Season 10 Episode 20

Chasing Ghosts

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2013 on CBS

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  • Undercurrent of the "Green Eyed Monster" ahead?

    I've just watched this weeks episode and as a follow up also Googled to see if Cote de Pablo has signed for series 11, yet and no, it appears she hasn't.

    With only a very few episodes left in series 10, the writers continue to play silly buggers with the whole Tiva situation and quite frankly, it's gone on long enough.

    Either get it done or break it up! Give the viewers a break!

    Anyway, it seems the Powers That Be have noted Ziva's snooping around after Bodnar and for some reason don't want her to go after him.


    Is it possible that the hit on Eli David was sanctioned and Jackie Vance was just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Unlikely but remotely feasible.

    Anyway, I definitely liked Vance in this episode as he gave lip service to the ex-Director of NCIS, the litle nod at the ned belying his intentions. He knows damn well what Ziva is about to do and he's all in favour.

    As is Gibbs, no stranger to vengeance himself. I suspect McGee has kept him firmly in the loop (although it was made to look not before Ziva 'fessed up). McGee looks on Gibbs as way too much of a Father figure not to have told him what was what.

    I especially liked Jimmy Palmer finally growing a pair and having at it with Ducky. He's played the subordinate for far too long and it's about time he stood up for himself.

    When Tony asked Abby to trace Ziva, I half expected her to force an admission from Tony about his "feelings" for his "Ninja" but no. (insert sad smilie here).

    However, I was kinda surprised the "green eyed monster" didn't pop up when Tony found McGee was Ziva's confidant, even with the computer skills requirement. Tony has always been her solid rock and still she won't trust him all the way.

    This is without a doubt the thing that has hacked me off about the whole Tiva situation. How often does Tony have to prove himself to her?

    Anyway, it's going to be pain in the derriere to wait two weeks for some development. I really don't understand why the viewers in the States put up with all the programming breaks. It certainly wouldn't be tolerated over here in the UK.
  • Tracking Bodnar.

    In this NCIS episode the team look into a possible kidnapping and all they have to go on is a finger The thing that interested me the most about this episode is Ziva trying to track Bodnar even though she isn't supposed to but I liked how the team reacted to Ziva wanted to go after him because they all let her go because they know how much it means to her to stop Bodnar I can't wait for the next episode where Tony and Ziva are going after Bodnar.
  • We do try to cut out the filler.

    @mnementh01 ,we do complain in the forums and Station sites about the endless open weeks between episodes. We just don't do it as a concerted effort I guess. When I was a kid it did seem very few open weeks in between episodes. But you would see by the next season the same episodes 3 times. It seemed specials were held for Summer, Weekends or Holidays.
  • Phenomenal!

    This episode featured a really interesting case, as well as taking steps forward in a long-standing storyline that was left somewhat unresolved.

    TIme to track down the killer for some revenge, I guess!

    But the primary focus of the episode was an interesting kidnapping case, and I actually found it very interesting and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was quite unique and full of surprises! I'm really looking forward to the episode next week, and this episode continues a long string of great episodes!
  • something's afoot.....

    a build up to a very likely explosive hunt for eli's killer. and tony, the guy who cares most about ziva, is the last one to be brought into the loop.....
  • NCIS.

    Great episode as always, so Ziva & Tony are off to Rome, i'm surprised that Ziva didn't know that Gibbs knew what she was up too. (What Ducky said about the Romans, the wedding ring should be worn on the fourth finger of the hand, because the vein on that finger runs straight to the heart. The vein of love). (Is That Really True). Just as well i'm not a romantic. Thumbs Up.
  • Help please

    I am at a loss for the name of the actress that played the Naval Officer whose husband disappeared.

    We recognize her easily but can't place her. THANKS
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

    I really hate to wait a couple of weeks after an amazing episode. I'll never get tired of watching this show. It's definitely on top of my list. Hope to see another 10 seasons. Keep it up writers!
  • Another great episode

    This episode was full of twists and turns. Congrats to the writer - had us looking one way when it went in another direction. Loved Tony trying to find out info - when it was Tim helping her. Shocker there but was really glad tp see Ziva relying on him so much and Tim trying to throw Tony off. As usual Gibbs knows everything and she gets his permission as well as Director Vance to go get him. It's going to be a long two weeks. Awesome job NCIS.
  • great episode

    great episode as always, i love the whole team
  • Chasing ghosts

    Shouldn't the team have been suspicious about the kidnapping the minute they saw a finger in the garbage? I was. Removing a digit is usually done to send proof the kidnappers have the victim, no? The faked kidnapping part of the plot was rather weak, imho.

    I thought Tony demonstrated a great deal of maturity in this episode. He did not go off into a hissy fit when he realized that he was the last one in the loop regarding Ziva's extracurricular activities and remained staunchly supportive. I'm beginning to think that Ziva doesn't deserve him!
  • Worst episode!

    OMG, Please! "I miss you" says the guy who has been kidnapped!!?? The Navy Reservist was a joke as an actor, at the end "I'm done" Give me a break! I have watched (and loved) every episode and this was the worst.. You should left out that part of the show and let Ziva kick the crap out of someone. Please don't tell this is what is to come the rest of the season! Oh yeah, kick the crap out of the writer!
  • it was okay

    I enjoyed this episode okay, but I'm not looking forward to another extended story arc...
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