Season 10 Episode 20

Chasing Ghosts

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2013 on CBS



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    • Tony: If Ziva was up to something, you'd want to know about it, wouldn't you?
      Gibbs: I'd want to know she's safe.
      Tony: But you'd want to respect her privacy.
      Gibbs: Unless she was in too deep. Why? What is this about?
      Tony: Permission to look around, boss.
      Gibbs: You worried about her? Then go find her, DiNozzo. Now.

    • Tony: If her husband doesn't turn up alive grief's gonna be ten times worse.
      Ziva: Hope is all she has, Tony.
      Tony: A strong woman like that, it's got to be hard not to be in control.
      Ziva: She will persevere.
      Tony: Mmm. What choice does she have, right?
      Ziva: It's not about choice. It's about survival. She will not stop until she gets her closure.
      Tony: We still talking about the lieutenant?
      Ziva: Please do not go there. I'm fine.

    • Tony: Something's definitely up. You haven't noticed she's been a little off these past few days?
      McGee: Oh, she's been off? That's a good one.
      Tony: Think about it. Personal phone calls to Shmeil at all hours. Yesterday, she came back from lunch smelling like Thai food and beer.
      McGee: So she stopped for take-out.
      Tony: Ziva hates Thai food. And she drinks on the job about as often as she gets my movie references. Open your eyes, McHelen Keller. Something's going on.
      McGee: Okay, I get it. You're nosy. You can't help it.
      Tony: It's called being a good citizen.
      McGee: No, it's called borderline stalking. What's next, a Ziva-cam?
      Tony: Maybe. Let's put a pin in that.

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