Season 7 Episode 9

Child's Play

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2009 on CBS

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  • Ziva kicks butt

    This may be reaching, but the end scene where Ziva has her gun trained on the baddie who's holding the kid hostage, and Gibbs asks, "Ziva?" "Got it." "Take it." It seemed very reminiscent of The Untouchables train station scene with Andy Garcia and Kevin Costner. No?
  • Child's Play

    You know what is great about House? The episode usually gets better after the opening scene where some person randomly passes out in a public venue. You know what is not so great about NCIS? Sometimes after the opening scene, where some person finds a dead body, things often go downhill from there. This was one of those times.

    THe episode was just stupid, for lack of a more appropriate or professional term. The idea of a little girl possibly trading secrets is so beneath this show. Even The X-Files never did an episode like that.

    A very generous 6 out of 10 here.
  • With Thanksgiving approaching Ducky is giving out invites when everyone is disrupted by a new case. A Marine Lance Corporal found in a corn field dead. This leads to an institute that studies young peoples minds for different ways of thinking.

    A sentimental episode for Thanksgiving with the team all getting together despite their many agendas and plans.

    The focal point of this story is a twelve year old girl who must think at a genius level or on a different wave length than most people because of her capabilities. As they discussed in the show, children see the world in a special way that adults don't and sometimes from a spacial or cognitive way they just take in information and crunch it differently. For example her explanation of the deaths in combat and how they should have been avoided. She saw the scenario differently in sort of a spacial way versus a direct action.

    Gibbs and team discover that this girl seems to be at the center of whatever is going on and they must protect her from whomever is trying to get to her. Also she seems to have a secret she is afraid to reveal.

    Overall a well played script with everyone getting into the games. Ducky gets a little more involved then usually and it is a welcome site. Gotta love Abby though and her interesting insights. Breaking the code on the art was brilliant.

    An enjoyable episode that kept you thinking and even though it was not a surprising finish it was well worth watching to see how it ends. Thanks for reading...
  • Ziva, get on DiNozzos shoulders.

    Well, the episode wasnt what i originally expected, its not one of the best but it was still good! The story line was a little dull, i guess they could've came up with a better hidden military secret that was hidden... But the thing that made this ep. interesting to me was all the little side stories such as Duckys Thanksgiving dinner. Poor Ducky... haha anyways, liked the cornfield scence. Probably the best one in the episode. Has anyone else noticed that Ziva is also good with kids? It seems like only Tony and McGee are the ones with kids. Which suprises me because Tony is always acting childish.
  • Another one in a line of great episodes.

    I found this to be another extremely good episode. The start was very well done, in my opinion, with that scene with the scarecrow, and I highly enjoyed that scene.

    The episode was also out of the ordinary, and I enjoyed another great episode in which the team babysits a child.

    I thought that the episode had quite a few great scenes, such as when Ziva had to get on DiNozzo's shoulders, and I highly enjoyed that concept.

    I would highly recommend this episode because it was rather different to what we usually see, and I really enjoy variety within episodes.

    Great job by NCIS, and I hope there are more great episodes to come this season!
  • I think you misspelled fixings...

    Our favourite dysfunctional family's plas for this year's thanksgiving are put on hold when the murder of a Marine brings them to a think-tank facility.
    what apparently seems to be just a street gangs related homicide turns into a complicated hunt for someone interested in government secrets and money. add to this the fact that this secrets are held by a twelve year old girl, and you'll get the plot of this episode.
    I still don't understand why the writers must try to do a kid-related episode every once in a while, especially since baby genius are not my favourite subject, however the result is still fairly well acceptable.
    happy thanksgiving folks!