proceded to "hang up" on her. The look on her face was priceless and the round of applause from the rest of the people in MTAC was too. Overall, another great ep from season two and I recommend watching this ep if you haven't already.
  • Undercover Tony

    So.. this episode starts with something what looks like prisonbreak.. but we soon realize it is a part of big operation and Tony is working as undercover with "not so dangerous" bad guy.. who soon turns out to be very dangerous and Kate at least is worried about Tony.. Gibbs seams to avoid dealing with it. So, we have episode what have great char-pairs dynamic: Tony and that villain escaping, Kate and Gibbs tracking them. And McGee has great standout too - getting his courage together and doing what he knows is best for the investigation. So, it was enjoyable and exciting episode
  • Very enjoyable Tony episode.

    Dying his hair black, makes Tony look surprisingly dangerous. He's the ideal person for the assignment – he's a natural people person and he's got a way of making people open up to him. He really should have agreed to the subdermal implant, an implant in a shoe is just stupid. I always enjoy seeing Gibbs worried about Tony, Gibbs is a closed book so it's a rare thing to have Gibbs show concern.

    Jeffrey is a complete nuisance, petty criminal who is apparently not cut out for life on the run. He's not exactly what he seems to be, he puts on this poor defenseless puppy routine and Tony actually falls for it. It's easy to assume that Lane is the killer but it's Jeffrey.

    McGee did very well with the Deputy Secretary of State, he's impressive when he stands up for himself, he just needs a shove in the back. Loved Gibbs' twisted pride about that.
  • A remarkable episode, full of edge of your seat action!

    This episode was a highly entertaining one, full of everything you could ask for. It had the great storyline, awesome humour and great moments.

    This episode is one of the Top Five from this season, in my opinion, and as such, it truly is an unmissable one. The case is solved in a very unusual technique, with one team member posing as an undercover convict.

    The episode took quite a few unexpected turns, which is always great, and there were some funny jokes, particularly the one where DiNozzo referred to his dog as 'Kate'.

    Overall, this episode is one of my favorites, and I highly recommend watching this one. It is packed full of intense action, and everything I have mentioned thus far.

    Another great addition!
  • Tony goes undercover

    Opens with prisoners being transported and one of them turns out to be tony. As the driver collapses with chest pains, the bus is pulled over and tony and the other inmate make their escape. Abby has planted Tony with a BPS locater so that they know where he is at all times. Gibbs and Kate track Tony as he and the criminal Jeffery, make their way to different locations. Jeffrey explains to Tony that he needs a partner as he has stolen some stuff and needs Tony's help to get them and to re-sell them before his other partner does. And so Tony agrees to help him. When Gibbs & Kate get to the cabin, where Tony * Jeffrey just left they discover the body of Jeffrey's other partner. From the way in which he was killed, they now know that he killed 2 other people. And as Kate says Tony has n idea who he is with. Tony & Kate manage to find out the location of where Tony is, and head of in pursuit of him and the criminal. As they met up with the buyer, Jeffery pulls a knife on Tony and so Tony has to shoot and kill him.
  • I'm not sure why, but this is not my favorite episode.

    I love Tony, I really do and I thought that he looked really really hot in this episode, but then again he looks hot in almost every episode. But in my opinion he looked even hotter in this one. There was also plenty of action in this episode, so I really don't know why I'm not that fond of this episode. I mean it's still a good episode, cause it is a NCIS episode and all NCIS episodes rock, but it's not one of my favorite for a reason I'm still obsessed about. I love McGee in this episode, when he told that woman to stick it I think he gained a little more confidence and I like to see more of that.
  • While on an undercover operation as an escaped prisoner, expensive ancient Iraqi sculpture, Tony mysteriously disappears. The GPS locator that Abby planted on him doesn't work anymore and the team must find Tony, because his life is in jeopardy.

    Must say that it was strange to have Tony the main character but yes he pulled it off very well. The funniest bits were where Tony made out he had lost his dog, Kate it was a **** long dark hair and mangy. The other bits where Tim took on the big boss and told her where to “ stick it “ the questions that was, ( only ‘cos Gibbs said so).The bit where Jethro had a crossed line and got repeated calls for a VW Gibbs: I got people calling me every five minutes asking if i have a VW for sale.

    McGee: A VW?
    Gibbs: It's a car McGee.
    McGee: Oh no. I know. I just didn't know you owned a VW.
    Gibbs: Do I seem like the kind of guy who would drive a squishy little car?!

    thats our Jethro tho' and thro'
  • Awesome episode!

    I admit, I missed this episode when it aired but thanks to the Season 2 DVD's I get the pleasure of watching it whenever I like. Tony undercover is always something fun to watch, but this was really good. He's chained to a prisoner and they are on the run. Gibbs and Kate are busy tracking and trying to find them when the GPS locator Abby planted stops working. McGee keeps getting called to MTAC for video conferences with Deputy Secretary of State Elliot. The one part of this episode that has stuck with me is when - after Gibbs gives McGee permission to do so - McGee tells the Deputy Secretary that she is interrupting and that since Tony and the convict are chained that the convict is still in the custody of a Federal Agent. The Deputy Secretary remarks the McGee has obviously been given permission to tell her off and asked what Agent Gibbs told him to say. McGee says, "Stick it." When she asked him to repeat himself, he told her again, "Stick it." Then he ended the video conference and got an ovation from the communcations people in MTAC. That was an awesome scene!

    In the end, of course, the team gets the ancient Iraqi artifact, the bad guys are stopped and Tony is found. All in all this is a great example of why I love this show!